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This was the awkward situation the Great Evolution Human Race was currently facing.

With the Black Ink Nest in hand, they were unable to use it effectively, but they're unwilling to destroy it.

The Old Ancestor was naturally not afraid of these Territory Lords, but after sensing the Old Ancestor’s strength, the Territory Lords who were lying in ambush would immediately flee, leaving the Old Ancestor helpless.

They couldn’t let the Old Ancestor remain in the Black Ink Nest forever, so this wasn’t a good idea.

Yang Kai hadn’t expected such a situation. He had thought that after the Human Race had taken over the Black Ink Nest for so long, they should have already begun preparing for the intelligence network, but now it seemed that they had to carefully plan this matter.

In the past, he had indeed severely wounded the wills of many of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords in the strange space of the Black Ink Nest. With the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, he had been able to defeat many of them, but at that time, he had only faced a few of them.

But now, many of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had set up an ambush in that strange space, and it had been premeditated… whether it was in terms of grade or situation, it was completely different from back then.

Yang Kai was confident that his Soul was no weaker than any Territory Lord’s, so it was hard to say who would emerge victorious in a one-on-one battle. Moreover, with the protection of the Soul Warming Lotus, he was completely unafraid of Soul attacks.

However, if there were too many Territory Lords, there was nothing he could do.

Unless they could borrow some kind of powerful external force.

After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai said, “I’ll have to trouble Brother Gong. I’ll go back and think of a way to resolve this situation.”

Gong Lian didn’t try to discourage him and simply smiled, “Brother Yang, take your time. This matter isn’t urgent, and the higher-ups are also thinking of a way to resolve it sooner or later.”

Yang Kai nodded, bid farewell to Gong Lian, and didn’t bother Ouyang Lie, who was enjoying his drink, directly passing through the Space Array he had just set up and returning to Great Evolution Pass.

When they were at Blue Sky Pass, the members of Dawn Squad all had their own residences and were quite scattered.

However, when it came to the Great Evolution Pass, the higher-ups considered that many teams were scattered and reorganized, the team members needed to be familiar with each other, so basically all the members of a team were arranged in one place or another.

The residence assigned by the Dawn Squad was a huge courtyard located in the periphery of Great Evolution Pass. The size of the courtyard was not small and there were several dozen rooms inside, enough for the team members to use.

Returning to the courtyard, the interior was quiet, with the exception of Ning Qizhi, who was currently recuperating.

Right now, there were many things to do in Great Evolution Pass, and almost all of Great Evolution’s soldiers were busy overhauling Great Evolution Pass and making arrangements in various locations. Under such circumstances, they naturally couldn’t remain idle.

Yang Kai first went to check on Ning Qizhi’s injuries, and after seeing that he was slightly better, he was relieved. Ning Qizhi’s injuries were caused by the Small Universe injury, and this kind of injury was the most troublesome for the Open Heaven cultivator, so his recovery was also extremely slow.

However, now that his condition had improved, it meant that he was fine.

This allowed Yang Kai to breathe a sigh of relief. During the bloody battle with the Black Ink Clan in the King City, Qi Taichu’s death had caused him great heartache, so Ning Qizhi couldn’t have any more accidents.

After instructing Ning Qizhi to rest well, Yang Kai immediately went to find the Old Ancestor.

The matter of Black Ink Nest required the Old Ancestor’s help. After all, they had to deal with many Territory Lords. Since the Old Ancestor couldn’t personally act, he could only rely on himself.

After spending so many years with Smiles Old Ancestor, they were quite familiar with each other, so there was no need to inform the other before entering the Old Ancestor’s palace.

Inside a stone pavilion in a small garden, the Old Ancestor was happily munching on a piece of candied fruit.

Yang Kai sat down on the chair in front of her and poured himself a cup of water. After drinking it, he let out a heavy sigh as if he had a lot on his mind.

The Old Ancestor didn’t even look at him.

After finishing a stick of candied fruit, she took out another stick and continued eating.

If it was said what thing the Old Ancestor has most in her Space Ring, it would definitely be a mess of food. During the years she had spent healing in Yang Kai's Small Universe, Yang Kai had brought her to many bustling cities and bought a lot of food.

“Is there something you need?” After finishing another stick, the Old Ancestor asked casually.

“It's nothing!” Yang Kai chuckled, “I just come to visit you.”

“En,” The Old Ancestor replied casually before ignoring him.

Yang Kai was thinking about how to speak to the Old Ancestor in a less abrupt manner. The main reason he had come here this time was to borrow something from the Old Ancestor. Although everyone was very familiar with each other, it was still a bit embarrassing to ask to borrow something.

The Old Ancestor obviously saw this point, but since Yang Kai didn’t say anything, she let it be.

After a short while, the Old Ancestor placed a small handful of bamboo sticks in front of her. These candied fruits were quite sweet, but after eating so much, the Old Ancestor’s appetite had clearly been satisfied. Letting out a sigh of satisfaction, the Old Ancestor looked around before finally glancing at Yang Kai and beckoning him with her finger.

Yang Kai quickly straightened his back and leaned over to listen to the Old Ancestor’s teachings.

The Old Ancestor wiped the sweet liquid on Yang Kai’s clothes…

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, “If you want to wipe your hands, wouldn’t it be better if I took some water for you?”

“I wan't to do this!” The Old Ancestor interrupted, “Why do you care?”

Yang Kai put his hand to his forehead.

After wiping her hands clean, the Old Ancestor pushed her cup towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai quickly filled her cup.

