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The Old Ancestor didn’t say what the result of the hiding Eighth Order Open Heaven would be, but since this Secret Technique was now in the hands of the Old Ancestor, the fate of the Eighth Order Open Heaven could be imagined.

Even though they were both Eighth Order at the time, there was still a huge gap between their strengths, especially when they came from a great force like the Cave Heaven Paradise. Compared to the outside world’s Eighth Order who didn’t have any foundation, they were much stronger.

When Yang Kai was a Sixth Order Open Heaven master, he had been chased by Bright Sun Divine Monarch to the point where he had no way out. In the end, he had managed to escape.

However, if it was an Eighth Order from the Cave Heaven Paradise, he might not be so lucky.

This was the difference between them.

Although the Old Ancestor was also an Eighth Order, she had the qualifications to break through to the Ninth Order, so how could an ordinary Eighth Order be compared to her?

If she personally took action, the owner of this Soul Shattering Spike would not have a good ending.

However, it had to be said that the person who had figured out this Soul Shattering Spike was indeed quite talented. If this thing was used well, the weak could use it to defeat the strong. The Soul Shattering Spike’s owner had thought of this thing mainly to guard against Ninth Order, so if its power was weak, it would not have any effect.

Soul Shattering Spike was both a profound Secret Technique and a type of Artifact. It could be said that it contained two parts that complemented each other. If one didn’t have the Artifact to complement the Secret Technique, they wouldn’t be able to use this thing. If one have the Artifact, but there is no Secret Technique, they wouldn’t be able to use it.

The Secret Technique and Artifact were indispensable.

And just as the Old Ancestor had said, besides Yang Kai, no one else could play with this thing.

Yang Kai felt like he had just obtained a treasure.

After bidding farewell to the Old Ancestor, Yang Kai sent out a message and soon received a reply, heading straight towards a certain city wall in Great Evolution Pass.

In a flash, he arrived at his destination and saw a busy figure on the city wall.

Stepping forward, Yang Kai greeted, “Grandmaster.”

Troublesome Grandmaster was busy with his work, his body surging with World Force and sweating profusely. Hearing this, he didn’t even raise his head as he said, “You’ve come at the right time, help me out.”

Right now, in the entire Great Evolution Pass, the most busy people were the Artifact Refiners and Array Masters. Great Evolution Pass had only been in their control for half a year, so there were many things they needed to repair and make. In the entire Great Evolution Pass, all the Array Masters and Artifact Refiners were busy.

As one of the few Artifact Refining Great Grandmasters that Great Evolution Pass currently had, Troublesome Grandmaster naturally couldn’t sit idle.

Moreover, he was more motivated than anyone else because this was Great Evolution Pass, a place that had been guarded by Great Evolution Paradise for generations. Although it had been lost for thirty thousand years, it had finally been taken back from the Black Ink Clan.

He wanted to use everything he had learned in his life to the fullest. He wanted Great Evolution Pass to be impregnable and never repeat the mistakes of his ancestors thirty thousand years ago!

He also knew that Yang Kai was a Grandmaster-level Artifact Refiner, this level of skill was enough for him to act as an assistant, which was why he had called out to him. If it had been anyone else, even Troublesome Grandmaster will not dare let them help.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and went forward to ask how he could help. Soon, he and Troublesome Grandmaster began working together.

This process lasted for half a month, until Troublesome Grandmaster finally finished refining a large artifact.

Both of them were quite tired, so they left the rest of the matters to others and found a quiet place to rest.

After half a day, Troublesome Grandmaster finally opened his eyes and took out a jug of wine to take a sip, smacking his lips in satisfaction before sighing, “I’m old, I’m old. When I was young, how could I have such a lack of energy? Even if I had to work in Artifact Refining for a few years, I would still be full of energy.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Grandmaster is at the prime of his life.”

Troublesome Grandmaster glanced at him, “What do you want?”

Yang Kai quickly said, “Grandmaster, please refine some Artifact!”

Saying so, he handed over a jade slip he had prepared long ago.

Troublesome Grandmaster took it and examined it with his Divine Sense before frowning, “Where did this thing come from? It’s a bit evil.”

The jade slip that Smiles Old Ancestor had given to Yang Kai was complete and contained the Soul Shattering Spike’s cultivation method and refining method. Although it wasn’t something important, it was still a gift from the Old Ancestor. Before obtaining the Old Ancestor’s approval, Yang Kai couldn’t casually pass it on to others, so the only thing he handed over to the Troublesome Grandmaster was the refining method which Yang Kai had once again engraved with his Divine Sense.

Although it was only a refining method for the secret technique, what kind of character is Troublesome Grandmaster? With just a single glance, he could tell that this thing was extraordinary. If it was really forged, he would definitely not know what kind of shady business it was used for, which was why he evaluated it as evil.

“It was bestowed by the Old Ancestor,” Yang Kai explained, there was nothing to hide.

Troublesome Grandmaster was a bit surprised, but after carefully examining it for a moment, he asked in amazement, “Is there a matching method for practicing and controlling this thing?”

Yang Kai immediately gave him a thumbs up, “Grandmaster’s vision is sharp.”

Troublesome Grandmaster looked up at him and said, “Since the Old Ancestor bestowed it to you, I shouldn’t ask too many questions, but I must remind you that if you use this thing, it may cause some damage to yourself, so you should know how serious it is.”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Grandmaster, don’t worry, I understand.”

