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The Old Ancestor had returned. Half a day after the East-West armies met up with the North-South armies, the Old Ancestor’s aura came from the Central Army Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

She had obviously used the Universe Formation inside the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to directly return from the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

No one asked about the results of this trip, but anyone who saw her would know she was in a good mood.

However, with the current situation in Great Evolution Pass, it was impossible for the Old Ancestor to maintain her good mood for too long, especially when Xiang Shan personally led the Old Ancestor to the square to face the hundred or so Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples.

These Black Ink Disciple had been sitting cross-legged on the square since the Black Ink Clan’s army had retreated. No one spoke, no one was angry, all of them knew that they had been abandoned.

“I asked Yang Kai to test it out and found a Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple to bring out. Although he used the Purification Light to disperse the Ink Force in that Black Ink Disciple’s body, the result was unsatisfactory. When the Ink Force dissipated, that Black Ink Disciple’s Small Universe also collapsed and died,” Xiang Shan whispered to the Old Ancestor, “Old Ancestor, these people can no longer be saved. As for how to deal with them, I ask Old Ancestor to decide.”

The Old Ancestor looked at the hundred or so people and nodded slightly, “I understand.”

Saying so, she stepped forward.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Smiles Old Ancestor stood up and swept her beautiful eyes over the many Black Ink Disciple before cupping her fists and bowing deeply.

This time, she was paying her respects to the contributions these Human Race had made when they were not inked.

Although they were now Black Ink Disciples and may have slaughtered the Human Race’s soldiers in the previous battle with the North-South Army, that was not their original intention and was simply influenced by the Ink Force.

When they were still soldiers of Great Evolution Pass, they had risked their lives for this mountain pass, and had also fought a bloody battle to protect the peace of the Human Race’s rear.

Although they were now Black Ink Disciples, they deserved the respect of a Ninth Order Supreme Master.

Under this bow, a mysterious force seemed to envelop the entire square. Under the influence of this force, the originally expressionless Black Ink Disciple’s expressions gradually changed.

Many Black Ink Disciple’s eyes became clearer as they smiled.

There was also Black Ink Disciple who let out a heavy sigh before closing his eyes.

There was also Black Ink Disciple covered in tears.

In that instant, all of the Black Ink Disciples seemed to have found their true nature, which had been lost for over thirty thousand years.

This bow lasted for a long time.

By the time the Old Ancestor stood up, the hundred or so Black Ink Disciples on the square had already lost their vitality, but all of them had left peacefully. At the last moment of their lives, they had died as humans, so this was a great gift to them.

“Send them to their grave!” The Old Ancestor ordered before turning to leave.

Xiang Shan sent her off.

There were many things to do in the entire Great Evolution Pass, and the busy figures of the soldiers could be seen everywhere.

The Black Ink Clan had occupied the Great Evolution Pass for thirty thousand years and had made many arrangements inside. It could be said that the current Great Evolution Pass, with the exception of its overall framework, had completely changed.

For example, the Black Ink Clan’s residences varied in size, but many of them were much taller than the Human Race. The residences that belonged to the Human Race’s soldiers were not suitable for them. After the Black Ink Clan occupied Great Evolution Pass, there were many large and crude buildings.

After the Human Race took back the Great Evolution Pass, these things naturally wouldn’t remain and would need to be rebuilt.

There were also Spirit Arrays and artifacts placed on the walls of the mountain pass. Those that were useful would be dismantled and reforged, while those that were useless would be directly destroyed. These Spirit Arrays would need to be rearranged.

However, this matter wasn’t urgent. Now that the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone had suffered heavy losses, it was likely that they wouldn’t come to disturb the Great Evolution Pass in the near future. The Human Race had plenty of time to make various arrangements.

This was also the reason why Xiang Shan had not set his sights on Great Evolution Pass when he first came up with this strategy, instead focusing on the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Now, the results were apparent. With the Black Ink Clan crippled, the Human Race could safely manage Great Evolution Pass without worrying about the Black Ink Clan causing trouble.

There were many changes in Great Evolution Pass, and the only building that remained unchanged was the Meeting Hall.

The Meeting Hall was large and grand to begin with, so after the Black Ink Clan occupied the Great Evolution Pass, they did not make any changes to it.

At this moment, in the main hall, Troublesome Grandmaster knelt in front of the skeleton throne and wept bitterly.

The Skeleton Throne was refined from the remains of human masters from thirty thousand years ago after the Black Ink Clan captured Great Evolution Pass. Each of the bones used on this Skeleton Throne was at least a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

The Skeleton throne was huge, so one could imagine how many High Rank Open Heaven masters had fallen in that battle.

More than thirty thousand years ago, Troublesome Grandmaster had just entered the Sect. At that time, Great Evolution Paradise was quite powerful. With his Senior Brother leading the way and his Master taking care of it, there was no need to worry about cultivation.

Suddenly, one day, the entire Paradise seemed to have encountered some kind of great event, and all the masters were mobilized, even the Fourth or Fifth Order Open Heaven Realm masters.

In the end, there were only a few small cats and dogs left in the Great Evolution Pass, and almost all the Open Heaven cultivators had left the Sect.

At that time, Troublesome Grandmaster only knew that the Sect had encountered some kind of trouble, but he didn’t know what it was.

Those fellow disciples, and elders had never returned.

