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When Smiles Old Ancestor and Yang Kai were chatting, Xiang Shan had already decided on the future strategic goal of the Great Evolution Army.

First, they would cripple the Great Evolution's Black Ink Clan and then occupy the Great Evolution. Only then would the Human Race have the time and energy to recuperate and arrange the Great Evolution. Otherwise, even if they managed to conquer Great Evolution Pass, if they didn’t have the time to arrange it, how would the Human Race survive the invasion of the Black Ink Clan army?

After more than a hundred years of hard work, the fall of numerous Eighth Order Garrison Chief, the deaths of many Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, Sixth Order, and Fifth Order cultivators, all of this had finally resulted in today’s result.

Now that Xiang Shan’s strategic goal had been achieved, the next step should be to recover Great Evolution Pass!

This was also the ultimate goal of the Great Evolution Army.

The Human Race retreated to their base to recover.

However, the Black Ink Clan couldn’t do this, especially the Royal Lord. When he learned that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor who had fought with him for more than a hundred years had been hiding her strength, it was impossible for him to peacefully recuperate in his Black Ink Nest.

Because he was unable to determine how badly the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was injured, whether or not she would suddenly attack while he was asleep and cause a great disturbance.

In order to prevent this accident from happening, he had to maintain a clear mind and be on guard at all times.

As a result, he was unable to properly heal himself and could only rely on the power of the Black Ink Nest to slowly recover, but this kind of recovery was incomparable to his previous efficiency.

If it was said that his injuries could be healed in a hundred years while he slept in the Black Ink Nest, with his current situation, even a thousand years wouldn’t be enough.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor had given him a difficult problem.

Inside the base, the East-West armies had returned, but this time there was not much time for them to recuperate.

The higher-ups had ordered that after returning, they would stop at the camp for ten days at most before sending out their troops to Great Evolution Pass to join up with the North-South armies that had been fighting with the other Black Ink Clan forces outside Great Evolution Pass and prepare for the final battle to recover the Great Evolution Pass.

The soldiers had been waiting for this day for more than a hundred years.

Since joining the Great Evolution Army, everyone had thought that this time, they would have a fierce battle with the Black Ink Clan at Great Evolution Pass before finally deciding who would win, but who would have thought that the East-West Army would rush towards the Black Ink Clan’s King City and fight with the Black Ink Clan for a hundred and fifty years?

Judging from the current results, the higher-ups’ decision was correct.

Right now, the East-West Army had completely destroyed the Black Ink Clan’s army in the King City, so it would undoubtedly be easier for them to recover Great Evolution Pass.

This trip to Great Evolution Pass would take at least a month. Ten days rest was also because the soldiers had just experienced a great battle and had consumed a lot of energy, so they really needed to rest.

Otherwise, with the intentions of the East-West Army’s higher ups, when they withdrew from the King City, they should have immediately switched to Great Evolution Pass.

In addition to recuperating, the army was also being reorganized.

From Wind and Cloud Pass, the East-West army numbered thirty thousand, with sixty Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators. This was a powerful lineup. After a hundred and fifty years of war, only less than twenty thousand had survived. The remaining ten thousand had long since fallen outside the Black Ink Clan’s King City, with not even their bones remaining.

Even at Eighth Order Open Heaven level, they had lost more than ten people.

This was the result of every battle where the East-West army focused on defense. If they focused on attacking, the number of casualties would only increase.

However, in every battle, although the Human Race suffered some casualties, the Black Ink Clan suffered more than ten times as many casualties as the Human Race.

Almost every team had a shortage of personnel, and some teams had even been completely wiped out. As such, it was necessary to reorganize the army, otherwise it would be impossible to guarantee the combat strength of each team.

Such a reorganization had occurred twice before.

The previous two times had nothing to do with the Dawn Squad. The strength of the Dawn Squad was not something an ordinary team could compare with, especially with Yang Kai’s strength. Even a Feudal Lord could be killed in a single blow, so in this chaotic battlefield, the Dawn Squad had the least casualties.

This was something that even Old Turtle’s defensive team couldn’t compare to. Old Turtle had even added a few more members to their team during the second reorganization.

Before this, the Dawn Squad had maintained a state where all of its members were unharmed until this battle.

This was the last battle, so whether it was in terms of danger or intensity, it was different from the past. Even if Yang Kai took the lead and killed countless enemies, the chaotic army would not be able to protect everyone.

Ning Qizhi was seriously injured.

Qi Taichu had fallen!

This was the first team member who had fallen in the battle with the Black Ink Clan since the founding of the Dawn Squad, and also a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

Qi Taichu could be considered a veteran of the Dawn Squad. When Yang Kai brought him back from the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, he had chosen him to establish the Dawn Squad. Over the years, they had fought side by side and shared life and death together.

His death made Yang Kai’s heart ache, causing all of his team members to lose the mood to celebrate their victory. A few of the female team members were even weeping.

Qi Taichu was a veteran Seventh Order cultivator with a gentle temperament. When he guided his juniors in their cultivation, he never hid anything from them, and when he fought, he would always take care of his teammates.

