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No human could remain unscathed when the three Territory Lords jointly used the Divine Soul Secret Technique.

What’s more, that human had encountered some kind of unforeseen event and his Divine Soul had suddenly become extremely weak. In this situation, not even the Human Race’s Old Ancestor could resist their joint attack.

“Foolish human, don’t you learn your lesson!” The Territory Lord who had transformed his Divine Soul into a Giant Eyeball coldly snorted. After he finished speaking, he suddenly seemed to notice something and turned his eyes towards his companion, asking curiously, “What’s wrong?”

The companion beside him was the one whose Divine Soul look like a stream of water. At this moment, this Territory Lord’s Divine Soul was emitting an extremely abnormal aura. He was desperately trying to condense his body, but it was as if he had encountered some kind of great resistance, constantly changing its shape and aura.

Such an abnormality quickly attracted the attention of the other Territory Lords, all of them paying close attention.

It was only at this moment that the Territory Lord condensed a trace of energy and sent out a voice transmission, “Save… save me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a violent energy fluctuation burst out from his watery body, causing him to scream in pain as his already distorted form became even more violent.

The other five Territory Lords turned pale with fright as they quickly gathered around to investigate. All of them were shocked to discover that a long needle-like artifact had suddenly appeared in the Territory Lord’s Soul. This artifact seemed to have a mind of its own and was constantly drilling into the depths of the Divine Soul. Wherever it passed, the Divine Soul’s spirituality would be destroyed.

The Territory Lords could see the viciousness of this artifact with a single glance. If this needle-like artifact really destroyed their companion’s Divine Soul, even if their companion survived, he would lose consciousness and become a walking corpse.

Not to mention, this long needle artifact was still destroying his Divine Soul at this moment, causing him to suffer the pain of his Soul being torn apart. If he couldn’t resist the corrosion of this artifact, it would be difficult to say if he could survive.

“Divine Soul artifact!” The Orangutan-like Territory Lord shouted in a low voice. He also had Black Ink Disciple under him, so he was naturally familiar with Divine Soul artifacts.

Most of the Open Heaven cultivators who had come to cause trouble had their own Divine Soul Artifacts, so when they activated it, their might was extraordinary, but it was difficult for them to resist their joint attack.

However, the Divine Soul artifact they were seeing now seemed to be different. It was more vicious and targeted than any they had seen before.

Was this the trump card of that human race?

They hadn’t even noticed when the human had activated this artifact, but now that they thought about it, it must have been because the situation was chaotic and the artifact was extremely well-hidden, so no one had noticed.

“Hurry up and resist, I’ll help you!” The Orangutan-like Territory Lord shouted as he urged his Divine Soul and activated his Secret Technique.

Not only him, but the other Territory Lords also used their Secret Techniques to help their companions resist the corrosion of the long needle artifact.

At this moment, a familiar aura appeared in this strange space. It was none other than the miserable human from before.

Not dead!

Not only had he not died, he had actually returned.

However, his condition was just as the Territory Lords had guessed, he had already suffered heavy injuries, because his Soul Avatar had become much dimmer and his aura was extremely unstable, sometimes strong and sometimes weak.

“You don’t know what’s good for you, I’ll deal with him!” The Giant Eyeball-like Territory Lord shouted angrily before turning around and rushing towards Yang Kai.

At the same time, Yang Kai also rushed towards him, his Divine Soul power surging madly as he let out a miserable scream.


Facing death with equanimity, even if there were ten million people, he would not hesitate!

The Giant Eyeball-like Territory Lord was stunned. This scene… seemed familiar. Just now, this guy had been screaming as he rushed towards them, and now he is doing it again?

Recalling what had happened to his companion, he immediately became vigilant. The Giant Eyeball suddenly transformed into rays of light, each of which contained an extremely powerful Divine Soul Attack, forming a large net that shot towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t try to dodge, his Divine Soul aura rapidly weakening as he spat out a stream of light.

Even though the Giant Eyeball-like Territory Lord was extremely vigilant, he was unable to defend against this stream of light. As soon as this stream of light appeared, it broke through his net and directly stared into his eye.

In the next moment, the net also wrapped around Yang Kai, and with a violent pull, Yang Kai’s entire body turned into specks of light and disappeared.

However, the Giant Eyeball-like Territory Lord didn’t show the slightest joy after succeeding. The Giant Eyeball simply floated in the air, as if it had been struck by a curse, unable to move.

The other Territory Lords who were helping their companions resist the long needle artifact suddenly felt uneasy.

Under their watchful eyes, the Giant Eyeball slowly turned half a circle and sent out a voice transmission, “Save… save me!”

The four intact Territory Lords wanted to curse…

At the same time, inside the Black Ink Nest, Ouyang Lie stared at Yang Kai in shock.

Not long after Yang Kai’s consciousness connected with the Black Ink Nest's will, he discovered that Yang Kai’s Divine Soul had suddenly weakened, obviously because he was injured.

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help smacking his lips. He had long warned this little brat to act cautiously and had told him that there were Territory Lords lying in ambush in that strange space, but now it seemed he hadn’t even listened.

