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The language of the Human Race was a kind of art. After countless years of confrontation, although the Black Ink Clan looked down on the Human Race from the bottom of their bones and felt that the Human Race should naturally become the Black Ink Clan’s servant and submit to the Black Ink Clan’s rule, in reality, the Black Ink Clan was often influenced by the Human Race.

For example, some habits and words.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had once heard an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple speak of a saying, ‘When you're lost in the mountain and out of water, you're filled with doubts, but when the sun is setting, a new village will appear.’ At that time, he didn’t think much of it and felt that it was just the words of a lost man, an unbecoming and unsavory subject.

But now, he understood the meaning of these words.

In this desperate situation, several Territory Lords had led an army of tens of thousands to come to his aid, what the sentence said is really true.

Behind him, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s attacks became fiercer, obviously because she had seen the Black Ink Clan’s reinforcements and wanted to finish off the Royal Lord before the two sides met up, but she was unable to do so for the time being.

With her current strength, it was impossible for the Black Ink Clan to rely on these reinforcements to stop her.

Even if there were several Territory Lords and seven or eight Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples leading an army of tens of thousands, it was likely they wouldn’t be able to stop a single Human Race Old Ancestor who wanted to break through.

Therefore, after a moment of hesitation, the Royal Lord sent out his Divine Sense and secretly issued an order to the Territory Lords who had rushed over.

The Territory Lords were stunned for a moment before a look of determination appeared on their faces.

Thick Ink Force surged out from the bodies of the several Territory Lords, the tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers moved even faster than them, doing so before the Territory Lords could act.

Boundless Ink Force condensed into a massive and dense Black Ink Cloud. As the Ink Force in their body surged out, whether it was the Territory Lord or the Black Ink Clan under the Territory Lord-level, all of their vitality rapidly weakened.

To the Black Ink Clan, the Ink Force was equivalent to the World Force of the Open Heaven cultivator, both of which were their respective foundations.

This kind of crazy act was equivalent to a human race Open Heaven cultivator collapsing their own Small Universe. At best, their cultivation would fall greatly, at worst, they would die on the spot.

Under normal circumstances, no Black Ink Clan would be willing to do so, but this was an order from the Royal Lord, so even the Territory Lords could only obey.

There was no need to mention the Black Ink Clan who were below the Territory Lord-level. The moment the Royal Lord gave the order, they began to mobilize their Ink Force and were more obedient than the Territory Lords, so their movements were faster than the Territory Lords.

Only the several Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples rushed out of the giant black ink cloud and rushed towards the Royal Lord.

Although they had been turned into inked and their Small Universe had been contaminated by the Ink Force, the Ink Force in their bodies was not pure enough to support the Royal Lord’s next Secret Technique, so there was no need for them to imitate the Territory Lords.

The Royal Lord was still hoping they could intercept the Human Race Old Ancestor for a moment.

In an instant, under the leadership of several Territory Lords, the Ink Force within the several tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers surged violently, condensing into a mass of black ink clouds followed by the aura of withered life aura.

At this moment, the seven or eight Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had already brushed past the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, directly facing the might of the Old Ancestor.

If it was an ordinary Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator, with seven or eight of them working together, they would be able to fight any Human Race Old Ancestor for a moment.

However, these Eighth Order Disciples were nothing more than Black Ink Disciples. Although they were only Eighth Order Disciples, their strength was worse than the Territory Lords, let alone ordinary Eighth Order Open Heaven.

They could be said to be the weakest group of Eighth Order masters in this world.

Such an existence, even if they joined forces, how could they resist a Human Race Old Ancestor?

The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple leading the charge only had time to slash his sword before his head was chopped off by the Old Ancestor. Blood spurted from his neck as his headless corpse swayed unsteadily.

On the other hand, the sword strike he had used had only left a shallow wound on the Old Ancestor’s body.

In order to break through the blockade of these Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples as quickly as possible, the Old Ancestor was only attacking and not defending, because she knew that if she delayed for too long, the Royal Lord’s side would definitely change, and all her previous efforts would be in vain.

With a light palm strike, another Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple’s body trembled violently as the World Force around him became chaotic. This was obviously a sign that the Small Universe had been attacked.

The Old Ancestor didn’t even spare him a glance and just brushed past him, causing this Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple to explode into a bloody mist.

The remaining Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple’s expressions all changed when they saw this. When they fought against the East and West Eighth Order Open Heaven, they had already felt the gap between them, but although this feeling was not small, it was not enough to make them feel despair. Only now did they understand that the might of the Old Ancestor was not something they could face.

However, as Black Ink Disciple, they have to follow the Royal Lord's command, even the Territory Lords were willing to pay the price of their lives to help the Royal Lord escape, let alone them.

After the two Black Ink Disciples fell one after another, the remaining Black Ink Disciples didn’t hesitate in the slightest and quickly urged the Small Universe to spread it out and cover the void.

Every Small Universe is like a cage! If the Human Race’s Old Ancestor wanted to break out of this cage, she could only break these Small Universe.

This was the only way they could think of to delay the Old Ancestor.

When the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples spread out their Small Universe, the Old Ancestor, who had been calm all this time, couldn’t help showing a trace of grief and sorrow.

If possible, she would rather bring these Black Ink Disciple back to dispel the Ink Force in their body with the Purifying Light and not kill them.

