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“That’s right, Senior Brother Xiang Shan’s arrangement is to openly send troops from the King City to Great Evolution Pass. This matter should have already been spread to Great Evolution Pass by the Black Ink Clan in the King City. If they want to live, they must guarantee to withdraw from Great Evolution Pass within half a month, otherwise it will be too late.”

Although it would take at least a month for the East-West Army to arrive from the King City, if the Black Ink Clan wanted to withdraw safely, they have to do it half a month in advance, otherwise, it was highly likely they would encounter the East-West Army with an Old Ancestor on the road. This was not a good thing for the Black Ink Clan.

“Then do you think that the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord… is dead?” Ouyang Lie turned his head to look at Mi Jinglun. What he couldn’t understand was this matter. Although he had some speculations in his heart, he didn’t dare to be too certain.

“The Royal Lord should still be alive!” Mi Jinglun concluded.

“How so?”

“If the Black Ink Clan wants to negotiate, it will be to take detour around my North-South Army and return to the King City. If the Royal Lord dies, the King City will definitely collapse, so what’s the point of them returning to the King City? They can withdraw their forces from the Great Evolution Pass and make a big detour to the Black Ink Clan in the Wind and Cloud War Zone to the left, or to the Black Ink Clan in the Azure Void War Zone to the right. Since they want to return to the King City now, that means the Royal Lord is still alive.”

Hearing this, Ouyang Lie nodded and said, “I think so too. Haha, it seems the old saying is right. Great minds think alike.”

He was just a boorish man who shamelessly flattered himself, making it seem like he was very smart. Mi Jinglun smiled slightly and said, “There’s something more obvious.”

“Oh? What is it?”

Mi Jinglun raised his hand and pointed at Great Evolution Pass, “If the King City is destroyed, the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest will no longer exist, and Great Evolution Pass’s Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest will also be destroyed. Now that Great Evolution Pass’s Black Ink Nest is safe, it means that the Black Ink Nest in the King City is safe, and the Royal Lord is safe!”

Ouyang Lie nodded vigorously, “Yes, yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking.”

In Great Evolution Pass, while the Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan were still discussing whether or not the Human Race had some kind of scheme, a Feudal Lord quickly reported, “Someone from the Human Race is rapidly approaching Great Evolution Pass. From the looks of it, it’s an Eighth Order Open Heaven!”

With Territory Lord Hong Di as the leader, all the Territory Lords were shocked.

Hong Di asked, “How many people have come?”

The Feudal Lord replied, “Only two.”

“Are there any traces of the Human Race army behind them?”

“The Human Race’s army is still at their base, there’s nothing unusual.”

Hong Di didn’t dare believe his eyes and quickly rushed towards the city wall. Looking over, he saw two figures transforming into streaks of light and rapidly approaching Great Evolution Pass.

It was indeed an Eighth Order, and Hong Di could clearly feel the power of an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator.

Were there really only two people? Even though they had been enemies for many years, Hong Di couldn’t help praising these two Eighth Order Human Race masters.

If it were him, he would never dare to act like this.

When the team of Black Ink Clan masters had returned to report the situation, they had all thought that the Human Race had agreed to negotiate a million kilometers outside Great Evolution Pass because they wanted to use some kind of scheme, but now it seemed that there was no such thing as a scheme. The two Eighth Order masters had simply come here, making them seem too petty.

When the group of Territory Lords saw this scene, all of them were at a loss for what to do. If the Human Race really wanted to play some kind of trick, they could think of a way to deal with it, but in this situation, how could they?

All the Territory Lords stared at Hong Di, waiting for him to make a decision.

Hong Di pondered for a moment before saying, “The Human Race has such courage, but does my Black Ink Clan not? Who will accompany me to welcome the guests?”

If he had a choice, Hong Di would definitely not be willing to leave Great Evolution Pass, but now that he was the master of this territory and also the leader of the Black Ink Clan here, if he didn’t take action, who would?

Sweeping his eyes over the various Territory Lords, all of them fell silent, none of them volunteered.

Hong Di sighed in his heart. He knew that the Territory Lords had been shocked by the Eighth Order Human Race masters during the last great battle. In that battle, each of the Eighth Order Human Race masters had risked their lives to drag the Territory Lords down with them. Although he had not participated in the battle and had instead taken charge of Great Evolution Pass, he had heard about the tragedy of that battle. If he had personally experienced that battle, he would probably be as fearful of the Eighth Order Human Race as these Territory Lords.

Since no one took the initiative to come out, he could only call out names.

Hong Di turned to look at a Territory Lord with the figure of a human race and said, “Nu Yi, follow me.”

Hearing this, the Territory Lord was startled, not having expected that Hong Di would point her out. However, in front of so many people, and in order to decide the survival of the entire Great Evolution Pas' Black Ink Clan, she naturally couldn’t back down and could only grit her teeth and nod, “Yes!”

“Let’s go!” Hong Di waved his hand and took the lead to rush towards the city wall, followed closely by Nu Yi.

When he was a million kilometers away from Great Evolution Pass, Hong Di stood firmly and waited!

Nu Yi stepped forward and stood shoulder to shoulder with him.

The speed of the two Eighth Order Human Race masters ahead was neither fast nor slow, and it would take them about half an hour to arrive. However, their powerful auras could already be clearly felt, allowing them to faintly see the figure hidden in the light.

Suddenly, as if discovering something, Nu Yi trembled and exclaimed, “He’s not dead!”

“What?” Hong Di looked at her in confusion.