Although he didn’t know exactly what had happened, from the changes in Yang Kai’s Divine Soul, it was certain that this boy had rushed into that space and been beaten up by the Territory Lords.

Ouyang Lie quietly prepared some healing pills for Yang Kai to use to heal his injuries.

Unexpectedly, even though Yang Kai’s Divine Soul had been damaged, he had no intention of returning. Immediately after, his already weakened Divine Soul suddenly weakened again.

Ouyang Lie was shocked.

How could this be? The weakening of his Divine Soul was already a sign of serious injury, but now it had weakened again. He was probably not far from death.

If possible, Ouyang Lie wanted to forcefully pull Yang Kai out of that strange space, but facing such a situation, even he was helpless. He could only hope that Yang Kai would escape as soon as possible so that he could survive.

He even suspected that even if Yang Kai came back alive this time, it would be difficult for him to be completely safe in the future. Even if he didn’t become an idiot, his cultivation would be stuck at the Seventh Order.

Just as he was on edge, Yang Kai’s body finally shook and he came back to his senses.

Ouyang Lie hurriedly asked, “Boy, how is it?”

Hearing this voice, Yang Kai instinctively turned to look at him, his eyes dull.

At a glance, Ouyang Lie knew he was in trouble. His eyes were listless, clearly showing signs of his Divine Soul becoming unstable. He was doomed!

However, before he could say anything, Yang Kai suddenly hugged his head and squatted down, screaming, “Ahhhhh…”

The screams were so miserable that anyone who heard them would cry.

Ouyang Lie had goosebumps all over his body, not because of any other reason, but because Yang Kai’s voice reminded him of the time when his Divine Soul had been injured when he was young.

Because of this experience, he knew the pain.

This was not something that could be endured with a strong will. It could be said that no one could endure such pain!

Ouyang Lie didn’t know what to do.

Yang Kai was already rolling on the ground.

Ouyang Lie quickly stepped forward and used his strength to imprison Yang Kai, stuffing all the Spirit Pills he had prepared into Yang Kai’s mouth and helping him swallow them.

The entire process could be said to be a complete mess. Ouyang Lie didn’t know how to report this matter to the Old Ancestor. If it was just an ordinary Seventh Order, it would be fine, but the key was Yang Kai.

Although the Light of Purification was no longer the only method the Human Race could use to resist the Ink Force, setting up the Universe Formation required Yang Kai’s help. If anything happened to him, the losses would be huge.

However, his efforts seemed to have some effect. Yang Kai’s screams gradually calmed down, but his body was still curled up, twitching from time to time, his entire body drenched in sweat.

Ouyang Lie stood up, his expression solemn.

With the current situation, he couldn’t intervene, so he could only report to the higher-ups and see if the Old Ancestor had any way to revive him.

After sending a voice transmission outside, Gong Lian quickly walked in and saw Yang Kai’s injured appearance, asking in surprise, “What happened to Brother Yang?”

Ouyang Lie said in a low voice, “He was ambushed by the Territory Lords after entering the Black Ink Nest and his Divine Soul was injured. You watch him while I report to the Old Ancestor.”

This matter was extremely important, so Ouyang Lie didn’t dare to casually deal with it and immediately returned to Great Evolution Pass through the space array.

When he arrived at the Old Ancestor’s palace, he didn’t see the Old Ancestor, he only received a reply.

Wait and see!

Yang Kai was already in such a state, how could he just sit back and watch?

If it had been anyone else who had said this, Ouyang Lie would have spat on his face, but since these words came from the Old Ancestor, he didn’t dare to be disrespectful. He could only vaguely guess that things weren’t as bad as he thought.

Returning to the floating continent where the Black Ink Nest was located, he entered the Black Ink Nest and saw a shocking scene.

Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and began meditating. Ouyang Lie sensed that although Yang Kai’s Divine Soul was extremely weak, it seemed to have stabilized.

“What happened?” Ouyang Lie asked his disciple.

Gong Lian was also confused as he shook his head, “I don’t know. Not long after Master left, Brother Yang suddenly got up, and then…”

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help scratching his head. His Divine Soul had been injured so badly, how could he still meditate and recover?

From the looks of it, the situation wasn’t as bad as he had imagined. The Old Ancestor definitely knew something, but since the Old Ancestor didn’t say anything, he didn’t ask.

As the Old Ancestor had said, he would wait and see!

He immediately ordered his men to seal up the Black Ink Nest, not allowing anyone to enter or leave, while he went to investigate Yang Kai’s condition every few days.

As time passed, Ouyang Lie’s shock became even more intense.

Because every time he came to investigate, Yang Kai’s condition was slightly better than before. Although his recovery speed wasn’t fast, he was still recovering.

It was simply unimaginable. Normally speaking, Yang Kai’s Divine Soul injury was simply irreversible. No matter how much he tried to heal himself, he would never be able to return to his peak state. Being able to preserve his life was already a miracle.

But now it seemed that Yang Kai’s injuries had a chance to completely recover.

After a year, when Ouyang Lie came to investigate again, Yang Kai’s recovery speed had become faster, because he would come to investigate every few days, he knew better than anyone else how Yang Kai was recovering.


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