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The birth of the Human Race’s various mountain passes had to be traced back to a very ancient era, and after countless years, generations of people had expanded their foundation to the present scale.

Although there was an expansion, the core positions of each mountain pass would not change too much. Firstly, these positions were extremely important, and the slightest change would affect the entire body. Secondly, the decline of talents meant that there was no way to change anything.

For example, the hall where the Space Array was located.

This hall exuded an extremely ancient aura, and what was left behind was the handiwork of an ancient master. The mysteries contained within were not something cultivators of this era could casually pry into.

In the 3000 Worlds, the various Great Domains’ Universe Temple were the same, all of them left behind from ancient masters.

As a result, after several Great Domains’ Universe Temple had been damaged, the Cave Heaven Paradise had been unable to repair them and had been abandoned. It was only when Yang Kai took action and used the Universe Formation in the Universe Temple to comprehend the Space Dao that his attainments in the Space Dao had soared.

The Universe Formation in the Universe Temple and the Space Array in the mountain pass were both products of the same era and had many similarities.

Since Yang Kai was able to set up the Universe Formation, repairing the Space Array here was naturally not a problem.

All he needed was time and energy.

After half a year of hard work, he finally succeeded.

Inside the hall, a few well-respected Array Grandmasters gathered together and looked towards Yang Kai, who was standing in the middle of the array. A Bald Grandmaster called out, “Yang Boy, are we successful this time?”

This Array Grandmaster's cultivation was quite high and he is at the Seventh Order Open Heaven. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t have any mortal illnesses, but for some reason, he had become bald.

Yang Kai gave him a thumbs up, “Definitely!”

The other Array Grandmaster, who was as fat as a ball, suddenly curled his lips, “That’s what you said last time, you also said the same thing last time. In the end, you almost destroyed this place. Yang Boy, if you don’t have confidence, don’t do anything.”

During this half a year, the repairing of the Spirit Array had been quite bumpy. After several repairs, when the Spirit Array was activated, some unexpected problems would occur, sometimes small, sometimes large.

A small problem wouldn’t be a big deal, but if there was a big problem, it would likely cause the entire Spirit Array to collapse.

The last time, when the Spirit Array was activated, a black hole that could swallow all things appeared in the hall and almost swallowed everyone.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had acted in time and used the Space Array to smooth out the black hole, otherwise these Grandmasters would still be wandering in the void.

Therefore, every time Yang Kai activated the Spirit Array, the Grandmasters would stay far away, afraid that something would go wrong.

“We'll definitely succeed this time!” Yang Kai said firmly.

A few times before, there had indeed been some problems, but after finding out the reason, he had repaired them. This time, he was certain there were no more problems. If he still failed, then all his years of cultivating the Space Dao would have been for nothing.

The grooves in the corners of the Spirit Array were filled with various attribute energy crystals. Each of these crystals was extremely valuable and had been extracted from various cultivation resources using special methods.

The puppet army that Xiang Shan had deployed had used these energy crystals.

However, each of these puppets only needed a fingernail-sized crystal to operate for a long time, but for teleportation, there were more than a hundred of these energy crystals.

It was precisely because of this massive consumption that the Space Arrays in the various Human Race passes were not so easily used.

Using his Divine Sense, Yang Kai made a final check and after confirming that he had not missed anything, he activated his World Force and connected it to the Array beneath his feet.

The Spirit Array hummed as lines lit up one after another and soon connected, the energy crystal in the grooves rapidly depleting.

Under the nervous gazes of several Array Grandmasters, the space in the center of the array began to distort.

The Bald Grandmaster raised his brow, “Good!”

In the past few attempts, he had never seen such a scene. Now that the space around him was distorted, it meant that the Space Gate was being opened. This meant that the Spirit Array was operating smoothly, a sign that it was about to succeed.

The distortions in the void became more intense, and as the energy continued to be consumed, the Space Gate in the center of the array began to show signs of forming.

However, it always seemed to be a bit lacking, unable to truly form.

Seeing that the energy crystals were about to be completely consumed, if the Space Gate was unable to fully form before then, this attempt would fail again.

Several Array Grandmasters couldn’t help holding their breaths.

However, after waiting for a long time, the Space Gate still continued to twist and distort. Seeing that the energy crystals arranged in the Array were about to be completely exhausted, Yang Kai suddenly stepped forward and stretched out his hand to grab the Space Gate that was constantly twisting and distorting. As the Space Law surged, it was like kneading dough.

This scene left the several respected Grandmasters dumbfounded.

What surprised them even more was that Yang Kai’s seemingly reckless action actually had an unexpected effect.

The Space Gate had actually formed.

Immediately after, Yang Kai stepped inside, and at the same time, the energy of the Spirit Array was completely consumed, causing the Space Gate to disappear.

Yang Kai’s figure also disappeared!

The Grandmasters were stunned.

