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When a rabbit was forced into a corner, it would bite. Previously, they had killed a group of Black Ink Clan cultivators, it was fine to take some advantage of them. If the Black Ink Clan’s messenger was killed again, it would cut off all thoughts of negotiation and would not benefit the Human Race.

As such, everyone nodded in agreement.

“I’ll go make contact with them,” The Seventh Order said as he took the initiative to step out from his hiding place and stand in the air, staring down at the group of Black Ink Clan cultivators who had just arrived.

From afar, the the leading Feudal Lord of the Black Ink Clan saw this Seventh Order Open Heaven, causing him, who had been feeling uneasy, to suddenly relax.

He had clearly seen what had happened to the Black Ink Clan before, so after receiving this mission, he had been worried that he would meet his clansmen fate.

But now that the Human Race was willing to take the initiative to show themselves, it meant that they already knew why he had come.

It seemed that raising the white flag was quite effective.

Less than half a day later, a group of Black Ink Clan masters led by several Feudal Lords arrived near the floating continent. Only the Seventh Order Human Race master had appeared, while the rest were still hidden on the floating continent fragment.

Although he was alone, he had a heroic spirit.

The group from the Black Ink Clan stopped a hundred thousand kilometers away from the Seventh Order, and the Feudal Lord who was carrying the white flag turned his head and gestured. A Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple beside him stepped forward and cupped his fists, “May I ask which Senior Brother it is?”

The Seventh Order Open Heaven Realm cultivator in front of him stared at this Black Ink Disciple and sighed lightly before returning the greeting, “Unthinking Heaven, Mu Tianzong!”

If the one who asked this question was a member of the Black Ink Clan, he naturally wouldn’t be so polite, but the one who spoke was a Black Ink Disciple. Although the other party seemed to be in a state where he couldn’t be saved, he was still a human after all, his Ink Transformation wasn’t by his own will.

On the battlefield, when encountering such a Black Ink Disciple, no human soldier would show mercy, because death was the only relief for these Black Ink Disciples.

But in this current situation, it wasn’t appropriate for him to put on an expression. This Black Ink Disciple was once a member of the Human Race and had once fought a bloody battle with the Black Ink Clan on the battlefield.

The leading Feudal Lord was a smart man. He didn’t step forward and speak up, it would undoubtedly be wiser for his subordinate Black Ink Disciple to do so.

The Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple nodded, “Great Evolution, Lian Xu!”

Mu Tianzong didn’t waste any time and went straight to the point, “Why did the Black Ink Clan raise the white flag?”

Lian Xu replied, “Reporting to Senior Brother, the Black Ink Clan has come to negotiate, raising their white flag to show their sincerity.”

“A peace negotiation?” Mu Tianzong raised his brow upon hearing this, a look of surprise appearing on his face, “The blood feud between the two races cannot be resolved, do you think my Human Race will believe them?”

Lian Xu said, “It doesn’t matter if Senior Brother believes it or not, the key is whether the Regiment Commanders and Garrison Chiefs believe it or not.”

In other words, he wasn’t qualified to decide how to handle this matter.

Mu Tianzong stared at him deeply and coldly snorted.

It had to be said that it was indeed better for the Black Ink Clan to send the Black Ink Disciple to discuss this matter than for them to personally participate. Only the Human Race understood the Human Race best.

Black Ink Disciple Lian Xu said, “For more than a hundred years, the Great Evolution's Black Ink Clan and Senior Brother’s army have fought many times and both sides have suffered heavy losses. Now that the Black Ink Clan is staying inside the Great Evolution Pass, the Human Race does not dare act rashly. In this confrontation, it spent a great deal of time and energy. The Black Ink Clan intends to return the Great Evolution Pass to the Human Race, but I don’t know if the Human Race is willing to accept it.”

Hearing this, Mu Tianzong sneered in his heart.

It was clearly the Black Ink Clan’s King City that had suffered a great loss, and the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan wanted to abandon the Pass and flee, but now that he had spoken of it, it seemed like the Black Ink Clan was doing the Human Race a great favor.

Was he bullying the North-South Army for not knowing about the war in the palace?

Sure enough, everything went according to Senior Mi’s expectations. The Black Ink Clan would take advantage of this situation, and he was well aware of this, so he put on a look of surprise and asked, “The Black Ink Clan wants to return Great Evolution Pass to the Human Race?”

Lian Xu nodded, “Great Evolution Pass was originally the Human Race’s mountain pass, so now they're returning it to its rightful owner.”

“What about the Black Ink Clan’s conditions?” Mu Tianzong asked with a look of interest, “It’s impossible to return them for free, the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be so kind.”

Lian Xu smiled slightly and said, “The Black Ink Clan naturally has their own conditions, but this matter cannot be discussed between you and me. Only by gathering the leaders of the two clans can we come to a conclusion.”

Mu Tianzong nodded, “Good point. Since that’s the case, wait a moment, I’ll send a message back.”

Saying so, he took out his Message Bead and used his Divine Sense to contact the Floating Continent.

All of the Black Ink Clan waited anxiously, especially the Feudal Lord who was carrying the white flag. Always feeling a pairs of eyes staring at him, causing him to feel uncomfortable.

After a moment, Mu Tianzong raised his head and said, “The higher-ups have ordered that if the Black Ink Clan is willing to negotiate, the Territory Lord who is in charge will come over. The Regiment Commander and the Garrison Chief will have a good chat with him.”

Lian Xu seemed to have expected this and simply smiled and shook his head, “It’s not appropriate. If the Territory Lord comes here and the Regiment Commander and the Garrison Chief suddenly attack, the Territory Lord may not be able to protect himself.”

