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Because the entire Great Evolution Pass was filled with the Ink Force, it could be said to be black, but in this black world, there was a hint of snow-white embellishments that were extremely eye-catching and beautiful.

Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie stopped at the same time and stared at the giant jade tablet in a daze.

Heroic Spirit Monument!

On every human race mountain pass’s square, there was a Heroic Spirit Monument. There were no words on it, but if one were to immerse their Divine Sense into it, it was obvious that it contained countless names.

These were the names of the soldiers who had died in battle with the Black Ink Clan in each of the war zone.

The two Regiment Commanders’ expressions became solemn.

On the side, Hong Di also looked at the Heroic Spirit Monument and said, “After my Black Ink Clan entered the Great Evolution Pass, the Great Evolution layout were arranged and many of the buildings were modified. Only this jade tablet was preserved, and the Black Ink Nest power is controlled, preventing the Ink Force from eroding it in the slightest. Although the two races are mortal enemies and have fought for countless years, the courage of the Human Race have earned the respect of my Black Ink Clan. With this jade tablet, it can constantly remind us of the strength and unyieldingness of the Human Race. Unfortunately, after thirty thousand years of peace, the Black Ink Clan seems to have lost the courage and instinct to compete with the Human Race.”

With a sigh, Hong Di felt a sense of helplessness.

In front of the jade tablet, Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie both wore solemn expressions as they bowed deeply.

The countless names on the jade tablet were all from the ancestors who had fought the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone.

After a long time, the two of them stood up and turned to Hong Di before bowing. This time, even Ouyang Lie, who had been staring at Hong Di with malicious intent, showed no signs of rejection.

Hong Di was stunned, “What is the meaning of this?”

Mi Jinglun said seriously, “Many thanks to Sir Hong for preserving this Heroic Spirit Monumnet.”

Hong Di was surprised and said, “I just want to encourage my subordinate, the Black Ink Clan, not keep it for your Human Race.”

Mi Jinglun replied, “That’s more than enough.”

Those who died in battle had lost their lives. Perhaps even their friends, who could remember their voices and appearances, had died in battle. If their names were lost, how sad would that be?

The existence of the Heroic Spirit Monument had preserved their names. At the very least, those who came thirty thousand years later would be able to learn that these people had sacrificed everything they had in the Great Evolution War Zone.

After seeing the Heroic Spirit Monument, Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie seemed to have lost interest in continuing their tour of the Great Evolution Pass and immediately took their leave. Hong Di naturally wouldn’t keep them any longer and personally escorted them out.

In front of the Great Evolution Pass, Mi Jinglun said, “Sir Hong Di, please rest assured that after this Mi returns, I will immediately order the Human Race’s army to retreat to the left and open a passage for the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan to the King City. I can also guarantee that they won’t try anything funny on their way back.”

These words were spoken with extreme sincerity, and Hong Di felt that Mi Jinglun’s attitude should be related to the Heroic Spirit Monument.

After watching the two Eighth Order Human Race figures disappear, Hong Di immediately returned to Great Evolution Pass, reorganizing his army and preparing to withdraw.

Under the investigation of the Black Ink Clan scouts, the Human Race army soon left the floating continent and headed towards the left side, opening up a path to the King City.

The scouts did not immediately return, instead following the Human Race army from a distance. Although Mi Jinglun had repeatedly guaranteed in front of Hong Di, the Black Ink Clan did not dare to completely believe him. With the scouts following behind the Human Race army, if the Human Race made any sudden movements, they would be able to quickly investigate and report back to Great Evolution Pass.

However, along the way, the Human Race army didn’t show any abnormalities and continued to retreat to the left, constantly leaving Great Evolution Pass.

As for the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan, after two days of reorganization, they quickly exited the Mountain Pass and headed straight for the King City. After traveling for two days, they quickly turned to the right and circled around a large circle.

Not daring to go in a straight line, the Great Evolution East-West Army marched from the direction of the King City. If they continued forward, they would meet sooner or later. At that time, facing an army with the Human Race Old Ancestor, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to resist, so they could only circle around.

This way, they could ensure their own safety.

On the North-South Army’ side, according to their agreement with the Black Ink Clan, they retreated until they were ten days away from Great Evolution Pass before stopping and turning around to head towards Great Evolution Pass.

Ten days later, they finally returned to the Great Evolution Pass.

Looking at this Human Race Pass that had been lost for thirty thousand years, the soldiers all felt a mix of emotions.

Thirty thousand years ago, Great Evolution had been conquered by the Black Ink Clan. In Great Evolution Pass, from the Old Ancestor to the ordinary soldiers, all of them had died in battle, with no exception.

This had always been a sore point in the hearts of the Human Race, and under normal circumstances, no one would mention this matter, so Yang Kai, who had come to the Ink Battlefield not too long ago, had no idea that the Human Race’s mountain pass had been breached. This was something he had heard from a Territory Lord of the Black Ink Clan.

But today, Great Evolution Pass had finally been recovered!

The price the North-South Army paid for this could be said to be enormous, but it was all worth it!

Not daring to guarantee that the Black Ink Clan had not set up an ambush, the Human Race did not send a large army into the pass and instead sent a number of people to investigate the situation.