However, even if these Black Ink Disciple were to be brought back, they wouldn’t be able to survive. Without the support of the Ink Force, their Small Universe was unable to contain their powerful cultivations and would instantly explode.

Perhaps death was a kind of relief for them.

The Old Ancestor’s body radiated a brilliant light as she pushed her World Force to its limits, directly breaking through the first cage formed by the Small Universe.

The second, the third…

After the Old Ancestor rushed out of this blockade, several Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples sat cross-legged behind her. These Black Ink Disciples all had dispirited auras, and their Small Universe’s phantom image was in tatters as the World Force in their body violently leaked out.

The Small Universe had been smashed to pieces by the Old Ancestor, and the moment the World Force was exhausted was the moment they fell, unless they found a way to repair their Small Universe.

However, even if they immediately consumed the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, they would not be able to repair these Small Universe. Under the Old Ancestor’s rampage, all of the Black Ink Disciple’s Small Universe became like broken mirrors.

The Black Ink Disciple’s efforts weren’t completely ineffective. Although they only managed to stop the Old Ancestor for a few breaths of time, the Royal Lord had already used a Secret Technique to swallow the several Territory Lords and the tens of thousands of army’s Black Ink Clouds.

The originally dispirited Royal Lord suddenly became energetic.

However, he had no intention of fighting with Smiles Old Ancestor, instead continuing to flee towards the King City. Although swallowing the massive amount of Ink Force had improved his condition greatly, it was still not his own strength, so there were many drawbacks to using it.

As long as he escaped back to the King City, he could use the power of the Black Ink Nest to resist the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. That was the power he could control at will.

Smiles Old Ancestor had just broken through the blockade of several Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples and saw the Royal Lord escape, so how could she tolerate this?

Her left hand contain Yin-Yang Transformation, while her right hand contain primal chaos. When her hands came together, the Old Ancestor’s eyes turned red as she pointed towards the fleeing Royal Lord.

This finger strike didn’t carry the slightest trace of anger, but the Royal Lord’s soul nearly left his body.

Not daring to hesitate, he immediately turned around and summoned the massive amount of Ink Force he had just absorbed into his body, transforming it into a torrent of attacks that shot towards the Old Ancestor.

Under the violent collision of energy, the Royal Lord faintly felt a mysterious force break through his Ink Force and land on his body, causing a hole to appear on his chest and causing his blood to surge violently.

What made him even more frightened was that the wound still had an extremely difficult energy lingering around it.

His momentum fell again, seemingly even worse than before.

He had thought he would die here, but when he looked up, he saw that the momentum of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had also weakened.

The Royal Lord was overjoyed, knowing that although the Secret Technique was powerful, it was not as easy for the Human Race’s Old Ancestor to use it.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Royal Lord quickly fled.

Smiles Old Ancestor stood still for a moment before gritting her teeth and continuing her pursuit.

Behind the two of them, the corpses of several Territory Lords and several tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers floated in the air…

Under normal circumstances, these Territory Lords and tens of thousands of soldiers wouldn’t have all died. Even if they had used their Ink Force to feed the Royal Lord, they would still have survived.

However, the Royal Lord didn’t show any mercy when he swallowed them, how could he care about a Territory Lord or Feudal Lord? With his full strength, he swallowed all of the Black Ink Clan’s power.

These several Territory Lords and tens of thousands of soldiers could be said to have died at the hands of the Royal Lord.

After paying such a heavy price, he had finally created an opportunity to escape.

Outside the King City, the East and West armies were still engaged in a fierce battle with the Black Ink Clan’s army. The Black Ink Clan’s decline was obvious and the Human Race had the upper hand.

The reason for this situation was because the Black Ink Clan had split up their forces. Not only did the left side of the King City need to defend against the Human Race’s army, but the right side also needed to defend against the threat of the Universe Worlds. Moreover, just now, several Territory Lords, Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, and tens of thousands of soldiers had gone to rescue the Royal Lord.

After this division, the Black Ink Clan, which was currently fighting the Human Race, only had about four hundred thousand soldiers.

Secondly, the overall strength of the Black Ink Clan army was not as strong as it had been at the beginning.

This four hundred thousand strong army couldn’t be compared to the Great Evolution Pass’ Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan guarding Great Evolution Pass was an elite force, and now that the Black Ink Clan outside the King City had been diluted over a hundred years, their overall strength had fallen greatly.

Coupled with the dozen or so Eighth Order Open Heaven masters from the Human Race, even if the Black Ink Clan had the absolute advantage in numbers, it would be difficult for them to resist the Human Race’s attacks.

Under such circumstances, something even more terrifying happened to the Black Ink Clan.

The spiritual pillar of the entire war zone, the Royal Lord of the Black Ink Clan, had actually fled back from the depths of the void in disarray!

At this moment, the Royal Lord was in an extremely miserable state. There was a hole in his chest and black blood was pouring out from it. There was only one wing left on his back and his entire body was covered in black blood.

Not to mention the Human Race, even the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had never seen such a miserable Royal Lord. It could be seen just how badly the Royal Lord had suffered in the previous confrontation with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor.

The Royal Lord had yet to return to the King City, but after entering the range of the Black Ink Nest, he immediately linked up with his Black Ink Nest and madly drew out its power.

In the next instant, Smiles Old Ancestor's figure appeared, the two Supreme Masters of the two races clashing fiercely above the King City.


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Simplemente podía usar la ley del escape del universo y interceptar al royal Lord


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