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“That’s good,” Hong Di nodded lightly, “Great Evolution Pass can be return to the Human Race, but there are also conditions.”

Mi Jinglun smiled and said, “We can’t make a loss. My Human Race understands this principle, so it’s understandable if there are conditions. As for whether we agree or not, we’ll see.”

Hong Di said, “For Sir to be so wise, it is truly the blessing of the two Clans!”

Ouyang Lie curled his lips, obviously trying to say that the Black Ink Clan was flattering them again.

Hong Di pretended not to notice and bluntly said, “Since thirty thousand years ago, my Black Ink Clan has occupied Great Evolution Pass for many years and paid a great price for it. Putting aside the various arrangements, even a Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest is extremely valuable. If my Black Ink Clan wants to withdraw its forces, we can’t afford to keep this Black Ink Nest, so the losses must be counted on the Human Race. So the Great Evolution Pass can be return to the Human Race, but the Human Race must compensate us with the necessary resources.”

Mi Jinglun smiled, “Understandable, is there anything else?”

Hong Di was stunned, not having expected this human to be so easy to negotiate with. Originally, he had been waiting for the other party to come and discuss the place of negotiation, but now that the Black Ink Clan wanted to negotiate a million kilometers away from Great Evolution Pass, the Human Race had agreed.

Looking at it this way, this Eighth Order was a straightforward person.

“In addition, my Great Evolution Black Ink Clan has come out of seclusion several times, but all of them were blocked by your Human Race and had no choice but to fight a bloody battle and retreat to Great Evolution Pass. This time, in order to guarantee that nothing like this will happen again, the Human Race’s army will have to retreat to Great Evolution Pass’s left or right side for ten days. Only then will my Black Ink Clan’s army be able to leave Great Evolution Pass without worry. What does Sir think?”

“Of course!” Mi Jinglun nodded, “Does the Black Ink Clan want to send people to monitor the movements of my Human Race army?”

Hong Di nodded, “Naturally.”

If they didn’t monitor the movements of the Human Race’s army, who could guarantee that they would retreat for ten days? If they were to block the road in front of them again, wouldn’t it be the same as before?

“Does the Black Ink Clan have any other conditions?” Mi Jinglun asked with a smile.

Hong Di really didn’t know what other conditions he should make. Compensating the Black Ink Clan soldiers who had died in battle these past few years. The withdrawal of the Human Race to ensure that the Black Ink Clan would not be ambushed, this is already enough.

There was no need to bring up any other conditions. After all, the Human Race couldn’t possibly offer compensation to the Black Ink Clan soldiers who had died in battle. The Human Race wouldn’t agree to such a ridiculous request.

As such, he slowly shook his head, “If the Human Race can accomplish these two things, my Great Evolution Pass’ Black Ink Clan will hand it over!”

Mi Jinglun chuckled and said, “Sir Hong Di is an honest man. Since you’re an honest man, let’s be honest with each other. Just now, Sir Hong Di mentioned the conditions of the Black Ink Clan, so now I’ll explain the Human Race’s conditions.”

Hong Di frowned, “The Human Race has conditions?”

Mi Jinglun asked, “Since this is a negotiation, why can’t the Human Race have conditions?”

These words left Hong Di speechless, and he simply nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, please feel free to speak.”

Mi Jinglun nodded and waved his feathered fan, “The first condition of my Human Race is that the Black Ink Clan can withdraw from the Great Evolution Pass, but all of our resources, including the various arrangements inside the pass, as well as all of the materials the Black Ink Clan carries, must remain in the Great Evolution Pass!”

Upon hearing this, Hong Di’s hair stood on end, “All of the supplies must remain in Great Evolution Pass?”

Did he hear wrong?

Turning his head to look at the nearby Nu Yi, he saw that Nu Yi was frowning in confusion.

“Yes, all supplies!” Mi Jinglun nodded, not caring if he agreed or not, he pointed his feather fan towards Great Evolution Pass and continued, “The second condition is that the Black Ink Nest inside Great Evolution Pass must remain, and the Black Ink Clan must not destroy it or take it away.”

“Impossible!” Hong Di immediately cried out. This Black Ink Nest was his Black Ink Nest, and he had personally hatched it. If it fell into the hands of the Human Race, then there would be no secrets between the Black Ink Clan in the future. What’s more, the Human Race had many Secret Techniques, so who knew if they could use this Black Ink Nest to do anything to harm him? Thus, he refused without even thinking about it. Even if he couldn’t bring the Black Ink Nest away, he would destroy it and not leave it to the Human Race.

Mi Jinglun acted as if he hadn’t heard anything, the smile on his face gradually fading as he stared into Hong Di’s eyes and said in a low voice, “The third condition is that all of the Black Ink Disciples stay!”

On the other hand, Hong Di didn’t get angry again, but instead calmed down and narrowed his eyes towards Mi Jinglun, calmly saying, “Sir Mi has no intention of negotiating with my Black Ink Clan.”

Mi Jinglun said seriously, “My Human Race is extremely sincere, otherwise we wouldn’t have come here.”

Hong Di slowly shook his head, “I don’t see any sincerity.”

“My Human Race army being willing to allow the Black Ink Clan to safely withdraw from Great Evolution Pass is our greatest sincerity!”

Hong Di frowned, “What does Sir mean?”

