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Smiles Old Ancestor's injuries this time were much lighter than the last time, so it was naturally easier for her to recover. However, in comparison, this time she was only travelling around Yang Kai’s Small Universe, not experiencing a life she had never experienced before.

Therefore, it still took her eighty years to fully recover.

When the Old Ancestor came out of seclusion, the Human Race army immediately began mobilizing.

For the past twenty years in the outside world, the East and West armies were not only recuperating, but also making various preparations for the next great battle, waiting for the Old Ancestor to come out and launch another attack on the King City.

Now was the time.

The order was passed down and sixteen Universe Worlds, which had already been arranged, began to set out from a certain place in the void towards the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

At the same time, the Human Race’s massive fleet gathered behind the Universe World base and rose into the sky.

On the other side, the Old Ancestor had already charged towards the King City alone.

This time, she didn’t wait for the Human Race’s army to act together, instead choosing to take the lead. This was because the Human Race had done this last time, so if this happened again, the Black Ink Clan would definitely be on guard.

The same method would not always work.

The Black Ink Clan in the King City had spared no effort in monitoring the Human Race’s camp, but for the past twenty years, the Human Race had remained motionless.

The more motionless the Human Race was, the more uneasy they felt, as if an invisible guillotine was hanging over their heads, making them feel extremely uncomfortable.

When the Human Race’s massive fleet bypassed the Universe World base and appeared in the void, the Black Ink Clan Feudal Lord who was responsible for monitoring the situation immediately noticed.

The news quickly reached Che Kong's ears.

Standing on the deck of his ship, he glanced around and saw the Human Race fleet.

Without hesitation, he ordered the female Territory Lord who had been following him, “Observe the movements of the Human Race’s army. I will return to the King City and awaken the Royal Lord!”

Last time, the Royal Lord had suffered a sneak attack from the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, so after that battle, he had ordered Che Kong to immediately wake him up if the Human Race’s army showed any signs of attacking the King City again, lest he be ambushed again.

Unless he had no other choice, it was impossible for him to issue such an order. No Black Ink Clan member was willing to be forcibly awakened while they were healing their injuries, which was extremely detrimental to their recovery, especially since he was the Royal Lord.

However, compared to the sneak attack of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, this was nothing. After all, if the Human Race’s Old Ancestor really did launch a sneak attack, the Royal Lord would also be awaken, so it was better to have his subordinates wake him up as soon as possible.

As for the order of the Royal Lord, naturally Che Kong did not dare to disobey.

However, the Human Race’s fleet had only just set sail, so it would take at least half a day to reach the King City, so the matter of awakening the Royal Lord was not so urgent.

After giving his instructions, he set out towards the King City.

However, after just taking two steps, he suddenly turned around and looked back.

An extremely dangerous aura rapidly approached from the other side, causing the faces of Che Kong Territory Lord and the Territory Lord beside him to pale.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor had arrived!

This was something completely unexpected. Everyone had thought that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would act together with the army, but no one had expected her to act first. When the Black Ink Clan noticed the movement of the Human Race’s army, she immediately rushed to the vicinity of the King City.

“Enemy attack!” Che Kong didn’t have time to think about what tricks the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had up her sleeve and roared in panic.

In the next instant, a phantom-like figure crashed into the Black Ink Clan’s army stationed outside the King City. When the violent World Force erupted, it was as if a hot iron had fallen into icy water, causing the world to boil!

When a human race supreme master disregarded their status and attacked the Black Ink Clan’s army, the destructive power they could cause was unimaginable.

Because no one could restrain her actions, without the Royal Lord’s interference, even the Territory Lord and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were at risk of dying.

Every moment, tens of thousands of Black Ink Clans would be wiped out. With the figure that had charged into the Black Ink Clan’s army as the center, the surrounding Black Ink Clans would melt like snowflakes under the sun.

Among them, there was no shortage of Feudal Lords from the Black Ink Clan, as well as the occasional movement of Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples falling.

In less than ten breaths of time, the Black Ink Clan army had been reduced by over forty thousand.

The heavily guarded Black Ink Clan army became even more chaotic as countless Black Ink Clan cultivators instinctively tried to use their Secret Techniques to attack the figure, but to no avail. Instead, many of them were accidentally injured.

Some of the Black Ink Clan masters had not died to the hands of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, but had instead died to their own clansmen’s Secret Techniques.

Ten breaths was the difference between life and death for many Black Ink Clans.

Ten breaths of time was enough for the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to react.

The power of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had been released near the King City, so even in his deep sleep, the Royal Lord was able to clearly sense it.

Ten breaths later, before the Old Ancestor could create more chaos and casualties for the Black Ink Clan’s army, the enraged figure of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had already rushed out from the King City. A thick wave of Ink Force wrapped around him, making it almost impossible to see his true appearance. With a furious strike, Smiles Old Ancestor was pushed back with all his strength.

The Old Ancestor’s white face flashed a faint red before quickly disappearing. Standing in the air, she stared at the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, her bright eyes seemingly able to see through the obstruction of the Ink Force and clearly see the anger and confusion in his eyes.

