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Therefore, regardless of whether the North and South armies were willing or not, at this extreme position, the Human Race’s army had to fight to the death with the Black Ink Clan. No matter what price they had to pay, they had to intercept the Black Ink Clan and prevent them from rushing to the King City to interfere with the strategy of the East and West armies.

If the Black Ink Clan were to break through the defensive line of the North and South Army and rush to the King City, the plans of the East and West Army would be disrupted, and if things became more serious, they would be attacked from both sides. If that was the case, everything would be over.

In the Great Evolution two-way army, the East and West armies had their own mission, which was to attack the King City. The North and South armies also had their own mission.

Blocking the reinforcements from the Black Ink Clan was the only thing they could do, and it was also something they had to do.

During this one month confrontation, the North and South armies had not been stalling for time, but had instead been trying to weaken the strength of the Black Ink Clan army.

After all, an army of five hundred thousand was not a small number, and the current appetite of the North and South Army was not that big.

Over the past month, even though they had used all the traps they had set up in advance to fight against the Black Ink Clan’s army several times, the results had not reached their expectations.

The Black Ink Clan’s army had now been reduced by twenty to thirty percent, but there were still nearly four hundred thousand of them. For the North and South Army, it would be extremely difficult to stop such an army that wanted to rush to the King City!

“This battle is different from the past, many people may die,” Mi Jinglun looked up at Ouyang Lie.

Ouyang Lie didn’t seem to care at all, “Do we still fear death? When the Great Evolution Army was first established, we had already anticipated this result. I believe all of our soldiers have also come to this realization.”

Mi Jinglun nodded, “But the outcome of the battlefield is still dependent on one’s strength. Some strategies are just icing on the cake.”

Ouyang Lie said impatiently, “Don’t flatter others and ruin your own morale, just tell me how to fight and where to fight. Simply put, if you say too much, this old master won’t understand.”

Mi Jinglun smiled bitterly and remained silent for a moment before saying, “If we want to win this battle, there is only one way.”

“What way?” Everyone looked up at him.

Mi Jinglun solemnly said, “First, kill the enemy’s high level combatants. It would be best if we can kill a few Territory Lords or Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples at the beginning of the battle. Only then will we be able to make the Black Ink Clan’s army fear us and cause the Territory Lords to panic. This way… our North and South armies may be able to intercept them.”

When he finished speaking, everyone fell silent.

Killing a Territory Lord and an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple was not an easy task. Although the Eighth Order Garrison Chief’s strength was slightly higher than a Territory Lord or an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple’s, in a fight, it was easy to gain the upper hand, but killing the enemy were difficult.

If they really did so, the price the North and South Army had to pay would not be small.

Mi Jinglun didn’t say anything, but how could everyone present not understand his intentions?

The dangers of this battle were different from any of the previous battles.

The North and South Army had also tried to stop the Black Ink Clan from assisting the King City, but at that time, the situation in the King City had not been too tense, so the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had not been determined to fight to the death with the Human Race. After suffering some losses, they had retreated to Great Evolution Pass.

But now, things were different. The situation in the Black Ink Clan’s King City was critical, and as long as there was even the slightest possibility, the Territory Lords would not give up. If they wanted to eliminate this thought, they could only use ruthless methods.

Not only was they ruthless to their enemies, they were also ruthless to themselves.

Ouyang Lie laughed when he heard this, “Since you have a countermeasure, why are you so anxious just now? This is easy, this old master will take the lead in the next battle and find a Territory Lord to kill.”

Mi Jinglun looked at him and shook his head, “Brother Ouyang is the Regiment Commander of the Great Evolution Southern Army, you cannot take risks.”

Ouyang Lie smiled and scolded, “Nonsense, this Regiment Commander doesn’t know how to strategize and doesn’t know how to fight, only know how to use brute force. It doesn’t matter if I’m here or not, as long as the North and South Army has you, it’s fine.”

“Brother Ouyang…”

Before Mi Jinglun could finish speaking, Ouyang Lie raised his hand and interrupted him, “Brother Mi, don’t speak too much, you’re making yourself look petty for no reason. Just now, this old master said, are we still afraid of death? When that time comes, as the Regiment Commander, this old master will naturally be the first to take the lead. At the very least, we should act as the role models.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an old man stepped forward and stroked his beard, “This old man is quite old and doesn’t have many years to live. I’ve always wanted to end this old master’s life in the most brilliant way possible, but now this opportunity is quite good. Count me in for the task of killing the Territory Lord!”

Mi Jinglun stared at the old man in shock, “Senior Brother Cheng…”

This Senior Brother Cheng could be said to be his guide. When he first entered the Ink Battlefield with his Sixth Order Open Heaven cultivation, it was this Senior Brother Cheng who had become his Team Leader and saved his life in countless life and death battles. If it weren’t for Senior Brother Cheng, how could Mi Jinglun have survived?

After so many years, Senior Brother Cheng was no longer as high-spirited as he had been when he was young, but his heart has never changed.

Senior Brother Cheng bowed respectfully, “This Cheng requests to fight the Territory Lord, they would be killed in the shortest amount of time possible so as to not disappoint the Regiment Commander!”

Mi Jinglun grit his teeth, the strength in his fingers almost breaking the feather fan he always carried with him. After a long time, he finally managed to spit out a single word, “Granted!”