Nu Yi pointed to one of the two streaks of light in front of them and said, “The one with the hotter aura should be a red-haired human. Territory Lord Zhe Chung died at his hands. He should have died back then, but now it seems he is still alive.”

When Territory Lord Zhe Chung had died in battle, Nu Yi had been nearby and had personally witnessed Zhe Chung being killed by the red-haired Eighth Order Open Heaven's sword. However, the aura of the Eighth Order Open Heaven had also waned and she had thought that the Eighth Order Open Heaven had died.

Only now did she realize that the Eighth Order had not died!

Feeling this familiar aura, Nu Yi couldn’t help thinking back to that battle, this burly man’s fierce fighting style, causing her to shiver.

Listening to what she said, Hong Di couldn’t help paying more attention to the burning aura. He could feel that although this aura was vigorous, it seemed to be somewhat unstable, most likely due to his injuries.

From the looks of it, although this man had survived the battle ten years ago, his injuries were quite serious, otherwise he wouldn’t have been unable to recover after such a long time.

Human Race…

After fighting with the Human Race for so many years, Hong Di had never understood the advantages of this race. Their cultivation speed was not as fast as the Black Ink Clan’s, and their physique was not as strong as the Black Ink Clan’s. As long as they had the Black Ink Nest and resources, they would be able to continuously nurture an endless army.

But for countless years, the situation on the Ink Battlefield had always been so tense that the Black Ink Clan had never been able to suppress the Human Race.

If one had to find a strong point, it would be tenacity!

A race that wasn’t tenacious enough was unable to resist the Black Ink Clan.

Half an hour later, the two streaks of light flew forward and stopped less than a hundred kilometers away from Hong Di and Nu Yi.

This distance could be said to be extremely dangerous. To the Territory Lord and the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters, this distance was as close as they could get.

This caused Hong Di and Nu Yi to tense up involuntarily.

The stream of light dispersed, revealing two figures. One was dressed like a Confucian scholar, while the other had a head full of red hair.

Compared to the tension between Hong Di and Nu Yi, the two Human Race masters who had come from afar were quite relaxed. The red-haired Eighth Order even noticed their nervousness and smiled disdainfully.

This made Hong Di secretly angry. Right now, these two Territory Lords were backed by the Great Evolution Pass, so if anything were to happen to them, the power of the many Spirit Arrays and artifacts in Great Evolution Pass would pour down on the enemy. What was there to be afraid of!

On the other hand, the two humans who had come here were isolated and helpless. If any conflict really broke out, it would not benefit them at all.

Thinking so, his expression relaxed and he cupped his fists like a human race, “Hong Di!”

Nu Yi quickly reported her name.

Mi Jinglun smiled and returned the greeting, “Great Evolution Northern Army’s Mi Jinglun!”

“Great Evolution Southern Army, Ouyang Lie!”

Hong Di was slightly startled. After fighting with each other for so many years, he finally realized that the other side’s army had been named after Great Evolution at the very beginning, a clear indication of their determination to subdue Great Evolution.

“Although I haven’t heard of the great names of these two Sirs, after so many years of fighting, I can tell that both of you are superior in strategy. Over the years, my Great Evolution Black Ink Clan has suffered quite a few losses because of you.”

Mi Jinglun smiled slightly, “My Human Race is weak, so naturally we can only win through strategy. On the battlefield, we are enemies, so we won’t show any mercy.”

Ouyang Lie suddenly whispered to Mi Jinglun, “Does the Black Ink Clan also know how to flatter?”

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, these words were transmitted from a distance, so Hong Di and Nu Yi naturally heard them clearly. For a moment, they couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.

Hong Di suppressed the anger in his heart and continued, “However, although my Black Ink Clan has suffered heavy losses, your Human Race’s losses are also not small. Over the years, neither of our two races have taken advantage of the other. Now that my Black Ink Clan has the support of Great Evolution Pass, your Human Race’s forces are insufficient, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to break through.”

Mi Jinglun’s smile didn’t change, “The matter of breaking through is still being considered, whether we succeed or not will only be determined after we fight.”

Hong Di frowned and asked, “Is Sir not afraid that the Human Race will be wiped out?”

Mi Jinglun waved his feather fan and smiled, “My Human Race has never been afraid of death. The Fifth Order is like this, the Sixth Order is like this, the Seventh Order is like this, and so is the Eighth Order. I believe that in the previous battle, the Black Ink Clan has already noticed the determination of my Human Race.”

Hong Di said solemnly, “Although I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, I’ve heard about it afterwards. Humans… are truly amazing.”

Mi Jinglun put away his feather fan and said, “Enough small talk. When the Black Ink Clan messenger came to my Human Race’s side, he said that the Black Ink Clan wanted to negotiate peace? I wonder how Sir Hong wants to negotiate peace? Is he here to discuss with this Mi who is braver and who is better at what he does?”

Hong Di said, “Of course not. Since we want to negotiate, let’s discuss this matter. Right now, my Black Ink Clan is sitting on Great Evolution Pass, and the Human Race’s forces are insufficient, making it difficult for them to attack. If we continue to be in a deadlock, it will only be a waste of time and energy. Moreover, this Great Evolution Pass is the Human Race pass, not the foundation of my Black Ink Clan. After careful discussion, the Territory Lords decided to return Great Evolution Pass to the Human Race. I wonder if the Human Race is willing to accept it.”

Mi Jinglun replied, “My Human Race’s army has come from far away to subdue the Great Evolution Pass. Since the Black Ink Clan wants to return it, how can we not accept it?”


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