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Feng Ying sighed, “It’s not that, but there are some things that make me worry.”

Immediately, she began explaining.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded, “Really? Why didn’t I notice?”

Feng Ying couldn’t help rolling her eyes, “That’s why you men are all blind. Miao Feiping is like this, so are you. When she came out from your Small Universe that day, her eyes almost melted, yet you couldn’t even see them.”

Yang Kai scratched his head.

“If we count the time, shouldn’t this group of people be in seclusion to consolidate their cultivation? What’s wrong? Did she come out and tell you she wants to join our team?” Yang Kai asked.

Feng Ying replied, “That’s not it, it’s just that she mentioned it on the way back from her breakthrough. I told her that unless there was a battle where my Dawn Squad lost a few members, we would not continue to accept new members, so she said she didn’t want to join the Dawn Squad. This girl’s foundation is quite good, while the others are still stabilizing their cultivation. She came out of seclusion a few days ago and specifically found me to help.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was surprised, “Her cultivation has stabilized after a year? Have you checked?”

Feng Ying said, “How can I be careless about this?”

Yang Kai nodded and thought about the woman’s previous reaction before praising, “What a sensible child.”

“That’s right, it’s precisely because she’s sensible that I can't bear to see her act like this,” Feng Ying sighed, “Unfortunately, that little brat Miao didn’t notice anything. I don’t know if he’s really stupid or just pretending.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “However, the Dawn Squad is already full. Breaking the rules for one person is not good with the rules. If this hole is opened, it will be difficult for the Regiment Commanders in the future.”

Feng Ying nodded and said, “That’s true. Forget it, let’s just take things one step at a time. This is the young people's business, I’m too lazy to worry about it.”

“That should be the case!” Yang Kai nodded before suddenly changing the subject, “But then again, Senior Sister should start breaking through to the Eighth Order, it’s not good to remain in the Seventh Order.”

Feng Ying squeezed her eyes at him and said, “This kind of thing depends on one’s luck. What’s the point of cultivating if the opportunity hasn’t arrived yet?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Then where is Senior Sister’s opportunity?”

“Who knows? Maybe tomorrow,” Feng Ying smiled and turned around, “I'm leaving.”

Watching her leave, Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

Feng Ying had been stuck at the Seventh Order for a long time and had accumulated enough strength to break through to the Eighth Order, but she hadn’t been able to sense an opportunity to break through. However, as Feng Ying had said, opportunities were things no one could say for certain. Perhaps one day she would suddenly have an impulse to break through to the Eighth Order.

All these years, she had been preparing for this moment, so no matter when she broke through, she could ensure the greatest success rate.

Returning to his own courtyard, Yang Kai opened the Spirit Array’s restriction, isolated himself from the outside world, and sat down cross-legged.

With a flip of his hand, Yang Kai took out a Soul Shattering Spike. The Soul Shattering Spike had already been forged, so what was left was naturally to refine it. The refining method was also extremely simple, just like refining an ordinary Divine Soul Artifact. Yang Kai poured his Divine Sense into it to harmonize with the Soul Shattering Spike.

The process of refining this artifact was actually a familiar process. Only by completely refining this artifact would one be able to use it freely against enemies.

Compared to forging this artifact, refining it was much easier. In just a few days, the Soul Shattering Spike was completely refined.

The difficult part was the final step after the refinement!

The refiner had to divide a portion of his Divine Soul and integrate it into this Soul Shattering Spike before he could succeed.

This is going to cost him his life.

Separating a portion of one’s Divine Soul was not the same as consuming one’s Divine Soul Power. Simply consuming a portion of one’s Divine Soul Power was just a kind of consumption, and after it was consumed, it could be replenished again without any harm to a cultivator.

But if he were to divide a portion of his Divine Soul, it would be akin to giving it up!

In short, it required a cultivator to attach a wisp of their Soul Clone to the Soul Shattering Spike, and every time they refined a Soul Shattering Spike, they would have to abandon their Soul Clone.

This was also the reason why the Soul Shattering Spike has its name. By sacrificing one’s soul, one naturally had to abandon their own Soul.

That was why the Old Ancestor said that in this world, only Yang Kai could use this artifact.

As such, after obtaining this artifact’s refining method, Troublesome Grandmaster had said that this thing was evil.

This was because this artifact was simply something that could harm one’s enemies and even more exaggerated.

Right now, Yang Kai was only refining it and had yet to face the enemy, he had to give up a wisp of his Soul Clone. If he were to really fight the enemy, the price he would have to pay would be even higher. When he used his Secret Technique, the more Divine Soul he had to give up, the greater the power of this artifact!

If not for this, the Eighth Order Open Heaven in the Shattered Heaven would not have been able to defend against a Ninth Order Supreme Master. [MSN: What use is there defending like this? lol, in the end he would likely die too.]

Even if an ordinary cultivator managed to refine the Soul Shattering Spike, even if they cultivated this Secret Technique, it would still be difficult for them to use it, because abandoning one’s Soul Clone would greatly damage their Divine Soul.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was different. With the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, even if he were to abandon his Soul Clone, he would be able to slowly nourish it back. This was the greatest effect of the Soul Warming Lotus.

It could be said that the Soul Shattering Spike was made specifically for Yang Kai.

With this artifact and his powerful Divine Soul, if he were to be besieged by so many Territory Lords in the strange space of the Black Ink Nest, he would be able to make them suffer.

Yang Kai wasn’t unfamiliar with the Soul Clone, as this was how the Embodiment was born.

However, even though he was mentally prepared, the pain of his Soul being torn apart was still unbearable.

It was as if his body had been cut in half by a sharp force, and during this entire process, he had to maintain a clear mind, not allowing himself to be affected by the pain. Otherwise, if his Soul fluctuations were too great, he would likely fail.

Yang Kai’s entire body trembled violently as he was drenched in sweat. Although it had only been a brief moment, it felt like thousands of years had passed.

After his Soul Clone successfully merged with the Soul Shattering Spike in his hand, Yang Kai let out a long sigh.

However, thinking about how he still had eleven Soul Shattering Spike left that he needed to refine, Yang Kai’s face became a bit dark, silently cursing himself for seeking Troublesome Grandmaster to refine so many.

However, considering the number of Territory Lords he had to deal with, even if the price he had to pay was not small, Yang Kai felt that it was necessary to completely refine this Soul Shattering Spike.

Ordinary cultivators would find it difficult to exert their strength at this point, and the injuries and pain inflicted on their Soul were not something an ordinary person could endure. However, under the nourishment of the Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai suddenly felt a refreshing sensation enter his Knowledge Sea, as if an invisible hand had brushed past him, wiping away his pain and filling his heart with comfort.

This kind of comfort after pain was especially intoxicating…

Calming himself down slightly, he took out his second Soul Shattering Spike and did the same.

Even though he had the Soul Warming Lotus to nourish his Divine Soul, after refining three Shattering Soul Spike in a row, Yang Kai had no choice but to temporarily adjust his condition and restore his Divine Soul.


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Pickle Pickleson
Pickle Pickleson
Jan 06, 2023

So potentially doing this is having a positive effect long term?

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Yes, If I remember correctly when ever he damage is divine, The soul warming Lotus would repair it and make it stronger, It's like your bone when it Broken and healed the Broken area is strengthened

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