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While the Territory Lords were discussing their countermeasures in this strange space, Ouyang Lie and his disciple were staring at Yang Kai, who had a blank look on his face.

Just like last time, after withdrawing from that strange space, Yang Kai was somewhat dazed, his expression stiff and his eyes dull.

The last time he saw Yang Kai in such a state, Ouyang Lie was shocked. Now that he had some experience, he was able to remain calm.

On top of that, upon closer inspection, he found that Yang Kai was indeed in a state of incomplete Divine Soul.

If one’s Divine Soul was damaged, they would naturally appear foolish.

This caused Ouyang Lie to sigh with emotion. This Yang boy had paid a great price for the matter of the Black Ink Nest. Although he possessed a rare artifact that could repair his Divine Soul, this kind of pain was not something an ordinary person could endure.

If he could completely take down this Territory Lord-level Black Nest and establish their own intelligence network, then Yang Kai would be the first one to do so.

Just like last time, a moment later, Yang Kai suddenly hugged his head, rolled on the ground, and screamed miserably.

Ouyang Lie and his disciple couldn’t bear to look at this scene, but they had no choice but to remain here to protect him.

This howl lasted for several days, causing Yang Kai’s voice to become hoarse and his body to become extremely weak, his clothes drenched in sweat.

It wasn’t until a certain moment that his howls and wails slowly stopped. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel pain anymore, but his Divine Soul had recovered slightly under the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus, allowing him to control himself.

Sitting cross-legged, Ouyang Lie quickly stuffed the healing pill he had prepared into Yang Kai’s mouth. Yang Kai accepted it with a pale face and swallowed it whole.

Although he had the Soul Warming Lotus to nourish his Divine Soul, with the help of Spirit Pills, he could recover faster.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s Divine Soul slowly healed and his aura gradually stabilized.

Last time, Yang Kai took nearly three years to fully recover.

This time, the time it took was about the same, only a month shorter.

The reason for this difference was that Yang Kai’s Divine Soul had become stronger than before.

After healing his injuries the last time, he had already noticed that this kind of self-harming injury, after recuperating, it had actually made his Divine Soul stronger than before.

This was a pleasant surprise.

The current situation was the same as last time. After recovering from his Divine Soul’s injuries, the power of his Divine Soul had become stronger.

Yang Kai felt like he had inadvertently found a path to cultivate his Divine Soul…

However, if he really wanted to use this method to temper his Divine Soul, he wouldn’t allow it. If he didn’t have any other choice, who would be willing to endure such pain?

It was not surprising that this method could strengthen one’s Divine Soul, just like how some cultivators would constantly temper their bodies while cultivating, causing them to be covered in wounds. When their injuries healed, their physiques would also improve.

This was a kind of cultivation method similar to breaking and rebuilding. Without a bit of perseverance and determination, it was impossible to accomplish this.

When he opened his eyes and saw Ouyang Lie and his disciple looking at him with concern, Yang Kai said, “I'm fine.”

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help smacking his lips, “You still want to go?”

“Naturally,” Yang Kai nodded. Since he had already taken action, he naturally had to resolve the matter of the Black Ink Nest once and for all. How could he give up halfway? But before that, he still asked, “Do you know what’s happening inside the Black Ink Nest?”

Ouyang Lie said, “I personally went in to investigate, but there was no change, I didn’t dare stay for long and immediately withdrew.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai chuckled, “It seems the Black Ink Clan hasn’t been beaten to a pulp yet.”

The first two times he had attacked, he had used a total of four Soul Shattering Spike to injure four of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords. Even so, the Black Ink Clan still hadn’t changed their mind, obviously waiting for him to take revenge.

As the saying goes, nothing could be avoided three times. Yang Kai felt that if he were to enter again this time, things would no longer be as smooth as before. The Black Ink Clan was no fool. Since they knew his methods, how could they simply throw their lives away?

So he was almost certain that the Black Ink Clan was waiting for him to fall into their trap.

However, with the Soul Warming Lotus protecting him, what was there to fear?

Without needing to make any preparations, Yang Kai said, “Senior Ouyang, there may be some unforeseen changes this time, but as for what they are, Disciple does not know. Disciple will look around and find out. If everything goes smoothly, Disciple will soon return and will need Senior’s protection.”

Ouyang Lie nodded, “Of course, be careful.”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything more and simply open his Small Universe, allowing the Black Ink Nest to swallow his World Force while his consciousness surged, using this opportunity to connect with the Black Ink Nest’s will.

In the familiar space, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly appeared. This time, he had transformed into an unfamiliar image. Although he would be exposed if he tried to attack, it was not a big deal.

As soon as he appeared, he felt several auras lock onto him. It was obvious that the Black Ink Clan had been waiting for him.

One of the Divine Souls even took the initiative to approach, but what surprised Yang Kai was that this Divine Soul didn’t have any malicious intent.

From afar, he sent a Divine Sense over, “Daoist Brother, please wait, I am Si De Kuai, by the order…”

Before he could finish speaking, Yang Kai opened his mouth and shot out a golden light.

