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He also talked about how the North-South Army tried to stop the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan from returning to the King City and fought several bloody battles with the Black Ink Clan army, resulting in many deaths.

He talked about how the East-West Army had evacuated from the King City, the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan was filled with fear and unease, negotiating with the North-South Army to hand over the Great Evolution Pass without bloodshed.

One by one, Yang Kai did his best to describe the experiences of the Great Evolution Army in detail.

After saying this, Yang Kai also felt a sense of nostalgia. Over a hundred years of war, Xiang Shan of the East-West Army, Mi Jinglun of the North-South Army, these two had displayed their military strategies to the fullest. If it weren’t for the two of them presiding over two strategic locations, even if the Great Evolution Army had twice as many troops, they wouldn’t have been able to recover Great Evolution Pass in a hundred and fifty years.

Yuan Xingge remained silent, but no one knew what he was thinking.

Hearing this, the Old Ancestor nodded repeatedly, “It’s been hard on you all these years.”

Yang Kai didn’t dare claim credit for this and instead cupped his fists, “Disciple is just a pawn. It was all the efforts of the Seniors that led to this situation.”

The Old Ancestor smiled at him, obviously satisfied with his humility.

However, the Old Ancestor understood that perhaps this boy in front of him didn’t even know what kind of great change his arrival had brought to the entire Ink Battlefield.

Not to mention the fact that the Purification Light could dispel the Ink force, the large number of Expelling Black Ink Pills that were currently being refined at each mountain pass were also found during the exploration of a Secret Realm. In addition, all of the Expelling Black Ink Battleships in the various Army, which one does not come from his handiwork?

Now, the Human Race’s soldiers were able to mine resources with ease because of the existence of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror.

If they didn’t have this kind of assistance, how could the Human Race recover the Great Evolution Pass, and what would the Human Race do in the future?

It could be said that although this young man’s cultivation wasn’t very high, he seemed to be the key to changing the situation of the entire Ink Battlefield. Facing such a character, even a Ninth Order Supreme Master wouldn’t underestimate him, because many times, in a situation where even he himself wasn’t clear about, he was able to use his strength to influence the overall situation and influence the fate of his clan.

The Old Ancestor didn’t ask any more questions. He had called Yang Kai over just to understand the situation of the Great Evolution Army’s recent campaigns. Now that he knew, he naturally wouldn’t waste his breath.

The Old Ancestor continued to feed the old ox with the tender grass, like an old farmer in the mountains, not showing the slightest bit of power.

Yuan Xingge led Yang Kai away.

Before leaving, the Old Ancestor gave Yang Kai a few dozen kilograms of beef as a reward for his trip. The beef was fresh and the blood had not dried yet, as if it had been freshly slaughtered.

Leaving the Old Ancestor’s side, Yang Kai picked up the several dozen kilograms of bloody beef and asked Yuan Xingge expectantly, “Sir, is there anything special about this beef?”

In front of the Old Ancestor, he was too embarrassed to ask.

Now that he was out, he couldn’t care less. If he didn’t clarify things, he wouldn’t feel at ease.

Yuan Xingge pondered for a moment before asking, “Does it taste good?”

Yang Kai’s face darkened, “Sir, you know that’s not what I meant…” He winked and decided to speak frankly, “Does the Old Ancestor’s beef have any special effects after eating it?”

Yuan Xingge asked, “You’ve also seen the old ox that the Old Ancestor fed, so can you tell if they have any special bloodlines?”

Yang Kai thought for a moment before shaking his head, “Those are just ordinary ox.”

Yuan Xingge squinted at him, “Then what are you expecting?”

Yang Kai was immediately rendered speechless, but he didn’t give up and asked, “Is this beef from the cattle that Old Ancestor raised?”

Yuan Xingge didn’t answer his question, “I suggest you go back and cook some soup. The cattle and beef raised by the Old Ancestor are all very strong and not very tasty.”

He acted like he was very experienced in this matter.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Looking at the several dozen kilograms of bloody beef in his hand, he sighed and quietly put it away.

In any case, this was a gift from the Old Ancestor, so he would cook some soup for the Dawn Squad’s members to nourish their bodies. All these years of fighting had been quite difficult for everyone.

Returning to the hall where the Space Array was located, the Eighth Order cultivators were still waiting, not in a hurry to leave.

Yuan Xingge asked, “Brother Tian Lu hasn't returned yet?”

An Eighth Order shook his head and said, “No news for now.”

Yuan Xingge nodded before turning to Yang Kai, “What are you going to do? Wait here?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Disciple came here to test the effects of the Space Array. Now that I’ve succeeded, it’s time to return to Great Evolution.”

Yuan Xingge said, “Since that’s the case, you may go.”

After instructing the guards to prepare the materials for the transmission, Yang Kai quickly stood in the middle of the array and activated it. When the Space Gate opened, his figure disappeared.

He had originally been on guard against encountering what had just happened, but this trip had gone extremely smoothly.

Soon, Yang Kai’s figure appeared on the Great Evolution Pass’ Space Array, and a group of Array Masters gathered around him to inquire about the situation.

Yang Kai briefly explained his experience, but he couldn’t figure out what had happened.

“Did anyone come from Wind and Cloud Pass just now?”

The Bald Grandmaster said, “He’s here. He claims to be the Regiment Commander of Wind and Storm Pass’ Northern Army, Tian Lu. Right now, Regiment Commander Xiang Shan is receiving him.”

