“The Black Ink Clan has come out!” The Myriad Demons Heaven disciple suddenly said.

“How many people are there?” The Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator who had just returned asked nervously. In the past few years, every time the Black Ink Clan came out of seclusion, nothing good had happened. Each time, they would fight a great battle with the North-South army before being sent back, so when he heard that the Black Ink Clan had come out, he naturally became nervous.

The Myriad Demons Heaven Seventh Order said, “Not much, just a few dozen.”

The Seventh Order wearing green robe next to him raised his brow and said, “In that case, Senior Mi’s deduction is correct. It should be a messenger from the Black Ink Clan!”

Since they had been ordered to observe the movements of the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan here, Mi Jinglun naturally also informed them of the reason for their surveillance. Previously, they were just as puzzled as Li Xing. The deep blood feud between the Human and Black Ink Clans on the Ink Battlefield could not be resolved. Every time they met, they would fight to the death, and there had never been a precedent of one side sending a messenger.

They all felt that this matter was unlikely to happen, but since it came from Mi Jinglun, none of them dared to doubt it.

Now that this group of several dozen Black Ink Clans had come from the direction of Great Evolution Pass, it was obvious they weren’t here to cause trouble, being a messenger is the only explaination.

“Act according to plan?” the Myriad Demons Heaven Seventh Order raised his brow.

The Green Robed Seventh Order nodded and said, “We’ll act according to plan! I just don’t know how many Feudal Lords have come, if there are too many, we won’t be able to eat them all.”

Myriad Demons Heaven Seventh Order grinned, “Don’t worry, Senior Mi said that even if we attack, they won’t dare to fight back. So what if it’s the Territory Lord? After all, in their eyes, we still don’t know the situation in the King City.”

The other two nodded and immediately activated their Secret Techniques to conceal themselves and conceal their auras while sending a message back. Soon, several Human Race Battleships quietly arrived and set up an ambush.

The several dozen Black Ink Clans had emerged from their retreat in the direction of Great Evolution Pass and were now rushing towards this floating continent fragment.

At this point, the cultivation of this group of Black Ink Clan cultivators was obvious.

Several Feudal Lords, the rest were all High Rank Black Ink Clans without any Territory Lords.

It seemed that the Territory Lord was also afraid of death and was afraid of being killed by the Human Race’s masters, so they had sent some Feudal Lords to investigate.

Without a Territory Lord, the group of Human Race soldiers lying in ambush calmed down.

When the group of Black Ink Clan cultivators was about to pass through the floating continent, the Spirit Arrays on the Battleships buzzed as they released their Secret Techniques and artifacts to attack the Black Ink Clan.

The sudden eruption of energy fluctuations and the sudden appearance of great danger caused this group of anxious Black Ink Clan to panic and scatter.

However, under the interweaving power of the Battleship, this group of Black Ink Clan still couldn’t avoid disaster, and half of them died instantly.

Before they could recover from their shock, a number of Human Race Battleships had already appeared. From these Battleships, a number of Seventh Order Human Race cultivators leapt out and bombarded them.

The leader of the group, a Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord, tried to dodge while shouting, “Stop! We are not here to make things difficult for the Human Race. We are here on orders of Territory Lord Hong Di to negotiate with the Human Race.”

His voice rang out like a great bell, spreading across the void.

How could the Human Race’s soldiers pay any attention to him? Just as Senior Mi had predicted, these Black Ink Clan soldiers didn’t dare to fight back and only dodge, their attacks becoming more ruthless.

These pitiful Feudal Lords had survived several frontal confrontations with the North-South armies and could be said to be the elites of the Black Ink Clan, but now they had been beaten to the point of fleeing like rats.

Blindly dodging would only make the situation worse, and by the time these Feudal Lords realized that the situation was inevitable, it was too late to resist.

From the moment the Human Race’s soldiers launched their sneak attack, in less than a cup of tea time, this group of several dozen Black Ink Clan soldiers had been completely wiped out.

Before dying, the leader of the Black Ink Clan shouted, “We really are here to negotiate!”

From beginning to end, the Human Race had ignored him, causing him to die a miserable death.

Although they knew in their hearts that they were indeed here to negotiate, no one showed any sympathy towards them, because these Black Ink Clan subordinates might have been stained with the blood and lives of a human race soldier.

On the walls of Great Evolution Pass, the Territory Lords stood side by side, gazing into the distance.

When they saw the dozens of Black Ink Clan cultivators die in the void, the Territory Lords’ expressions became extremely ugly.

Although they knew that the Black Ink Clan they sent out would not have a good ending, they had never imagined that the Human Race would act so ruthlessly.

However, this situation was also within their expectations. The two sides were originally mortal enemies, so how could the other side easily believe that one side was suddenly going to negotiate for peace? Naturally, they would strike first to gain the upper hand.

It was precisely because of this consideration that the Territory Lord did not appear on this first attempt, only sending a few Feudal Lords and High Rank Black Ink Clans over.

The situation was more difficult than expected!

Hong Di said solemnly, “In this situation, everyone should have a good plan. At the very least, we need to contact the Human Race to have a chance to negotiate.”

If they couldn’t contact the Human Race, sending any number of Black Ink Clan masters would be courting death.