Because of the Spirit Array’s chaotic energy flow, the hall gradually calmed down. The Grandmasters all glanced at each other, and the Bald Grandmaster asked, “Did it succeed or not?”

The fat Grandmaster was more concerned about another matter, “Yang Boy ran inside, will he be alright?”

“Should we report to the Regiment Commander?”

One after another, the Grandmasters didn’t know what to do for a moment, but soon, they decided to report this matter to the higher-ups because they had no way of resolving it now, so they could only let the higher-ups decide.

Soon, Xiang Shan, Liu Zhiping, and the others rushed over to this place to inquire about the situation, but none of them were able to find a solution. In the end, they could only continue reporting to the Old Ancestor while waiting for news from Yang Kai.

With his Space Laws, even if they failed this time, he should be able to find his way back. Moreover, he had taken the initiative to enter the Space Gate, so perhaps he had his own ideas.

At the same time, Yang Kai’s figure was struggling through the void.

He also couldn’t understand why his previous attempts had gone wrong. Logically speaking, after a few mistakes, his repairs should have been perfect. If he had activated the Spirit Array, he could have easily opened the Space Gate.

However, in reality, there was some kind of interference in the void that prevented the Space Gate from completely solidifying.

Although with his help, the Space Gate had been stabilized, if they couldn’t find the source of this problem, in the future, none of the soldiers would be able to safely use the Space Array to travel to other passes.

If he wanted to find the problem, he could only do it himself.

He wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t be able to return, he simply left behind his own Void Road Beacon along the way. If there was no road ahead, he could simply return.

Charging into the Void Crack alone, Yang Kai discovered that there was indeed something wrong with this time's transmission. There seemed to be an invisible force in front of him that was hindering his progress. Even with his proficiency in the Space Law, it was like this. If it was anyone else, it was impossible for them to move forward.

Along the way, Yang Kai couldn’t find any reason, causing him to feel even more puzzled.

However, this teleportation couldn’t be considered a complete failure, because he could sense the target connected to the Space Array of Great Evolution Pass.

This time, he set the destination of his teleportation to the nearest Wind and Cloud Pass. If everything went smoothly, he would directly teleport to the Space Array of Wind and Cloud Pass.

Because he could sense the target ahead, the transmission was successful.

However, the road ahead was filled with obstacles, and it was also a sign of failure.

At the same time, in the main hall where the Space Array of Wind and Cloud Pass was located, the Eastern Army Regiment Commander Yuan Xingge was in charge. Several other Regiment Commanders and Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs were gathered, staring at the center of the Space Array with solemn expressions.

There was a Space Gate that had been twisting and changing for more than an hour.

Every time a soldier from another mountain pass was teleported to this place, a Space Gate would open in the middle of the Spirit Array, but it would open and close quickly.

The current situation was unprecedented.

Therefore, when the soldiers guarding this place discovered a problem, they immediately reported it to the higher-ups of Wind and Cloud Pass, not daring to be negligent, quickly coming to investigate.

Under the watchful eyes of many Eighth Order masters, this Space Gate had always existed, but it had never been able to take shape.

After waiting for a long time and seeing no other movement, Yuan Xingge turned his head and asked, “Which mountain pass is doing a transmission here?”

One of the Eighth Order Garrison Chief who had arrived earlier slowly shook his head, “The positioning is unclear, it’s impossible to determine.”

Yuan Xingge frowned slightly, “If this Space Gate cannot take shape, what will happen?”

The Eighth Order replied, “The worst case scenario is that the teleportation fails and the one who is teleported is exiled into a void crack, spending a lifetime there.”

“Can this side help?” The Northern Army Regiment Commander Tian Lu asked, “Although I don’t know why such a problem occurred, it’s obvious that there’s a problem with the other side’s teleportation. If this side can help, perhaps we can do something?”

The Eighth Order shook his head and said, “It’s difficult. The matter of teleportation involves the Space Dao, and since no one in Wind and Cloud Pass cultivates this Dao, rashly interfering will only make the situation worse.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “In this current situation, we can only hope that the good will be blessed by the Heavens.”

“Then let’s wait,” Yuan Xingge concluded.

Tian Lu came over and whispered, “Should we report this to the Old Ancestor?”

Yuan Xingge was silent for a moment before shaking his head, “There’s no need, although Old Ancestor’s cultivation is strong, he may not be able to do anything about it.”

If they really find the Old Ancestor, and there is no way to solve it, it wouldn’t be good for their reputation.

Just as these people were talking, the Space Gate that could not be shaped seemed to distort even more. Everyone was shocked and quickly focused their eyes.

In the next instant, a pair of large hands suddenly stretched out from the void, seemingly tearing apart a layer of barrier as they shot out, shouting, “Finally out!”

After he finished speaking, Yang Kai looked up and saw an Eighth Order staring at him. Yang Kai quickly bowed, “Greetings, Sirs!”


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