Mu Tianzong coldly snorted, “You were once a member of the Human Race, so you know that your words carry great weight!”

Lian Xu said, “This one also knows that all is fair in war!”

Mu Tianzong said impatiently, “Then what do you suggest we do?”

“Senior Brother, please wait a moment!” Saying so, Lian Xu turned to look at the Feudal Lord who was carrying the white flag and began communicating with him.

Mu Tianzong didn’t know what they were talking about, but he could see the Feudal Lord constantly nodding his head, as if he was following Lian Xu’s lead.

He was probably flustered by the murderous intent hidden in the shadows and didn’t have the mood to think about anything at this time, so naturally, he just followed Lian Xu’s instructions.

After a while, Lian Xu said, “This one thinks that the higher-ups of the two races should choose a suitable location to discuss this matter, just in case one of them has other intentions. What does Senior Brother think?”

“What is a suitable place?” Mu Tianzong asked.

Lian Xu said, “Outside Great Evolution Pass, a million kilometers away!”

This distance could be said to be within the range of the Great Evolution Pass’s Spirit Array. Lian Xu’s words were meant to be negotiated with the Human Race, but who would have thought that Mu Tianzong would agree so quickly, “As you say, outside Great Evolution Pass, a million kilometers!”

Seeing him agree so readily, Lian Xu was surprised and asked, “Senior Brother doesn’t need to ask the higher-ups?”

Mu Tianzong took it upon himself to say, “The higher-ups have just sent word that I am in charge.”

In fact, when he contacted the headquarter, Mi Jinglun had already anticipated this and told him to just agree, because Mi Jinglun was certain that no matter where they chose to negotiate, the Black Ink Clan would not dare to start a war.

Now that he had given way, the next step would be to negotiate.

Lian Xu didn’t know if he should believe it or not, but since he had said so, even if he didn’t believe it, he could only believe it.

In just a few words, the location of the negotiation had been decided. No one had expected this.

This was especially true for the leading Feudal Lord. When he carried the white flag back to Great Evolution Pass, he still felt as if he was dreaming.

After informing Territory Lord Hong Di about the results of this trip, they were also quite surprised. They hadn’t expected that the Human Race would be willing to negotiate a distance of only a million kilometers from Great Evolution Pass. How much confidence did this require, or did the Human Race have other plans?

On the Floating Continent, Mi Jinglun stepped out from the Central Army Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

A group of Eighth Order Garrison Chief clamored behind him, some calling out to their allies while others called out to the fleet.

After all, the negotiation site was too close to Great Evolution Pass. If the Black Ink Clan made any moves, the Human Race would be at a disadvantage.

Mi Jinglun allowed them to continue, waiting for them to stop talking before saying, “There is no need for others to accompany me, nor is there a need for the fleet to depart. This Mi can go alone.”

Seeing that the Eighth Order were about to make a scene again, Mi Jinglun said, “Rest assured, the Black Ink Clan will not dare to act this time.”

Ouyang Lie ignored him, “Whether they attack or not, I’ll go with you!”

Mi Jinglun couldn’t help laughing, “Your injuries haven’t healed yet, what’s the point of going together?”

Ouyang Lie replied, “My injuries are no longer serious. If I really had to fight with my life on the line, I wouldn’t be weaker than anyone right now.”

Mi Jinglun shook his head, “Stay here and recuperate. With your temper, it might not be a good thing to follow me.”

Ouyang Lie stretched out his hand and pinched his mouth, “Can I go over and not speak?”

“You really want to go?” Mi Jinglun looked at him.

Ouyang Lie snorted, “My foot is on my body, what does it matter where I go?”

Mi Jinglun rubbed his forehead, “Forget it, if Brother Ouyang wants to go, let’s go together.”

This time, the Eighth Order masters were even more shocked. Mi Jinglun going alone was already inappropriate, but now that the two Regiment Commanders were going together, if the Black Ink Clan had any malicious intentions, wouldn’t they be wiped out in one fell swoop? At that time, what would happen to the North-South Army?

Seeing the commotion, Mi Jinglun finally ordered the Eighth Grade masters to shut up.

After a short while, two figures soared into the sky and flew towards Great Evolution Pass.

Somewhere in the camp, Li Xing stared blankly, his heart filled with admiration.

The Black Ink Clan really wanted to negotiate! How strange was this?

When he first heard about this matter, he couldn’t believe it. The reason he had stayed behind was because he didn’t need to return to the East-West army, and also because he wanted to verify if this Regiment Commander Mi Jinglun’s guess was correct.

Now, it seemed that this Senior Mi really had a godly foresight.

After being by Xiang Shan’s side for so many years, he had witnessed Xiang Shan’s monstrous talent in military strategy, and now he was seeing someone who was not inferior to him.

With such a Regiment Commander, how could the Human Race not be able to defeat the Black Ink Clan?

In the void, Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie walked side by side towards Great Evolution Pass.

Initially, Ouyang Lie had kept his mouth shut just as he had promised.

However, he soon threw his promise to the wind and said, “Old Mi, there’s something I can’t figure out. Have you thought it through?”

Mi Jinglun smiled and asked, “What is troubling Brother Ouyang?”

Ouyang Lie waved his hand and said, “Don’t try to ridicule me, I’m good at fighting and killing enemies, but using my brain is never my forte, so I’ll need you to clear my doubts.”

“En, go ahead.”

Ouyang Lie said, “Judging from the Black Ink Clan’s current reaction, the war in the King City should be a great victory for our Human Race, otherwise they wouldn’t be in such a hurry to negotiate.”


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