All of the Territory Lords fell silent. Looking at the scene just now, the Human Race had immediately attacked the Black Ink Clan upon seeing them, so there was no way they could communicate with them, so how could they possibly communicate?

When the news of the King City’s great battle being lost and the Royal Lord being seriously injured came, all of them were shocked. For more than a hundred years, there had been a Human Race army attacking the King City, and every twenty years or so, a great battle would break out between the two sides. The Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan knew about this, after all, the Black Ink Nest could transmit information to each other, making it extremely convenient.

After so many years, although the King City suffered losses every time they fought, the losses weren’t serious. The battle between the Royal Lord and the Human Race’s Old Ancestor could be said to be evenly matched, neither side able to do anything to the other.

Suddenly, the situation in the King City had taken a sharp turn, making it difficult for them to understand.

Finally, after some investigation, they learned that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had been concealing her recovery all these years, using the accumulated injuries she had done to the Royal Lord to suddenly erupt and beat him back to the King City.

Although the Human Race army had retreated back to their base, the situation in the King City was not good, causing the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan to be somewhat worried, fearing that the King City would really be invaded by the Human Race army.

Soon after, news that terrified them even more spread.

Ten days after that battle, the Human Race’s army suddenly set out, leaving the Universe World Camp they had been guarding for more than a hundred years and heading straight for Great Evolution Pass.

How could this happen?

The Great Evolution Pass already had a human race army blocking their entrance, making it impossible for them to move. If another army came, how could the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan escape?

Not to mention, the Human Race’s Army has a Human Race Old Ancestor guarding it.

It could be said that when these two Human Race armies meet, it would be the end for the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan!

The Great Evolution Territory Lords were all in a panic. Fortunately, the King City had sent out another order for the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan to withdraw from the Great Evolution Pass. No matter how reluctant they were, for the sake of their own lives, they could only give up their territory.

Retreating from Great Evolution Pass was also a problem. Over the past few years, as long as the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan made any unusual movements, the Human Race army would be on guard.

As such, if the Black Ink Clan were to suddenly leave Great Evolution Pass, it was highly likely they would cause a misunderstanding with the Human Race, and a great battle would be inevitable.

After thinking about it for a while, the Territory Lords felt that it would be better to negotiate with the Human Race, so they decided to send the Black Ink Clan messenger out.

In their opinion, they had the advantage of intelligence because they knew the specific situation of the battle in the King City, while the Human Race’s army might not know, so they could make use of this to their advantage.

Otherwise, if the Human Race army learned that the Black Ink Clan had suffered a defeat in the King City's battle and that the other Human Race army was on their way to reunite with them, they might not be willing to negotiate.

From the perspective of the Human Race, it would be better to trap the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution Pass and wait for reinforcements to arrive before taking them down.

As such, the negotiation had to be done quickly and before the two Human Race armies could contact each other, otherwise everything would be over.

Hong Di turned to look at the group of silent Territory Lords and silently cursed them for not being able to help at this critical moment.

He could only ask his Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, “Zhou Qi, you come from the Human Race. Under these circumstances, do you have any good suggestions?”

The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple named Zhou Qi’s entire body was filled with the Ink Force and his neck was filled with lump, causing him to look extremely disgusting. Moreover, this person had a foul smell that was like a rotting corpse. This smell was something that could not be isolated even by magic, so all the Black Ink Clan members were far away from this Zhou Qi, even the other Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

[MSN: Man, who would want to voluntarily become ink disciple to advance in Grade, if this is how they gonna end up.]

Hearing Hong Di's question, Zhou Qi bowed and replied, “Reporting to Sir, when this subordinate was young, I was travelling through the Universe Worlds and saw two mortal armies fighting. When one side lost, they would send a group of people to raise a white flag to show their weakness, while the other side wouldn’t attack so easily. This subordinate thinks we can imitate them?”

“Raise a white flag?” Hearing this, Hong Di was stunned. What does that mean?

One of the Territory Lords asked his Eighth Order Black Ink Clan, “Is that true?”

The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple pondered for a moment before replying, “I’ve heard of it, but every Universe Worlds has their own unique customs, not all Universe Worlds are like this. I wonder if this will have any effect on the Human Race army there.”

Hong Di nodded and said, “Whether it has any effect or not, we’ll know once we try. Take out the white flag!”

With this order, the Black Ink Clan immediately began preparing.

Not long after, a white flag was made, and in fear that the Human Race wouldn’t be able to see it, this white flag was extremely large.

A short while later, another group of Black Ink Clan cultivators came out from Great Evolution Pass. The leader of this group raised his white flag high and walked towards the North-South Army’s camp while trembling with fear.

On the floating continent fragment, the two Seventh Order masters with their own Eye Techniques saw this scene immediately.

Myriad Demons Heaven Seventh Order couldn’t help laughing, “The Black Ink Clan has come with a white flag, are we going to fight or not?”

“Who cares what kind of flag it is, if they comes, we’ll kill it!” The Team Leader of a team rubbed his fists together, his killing intent surging.

“It’s not appropriate,” The Seventh Order Open Heaven, who was responsible for delivering the news, waved his hand and said, “The higher ups want us to negotiate with the Black Ink Clan in the end. The first time we killed the Black Ink Clan's messenger, it could be said that we don't know their intention for coming. Now that they’ve come with a white flag, if we attack again, I’m afraid we’ll ruin the higher ups' plans.”


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