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Even though the Orangutan-like Territory Lord had warned them in time, he had still failed to save the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords.

This strange space was originally transformed by the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest’s will and was a platform for the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest’s will. It seemed to be very large but also seemed to be very small.

For someone proficient in the Space Law, such an environment was the most suitable battlefield.

Having his Divine Soul mercilessly abandoned, Yang Kai opened his mouth and spat out the Soul Shattering Spike towards an unfamiliar Divine Soul. The Soul Shattering Spike transformed into a streak of golden light that broke through the seal of space and impaled the Divine Soul.

The Territory Lord’s Divine Soul wasn’t completely defenseless. Since the enemy he was facing was an Eighth Order Human Race master, how could he let his guard down? As he rushed towards Yang Kai, he quickly summoned his strength to protect himself.

However, it was destined to be futile.

The Divine Soul power he had used to protect himself was as fragile as paper in front of the Soul Shattering Spike, easily broken.

The Territory Lord’s Divine Soul instantly froze in place, as if it had been struck by lightning.

Yang Kai didn’t even spare him a glance as his Divine Soul greatly weakened once more. Turning his head towards the Orangutan-like Territory Lord, he once again spat out a golden light.

The Orangutan-like Territory Lord was terrified.

He couldn’t understand how he had targeted him when he was so far away from the enemy.

It was this guy who had spoken so much just now. If Yang Kai didn’t target him, who would he target?

The power of Space Law surged and a golden light flashed. Almost at the same time, an emerald green-colored barrier appeared in front of the Orangutan-like Territory Lord, seemingly formed from vines.

This was obviously a Divine Soul Artifact, a defensive Divine Soul Artifact. It was unknown where this Orangutan-like Territory Lord had obtained it from, but it was highly likely that it had been refined by a Black Ink Disciple, who was proficient in Artifact Refining.

This Divine Soul Artifact’s grade was not bad, and the person who refined it should have a Great Master’s attainments in Artifact Refining.

However, even after activating the defensive Divine Soul Artifact, it was only able to block the golden light for a moment before the emerald green-color barrier turned into specks of light and disappeared, allowing the Soul Shattering Spike to pierce into the main body of the Orangutan-like Territory Lord.

The Orangutan-like Territory Lord suddenly had a bad feeling.

At the same time, the violent attacks once again swept towards Yang Kai from all directions, causing his Divine Soul to fluctuate wildly.

When the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords realized that this person was the same human from last time, how could they show any mercy? When Yang Kai attacked, they also ruthlessly attacked.

Yang Kai’s Divine Soul was already extremely weak after using the Soul Shattering Spike twice, but now that he was enveloped by these attacks, he could no longer hold on.

He shouted loudly, “My life is over!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he scattered and disappeared.

In the blink of an eye, the chaos subsided, but all the Territory Lords felt as if they had just walked through the gates of life and death. Thinking back to what they had just experienced, all of them couldn’t help shuddering.

One of them, a tall Territory Lord with horns on his head, looked around and asked with lingering fear, “Is that the Human Race’s Eighth Order?”

This tall Territory Lord with a horns on his head was none other than the one who had led the army to retreat from Great Evolution Pass and handed over the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest, Territory Lord Hong Di.

Territory Lord Hong Di was unlucky and lucky at the same time.

A few years ago, with him as the leader, he had negotiated with the Human Race’s Mi Jinglun, allowing the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan to safely withdraw. However, the price they had to pay was a massive amount of resources, as well as the many arrangements of the entire Great Evolution Pass, including all the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples and a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

No Territory Lord had ever taken the initiative to abandon their own Black Ink Nest. Looking at the past and present, Hong Di was the first.

However, this exchange for the safety of the army was worth it.

In order to avoid encountering the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and another army along the way, after leading the troops from Great Evolution Pass, they had made a big detour and marched for a month before finally arriving at the King City…

However, the Human Race Old Ancestor suddenly appeared.

In this regard, Hong Di was undoubtedly unlucky.

In that battle, there were several Territory Lords who had died under the hands of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, as well as several Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples. As for the Black Ink Clan army, there was no need to mention how many casualties they had suffered.

Fortunately, Hong Di was completely unscathed in that battle. It wasn’t that he was afraid of death, it was just that he was lucky. The Human Race’s Old Ancestor didn’t even spare him a glance as she slaughtered her way through the army.

Now that the Human Race wanted to use his Black Ink Nest to stir up trouble, he naturally couldn’t remain uninvolved. The reason he hadn’t set up an ambush here before was mainly to heal his injuries.

Several years ago, when he had encountered the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, although the latter hadn’t even glanced at him, the shockwaves from her attack had still injured him slightly.

After a few years of rest, he had finally recovered.

The two Territory Lords who had been beaten up before, one was dead and the other was injured. Now that two new Territory Lords had been added in, it was only natural for him to take responsibility.

He had heard about what had happened last time from the Orangutan-like Territory Lord, so he had asked about it.

The other Territory Lord who had participated in the last battle nodded, “That’s right, it must be that human Eighth Order.”

Hong Di asked curiously, “Didn’t you say that the Eighth Order Human Race master was killed?”

The Humanoid Territory Lord shook his head, “I don’t know, perhaps he didn’t die at that time, but we thought he had died, just like this time.”