The Royal Lord was both angry and puzzled.

He was angry because after only twenty years, this human woman had once again jumped out and interrupted his healing.

What he didn’t understand was, were all humans so crazy? He was certain that this human Supreme Master’s injuries had not yet healed, because he had clearly felt this from their previous exchange.

Of course, there was also the possibility that the other party was intentionally concealing her strength.

But that possibility is almost nonexistent.

Over the past twenty years, he had only been able to use the power of the Black Ink Nest to heal twenty to thirty percent of his injuries, so this Human Race Old Ancestor who cultivated a special cultivation technique was likely even worse.

Both times, she had been injured, yet she had still come to provoke him. This was a clear indication that she didn’t want others to have an easy time, how could she be so crazy?

The accumulation of two injuries wasn’t a big deal, but if this continued, even if she was a Ninth Order, her foundations would still be damaged.

Looking at this woman in front of him, he could faintly see the figure of the Ninth Order Supreme Master who had guarded Great Development Pass thirty thousand years ago.

That person… was also extremely crazy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to drag the previous Royal Lord down with him while he was severely injured by his sneak attack.

Humans… were indeed a terrifying race.

The two Supreme Masters stared at each other across space. Even though they didn’t say anything, nor did they engage in any kind of confrontation, the silent pressure still caused the Black Ink Clan’s army to fall silent.

“Why bother?” The Royal Lord looked at the Old Ancestor and spoke first.

Although it was just a random statement, how could the Old Ancestor not understand his meaning?

This man obviously felt that since everyone was injured, they should treat their own injuries. If they were to fight, their subordinate would have to work hard. Whether it was good or bad, it would all depend on their own performance. The two of them would not interfere.

This was extremely fair to either side.

What was the point of dragging her crippled body to provoke him? At that time, both sides would suffer heavy losses and neither side would gain an advantage.

Hearing this, Smiles Old Ancestor smiled, “The Human Race is weak, there’s nothing I can do about it. As an Old Ancestor, I naturally have to put in more effort.”

Counting this time, she had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord three times in total, and this was the first time she had spoken to him. The previous two times they had fought, they had not exchanged a single word.

The reason why they were willing to communicate with each other was because the East and West Army’s fleet was still on the way. If they could stall for time here, it would be beneficial to the Human Race’s next attack.

Because she was pressuring them here, the Black Ink Clan army she had disrupted was unable to effectively reorganize.

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord lowered his eyes, “Since you know that the Human Race is weak, why don’t you submit to my Black Ink Clan? The future of the Human Race is destined to be ruled by the Black Ink Clan. As the Human Race’s Supreme Master, I believe you won’t fail to see this point.”

Smiles Old Ancestor sneered, “Such shameless boasting, who gave you such confidence? Since ancient times, has the Black Ink Clan ever taken half a step out of the Ink Battlefield? As long as my Human Race can survive for a single breath, the Black Ink Clan’s scheme will never succeed.”

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord slowly shook his head, “Stubborn.”

Smiles Old Ancestor said, “Different paths lead to different goals!”

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord didn’t waste any more time talking nonsense, instead turning his head to look at the human race fleet approaching the King City from the distance and suggesting, “In today’s battle, neither of us will interfere, we’ll just watch from the sidelines, how about it?”

To be honest, even if he could borrow the power of the Black Ink Nest, he was not willing to fight with this human race Supreme Master.

Since he had yet to recover from his injuries, while borrowing the power of the Black Ink Nest would not put him in a disadvantageous position, it would also delay his healing process. What’s more, he was not confident he could take down his opponent.

If he really had the confidence to take down his opponent, he wouldn’t have wasted any time and would have already taken action.

Although they had only fought a few times, he had already noticed how difficult his opponent was.

Facing his proposal, Smiles Old Ancestor simply shook her head, “That won’t do. Since I’ve already come, I won’t stand by and watch.”

The Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord angrily shouted, “Don’t push your luck!”

The fact that he could suggest that both sides observe from the sidelines and not interfere in today’s battle was already a concession.

After all, before he came out of seclusion, Smiles Old Ancestor had already destroyed tens of thousands of the Black Ink Clan’s army and even killed the Territory Lord and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

The Royal Lord could ignore all of this, but he didn’t expect this woman to refuse.

The Royal Lord was naturally angry.

As soon as he finished speaking, a thick wave of Ink Force suddenly surged out from Smiles Old Ancestor’s side, transforming into a distorted human face as it let out a silent scream.

Although this howl was silent, it seemed to resound in the depths of one’s soul, causing one’s heart to tremble and their mind to become restless. Even an Eighth Order Master would be frozen for a moment after taking this blow.

This was obviously done by the Royal Lord.

At the same time that this strange Secret Technique appeared, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord pounced forward and struck out towards Smiles Old Ancestor.

Smiles Old Ancestor sneered, “Although you say you'll only watch, you’re not showing any mercy. As expected of the Royal Lord!”

The Royal Lord coldly snorted, “Since you’ve already refused, we can only fight.”


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