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There wasn’t even any sound of fighting. When Smiles Old Ancestor’s figure reappeared, she was holding a Territory Lord in her hand.

This time it was a living Territory Lord, not a head.

Although the Territory Lord’s body was several times larger than Smiles Old Ancestor’s, he was unable to break free from the little hand’s grasp and could only struggle bitterly.

Smiles Old Ancestor’s beautiful eyes stared at the furious Royal Lord, her smooth chin slightly raised as she said provocatively, “I want to do this!”

Saying so, she exerted force with her hand, causing a terrifying pressure to press down on the captured Territory Lord.

The Territory Lord’s figure quickly became distorted as the sound of bones breaking rang out. His eyes filled with terror as he struggled violently, his eyes turning towards the direction of the Royal Lord as he pleaded, “Sir Royal Lord, please save me!”

A look of struggle flashed across the Royal Lord’s eyes, but in the end, he gave up on attacking.

In front of the two armies, in front of the countless soldiers of the two races, the Territory Lord who had been captured by Smiles Old Ancestor was crushed by an invisible force, his corpse and blood spraying everywhere.

The Black Ink Clan was filled with indignation, but most of them were terrified.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor had taken action three times in a row and killed three Territory Lords, showing just how strong she was. However, the Royal Lord simply watched from the side, not responding.

This situation was extremely strange.

No Royal Lord would be willing to see their Territory Lord be killed and not go to their aid. This was a great blow to their prestige.

Unless he was powerless to save them!

It seemed that the injuries the Royal Lord had suffered were far more serious than any of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had imagined, so even though the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had killed three Territory Lords in a row and her words were filled with provocation and disrespect, the Royal Lord could only swallow his anger.

The Territory Lords no longer dared to move.

With the Royal Lord not taking action, no matter how these Territory Lords tried to defend themselves, it was likely they wouldn’t be able to stop a Human Race Old Ancestor filled with murderous intent.

The Territory Lords didn’t move, and their subordinates didn’t dare act rashly.

Everyone could only stand there quietly, as if they were sitting on pins and needles.

They didn’t move, but the dozen or so Universe Worlds that were attacking them wouldn’t stop their attacks. After the third Territory Lord died, a dozen breaths later, the Universe Worlds finally arrived.

At such a close distance, if they didn’t take any action, the thirty percent of the Black Ink Clan army stationed on the right side of the King City would definitely be bombarded by these Universe Worlds. At that time, not to mention how many casualties they would suffer, even the King City would not be able to survive it.

Move they die, not moving and they still die!

Finally, one of the Territory Lords couldn’t bear it any longer and raised his hand to send out a vicious Secret Technique towards the direction of the Universe World. As he attacked, he put all his effort into guarding against the Human Race Old Ancestor.

However, what surprised him was that although the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had locked onto him this time, she didn’t continue attacking.

This made him overjoyed, as if he had just picked up a new life.

With this precedent, the other Black Ink Clans also followed suit. In an instant, an overwhelming number of Secret Techniques converged into a massive torrent, blocking the attack of the Universe World.

The Human Race Old Ancestor still didn’t respond.

The Black Ink Clan breathed a sigh of relief. In their opinion, as long as they stood in place and didn’t take the initiative to attack, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor wouldn't kill them.

This was not the case.

The Old Ancestor’s hundred years of planning, forbearance, and constant battles with the Royal Lord had forced her to pretend that her injuries had yet to heal, even suppressing her strength to prevent the Royal Lord from seeing through her disguise.

It was not an easy task to deceive a Royal Lord. Over the past hundred years, Smiles Old Ancestor had suffered greatly.

The advantages she had accumulated over countless battles had always been hidden away by Smiles Old Ancestor, but now, she had finally found an opportunity to erupt with her full strength and have a chance to kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

If it weren’t for the Territory Lord who had rushed over from the direction of the King City and the several tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan troops, the current Royal Lord would have already been killed by her.

With the death of the Royal Lord, the entire Great Evolution War Zone would be under the complete control of the Human Race.

Since ancient times, this had never happened before.

Originally, she could have created a new era, but in the end, it was ruined by the several Territory Lords and the tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers. Although those Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had all paid the price with their lives in an extremely short amount of time, Smiles Old Ancestor's mood was still quite gloomy.

If she couldn’t kill the Royal Lord, no matter how many Territory Lords and Black Ink Clans died, it would be useless.

It could be said that ever since those Territory Lords had led tens of thousands of Black Ink Clans to assist the Royal Lord, she had been suppressing her anger.

It was them who had caused her hundred years of hard work to fall short. Now, such an opportunity would probably never come again. After suffering such a loss, this Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would definitely be wary of her in the future.

When the Royal Lord returned to the King City and fought with her, the Old Ancestor knew that she no longer had any hope of killing the Royal Lord unless she was determined to die with him.

If she couldn’t kill the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, killing a few Territory Lords who were jumping around in front of her to vent her anger was always possible.

The Royal Lord didn’t dare stop her, nor could he stop her, so he could only watch helplessly.

In fact… he even hoped that the Smiles Old Ancestor would kill more Territory Lords.

