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A violent energy burst out as the World Force and Ink Force collided, causing the entire King City to fall into chaos.

Although the Supreme Master of the two races had fought near the King City many times over the past hundred years, they had never fought so intensely before.

Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, both of them could clearly feel that this battle would not end until one side was dead.

What frightened the Black Ink Clan was that even with the help of the Black Ink Nest, the Royal Lord was still at a disadvantage.

This was something all the Black Ink Clans found difficult to accept.

With the help of the Black Ink Nest’s power, the Royal Lord’s strength could rise to a whole new level. It could be said that as long as the Royal Lord was within the range of the Black Ink Nest, no Old Ancestor would be a match for him.

But now, the situation had reversed.

There was no problem with the Black Ink Nest. Over the years, every time a great war was about to break out, at least two or three Territory Lords or Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had been stationed near the Black Ink Nest to guard against sneak attacks from the Human Race’s masters and to avoid damaging the Black Ink Nest while simultaneously pouring countless resources into the Black Ink Nest.

The one with the problem was the Royal Lord.

The Royal Lord’s injuries were too severe. Even with the support of the Black Ink Nest’s power, he was still no match for the Human Race’s Old Ancestor.

If the Royal Lord died, would the Black Ink Clan survive?

After a brief moment of panic and unease, the Black Ink Clan’s army suddenly erupted with an even fiercer aura than before. Not only did the Royal Lord’s dispiritedness not give them the courage to resist, it instead stimulated their instincts to become stronger.

The higher ups of the East and West armies were keenly aware of this, and under the orders of Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping, the main forces immediately turned their attention to defending against the Black Ink Clan.

Mysterious energy fluctuated wildly as the two armies clashed fiercely, and the two Supreme Master also fought until the void shattered.

The Royal Lord’s condition became more miserable, but although he was at a disadvantage, with the help of the Black Ink Nest’s power, the Old Ancestor still found it extremely difficult to deal with. After several attempts to kill him, she was unable to succeed, and instead, the Royal Lord seized the opportunity to counterattack, nearly injuring her severely.

This forced her to be more careful in dealing with the enemy in front of her.

The Old Ancestor knew that since the Royal Lord was a Supreme Master, an existence on equal footing with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, was not easy to kill. It was just that this opportunity was truly rare, and it was a situation she had painstakingly planned for over a hundred years. If she could not succeed, it would be too much of a pity.

So no matter what, she had to try.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Smiles Old Ancestor finally found an opportunity to launch a Divine Ability towards the Royal Lord while the power of the Black Ink Nest was weakening.

The Royal Lord was struck by this Divine Ability and was instantly covered by a dazzling light.

But at the same time, Smiles Old Ancestor also let out a muffled groan as blood flowed from the corner of her mouth.

This time, she wasn’t pretending. In the past, when she fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, she had shown many signs of injury, but most of it was just a disguise.

This time, she really was injured. The moment she attacked, the Royal Lord also attacked with a killing blow. Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t try to dodge or evade, instead taking this blow head on to seize the opportunity.

The light faded and the figure of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord appeared.

A trace of disappointment flashed across Smiles’s eyes.

This Divine Ability didn’t have the desired effect, and although her opponent’s condition was becoming worse, he still had the strength to fight.

If she continued to force him, she would only force the Royal Lord to find a way to perish together with her. At that time, even she might not be able to protect herself.

This is the end! She sighed lightly in her heart. It was truly regretful that she had not been able to accomplish her goal for more than a hundred years.

However, the current situation wasn’t bad. At the very least, they had achieved the strategic objective after setting out from Wind and Cloud Pass.

The two Supreme Master suddenly stopped fighting and it directly affected the two armies fighting.

The Black Ink Clan’s army might be confused, but the Human Race’s army had already made plans for this situation.

As such, when Smiles Old Ancestor stopped, the Human Race’s fleet began to retreat, but because the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was glaring at them like a tiger watching its prey, the Black Ink Clan army didn’t dare to pursue them and could only watch helplessly as the Human Race retreated.

A short while later, the Human Race’s army retreated hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. Although many of the Battleships were damaged, their momentum did not decrease and they were ready to fight another battle at any moment.

In front of the army, the figure of the Old Ancestor stood quietly, neither attacking nor retreating, seemingly waiting for something.

Under this silent atmosphere, the Black Ink Clan felt extremely depressed, as if a great mountain was pressing down on them.

Time slowly passed.

After a while, the Black Ink Clan army became restless.

More than a dozen Universe Worlds filled with Spirit Arrays flew towards the King City. At this point, one could already see the flashing lights of these Universe World's Spirit Arrays. It would not be long before they reached the King City.

On the right side of the King City, there had always been thirty percent of the forces stationed there, and none of them had participated in the previous war. Their mission had always been to intercept these Universe Worlds, never changing for more than a hundred years.

