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Mi Jinglun gently closed his eyes, feeling as if a knife was being twisted in his heart!

When he opened his eyes again, the World Force around his body surged, and with a light stomp of his foot, he commanded the massive Expelling Black Ink Battleship to rush into the battlefield.

There was no need for him to oversee the battlefield. The Great Evolution North and South Army had a group of soldiers who were not afraid of death. With such a group of Eighth Order Open Heaven, there was no need to worry about victory!

He also wanted to leave his mark on this battle. As an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, he was not only a Regiment Commander who was proficient in strategy, but also a fierce general who could charge into battle!

Since the start of the battle, the Black Ink Clan’s army had been thrown into chaos. No one had expected that the Human Race would be so decisive this time. In less than a dozen breaths after the battle broke out, a Territory Lord had been killed by a human race's Eighth Order master.

This was a Territory Lord, not a low level Black Ink Clan.

He was killed so quickly?

Although the Human Race Eighth Order soon died on the spot, before he died, he had still killed tens of thousands of Black Ink Clan members.

Powerful Territory Lords or Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples died one after another. The intensity and ferocity of this battle far exceeded the Black Ink Clan’s imagination.

It was also beyond the imagination of the Human Race.

Never before had the Human Race suffered such a great loss.

More than a hundred years ago, when the North and South Army first came to the Great Evolution War Zone to intercept the Black Ink Clan’s army that had come out of the Great Evolution Pass, they had not suffered such losses.

In that battle, although there were Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators who died, there were only a few of them, and all of them had died during the many days of battle.

This time was different. Since the start of the battle, it had only been an hour and seven Eighth Order cultivators had already fallen. If the battle continued, the number of casualties would only increase.

Seven Eighth Order masters had fallen, taking the lives of at least seven Territory Lords, three Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, and tens of thousands of Black Ink Clans!

Those who had fallen on the battlefield were the seniors and masters of the soldiers, who had been taken care of and carefully taught.

Now that their elder had passed away, the future generations would naturally have to shoulder this heavy responsibility!

The soldiers’ eyes were red with bloodlust as the Eighth Order Open Heaven continued to fall, causing the entire battlefield to undergo a drastic change. All the humans began to fight desperately, regardless of their cultivation or status.

With more than twenty thousand Human Race cultivators facing nearly four hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers, the disparity in strength was too great. Relying on the momentum of the Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivators and the determination of their soldiers, the Black Ink Clan was forced to retreat.

The sounds of Territory Lord and Eighth Order death could still be heard from the battlefield.

There were even some Battleships that were directly blown to smithereens and turned into a ball of flames.

The floating continent collapsed and the battlefield became chaotic.

When the several hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers had first entered this floating continent, they had been quite orderly, but as the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters leapt out and launched a thunderous attack, their formation began to fall apart.

Until at some point, it became a mess.

Zhe Chung fell!

Zhe Chung Territory Lord was the commander of this Black Ink Clan army. When he was here, many Territory Lords could still obey his orders, but now that he was gone, who could convince these Territory Lords?

Every Territory Lord had their own thoughts, especially in this current situation. The eyes of the Eighth Order Human Race masters lit up with killing intent as powerful auras locked onto them, seemingly ready to kill them at any moment.

This was no joke. The previous scene had already proven the resolve and boldness of the Eighth Order Human Race.

The Territory Lords felt a chill run down their spines as they stared at this scene. Naturally, they could only command their subordinate forces to set up a tight defense around them to prevent the Human Race’s Eighth Order from finding them.

The more power one use to defend, the less power one could use to attack.

On the battlefield, the Human Race’s Battleships flew about freely, constantly unleashing their Secret Techniques and Artifacts power, each time gaining some benefits.

The number of Black Ink Clan armies rapidly decreased, as did the Human Race’s Battleships.

In this battle, both sides had paid an almost unbearable price.

The battle lasted for three days.

Three days later, the noisy battlefield gradually calmed down and the two armies gathered together, facing each other across the void.

The original floating continent no longer existed. The two races’ armies had fought in this region, and all of the floating continents had been destroyed, leaving less than ten percent of them intact.

With the broken floating continent as the backdrop and the Central Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship leading the way, the surviving Human Race Battleships arranged themselves in a defensive line. Many of these Battleships were emitting flames and exploding Spirit Arrays, and some of the Battleships looked like they would collapse at any moment.

However, even with such a large group of Battleships gathered together, it has the imposing aura of One Man Acting as a Mountain, blocking the enemy!

Hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, the Territory Lords gathered their subordinates and gathered together.

In terms of numbers, they still held a great advantage, but compared to the majestic momentum of the Human Race, the current Black Ink Clan army was shrouded in endless fear and dread.

In this battle, the Black Ink Clan had truly been beaten to a pulp. They had deeply experienced the human race’s madness and fearlessness.

Even a precious Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator could sacrifice his own life to drag the Territory Lords down with him. What could the Human Race not do?