“En.” Troublesome Grandmaster didn’t say anything more and stood up, “Follow me.”

Yang Kai followed.

Great Evolution Pass now had its own Artifact Refining Workshop.

In fact, after the Great Evolution Pass was recaptured and the army took over, the first order from the higher ups was to reorganize the Artifact Refining Workshop and the Pill Refining Room. These two important positions were the foundation of Great Evolution Pass.

However, most Artifact Refiners were busy outside, so when the two of them entered the Artifact Refining Workshop, there weren’t many people inside.

On the huge square outside the Artifact Refining Workshop, hundreds of Battleships of various sizes were parked.

These Battleships had yet to be repaired. On the way from the King City to Great Evolution Pass, although Artifact Refiners and Array Masters had repaired many Battleships, it had only been a month or so, so there was a limit to what they could do.

When it came to Great Evolution’s side, restructuring Great Evolution Pass was the primary objective, and these Battleships that had yet to be repaired were all parked here.

It would have to wait until the Artifact Refiners and Array Masters were free to deal with it.

After finding an artifact refining workshop, Troublesome Grandmaster asked, “Have you prepared the materials?”

“Everything is ready,” Yang Kai nodded.

In fact, the materials required to refine this Soul Shattering Spike weren’t very high, and apart from one or two rare materials, most of them were ordinary.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. This thing was created by the Eighth Order Open Heaven master who lived in seclusion in Shattered Heaven, so he naturally had to consider how he could obtain the materials he needed. If the materials he needed were too precious, he wouldn’t be able to obtain them.

After taking out all the materials, Troublesome Grandmaster’s Divine Sense surged for a moment before he tossed the jade slip back to Yang Kai, “I made a few modifications to it, perhaps they can increase its power, but considering that it also has a matching Secret Technique, I can’t guarantee that it will be compatible with the Secret Technique. Take a look for yourself, if possible, we can refine it according to this method.”

Yang Kai took it and examined it for a moment before happily saying, “Grandmaster’s vision is truly unique. Although this modification is subtle, it is enough to increase the power of this artifact by ten percent. As for the Secret Technique, it doesn’t really matter.”

It could be said that as long as one was a cultivator, they could cultivate this Secret Technique without any difficulty, but the price they had to pay was basically impossible to bear.

As such, Troublesome Grandmaster's modification would not affect the Secret Technique in any way.

Since it was confirmed that there was no problem, Troublesome Grandmaster didn’t waste any more time and immediately began refining.

In fact, Yang Kai could refine it himself, after all, he was already a Grandmaster-level Artifact Refiner, but this thing was used to deal with the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, so it was naturally better to be safe than sorry. If he have Troublesome Grandmaster to refine it for him, it would be enough to guarantee the power of the Soul Shattering Spike, and if he were to refine it himself, it would take quite some time.

Day after day, Troublesome Grandmaster refine the Soul Shattering Spike while Yang Kai assisted him.

All kinds of exquisite Artifact Refining techniques were used by Troublesome Grandmaster, and he didn’t deliberately try to hide them, even intentionally allowing Yang Kai to see them more clearly.

In such an environment, Yang Kai’s Artifact Refining Dao had actually improved quite a bit. It was a pleasant surprise.

The first Soul Shattering Spike took Troublesome Grandmaster a month to refine. The completed Soul Shattering Spike was like a long needle, only the length of a finger and completely black, as if it had been poisoned.

But in fact, this thing was not poisonous.

Yang Kai picked it up and used his Divine Soul to refine it, but found nothing out of the ordinary, indicating that the refinement was successful.

Originally, he had thought that Troublesome Grandmaster speed when refining the Soul Shattering Spike would increase, but who would have thought that each Soul Shattering Spike would take a month.

This situation could only mean one thing. Even though it was Troublesome Grandmaster's first time refining this artifact, he had already reached his limit, so the time it would take to refine it would not increase or decrease.

A full year later, he had refined twelve Soul Shattering Spike.

The materials Yang Kai had prepared were also consumed.

Only then did Troublesome Grandmaster stop what he was doing, “Is this enough?”

Yang Kai grinned, “It’s enough.”

He believed that the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords wouldn’t be so stupid as to allow him to use the Soul Shattering Spike twelve times. At most, he would be able to deal with a few Territory Lords before they retreated.

Making twelve was just a precaution.

The Soul Shattering Spike had been prepared, so Yang Kai bid farewell to Troublesome Grandmaster and returned to the Dawn Squad's courtyard to prepare for refining this thing.

The courtyard was still quiet and all the Dawn Squad members were still busy outside, but he ran into Feng Ying, who had returned to investigate Ning Qizhi’s injuries.

After a brief conversation with Feng Ying and confirming that Ning Qizhi’s injuries had not worsened, Yang Kai decided not to visit him again.

For a seriously injured patient, it was already quite uncomfortable for him to meditate while everyone else was busy, it wasn’t a good idea to keep visiting him.

Just as he was about to leave, Feng Ying pulled him to a secluded spot and whispered, “Team Leader, can our team accept more people?”

Yang Kai didn’t know why she suddenly asked this question, “The three people including Blood Crow already joined the Dawn Squad and we already reach the limit of fifty people, you should know that.”

Feng Ying said, “I know, but can’t you go talk to the Regiment Commander and ask him to add another person?”

Yang Kai asked in confusion, “Who made you so concerned?”


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