The fat Grandmaster asked, “Yang boy, has this Space Array been repaired?”

Yang Kai frowned, “It should be repaired.”

“Then what happened just now?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “Perhaps it’s because the two Void Channel haven’t been opened for a long time and are somewhat blocked? Is it because I personally entered the array and cleared them?”

Hearing his uncertain explanation, the Grandmasters were all speechless.

However, other than this explanation, there was no other explanation. After all, the first time Yang Kai teleported, there had been a small problem. After that, whether it was Tian Lu coming from Wind Cloud Pass or Yang Kai returning from Wind Cloud Pass, everything went smoothly.

From this point alone, the Space Array had been repaired.

After repairing the Spirit Array, it was time to report it.

Yang Kai had personally gone to report this matter to Liu Zhiping, so Liu Zhiping naturally wasn’t stingy with her praise, immediately arranging for the restoration of Great Evolution Pass and sending it to various human passes.

This kind of great news naturally had to be quickly spread to the entire Human Race. After all, all the soldiers were paying attention to this matter, so the sooner this news spread, the better.

Soon, jade slips bearing the aura of Smiles Old Ancestor were sent to the various Human Race passes through the Space Array. These jade slips reported the news of Great Evolution’s recovery.

Every time the Space Array was activated, it would consume a lot of resources. Depending on the cultivation of the cultivator who was teleported, the consumption of resources would also be different. Overall, the higher one’s cultivation was, the greater the consumption.

But if it was just sending a jade slip, the consumption would be very small.

As such, the current stockpile of resources in Great Evolution Pass was also able to support the use of jade slips transmission.

However, each human race mountain pass required a jade slip, so it would take quite some time.

After several days, the Space Array on Great Evolution’s side opened more than a hundred times and sent out over a hundred jade slips.

During this time, Yang Kai stood guard beside the Spirit Array, examining its state.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly. Every time the Spirit Array opened, there was no abnormality, and all the jade slips were successfully delivered.

From the looks of it, Great Evolution’s Space Array had truly been repaired.

On the other side, news of victory spread, and the various human race passes were filled with joy. The thirty thousand years of humiliation had finally been washed away, and many people had put down their obsessions.

The higher ups were even more clear that the Great Evolution Pass had already been subdued, so the Human Race’s expedition wasn’t far away, so they all secretly made preparations.

In fact, long before the Human Race was preparing to take back Great Evolution Pass, they had already been preparing for an expedition. The Evil-Breaking Divine Lance that Troublesome Grandmaster create was the greatest weapon in the expedition. In order to hide this weapon, the Great Evolution Army had not dared to use it lightly when they were trying to take back Great Evolution Pass, fearing that news would leak out and cause the Black Ink Clan to become vigilant.

If they had used the Evil-Breaking Divine Lance, the Great Evolution Army wouldn’t have suffered such heavy losses.

At this moment, in the void, Yang Kai led the Dawn Squad’s group of Seventh Order Open Heaven masters to search for a suitable location.

Today, the Dawn Squad’s lineup was quite strong. Although Qi Taichu had fallen during the Hundred Year Battle, a new Blood Crow had been added to their ranks, so the Dawn Squad’s Seventh Order Open Heaven still had eight people.

Now that he had pulled out these Seventh Order out, it wasn’t because he wanted to find trouble with the Black Ink Clan.

The Great Evolution Black Ink Clan was currently hiding in the King City to recuperate, so who would dare come to Great Evolution Pass so easily?

Pulling them out was for them to help guard him.

It had been a hundred and fifty years since they set out from Blue Sky Pass, and his Small Universe’s time flow was four times faster than that of the outside world. In other words, the Small Universe had already spent nearly seven hundred years inside.

Over the past seven hundred years, the number of disciples who had cultivated in the Void Dojo had risen dramatically, accumulating a total of ten little fellows who were qualified to advance to the Open Heaven.

This was not common in the past.

It could only be said that the World Tree’s feedback was affecting the Small Universe more, which was why the disciples of the Void Dojo had grown so quickly.

Previously, when he fought with the Black Ink Clan, it was not convenient for Yang Kai to let them out to promote, but now that the situation had been settled, he no longer had many concerns.

A total of ten cultivators breaking through to Open Heaven, Yang Kai couldn’t protect all of them by himself, so he pulled out all of the Dawn Squad's Seventh Order cultivators and let them guard them one on one. With the current vision and strength of the Seventh Order cultivator from Dawn Squad, it wouldn’t be a problem to protect these little fellows.

Not long after, Yang Kai chose a location around the void and looked around to make sure there were no problems. With a wave of his hand, the void distorted and ten Emperor Realms appeared in front of him.

These people were of both genders, half each, and they all have one characteristic, that is, they all look young and full of vigor.

There were only two possibilities for a cultivator to look young. The first was that they had cultivated some kind of art to enhance their appearance, and the second was that their growth speed was fast. Only when one’s cultivation is successful will the years not leave too many traces on them.

These Emperor Realms in front of him were obviously the latter. Because of the World Tree Subtree's ability, they had displayed extraordinary cultivation talent since birth, allowing them to progress at a rapid pace.

Moreover, since they were able to condense a Dao Seal, it meant that there was no problem with their foundation. Otherwise, they would not be able to condense a Dao Seal.


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