Although he didn’t know what kind of amazing Secret Technique Smiles Old Ancestor had used to kill a Territory Lord in an instant and kill three of them in a row, he knew that the consumption of this Secret Technique must have been enormous. Otherwise, even a Human Race Old Ancestor wouldn’t have been able to obtain a Territory Lord’s head so easily.

His strength was comparable to that of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, so he had some ability to judge this point, because it was impossible for him to kill an Eighth Order Human Race master so easily, unless he used a Royal Lord-level Secret Technique that every Royal Lord could only use once.

However, once this Royal Lord-level Secret Technique was used, its user would also become extremely weak for a short period of time. The drawbacks were great, so even if the Royal Lords had such a trump card, they wouldn’t easily use it.

In the previous battle, although he had escaped back to the King City with heavy injuries, it was impossible for Smiles Old Ancestor to remain unscathed. If she were to use that Secret Technique a few more times and her strength was exhausted, he would be able to redeem himself.

These speculations couldn’t be explained to the Territory Lords under his command, nor could he order them to provoke Smiles Old Ancestor, so he could only wait and see.

Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t continue attacking.

She keenly sensed the intentions of the Royal Lord, not to mention that if she continued to attack at this time, it would be the same as forcing the Royal Lord to fight her to the death.

After all, if the King City was destroyed, the Royal Lord would not sit back and do nothing. His greatest reliance now was the Black Ink Nest in the King City.

In this silent confrontation, the Supreme Masters of the two clans tacitly retreated, each holding back, trying their best not to break the final balance. The price the Black Ink Clan paid for this was the lives of the three Territory Lords and the subsequent troubles.

The attack from the Universe World was extremely powerful, and although the Black Ink Clan’s army did their best to intercept it, because of Smiles Old Ancestor’s interference, they had missed the best opportunity to intercept it.

When the Universe World was destroyed, the power of the Spirit Array burst out and enveloped the entire sky, sending pieces of Universe Fragments of different sizes flying towards the King City.

The Black Ink Clan suffered heavy casualties, causing the King City to shake.

From the looks of it, the Black Ink Clan forces stationed on the right side of the King City couldn’t stop the bombardment of these Universe Worlds.

Under the command of Territory Lord Che Kong, the army on the left side came to support. Fortunately, neither the Human Race Old Ancestor nor the retired Human Race army had any response.

The combined forces of the two Black Ink Clan armies finally managed to stop all of the Universe World.

However, tens of thousands of the Black Ink Clan had fallen because of this, and the entire floating continent where the King City was located had been smashed to pieces, with almost thirty percent of its population having been reduced. The various buildings above the King City had also been completely destroyed.

Only the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest remained unscathed.

Because from beginning to end, there had been several Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples guarding near the Black Ink Nest. No matter how chaotic the battle outside was, they had always been guarding the Black Ink Nest.

The chaos gradually subsided.

The Black Ink Clan’s army was in chaos.

Smiles Old Ancestor stared at the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord for a moment before the corners of her mouth curled up into a mocking smile. Turning around, she shouted, “Withdraw!”

On the Central Army Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Xiang Shan sent out a sound transmission, his voice booming, “Withdraw!”

The Human Race’s fleet slowly turned around and flew in the direction of the Universe World's camp. Behind them was the tattered Black Black Ink Clan's King City and the Black Ink Clan army.

This battle had finally ended!

On Dawn Battleship, Yang Kai sighed lightly.

Before this battle, he had received a secret order from Xiang Shan. If he had the chance, he would rush to the Black Ink Clan’s King City and destroy the Black Ink Nest.

The Black Ink Nest itself didn’t have much protection, so even if it was a Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, as long as Yang Kai could approach it, with his current strength at the Seventh Order Open Heaven, he could easily destroy it.

Because he was proficient in the Space Laws, it was best to leave this matter to him.

Since the start of the battle, Yang Kai had been searching for an opportunity, but unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to find one.

With his current strength as a Seventh Order Open Heaven master, it wasn’t difficult for him to find an opportunity to teleport to the vicinity of the Black Ink Nest, but he simply couldn’t deal with the several Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples who had been guarding the Black Ink Nest. Once he appeared, he would probably die before he could destroy the Black Ink Nest.

It had been a hundred and fifty years since the East and West armies had arrived at the Great Evolution War Zone.

Over the years, the East and West armies had fought with the Black Ink Clan in the King City eight times, and each time, they had achieved great results.

Today’s battle could be said to be the closest they had come to success, but they were still unable to complete it.

Because Smiles Old Ancestor was always healing her injuries in his Small Universe, he was able to know more information about the higher-ups than the average soldier, and also knew the final plan of this battle.

When he saw the Royal Lord escape back to the King City with heavy injuries, he knew that this plan had failed.

But from the looks of it, the results weren’t bad.

The Black Ink Clan’s army stationed in the King City had already been destroyed. At least half of the Territory Lord and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had died. If it weren’t for the fact that the Royal Lord could use the power of the Black Ink Nest to enhance his own strength, the current Black Ink Clan’s King City could be easily flattened. Unfortunately, the Royal Lord had managed to return alive. With the support of the Black Ink Nest’s power, he still had the capital to perish together with Smiles Old Ancestor.


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