On the other hand, they had also done very well. Other than the first time they had allowed the fragments of the Universe World to bombard the King City, they had managed to stop the Universe World every time.

However, they had paid a great price for this.

Sometimes, these Universe Worlds would arrive at the same time as the Human Race’s army, sometimes very slowly, and sometimes only after the Human Race’s army had withdrawn would the Universe Worlds arrive.

This was clearly the Human Race’s strategy, using this Universe World to restrain the Black Ink Clan’s forces. Otherwise, with their numbers advantage, it would be even more difficult for the Black Ink Clan to gather their forces.

This time was the slowest!

It was unknown whether it was intentional or a coincidence, but the armies of the two races had already stopped, and the two Supreme Master had also stopped fighting, allowing these Universe Worlds to arrive late.

Without any interference, it was naturally not difficult for the Black Ink Clan to intercept these Universe Worlds.

As soon as they saw these Universe worlds, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord and the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples who had been setting up defenses on the right began to move.

The fastest to charge was a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord, but as soon as he moved, an extremely dangerous aura enveloped him.

In the next moment, a powerful force seemed to explode in his mind, causing his head to ache and his body to stiffen!

The Territory Lord was shocked and immediately understood that he had been ambushed, and the one who had ambushed him was none other than the Human Race’s Old Ancestor who had been standing silently in the void!

The Territory Lord couldn’t understand why the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would use her Soul Power to launch a sneak attack on him. Her opponent should be the Royal Lord.

Under this kind of tacit confrontation between the two Supreme Master, if one side suddenly attacked, the other would definitely react.

Therefore, although he had lost all color in his face, he wasn’t too shocked because he felt that the Royal Lord would come to save him.

However, he was wrong. The Royal Lord stood in place, silently staring at the Human Race’s Old Ancestor as she rushed towards the Territory Lord affected by the Secret Technique and gently reached out to pluck his head.

On the Territory Lord’s neck, when the black blood spurted out, Smiles Old Ancestor had already returned to her original position, holding a head with wide eyes in her hand, seemingly unable to rest in peace.

In the blink of an eye, a powerful Territory Lord had fallen.

The other Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples who had originally planned to take action all froze, as if they were facing a great enemy. All of them were vigilant towards Smiles Old Ancestor, afraid that she would kill them.

However, what made them feel relieved was that after killing the Territory Lord, Smiles Old Ancestor didn’t make any other movements and simply stood there.

If it weren’t for the headless corpse that was spurting blood and Smiles Old Ancestor holding a head in her hand, all of the Black Ink Clan would have thought that everything that had just happened was an illusion.

The Black Ink Clan was at a loss!

They didn’t understand why the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would suddenly take action just now. She had clearly stopped fighting, but now she had suddenly attacked. Why?

What they didn’t understand was that the Royal Lord didn’t have any reaction at all. With the Royal Lord’s strength, it shouldn’t be difficult for him to stop the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s movements, but he simply watched on indifferently.

The speed of the dozen or so Universe Worlds’ attacks became faster. If they didn’t stop them now, it would be too late. If the King City was damaged because of this, they would have to face the wrath of the Royal Lord.

Therefore, although they were extremely fearful, under the pressure of the situation, the Territory Lord and the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had no choice but to carry out their mission.

The same scene appeared again.

As soon as they moved, a great crisis enveloped them, causing their bodies to stiffen and the figure of the Human Race Old Ancestor to suddenly disappear.

The next moment, Smiles Old Ancestor reappeared, as if she hadn’t moved at all, but a head appeared in her hand.

In the Black Ink Clan’s army camp, the sound of a Territory Lord falling could be heard!

The Black Ink Clan masters were all shocked.

The ones who had died were two Territory Lord level masters. The Human Race’s Old Ancestor had only attacked twice, yet she had easily taken their heads off. Didn’t this mean that without the interference of the Royal Lord, even if the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was injured, she could kill whoever she wanted?

What they couldn’t understand was why the Royal Lord hadn’t responded yet.

However, Smiles Old Ancestor's two successive attacks had allowed them to see some clues.

The two Territory Lords who had died at her hands were the fastest to react and move.

Being targeted by her like this, the Human Race Old Ancestor was undoubtedly revealing a very important piece of information. If anyone dared to move, she would kill them!

What was the meaning of this? If they weren’t allowed to intercept the Universe World, were they supposed to just watch?

This was too much.

“Enough!” The Royal Lord, who had been silent since escaping to the King City, finally couldn’t help shouting.

Smiles Old Ancestor turned her head to look at him, her beautiful eyes filled with arrogance as she suddenly moved again.

Having learned from their mistakes, the Territory Lord and the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were now extremely vigilant of Smiles Old Ancestor's movements, so when they saw her disappear, all of them quickly became vigilant.

Most Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples are safe, but there were always the unlucky ones.


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