These humans were all madmen!

The reason why these Territory Lords were able to survive was not because they were stronger than the dead Territory Lords, but because they had been lucky enough to avoid being found by the Eighth Order Human Race cultivators.

None of the Territory Lords targeted by the Human Race Eighth Order had survived.

A fierce battle beyond imagination, the survivors of the two armies faced each other across space, greedily enjoying a rare moment of peace.

The Territory Lords’ Divine Senses intertwined, obviously communicating with each other.

Although the Human Race masters were unable to perceive the content of their conversation, they knew that what they were discussing right now was whether they wanted to fight or retreat.

To the Black Ink Clan, rushing to the King City was undoubtedly an extremely important matter. If the King City was lost, no Black Ink Clan could remain unscathed.

This was also the reason why Great Evolution Pass had sent out five hundred thousand soldiers after receiving news from the King City.

It could be said that Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan had only left behind the least number of guards, and those who could support the capital had all gone over, showing their determination.

However, they were still attacked halfway and suffered heavy losses.

If they continued to rush to the King City, it was inevitable that another great battle would break out. The attitude of the Human Race was already very clear, they were simply blocking their path and preventing them from continuing forward.

If the war really broke out again, with the madness that the Human Race had displayed before, the remaining Black Ink Clan army would not be able to break through their defensive line. At that time, although the Human Race wouldn’t be able to survive much longer, the Black Ink Clan would likely be completely wiped out!

Should they continue forward?

This made things difficult for the Territory Lords.

The King City was very important, but if they were to fight to the death here, it would be meaningless.

Therefore, after a brief exchange, the Territory Lords came to a consensus.

Withdrawing to Great Evolution Pass!

This was the second time they had decided to withdraw to the Great Evolution Pass.

The last time was nearly a hundred and fifty years ago, when the situation in the King City wasn’t so critical, the Human Race wasn’t so desperate, and so was the Black Ink Clan.

This time was different.

All the Territory Lords knew that if they were to withdraw to Great Evolution Pass this time, they would forever lose the courage to leave Great Evolution Pass and live and die with the Great Evolution.

This was a difficult decision.

However, with the current situation, they could only sigh helplessly.

The Black Ink Clan withdrew their forces and did not disperse immediately. Under the coordination of the Territory Lords, everything was in order.

They were also afraid that the Human Race would take the opportunity to pursue them while they were retreating. It wasn’t as if they had never experienced such a thing before, so when retreating, they had to maintain their formation and deal with any possible attacks from the Human Race.

On top of the Central Army Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Mi Jinglun’s face was slightly pale and there were traces of dried blood on his body. The entire Expelling Black Ink Battleship was also damaged.

In the previous fierce battle, no one had been able to guarantee their own safety, only the severity of their injuries.

Even the feather fan he had been holding in his hand was dim.

Mi Jinglun was waiting for the Black Ink Clan to make a decision.

When he saw the Black Ink Clan’s army slowly retreat under the command of the Territory Lords, he finally relaxed and let out a long sigh.

To be honest, if the Black Ink Clan insisted on advancing, the Human Race would have no choice but to fight. Stopping the surviving Black Ink Clan army wouldn’t be a problem, but after this battle, how many of the North and South armies would be able to survive?

The soldiers didn’t lack the resolve and courage to die on the battlefield, nor did the Eighth Order masters. The battle just now had proven this point.

However, as the Regiment Commander of the army, he wanted to bring more people with him and live to see the moment they recaptured the Great Evolution Pass, instead of turning their names into a symbol on the Heroic Spirit Monument.

It was meaningless!

Pointing his fan forward, Mi Jinglun whispered, “Send them off!”

Although his voice was soft, it spread throughout all the Battleships and rang in the ears of every soldier.

The Expelling Black Ink Battleship slowly advanced, its tattered fleet following close behind.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were all shocked.

When they saw the movements of the Human Race’s fleet, they thought that the Human Race was unwilling to give up.

This made the Territory Lords extremely angry. They had already disobeyed the order to rush to the King City and withdrawing to Great Evolution Pass, yet they were still unwilling to give up. Did the Human Race really want to kill them all?

For a time, the Black Ink Clan’s army became restless, and the Territory Lords quickly suppressed them, sending out orders one after another to defend themselves.

But soon, they realized that the Human Race wasn’t chasing them, instead following them at a leisurely pace, maintaining a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

This distance caused the Territory Lords’ hearts to pound. After all, this wasn’t a safe distance, and the Human Race could use their Battleships to attack at any time.

However, there was nothing they could do. They couldn’t just let the clan retreat a little further, that would be too disappointing.

However, the actions of the Human Race had revealed a piece of information to them, and that was that the surviving Human Race army would personally watch them retreat to Great Evolution Pass, so they could forget about changing their route halfway to the King City.

After understanding this point, the Territory Lords didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They didn’t know who the leader of the Human Race was, they were being too careful.


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