It could be said that Qi Taichu was extremely popular among the entire Dawn Squad’s Seventh Order. One of the female Sixth Order had always wanted to become his partner, but it was a pity that Qi Taichu seemed to feel that there was a gap in seniority between them and had pretended not to know.

Even though they had long become indifferent to matters of life and death, when the people close to them passed away, they couldn’t help feeling sad.

Qi Taichu was also the only one from Dawn Squad who had fallen, other than him, the other Fifth and Sixth Order team members were safe and sound. Breaking Dawn's powerful defense and mobility were enough to ensure their safety in battle. Unless Breaking Dawn was destroyed, if so, the entire Dawn Squad would be destroyed.

At this moment, a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator from the Central Army Expelling Black Ink Battleship stood in front of Yang Kai and said, “Brother Yang, take a look at these names. If Dawn has anything to add, just let us know.”

The supplementation of personnel was generally given to the higher-ups, but considering that there might be some familiar faces among the soldiers who wanted to fight side by side with those they were familiar with, this list was given to the Team Leaders of the various teams to select the people they wanted to add. If the Team Leader didn’t have a special choice, the higher-ups would decide.

Yang Kai took the list and casually glanced over it before saying, “Only one person from the Dawn Squad has fallen, so it won’t affect our overall strength. This time, we won’t need to add anyone else, give priority to other teams.”

The Seventh Order Open Heaven smiled and nodded, “With Brother Yang’s protection, it is truly a blessing for the people of the Dawn Squad.”

To be honest, every time someone added a new member, he would take the list of names to the various Team Leader to confirm, but this was the first time he had seen Yang Kai.

In other words, in the hundred and fifty years of war, this was the first time the Dawn Squad had suffered casualty.

Of course, this was because the Dawn Squad was an elite team, and Yang Kai’s personal strength couldn’t be disregarded, which made him admire them greatly.

There was no other team in the East-West Army like Dawn Squad, and no one was clearer about this than him, because he was the one who had compiled the supplementary list every time, so he was the one who was most clear about the casualties of each team.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head and was about to return the list when he suddenly paused and asked, “Can everyone on this list be chosen?”

The man nodded, “The Regiment Commander has ordered that the number of elite squads here will be given priority. As long as it’s on the list, if any of the Team Leaders are interested in it, they can choose if it doesn’t exceed their respective squad limit.”

He asked curiously, “Has Brother Yang changed his mind?”

Yang Kai didn’t say anything, only using his Divine Sense to leave a mark on the jade slip in his hand and handing it back, “These three, my Dawn Squad wants them.”

The man took the jade slip and examined it before nodding slightly, “The Dawn Squad has always had less than fifty people. With these three, it’s exactly fifty. I’ll go to the next location.”

Saying so, he cupped his fists and left.

After he left, Yang Kai turned to Feng Ying and said, “I’ll be right back!”

Feng Ying nodded.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged, and after a while, he flew off in a certain direction.

On a barren mountain, a dilapidated Battleship lay in the middle of the mountain range. The Battleship was covered in flames, and Artifact Refiners and Array Masters were busy working on it.

After each great battle, the ones who were the busiest were the Artifact Refiners and Array Masters, because they had to repair the damaged Battleship.

Just by looking at the sorry state of the Battleship, one could tell how dangerous the previous battle had been. On the Battleship, there were bits of flesh and blood everywhere, many of which belonged to the Black Ink Clan and some belonged to the Human Race.

The damage to this Battleship had almost reached the point where it couldn’t be repaired. Once it reached this point, it would be completely abandoned, because the materials needed to repair it would be better than reforging it.

There were also three figures standing near the Battleship, all of them covered in blood, silently standing there, a stark contrast to the busy Artifact Refiners and Array Masters on the Battleship.

The three of them quietly stared forward, their eyes dull and their expressions blank.

A light breeze blew and Yang Kai appeared beside them.

Looking up, Yang Kai narrowed his eyes. Although he knew that the battles with the Black Ink Clan were extremely dangerous and many teams had been wiped out, no one had the energy to pay attention to such things on the battlefield.

Now that he had returned from the great battle and witnessed the damaged Battleship with his own eyes, he could vaguely see the figures surrounding the Battleship, fighting valiantly.

Even if they died, they would not smear the Human Race's prestige.

Among the three figures standing here, one was a Seventh Order, one a Sixth Order, and one a Fifth Order.

After a moment of silence, the Seventh Order suddenly spoke, “I’ve killed many Cave Heaven Paradise disciples.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I have seen it.”

Back in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, there were indeed many Cave Heaven Paradise disciples who had died at the hands of this man. After this man escaped to Shattered Heaven, he had gathered a group of people under his command and had repeatedly made things difficult for the Cave Heaven Paradise disciples. During that period of time, many Cave Heaven Paradise disciples who had been training in Shattered Heaven had also died at his hands.

It could be said that this man had quite a deep grudge with the Cave Heaven Paradise.

“Coming to this Ink Battlefield wasn’t my original wish. Compared to being imprisoned or even killed, this King naturally could only choose to come here and fight with the Black Ink Clan, so when the old man from Bright King Heaven asked if I wanted to live or die, this King didn’t hesitate to come to the Ink Battlefield.”


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