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Two years later, Yang Kai’s Divine Soul had completely stabilized.

After three years, he had completely recovered!

Ouyang Lie, who had witnessed all of this from beginning to end, was completely speechless. His Divine Soul had suffered such a serious injury, yet he had only taken three years to recover. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have believed it.

He had a vague guess that Yang Kai must have some kind of artifact protecting him, otherwise it would be impossible for him to recover. As for what that artifact was… in this world, only a few legendary artifacts had such miraculous effects.

This little brat was quite a lucky man.

Since returning from the Black Ink Nest Space, three years later, Yang Kai finally opened his eyes and let out a long sigh.

Although he had fully recovered now, thinking back to his experience that day, he still couldn’t help shivering.

The Soul Shattering Spike was simply too strange.

When he was refining this thing, Yang Kai had already given up on his Soul Clone, but at that time, he hadn’t given up much, so he just needed to recover a bit.

However, when facing the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, the amount of Divine Soul Energy he had sacrificed was simply incomparable.

If he couldn’t injure his enemy, he would first injure himself. This was the best description of the Soul Shattering Spike, which was why when he attacked the Territory Lords, his Divine Soul power would suddenly weaken and he couldn’t help screaming.

According to Yang Kai’s estimations, even if he was at his peak, he would only be able to use three Soul Shattering Spike in a short period of time. After three Soul Shattering Spike, he would have to completely abandon all of his Divine Soul power. At that time, even if he had the Soul Warming Lotus to protect him, his Divine Soul would be destroyed.

Therefore, after he had attacked twice in a row, he had decisively retreated from the Black Ink Nest's space. If he didn’t retreat, he would really die together with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords.

The memories of the past few days after the evacuation were also quite vague. This was because his Divine Soul had been severely damaged and his memories were naturally affected.

Now that he had recovered, Yang Kai’s face darkened when he thought about the pain he would experience again.

Gong Lian had been standing guard here all this time, so when he saw Yang Kai wake up, he quickly sent a message to the outside. Soon, Ouyang Lie walked in and looked him up and down before asking happily, “I’ve never seen someone like you who can recover from a Divine Soul injury like this. How do you feel now?”

Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “I’m fine now.”

Ouyang Lie nodded, “After paying such a great price, how was the result?”

Yang Kai grinned and raised two fingers, “Two Territory Lords, even if they don’t die, they will be seriously injured!”

Ouyang Lie immediately shocked Yang Kai, “Really?”

“Disciple doesn’t dare speak rashly.”

“Did those two Territory Lords suffer a Divine Soul injury?”


“Good!” Ouyang Lie was overjoyed.

If it was just an ordinary injury, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but if it was an injury to the Divine Soul, it would be a different story. Yang Kai had some kind of artifact protecting him, so his Divine Soul had already recovered after three years, but the Territory Lords couldn’t do anything about it.

Now that Yang Kai had said that two Territory Lords were either dead or seriously injured, it meant that the two Territory Lords had completely lost their combat strength.

Ouyang Lie was actually quite curious as to how Yang Kai, a Seventh Order Open Heaven, had managed to accomplish this. After all, before him, many Eighth Order masters had relied on the strength of their Divine Souls to break into that strange space, but in the end, all of them had been defeated. After thinking about it for a moment, Ouyang Lie didn’t ask, as long as this matter was beneficial to the Human Race.

As he spoke, Yang Kai stood up and said, “My recovery is almost complete. Disciple will take action now and try to get two more Territory Lords.”

“You can still fight?” Ouyang Lie was extremely surprised. Just now, he had been thinking that although he had managed to obtain two Territory Lords, he still couldn’t change the overall situation. After all, the Black Ink Clan still had more Territory Lords.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai still had the strength to fight.

Yang Kai nodded, “We must strike while the iron is hot, now is the time to pursue victory.”

Ouyang Lie warned, “Then be careful, don’t play too hard.”

Last time, Yang Kai had given him a big scare and he even went to ask the Old Ancestor for instructions, so he didn’t know what would happen this time.

Yang Kai nodded and went to the core of the Black Ink Nest, opening up his Small Universe's door and drawing upon the will of the Black Ink Nest.

Inside the Black Ink Nest Space, there were still six Territory Lords hiding in various corners.

The reason why there were still six of them was naturally because they have two newcomers. Even though everything was calm in this space, the Territory Lords still didn’t dare to lower their guard and remained vigilant.

Three years ago, a human who didn’t care about his life suddenly barged in and used a Divine Soul artifact similar to a long needle to severely wound two Territory Lords.

Although the Human Race didn’t have a good ending, the two heavily injured Territory Lords also didn’t have a good ending.

Although one of the Territory Lords had received the full assistance of the Territory Lords, one of them had unfortunately lost his Divine Soul and died. The other Territory Lord had managed to survive, but the long needle artifact had been rooted in the depths of his Divine Soul and was constantly destroying it. The Territory Lord was now struggling to resist the corrosion of the artifact, so it was uncertain if he would succeed.

