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Thirty thousand years ago, when Great Evolution Pass was broken, the Human Race soldier had destroyed the Space Array to prevent the Black Ink clan from causing trouble.

After the Black Ink clan occupied the Great Evolution Pass, they did not destroy the Space Array but instead tried to repair it.

As a result, the basic framework of the Space Array in Great Evolution Pass was not a problem. Yang Kai had personally repaired it after half a year.

When he activated the Spirit Array and located the direction of Wind and Cloud Pass, it could be said that the Space Array had begun operating normally, opening up a void passage from Great Evolution Pass to Wind and Cloud Pass.

However, this passage was somewhat different from normal. Yang Kai had teleported here, and there were many obstacles in his way. If it weren’t for his Space Law, it would have been impossible for him to arrive here.

It wasn’t easy!

Seeing so many Eighth Order masters staring at him, Yang Kai immediately understood what was happening.

The Space Array of Great Evolution Pass was located here, so there would definitely be some signs here that would alert the higher ups here.

That was why so many Eighth Order cultivators had gathered here.

A few of them looked familiar to Yang Kai. The last time he was stationed at Wind and Cloud Pass, he should have seen them from afar.

Yuan Xingge nodded slightly and asked, “Which Pass are you from? What kind of problem did you encounter during this teleportation? Why did it take so long?”

Yang Kai cupped his fists and shouted, “Great Evolution, Yang Kai!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire crowd went into an uproar and all the Eighth Order masters’ expressions changed.

Tian Lu exclaimed, “Great Evolution? You came from Great Evolution Pass?”

“How’s the situation at Great Evolution Pass?”

“Since you were teleported here from Great Evolution Pass, has Great Evolution Pass been reclaimed?”

One by one, the Eighth Order masters asked questions one after another, clearly showing their mood.

A hundred and fifty years ago, the Great Evolution East-West Army had been established at Wind and Cloud Pass, while the North-South Army had been formed at Azure Void Pass. The two armies had rushed to the Great Evolution War Zone from two different directions, attacking the Great Evolution Black Ink clan from both sides, intending to take back Great Evolution Pass.

Over the past hundred years, no one knew how the situation in the Great Evolution War Zone was or how the Great Evolution Pass recovery was progressing.

Every mountain pass was waiting for news from Great Evolution Pass, and every Human Race soldier was eagerly waiting.

Although they knew that the Great Evolution Army was strong, almost twice the strength of any mountain pass, when fighting in the territory of the Black Ink clan, there was no barrier to protect them, so no one could determine whether they would win or lose.

This wait lasted for a hundred and fifty years.

Today, a Seventh Order had suddenly appeared in the Space Array and claimed to have come from Great Evolution Pass. How could these Eighth Order masters not be excited?

“Are you really from Great Evolution Pass?” Yuan Xingge asked solemnly. This was a serious matter, so he couldn’t afford to be careless.

Yang Kai replied, “Absolutely. Sir can verify it at any time.”

Suddenly, an Eighth Order said, “Yang Kai, this name… are you the one who can use the Purification Light?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

Everyone suddenly understood.

In the entire Ink Battlefield, there were countless Seventh Order masters, but if there was anyone who could make all the Eighth Order masters remember their name, it was probably only Yang Kai.

The appearance of the Purification Light allowed the Human Race to have a way to resist the Ink Force for the first time, and as the person who had activated the Purification Light, Yang Kai’s name naturally spread far and wide.

However, there weren’t many people who had actually seen him before. Coupled with the fact that he had just mentioned the name Great Evolution, everyone’s attention was focused on the Great Evolution Pass, so they didn’t pay much attention to his name.

Since it was Yang Kai who could activate the Purification Light, he must be from Great Evolution.

This was because Yuan Xingge knew that during this expedition to the Great Evolution War Zone, the Old Ancestor had specifically asked this Yang Kai to accompany the army, it seems his existence could help the Old Ancestor heal her injuries faster.

Although he didn’t understand how a Seventh Order master could help a Ninth Order Supreme Master heal, since it was the Old Ancestor’s request, she naturally had her reasons.

“Has Great Evolution Pass been recovered?” Yuan Xingge asked.

Yang Kai replied, “Half a year ago, the Great Evolution East-West and North-South Army met up at Great Evolution Pass and successfully captured Great Evolution Pass!”

“Good!” An Eighth Order shouted excitedly. After waiting for a hundred and fifty years, this great news had finally arrived, and everyone else was overjoyed.

“Great Evolution Army… how are the casualties?” Tian Lu asked.

Yang Kai said in a pained voice, “Currently, the number of soldiers guarding Great Evolution Pass is around 33,000, with more than seventy Eighth Order.”

Hearing this number, everyone fell silent.

They were well aware of the situation of the Great Evolution Army. In the last hundred and fifty years, almost half of them had been defeated in battle, so it was obvious how heavy the casualties were. It had to be known that this number was equivalent to the strength of an entire mountain pass.

However, everyone is in this kind of situation, where a price must be paid. The Great Evolution Army don't have any Pass to rely on, and the Black Ink Clan has the advantage of time and place, so how could they not pay a price in order to successfully recover the Great Evolution Pass in a hundred and fifty years?

Now, all they wanted was for the dead to rest in peace.

Yuan Xingge nodded slightly, “Since you came from Great Evolution, it means that the Space Array over there has been repaired. This matter is very important, I need to send someone to investigate.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Naturally, but this Space Array… seems to have some problems.”

“What problem?” Yuan Xingge asked.

Yang Kai briefly explained the problems he had encountered before, “However, Disciple has yet to find out the specific problem.”