Hong Di frowned, “You mean, he didn’t die this time? But he was clearly beaten into ashes just now.”

The Humanoid Territory Lord looked at him deeply, “We thought so last time.”

Hong Di didn’t ask any more questions and simply frowned. If this human had some kind of method to revive him from the dead, it was highly likely he would come to cause trouble again.

But how did this person do it? How could the injuries on his Divine Soul be so easily healed? Or could it be that the one who entered was not an Eighth Order Human Race's true Divine Soul, but something similar to a Divine Soul Clone?

However, this did not make sense. Even if it was just a Divine Soul Clone, if it was destroyed, it would still implicate the main body.

While Hong Di was conversing with the Humanoid Territory Lord, the other two Territory Lords were already examining the injuries of their fellow Territory Lords.

The Territory Lord who had been attacked by Yang Kai at the beginning was a newcomer just like Hong Di. He didn’t know how fast Yang Kai was, so his injuries were the most serious.

When Hong Di went over to investigate, he saw that the long needle artifact was constantly eroding his colleague’s Divine Soul, eroding his Divine Soul spirituality.

Just like the other Territory Lord who was struggling at death’s door.

With just a single glance, Hong Di knew that this peer of his was about to meet a tragic end. Even if he managed to survive, his vitality would be greatly damaged.

Looking at the Orangutan-like Territory Lord again, he let out a sigh of relief. Because the Orangutan-like Territory Lord was on guard and also had the protection of the artifact, his injuries weren’t too serious. The needle-like artifact had pierced half of his Divine Soul, and although it was trying its best to erode his Divine Soul, under the relentless resistance of the Orangutan-like Territory Lord, the situation was in a deadlock.

The several Territory Lords didn’t dare delay and quickly sent out one of the Territory Lords who was in a bad condition to protect the Orangutan-like Territory Lord while the other three gathered around the Territory Lord to assist him.

This busy process lasted for more than ten days.

It wasn’t until a certain moment later that the long needle artifact that had been nailed into his Divine Soul was forced out by the Orangutan-like Territory Lord. Even so, the Orangutan-like Territory Lord appeared extremely weak and his Divine Soul was unstable.

On the other hand, the other Territory Lord’s situation was much worse. The long needle artifact had completely corroded his body, and if he wanted to force it out, he didn’t know how long it would take, but he had to survive until then.

“That human is definitely not dead, he will come again. This person’s strangeness is not something we can deal with. We must report this to the Royal Lord and ask him to make a decision!”

The Orangutan-like Territory Lord shouted weakly.

Although he had personally witnessed the Eighth Order Human Race cultivator’s Divine Soul being shattered just now, it had been like this the last time. Everyone had thought he had died, but this time he had managed to escape.

A similar scene appeared once again, indicating that even if the Eighth Order Human Race master’s Divine Soul was shattered, he could still survive.

Perhaps in another three years, he would come out to stir up trouble again.

All the Territory Lords knew that what the Orangutan-like Territory Lord said was true. Although they were Territory Lords with great strength, they were helpless in the current situation.

This matter could only be resolved by reporting it to the Royal Lord.

Hong Di’s voice was somewhat weak as he said, “Sir Royal Lord… has been in a bad mood recently.”

With his heavy injuries, it was impossible for him to enter the Black Ink Nest to recuperate, so how could his mood be good?

Unfortunately, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor will come to the King City every once in a while to display her aura, causing many of the Black Ink Clan masters to tremble in fear and the Royal Lord to feel exhausted.

She didn’t attack the King City and instead stayed outside the city, releasing her Ninth Order Supreme Master aura without restraint, like a bright lamp in the dark, causing the Black Ink Clan to feel extremely uncomfortable.

No one knew what method she had used to frequently appear near the King City. After she left, the Black Ink Clan had organized a large group of people to search for clues, but they had found nothing.

On the other hand, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would come back from time to time, and once she ran into those Black Ink Clan who went out to find clues, there would be no good end.

Therefore, during this period of time, none of the Territory Lords dared to provoke the Royal Lord. Even when the two Territory Lords were seriously injured or die, they had concealed this fact because they were afraid the Royal Lord would vent his anger on them.

However, now that things had developed to this point, they had no choice but to report it.

They had thought that with their own strength, they could stop the Human Race from using the Black Ink Nest, but now it seemed that the Human Race’s methods were far beyond their imagination.

Listening to Hong Di’s words, the Orangutan-like Territory Lord weakly said, “There is no need for Sir Royal Lord to personally take action. As long as he agrees to let us borrow the power of the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, when the Human Race's Eighth Order comes next time, he will not be able to escape.”

Hearing this, Hong Di immediately understood, “If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

The Orangutan-like Territory Lord did not make his words too clear, but how could Hong Di not understand his meaning?

In the current situation, the most troublesome thing was that they were unable to completely kill the Human Race’s Eighth Order. In these two short exchanges, it seemed as if they had already destroyed the other party, but in reality, the other party still had a chance to escape.

If they could use the power of the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest to completely seal off this space, making it impossible for the Human Race Eighth Order to retreat, the Territory Lords would naturally be able to slowly suppress him after paying a certain price!

There was no such thing as an unkillable opponent in this world, it was simply a lack of strength.


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