Mi Jinglun smiled and said, “Do you really need me to explain? Good, then I’ll explain! For so many years, the ones who fought with the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan were my Great Evolution North-South Army, while the other two armies attacked the King City! Ten days ago, during the battle in the King City, the Black Ink Clan suffered a great loss and suffered heavy casualties, with the Royal Lord heavily injured. Now that my Human Race’s East-West Army has retreated from the King City, in a month at most, they will come to Great Evolution Pass to join up with my North-South Army. At that time, my Human Race’s forces will multiply, and with the Old Ancestor holding down the fort, I would like to ask you, Sir Hong Di, how can your Black Ink Clan army resist the Great Evolution Army?”

Hong Di was shocked, “You… you know about what happened in the King City?”

The Human Race actually knew about what was happening in the King City. This was something he had never expected. The reason he had made these two requests before was because the Human Race’s information transmission was not as good as the Black Ink Clan’s. To him, as long as the Black Ink Clan could safely withdraw from Great Evolution and return to the King City, it would be a blessing. Making these two requests would make the Black Ink Clan appear even stronger, so whether the Human Race agreed or not was not a problem.

Who would have thought that the Human Race actually knew about the situation in the King City?

How did he know? It had to be known that the King City was at least a month away from here, and it had only been ten days since the Battle of the King City had ended. There was simply no time.

Unless… the Human Race had anticipated the outcome of that battle and had sent someone to inform them beforehand.

“Are you surprised?” Mi Jinglun smiled lightly.

After all, he was a Territory Lord, so his surprise only lasted for a moment before he quickly recovered and asked angrily, “Did Sir Mi agree to two of my conditions just now? Is he trying to make fun of me?”

Mi Jinglun shook his head, “I’ve never agreed to it, I just listened to it, it was negotiable.”

Hong Di remained silent.

Mi Jinglun didn’t give him any time to think and instead said, “The East-West army can rush to Great Evolution Pass within a month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rule out the possibility that our Human Race’s Old Ancestor will act alone. If that’s the case, I’m afraid that in just a few days, the Old Ancestor will arrive here from the King City. At that time, it will be difficult for your Black Ink Clan to leave.”

Hong Di’s face was filled with shock. He had never thought about this before, so he quickly said, “That Supreme master fought with the Royal Lord and was not completely unscathed. She was also injured, so I’m afraid she is currently healing her injuries, right? Why must Sir Mi lie to me?”

Mi Jinglun shook his head and said, “There is no need to rush into healing, it is more important to recapture the Great Evolution Pass. My Human Race’s Old Ancestor does not value her life as much as your Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord does. When fighting, she is always the first to lead. So, if the Black Ink Clan wants to withdraw from the Great Evolution Pass safely, it is best to withdraw as soon as possible. It would be best if you retreat within three days, otherwise, if my Human Race’s Old Ancestor personally comes, the Black Ink Clan won’t be able to escape.”

Even though he understood that this Eighth Order Human Race master’s words were threatening, Hong Di was still flustered. If the Human Race’s Old Ancestor really came here alone, what would the Black Ink Clan do?

According to the information he had obtained from the Black Ink Nest over the years, although the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was a female, she didn’t seem to have a good temper.

After thinking about it for a while, Hong Di said, “The first condition, my Black Ink Clan can agree to!”

As long as they could return to the King City, they could continue mining in the future, so Hong Di readily agreed.


“Second and third conditions, forgive me for not being able to agree!”

Mi Jinglun looked at him indifferently, “If you can’t agree, then there’s only battle left!”

Hong Di gritted his teeth and said, “If you want to fight, you two will definitely die first.”

Mi Jinglun said lightly, “It’s fine, with the two of you accompanying me on the road to the underworld, it’s not too lonely.”

Hong Di’s intestines turned green with regret. If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t have dared to compete with the Human Race. He had only brought along one Territory Lord, Nu Yi. If he had brought all the Territory Lords with him, they would have been able to easily defeat him.

Now, the situation was quite awkward. If they really fought here, two Eighth Order Human Race masters wouldn’t have a good end, but it would be difficult for him and Nu Yi to take care of each other. These Eighth Order Human Race masters were best at dragging others down with them.

Seeing that the situation was in a deadlock, Nu Yi, who had been silent all this time, said, “Please calm down, both of you. Since this is a negotiation, let’s calm down. Why must we be so tense? In my opinion, should we each take a step back?”

Mi Jinglun turned to look at her, “How?”

“Sir, please wait a moment.”

Saying so, in front of Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie, she began communicating with Hong Di.

Hong Di's expression changed dramatically, only nodding after a long time, seemingly somewhat unwilling.

Only then did Nu Yi turn her head to look at Mi Jinglun and force out a smile, “Sir Mi, just now I had a discussion with Sir Hong and felt that we can agree to the second condition.”

“Smart choice,” Mi Jinglun smiled.

“Agreeing to the second condition is a concession from my Black Ink Clan, so can the third condition be abolished as a concession from the Human Race? This way, everyone can remain calm and not fight.”

Mi Jinglun smiled at her, “Agreeing to one of the two conditions is indeed a compromise for everyone, making this Mi speechless.”

Hearing this, Nu Yi was overjoyed, but before she could say anything else, Mi Jinglun said, “How about this, since the Black Ink Clan is sincere, my Human Race can’t act aggressively. Just now, this Mi’s second condition can be abolished, and the Black Ink Nest can be taken away or destroyed, but all of the Black Ink Disciples must remain and be handed over to my Human Race.”

Nu Yi was dumbfounded, not knowing what to say.

She hadn’t expected Mi Jinglun’s conditions to change so drastically.

Hong Di’s expression became even darker.


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