It wasn’t until a very long time later that the Troublesome Grandmaster began to investigate the truth of what had happened in the past. When the Great Evolution Pass was broken, all the masters of the entire Great Evolution Paradise had gone to support it, but all of them had been wiped out.

Thirty thousand years had passed, and Great Evolution Paradise had gradually fallen into decline, having been replaced by a newcomer. However, Troublesome Grandmaster had always longed to step onto the battlefield of his ancestors, hoping that one day he would be able to reclaim Great Evolution Pass.

This day had finally arrived.

Among the tens of thousands of soldiers in the entire Great Evolution Pass, who could understand his current mood?

It was also during that battle that the Human Race realized the drawbacks of one side guarding a single mountain pass. Before this, every Cave Heaven Paradise was responsible for guarding a single mountain pass.

After the Great Evolution Pass was lost, the Human Race’s strategy against the Black Ink Clan had changed. In a single mountain pass, there were often dozens of masters from hundreds of Cave Heaven Paradise. Such a mix of forces would allow the soldiers of each family to make up for their shortcomings, making it easier for them to display their strength.

Since then, the Human Race’s Pass had never been lost.

On the other side, in a large hall, Yang Kai was busy shuttling back and forth.

Liu Zhiping stepped inside.

Yang Kai raised his head and greeted, “Master Liu.”

Liu Zhiping nodded slightly and asked, “How is the situation here?”

Yang Kai replied, “It’s better than I expected. The Black Ink Clan seems to have intended to use the Space Arrays here to launch a surprise attack on the Human Race’s Pass, so after occupying the Great Evolution Pass, they didn’t try to destroy the Spirit Arrays here. Instead, they tried to repair them, but their efforts were in vain.”

This great hall was located at almost every mountain pass, and it was also one of the most important locations of the Human Race’s mountain passes. Because this was a transmission hall, there were Space Arrays connected to the outside!

Each mountain pass relied on these Space Arrays to communicate with each other. Otherwise, in this vast Ink Battlefield, the distance between each mountain passes was often measured in years, making it difficult to communicate with each other.

The Space Array of Great Evolution Pass was severely damaged, but it was obvious that this was not done by the Black Ink Clan, but by the Human Race.

In other words, thirty thousand years ago, when the Great Evolution soldiers guarding this place realized that the Great Evolution Pass might fall, they had destroyed the Space Array here to prevent the Black Ink Clan from using it to create trouble.

However, the one who did this had a sense of propriety, destroying it but not completely destroying it. Obviously, he also knew that in the future, the Human Race would regain control of the Great Evolution Pass. At that time, the Spirit Array would definitely be repaired, and if it was directly destroyed, with the Human Race’s current strength, they might not be able to arrange it.

After the Black Ink Clan occupied Great Evolution Pass, they also tried to repair this Spirit Array, but this kind of thing was not something that just anyone could repair. Thirty thousand years of hard work had not yielded any results, and instead, this place had become a mess.

In the entire Great Evolution Pass, Yang Kai was the only one who was proficient in the Space Law. If he could arrange the Universe Formation, there was no reason he couldn’t repair this Space Array.

As such, after the army entered the pass, Yang Kai received an order and immediately rushed over.

He even suspected that the reason why Smiles Old Ancestor had asked him to accompany her was because of this Space Array.

Hearing Yang Kai say so, Liu Zhiping also let out a sigh of relief.

If the Space Array here was completely damaged and couldn’t be used, it would be quite troublesome for Great Evolution Pass. At the very least, if the news couldn’t be spread out and they couldn’t communicate with the other mountain passes, they wouldn’t be able to communicate with them during the expedition.

Now that it could be repaired, everything was not a problem.

“But I need some help and materials,” Yang Kai said.

Liu Zhiping nodded, “The most important task right now is to repair this Spirit Array. If you have any requests, feel free to ask.”

Yang Kai nodded and took out a blank jade slip, pouring his Divine Sense into it before handing it over to Liu Zhiping, “The materials are all here, the army supplies and storage should have it. As for the helpers, just send a few Array Masters over.”

Liu Zhiping took the jade slip and examined it for a moment before nodding, “In half a day’s time, I’ll send you the people and materials.”

In less than half a day, several Array Grandmasters arrived, and at the same time, some of them delivered the materials he needed.

All Array Masters were highly respected, and although their cultivation levels varied, each of them had lived for a long time. In terms of Battle Dao, they might not be as good as Yang Kai, but when it came to arranging Arrays, even a hundred Yang Kai couldn’t compare to them.

However, this Space Array was the only one that the Grandmasters hadn’t come into contact with before. It couldn’t be helped, this thing require natural talent, those who are proficient in Space Force has a unique advantage in setting up the Space Array. Although they had all studied Space Arrays at their respective peaks, they had only been able to grasp the bare basics.

Therefore, when the Array Masters heard that they would be coming here to assist Yang Kai in repairing the Space Array, all of them were extremely enthusiastic and enthusiastically offered their services, but in the end, they almost broke out in a fight.

In the end, it was these few people who took advantage of their high status and prestige to snatch this job, causing the younger generation to sigh helplessly.

Although they were a group of respectable Grandmasters, none of them put on airs.

Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony with them and immediately began giving them orders. The Spirit Arrays here could connect to the Human Race’s mountain passes hundreds of millions of kilometers away, so it was naturally extremely complicated. The key point was that Yang Kai could personally repair them, while the other unimportant areas were the best places for these Grandmasters to display their abilities.


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