However, even if he succeeded, his vitality would be greatly damaged and his strength would be weakened.

This was equivalent to losing two Territory Lords at once, and for the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan who was already in a weakened state, such a loss was truly painful.

Afterwards, the surviving Territory Lords carefully recalled the situation at that time, and together with the explanation provided by their subordinate Black Ink Disciple, they all agreed that the Divine Soul Artifact that the Human Race used was definitely something that would harm others without benefiting themselves.

Unfortunately, the Black Ink Disciples couldn’t figure out what kind of artifact it was because no one had ever heard of it before. If they could figure it out, they might be able to solve the problem.

However, this didn’t matter too much. Refining this kind of artifact was bound to be difficult, and once it was used, it would also bring disaster to the Human Race.

The human race from before should've been reduced to dust.

Because Yang Kai’s Divine Soul was powerful, although he was only a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, his Divine Soul was comparable to an Eighth Order Divine Soul, so the Soul Avatar in the Black Ink Nest’s space had the power of an Eighth Order Divine Soul.

The Territory Lords all felt that Yang Kai was an Eighth Order.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was precious, but so was the Human Race’s Eighth Order. The Human Race wouldn’t be so crazy as to use an Eighth Order to compete with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord like this.

Therefore, the situation from before should not have happened again.

It should be…

After three years of waiting in ambush, the Human Race’s side had not made a single move, causing the Territory Lords who had been lying in wait here to become angry and helpless.

They were angry because they had suffered such a great loss before, but now they had no chance to take revenge. Unfortunately, even if the Human Race didn’t come, they could only wait here.

Unless the Human Race voluntarily gave up the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest they had obtained, no news from the Black Ink Clan would be able to escape the notice of the Human Race.

Just as the six Territory Lords were feeling bored, the calm space suddenly rippled.

A figure appeared out of thin air and the six Territory Lords were all shocked. After confirming that this person wasn’t a Human Race Old Ancestor, all of them rushed out from their ambush and shot out six powerful Divine Soul Force in the form of sharp arrows towards Yang Kai.

This time, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar didn’t have his original appearance, but rather the image of a tall man.

Because the Soul Avatar were formed from Divine Soul Energy, there was no fixed form, just like when the Territory Lord transformed into a giant eyeball, or when a Territory Lord transformed into a flowing water, they could do whatever they wanted.

Even if he hadn’t cultivated any kind of Secret Technique, he could easily accomplish this.

However, even if a Soul Avatar could transform into countless forms, the fluctuations of one’s Divine Soul could never be changed. Every cultivator had their own unique energy fluctuations, so even if others cultivated a Secret Technique to imitate them, they would still have many flaws.

Therefore, if one wanted to use the Soul Avatar to identify someone’s identity, investigating the fluctuations of their Divine Soul’s power was the best and only option.

When Yang Kai appeared this time, he had deliberately restrained his strength to the limit, afraid that the Territory Lords would recognize him at a glance, so he had deliberately changed his appearance.

Sure enough, the Territory Lords boldly attacked him.

The forces of the six attack was silent in the outside world, but in this strange space, it transformed into a variety of attacks, none of them missed, and they all hit Yang Kai.

Because he hadn’t used the Soul Warming Lotus to protect himself, Yang Kai was unable to defend against these attacks even if he wanted to.

However, Yang Kai simply couldn’t be bothered to defend himself. In any case, he was going to end up half-dead.

The attacks of the Six Territory Lords were no joke. Yang Kai immediately felt his Divine Soul become unstable and the pain was unbearable, as if his Divine Soul was about to shatter.

In fact, if it was any other Eighth Order, they wouldn’t have had an easy time after suffering six attacks like this.

Yang Kai only dared to act like this because he possessed the Soul Warming Lotus. Although he had not activated the Soul Warming Lotus to protect his body, he still had a strong defensive ability.


With a miserable scream, he charged towards the nearest Territory Lord.

Of the six Territory Lords, except for the two newcomers, the other four were stunned.

This scene was too familiar. Three years ago, they had experienced this scene twice, resulting in two Territory Lords being seriously injured by this strange artifact!

That human race Eighth Order’s cry was simply a death sentence to the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

An even more familiar scene appeared. As this human wailed, his Divine Soul suddenly weakened.

At the same time, a familiar energy fluctuation spread out.

Having experienced this kind of situation before, the Orangutan-like Territory Lord’s expression changed drastically as he exclaimed, “It’s him! It’s him!”

Another Territory Lord who also had experience shouted, “Retreat!”

Although Yang Kai had disguised himself, when his Divine Soul fluctuations were released, he could no longer disguise himself.

The four Territory Lords who had fought with him before immediately recognized his identity.

What shocked the four Territory Lords the most was that this human… how is he not dead?

Last time, at the last moment, the Giant Eyeball-like Territory Lord had clearly beaten the other party into dust, but after three years, this fellow had actually come back to life and rushed back here, just like last time, screaming and weakening as he rushed forward!

What was wrong with this person!


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