After taking a sip of water, the Old Ancestor slowly said, “Speak, what do you want from me?”

Yang Kai decisively said, “I want to borrow something from you.”

“What is it?”

“Divine Soul artifact!”

The Old Ancestor couldn’t help being surprised, “Why do you want a Divine Soul Artifact?”

Yang Kai said, “Isn’t there no way to deal with the Territory Lord lying in ambush at the Black Ink Nest's side? If I have powerful enough Divine Soul Artifacts, perhaps this matter can be resolved.”

The Old Ancestor frowned and said, “Don’t be rash! You’re only a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, and the Territory Lords lying in ambush over there are all equivalent to Eighth Order. Once they sense that there’s a Divine Soul connection from here, they will immediately launch a group attack. Even if you have a Divine Soul Artifact to protect your Soul, you may not be able to escape unscathed.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Many thanks for Old Ancestor’s concern, but since this Disciple has said so, I definitely have confidence. Old Ancestor may not know, but this Disciple once obtained a heavenly artifact. With this artifact protecting me, not to mention some Territory Lords, even the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord cannot do anything to my Divine Soul.”

Hearing this, the Old Ancestor was a bit surprised, but soon became thoughtful, “The heavenly artifact you mentioned, is it the Soul Warming Lotus?”

There were two supreme treasures in this world, the Twin Lotus Flower, the Soul Warming Lotus that nourish and protect the Divine Soul and the Stainless Golden Lotus that makes the owner's flesh body flawless and clean. Who in this world didn’t know about these two supreme treasures?

However, a supreme treasure was something that is unique in the world, and those who could possess such a supreme treasure were all people with great luck. It wasn’t something that could be obtained just because they were strong.

If there was any treasure in this world that could allow a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator to resist the Divine Soul Attack of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, it could only be the Soul Warming Lotus, so the Old Ancestor quickly guessed.

Yang Kai immediately nodded, “It’s the Soul Warming Lotus.”

The Old Ancestor didn’t dare believe it, but since Yang Kai had said so, it was obvious he wasn’t joking with her. After a moment of silence, she sighed, “You’re quite lucky to have obtained the Soul Warming Lotus, and you even managed to obtain it at your early days. No wonder I always felt that your Divine Soul doesn't match your strength, it was all thanks to the Soul Warming Lotus.”

Having obtained the Soul Warming Lotus in his early days, after so many years of nourishment, his Divine Soul was naturally stronger and tougher than an ordinary person’s.

“I was just lucky!” Yang Kai said modestly. Thinking back to his life’s cultivation experiences, being able to obtain the Soul Warming Lotus was his greatest fortune.

The fact that he possessed the Soul Warming Lotus was only known to a few people close to him. After all, this thing was too precious to be casually disclosed.

As for the matter of the Stainless Golden Lotus on Wu Kuang’s body, in the entire world, except Wu Kuang, only he knew about it.

Although the Old Ancestor had been healing her injuries for many years in his Small Universe, she still didn’t know about the Soul Warming Lotus.

“With the Soul Warming Lotus protecting you, you won’t need to fear the Divine Soul attacks of those Territory Lords, but even if your Divine Soul can fight against a Territory Lord, you may not be able to do anything to them.”

“That’s why Disciple came to find you,” Yang Kai rubbed his hands together with excited look, “I wanted to borrow a powerful Divine Soul artifact from you!”

The Old Ancestor suddenly understood, “So that’s what you’re planning. The Soul Warming Lotus will protect you while you use a Divine Soul Artifact to attack the Territory Lords. If you can seriously injure a few of them, the Black Ink Clan will no longer dare to use the Black Ink Nest to set up an ambush.”

“Exactly!” Yang Kai nodded, “Solving this problem will allow my Human Race to establish our own intelligence network.”

“Good!” The Old Ancestor nodded, “Unfortunately, I don’t have a Divine Soul artifact to lend you.”

Yang Kai was speechless, never having expected the Old Ancestor to give such an answer.

Smiles old Ancestor said, “When I broke through to the Ninth Order, I abandoned all external forces and only left behind an artifact from my life-long cultivation. You must know that when one’s cultivation reaches our level, their greatest reliance is their own body. Some external forces are not only useless, but also impede the purity of one’s Dao.”

The Old Ancestor’s words seemed to be explaining the state of a Ninth Order Supreme Master to him, but in reality, wasn’t it also a kind of teaching?

Yang Kai listened thoughtfully.

The Old Ancestor suddenly changed the subject, “Although I don’t have any Divine Soul Artifact that I can lend you, I do have one that you can use… En, let me put it this way, in this world, besides you, no one else can use it.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help asking, “What thing?”

The Old Ancestor waved her hand and a jade slip appeared out of thin air, flicking it towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and took it, pouring his Divine Sense into it to investigate.

Soon, a look of surprise appeared on his face, “Soul Shattering Spike? Who developed this thing?”

Smiles old Ancestor said, “In the early years, there was an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator who lived in seclusion in Shattered Heaven. He was probably guarding against the Cave Heavevn Paradise's forces from capturing him, so he painstakingly researched for many years before coming up with such an evil plan, mainly to guard against the Ninth Order Supreme Masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise. However, he didn’t know that there were no Ninth Order Supreme Masters in the 3000 Worlds. At that time, I was only an Eighth Order, but because he was involved in the murder of my Yin-Yang Heaven Disciple, I personally went there and obtained this thing.”


[MSN: Now that i think about it, Smiles is the only Yin-Yang heaven people that have different cultivation technique. All the others need Yin-Yang fusion, while hers related to reincarnation.]

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