Senior Brother Cheng smiled, “Many thanks, Regiment Commander!”

After he sat down, another person stood up and said, “I have cultivated this sword for five thousand years. When this sword appears, the Territory Lord will not be able to block it, so please let me fight the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord!”

“Permission granted!”

Another person stood up. It was a middle-aged woman who smiled and said, “This Mistress doesn’t have as much ability as the two Senior Brothers, but this Mistress has also cultivated a Secret Technique and has never used it before. This time, I can use the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord to test my strength. Regiment Commander, please allow me to try!”

“Permission granted!”

“In terms of all-out fighting techniques, I, Bright King Heaven, is not inferior to anyone. I will be the vanguard in this battle…”

“Permission granted!”

With every word spoken, Mi Jinglun felt as if all of his strength had been sapped from his body. He had been in charge of the Great Evolution North and South Army for more than a hundred years, but there had never been a day when he felt such pain.

However, he knew that if he wanted to intercept the nearly four hundred thousand Black Ink Clan troops who were determined to rush to the King City, he would have to pay a price.

Hurried footsteps came from outside and a figure rushed in, cupping his fists and saying, “Sirs, scouts have come to report that the Black Ink Clan’s army is only one hour away from here.”

Mi Jinglun’s eyes flashed, “They really came through here.”

Previously, they had also deduced which direction the Black Ink Clan army would head towards the King City. Although Zhe Chung felt that his route of advancement was erratic and that the Human Race was unable to grasp it, in reality, there were still some patterns that could be found. These patterns were closely linked to his own habits and he didn’t even notice them, but in the eyes of the Human Race’s higher ups, these patterns could be used to infer.

Previously, Mi Jinglun and the others had also deduced several locations and directions, in the end, they felt that the possibility of the Black Ink Clan’s army passing through here was the highest, but just to be safe, the other Expelling Black Ink Battleship was already waiting somewhere else.

As such, if the Black Ink Clan’s army were to pass by from another direction, the North and South Army could also quickly evacuate.

If the Black Ink Clan didn’t pass by either direction, the Human Race would have no choice but to fight them head-on.

From the looks of it, the Human Race’s luck was quite good.

“Relay my orders, the people on the other side can withdraw now,” Mi Jinglun ordered.

“Yes!” The messenger respectfully withdrew.

Mi Jinglun looked up at the numerous Eighth Order masters and said, “The great battle is about to begin, and many of you already know of the arrangements, so this Mi can only send you off.”

Looking around, he cupped his fists and said, “Everyone, take care!”

Ouyang Lie grinned and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just killing a few Black Ink Clan bastards, it’s not a big deal.”

Mi Jinglun opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

Ouyang Lie patted him on the shoulder, turned around, and walked out. There were still an hour before the great battle began, so he had some things he needed to tell his good-for-nothing lazy disciple.

Many of the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs left one after another, leaving Mi Jinglun alone on the Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

After two hours of peace, the scouts ahead continued to send out information.

What surprised Mi Jinglun was that this time, the Black Ink Clan’s army did not circle around the floating continent where the Human Race was located, instead directly rushing over.

It seemed that the leader of the Black Ink Clan had realized something, or else he wouldn’t have acted so boldly.

This was a smart choice. In fact, the North and South Army had indeed set up some kind of trap near this floating continent. No matter where the Black Ink Clan passed, they would inevitably encounter those traps.

Only by passing through the floating continent would they be safe.

However, inside the floating continent, the North and South Army were lying in ambush. With the help of this floating continent, the North and South Army was able to perfectly conceal themselves and attack the Black Ink Clan at the best time possible while also using the complicated terrain of this floating continent to circle around.

It could be said that the floating continent was the best battlefield against the Black Ink Clan army that was dozens of times stronger than their own. Now that the Black Ink Clan army had rushed into the floating continent, although they had successfully avoided the various traps and Spirit Arrays arranged by the Human Race, they had chosen a terrible battlefield.

One by one, the Battleships activated their Concealment Arrays and used the floating continent to conceal their presence.

On the deck, Mi Jinglun watched as the vanguard of the Black Ink Clan’s army entered the floating continent. Although it was called the vanguard, there were actually more than a hundred thousand of them, with the rest of the Black Ink Clan army following closely behind.

Presumably, the leaders of the Black Ink Clan also knew that if the Human Race were to really ambush them here, if the number of vanguard soldiers was too smallm it would only be sending themselves to their deaths. Rather than that, it would be better to just charge straight in and make the Human Race wary.

The army of hundreds of thousands was extremely long, and after the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the entire Black Ink Clan army finally entered the floating continent.

Although there were scouts looking around, they found nothing.

Mi Jinglun slowly closed his eyes and waited quietly.

At a certain moment, his eyes suddenly opened and he waved the feather fan in his hand lightly.

However, when the feather fan pointed forward, the quiet floating continent suddenly erupted.

The Spirit Arrays on the Battleship activated one after another and various lights flashed from the corners of the floating continent as the power of various Secret Techniques and Artifacts blasted towards the Black Ink Clan army.

Zhe Chung, who was leading the group, was obviously shocked. According to his previous speculations, the floating continent should be extremely safe, but he didn’t expect to step into the human race hiding place.


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