The golden light was as fast as lightning as it struck the Divine Soul.

The Divine Soul that called itself Si De Kuai let out a blood-curdling scream as its Soul Avatar violently twisted.

Yang Kai endured the tearing pain and took a few steps forward, his Divine Soul power surging madly as it transformed into a torrent of attacks towards Si De Kuai.

The storm of attacks engulfed Si De Kuai, and in less than three breaths of time, the Soul that had been severely wounded by the Soul Shattering Spike shattered and disappeared!

Because of the pain, Yang Kai’s face became twisted as he stared at the stunned Divine Souls around him and asked fiercely, “What do you want to say?”

To be honest, Yang Kai immediately recognized that this Si De Kuai was not the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, but an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple. In terms of Divine Soul power, Yang Kai was on par with him, and if they were to really compete, it was hard to say who would win.

However, this fellow must have received orders from the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord to come forward and talk to him.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai didn’t plan on doing so at all. The first thing he did was deliver a Soul Shattering Spike, causing his Divine Soul to become unstable and then ruthlessly kill him.

He was really dead. Unlike Yang Kai, with the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, his Soul had been shattered and he had no chance of surviving.

The Territory Lords were all dumbfounded.

Now that he had been killed, why ask them what they wanted to say?

The Black Ink Clan didn’t have many high-level combatants left, and an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple was what they relied on the most. Now that one of them had somehow died here, it was truly a heartache.

The aura of his Divine Soul dissapearing slowly spread out and the Territory Lords surrounded Yang Kai.

And this time, as Yang Kai had expected, the situation was somewhat different.

The previous two times he had entered this strange space, it had been six Territory Lords’ Divine Soul lying in ambush. This time, the number of Territory Lords had not increased, but four Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had appeared.

Yang Kai had just killed one, leaving behind three Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples left.

At this moment, the six Territory Lords were approaching the periphery while the three Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were in the inner circle. The Territory Lords’ intentions were simple. Since Yang Kai had the means to instantly injure their Divine Soul, they would let the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples exhaust Yang Kai’s strength.

This way, even if Yang Kai used that needle-like artifact again, the only one who would be injured would be Black Ink Disciple.

Based on the previous two situations, this human could at most activate the needle-like artifact twice, and any more than that would be too much for him.

So now, this human in front of them could only use one strike left!

The previous Black Ink Disciple who had been killed by Yang Kai didn’t really want to discuss anything with him, he just wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to approach Yang Kai and launch a sneak attack. However, Yang Kai was even more decisive than him and didn’t waste any time talking nonsense with him.

This made the Territory Lords realize that in order to deal with this human, any nonsense was useless. The only way was to show their true strength.

“Attack!” Territory Lord Hong Di commanded.

The three Black Ink Disciple who were approaching the inner circle all wore fierce expressions as they rushed towards Yang Kai.

Since Yang Kai only had a single strike left, it was impossible for him to turn the situation around. The Black Ink Clan would only lose one more Black Ink Disciple, which was better than them being beaten to death.

As soon as Hong Di's voice fell, Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to spit out another Soul Shattering Spike towards the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple closest to him.

He simply didn’t have a specific goal. To him, killing the Black Ink Disciple and killing the Territory Lord had the same effect, both of which could weaken the power of the Black Ink Clan and reduce the pressure on the Human Race in the future.

The Soul Shattering Spike's lethality was truly terrifying. After all, every time it was used, the user would have to sacrifice his own Divine Soul. The greater the cost, the greater the power.

As such, even though the three Black Ink Disciples were able to protect themselves perfectly, the Soul Shattering Spike were still able to pierce into their target’s body.

The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple let out a startled cry as his Divine Soul began to distort.

The remaining two Black Ink Disciple's hearts relaxed as they each used their own Secret Technique to attack Yang Kai.

At this moment, Yang Kai was mentally exhausted, so he didn’t have any spare energy to defend himself. His Soul Avatar was immediately smashed into pieces like a rag.

The first two times, he had used the cover of his Divine Soul being broken to escape from this strange space, but this time, an accident had occurred.

The entire strange space seemed to be sealed off by an invisible force, completely isolating it from the outside world, making it impossible for Yang Kai to leave, nor was he able to connect with his true self.

He suddenly realized that when the Territory Lord shouted to attack just now, there seemed to be a slight change in this space.

It was just that at that time, his Divine Soul had been in unbearable pain, so he hadn’t been able to sense it too clearly.

From the looks of it, this abnormal change was likely caused by the Black Ink Clan using some kind of method to seal off this strange space, isolating it from the outside world.

The Black Ink Nest had such a function?

This was the first time Yang Kai had heard of this matter, so he didn’t blame the Human Race for having poor intelligence, but the Human Race’s knowledge of the Black Ink Nest was quite limited. [MSN: What do you mean? Dude you experienced this once before with black abyss. LMAO]

In this situation, Yang Kai understood what the Black Ink Clan was planning. They wanted to trap him here and not give him a chance to escape before killing him!


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