Soon, news came that there was nothing unusual in the pass. Not only was everything in the pass intact, but there were also many Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples on the square.

From the looks of it, the Black Ink Clan still abided by their agreement. In fact, they didn’t dare to violate it. Facing the double threat of the North-South Army and the upcoming East-West Army, they could only pray that the Human Race would uphold their agreement. How could they dare break it?

The army entered the pass!

The first thing they had to do was deal with the Black Ink Nest.

This thing stood tall in Great Evolution Pass, constantly emitting the Ink Force, causing the entire Great Evolution Pass to be filled with a ghastly aura. If they didn’t get rid of the Black Ink Nest, Great Evolution Pass would never be restored to its original state, and the soldiers would never be able to survive in Great Evolution Pass.

The method of handling this matter was naturally not to destroy it, otherwise, Mi Jinglun wouldn’t have specifically asked the Black Ink Clan to leave this Black Ink Nest behind.

Although the Black Ink Nest was exclusive to the Black Ink Clan, it was far too convenient to use to transmit information. If the Human Race could make use of it, it would definitely be of great use in future expeditions.

Therefore, to the Human Race, this Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest was a treasure.

Fortunately, the Great Evolution Pass itself was a giant palace artifact. Even if the Black Ink Nest had taken root here for tens of thousands of years, it was still unable to become one with the Great Evolution Pass. If it were to become like the other Black Ink Nests, taking root in a certain continent and becoming one with it, it would truly be destroyed.

Mi Jinglun and the others had spent a great deal of effort to move the entire Black Ink Nest out of Great Evolution Pass and place it on the floating continent where the North-South Army had been stationed before.

As for what to do next, they would have to wait until they met up with the East-West Army before asking the Old Ancestor.

For the time being, they had only sent a few teams to guard the Black Ink Nest.

The number of Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples left behind by the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords was not small, there were more than a hundred of them. Originally, there had been more than a few of them, but in the past years of war, every time, large number of Black Ink Disciples died, only a few remained.

In terms of quantity, there was not a single one missing. Previously, Mi Jinglun had been visiting the Great Evolution Pass under the leadership of Hong Di, and he had secretly counted the number of Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples. Now, not a single one was missing.

Hong Di seemed to be afraid that these Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples would bring trouble to the Human Race, so before he left, he sealed the cultivation of these Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to remain safely on the square and would likely have fled before the Human Race entered the pass.

How to deal with these Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples was a headache, so Mi Jinglun had someone look after them for the time being and wait for the Old Ancestor to come before asking for instructions.

The army was extremely busy.

Although the Black Ink Nest had been moved away by the Eighth Order masters, the entire Great Evolution Pass was still filled with rich Ink Force, so the soldiers could only think of ways to get rid of it.

Fortunately, this was something everyone was familiar with. In the past, after every great battle with the Black Ink Clan, the Human Race’s soldiers would clean up the battlefield, including the remnants of the Ink Force and the condensed Black Ink Clouds.

These things could provide an excellent environment for the Black Ink Clan to fight, but to the Human Race, they were an obstacle. If they weren’t eliminated, every Human Race pass would be enveloped by the Ink Force.

For this reason, the Human Race had specially developed a kind of fishing net-like artifact. This thing had no other use but to use the net to gather the Ink Force and throw it into the depths of the void.

After a busy ten days or so, most of the Ink Force in Great Evolution Pass had been cleared.

At this time, a scout came to report that the Great Evolution East-West Army would arrive at Great Evolution Pass in one day.

Calculating the time, it just so happened that the East-West Army had evacuated from the King City for a month, so it was about time for them to arrive at Great Evolution Pass.

Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie led many Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs out of seclusion to personally welcome them.

Ouyang Lie’s heart was filled with unwillingness. This attitude made it seem as if the East-West Army had been fighting hard outside while the North-South Army had been living happily at home. In reality, the North-South Army had also been living very hard these past few years.

However, considering that the Old Ancestor was there, Ouyang Lie could only reluctantly follow.

From a distance, they could see the East-West Army’s fleet slowly approaching. After carefully counting the number of Battleships in the fleet, Mi Jinglun and the others all sighed.

Just by looking at the number of these Battleships, one could tell that the East-West Army had suffered significant losses over the years.

When the fleet approached, everyone looked towards the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and bowed, “Welcome, Old Ancestor!”

No response.

On the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, a few figures flew down. They were Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping, the leaders of the East-West Army.

After greeting each other, many of them had only heard of each other’s famous names and had never met before, so this meeting was naturally a pleasant one.

“Where’s Old Ancestor?” Mi Jinglun asked curiously.

Xiang Shan was somewhat embarrassed, “I don’t know.”

Mi Jinglun was surprised, “You don’t know?”

How could he not know? Wasn’t the Old Ancestor supposed to act together with the East-West Army? There was no reason for the East-West Army not to know.

“Brother Mi, please wait a moment, I’ve already called someone over, perhaps we can ask where Old Ancestor is,” Xiang Shan said.

Liu Zhiping smiled wryly and said, “In fact, we didn’t know when the Old Ancestor had disappeared, we all thought she was accompanying the army. Only now did we know that the Old Ancestor wasn’t in the army.”

This was quite awkward.


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