Yuan Xingge was silent for a moment before replying, “We’ll know after we try.” They had also seen the abnormality of this Space Gate and knew that Yang Kai was not lying.

Immediately instructing people to prepare for transmission and locate Great Evolution Pass.

The soldiers guarding this place were all familiar with this place and quickly arranged all the necessary materials.

Under Yuan Xingge’s instructions, the Spirit Array was quickly activated.

The lines lit up and the great array began to hum. As the resources were rapidly consumed, a Space Gate rapidly opened!

“Hm?” Yang Kai was confused.

In his opinion, if there was a problem with the Great Evolution Pass's transmission to Wind and Cloud Pass, then there would definitely be a problem with the transmission from Wind and Cloud Pass to Great Evolution Pass as well. However, from the scene in front of him, there were no obstructions in the activation of the great array, the Space Gate was naturally opened.

The cultivator in charge of the Spirit Array came forward to inspect it and reported, “The Spirit Array is operating normally and has successfully connected with the Great Evolution side.”

“Let me take a look,” Yang Kai said as he flew up to the Spirit Array and activated his Space Law to investigate.

A moment later, something that confused him even more occurred.

In his examination, there was indeed no problem this time, making him feel even more puzzled.

If there was no problem, what had happened before?

“I’ll personally go to Great Evolution,” Tian Lu said. He was the Regiment Commander of Wind and Cloud Pass’ Northern Army, so whether it was his status or strength, it was appropriate for him to personally investigate the situation.

Yuan Xingge nodded, “Then I’ll have to trouble Brother Tian Lu.”

Tian Lu didn’t say anything more, turning around and stepping into the Space Gate, quickly disappearing.

Yuan Xingge didn’t wait there, instead turning to Yang Kai and saying, “Follow me.”

Just now, he had received a Divine Sense sound transmission from the Old Ancestor of Wind Cloud Pass. Obviously, the Old Ancestor had also noticed the situation here and had something to ask Yang Kai.

Yang Kai naturally obeyed.

Following behind Yuan Xingge, Yang Kai quickly arrived at an extremely remote corner of Wind and Cloud Pass. This kind of location could be said to be the corner of Wind and Cloud Pass, and if one didn’t pay attention to it normally, even the soldiers who lived here all year round would find it difficult to notice.

There weren’t many buildings here, instead, it was more like a field, a verdant landscape with a few leisurely old Ox eating young grass at the foot of the mountain.

As soon as he entered this place, Yang Kai realized that this wasn’t the real Wind and Cloud Pass, but rather a Small Universe after the fall of a High Rank Open Heaven.

Everything in front of him was the scene of this High Rank Open Heaven's Small Universe.

The entire Small Universe gave off a happy and carefree feeling. What was rare was that when he stepped into this Small Universe's territory from Wind and Cloud Pass, he didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary. Everything seemed natural and smooth, as if this Small Universe had become a part of Wind and Cloud Pass.

Yuan Xingge stood in front of the few old ox eating grass and bowed to one of them, “Old Ancestor, I’ve brought him.”

Yang Kai’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. How could Wind and Cloud Pass’ Old Ancestor be a cow? Was this an avatar? Speaking of which, he had never seen Wind and Cloud Pass’ Ancestor before. Although he had felt the power and influence of this Old Ancestor and the Black Ink clan’s Royal Lord when he was stationed at Wind and Cloud Pass, he had only felt it from afar.

However, the old ox lowered its head and ate the grass while muttering some words, “It’s this little brat, I have an impression of him. The little girl from Yin Yang Pass mentioned him to me before.”

The little girl from Yin Yang Pass he was referring to should be Smiles Old Ancestor.

Even though they were both Old Ancestors, there was a huge difference in seniority between them. This Wind and Cloud Pass Old Ancestor was obviously older than Smiles Old Ancestor.

Yang Kai didn’t dare delay and quickly bowed to the old ox, “Great Evolution Yang Kai greets Old Ancestor.”

A wrinkled face suddenly emerged from behind the old ox and looked at him with a smile that was not quite a smile. He handed the tender grass in his hand to the old ox and slowly fed it.

Yang Kai was extremely embarrassed. [MSN: Oopsie. LOL]

He had thought that the Old Ancestor was that old ox, but who would have thought that he was actually hiding behind the old ox, causing such a big scene.

“The recovery of Great Evolution is a joyous event, and it should be known to all the Human Race’s mountain passes,” The Old Ancestor said, “However, this old master is quite interested in the battle between the Great Evolution Army and the Black Ink clan over the past few years, so I called you here for no other reason than to ask what happened to the Great Evolution Army all these years. You can just talk about it casually.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied respectfully.

Although the Old Ancestor said to talk about it casually, Yang Kai didn’t dare say it like that.

Immediately, Yang Kai explained how the Great Evolution East-West Army had encountered a Black Ink clan army a few days after leaving Wind and Cloud Pass, how Xiang Shan had deliberately let one of the Black Ink clan Territory Lords loose to alert the enemy, and how he had spared no expense to refine an army of tens of thousands of puppets on the way. When they approached Great Evolution Pass, he had released these puppets to distract the Black Ink clan’s attention while the army rushed straight towards the Black Ink clan’s hinterland.

Afterwards, the East-West army stationed themselves outside the Black Ink clan’s King City and attacked the King City repeatedly with the help of the Universe World. Smiles Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord fought until both sides suffered heavy losses, healing and recuperating in his Small Universe, but repeatedly pretending that her injuries had not yet healed, causing the Royal Lord to lower his guard. After more than a hundred years of continuous accumulation of advantages, the last battle nearly killed the Royal Lord of the Black Ink clan.


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