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When two armies charged into battle, it was a contest of momentum and courage.

Whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, neither of these two forces were lacking, especially at this moment when the two armies were both furious.

Smiles Old Ancestor’s misfortune had enraged the Human Race army, and her actions had enraged the Black Ink Clan army.

When the two angry armies collided, it was destined to be a bloody battle!

Under the assault of the Human Race’s soldiers, the Black Ink Clan soldiers at the forefront fell in droves, while the Human Race’s Battleships at the forefront were also rapidly flickering with light.

The Secret Techniques of the two sides crisscrossed in the void and blasted towards the opposing camp. In such a large-scale battle, there was no need to deliberately lock onto a target, all the attacks were focused on attacking the enemy’s gathering point.

From the moment the two armies came into contact, the battle seemed to have reached its climax.

In such a high intensity battle, the bodies of the Black Ink Clan’s soldiers were unable to withstand it, and many of them had fallen. Even the Human Race’s Battleships were unable to withstand it.

The three hundred Human Race Battleships at the forefront only lasted for less than ten breaths of time before their light dimmed and showed signs of collapsing.

In such a battlefield, if the Battleship’s defenses were broken, the entire team would face the wrath of the Black Ink Clan. At that time, the Seventh Order Open Heaven might still be able to escape, but those below the Seventh Order would be doomed to die.

Fortunately, the Human Race had already made arrangements.

There was no need for anyone to issue orders. When the people in the Battleship sensed that its defenses were about to reach a critical point, they would quickly retreat.

The Battleships from the rear came forward and formed a new barrier.

The Human Race’s thousands of Battleships continued to close in on the enemy’s army while trying to preserve their strength.

Batch after batch of Battleships were deployed, and the same number of Battleships were deployed.

Using this method, the Human Race suffered few casualties as the two armies charged forward.

During the second round of replacement, Dawn Battleship had already taken its place in front of them. At this moment, the team members responsible for controlling the protective arrays and artifacts were pouring their World Force into the Spirit Arrays and artifacts, trying their best to support Dawn Battleship for a while longer.

The team members responsible for attacking the Spirit Arrays and offensive artifacts were in a hurry to restore their strength. The first wave of attacks they had launched had consumed a lot of energy.

With Yang Kai leading the way, the many Seventh Order Open Heaven masters began to release their strength towards the incoming Black Ink Clan army.

After executing a series of Secret Techniques, there would always be some kind of harvest.

This was especially true for Bai Yi. In this situation, her archery skills were extremely threatening, and each of her arrows could basically take the life of a Feudal Lord. Her small body stood at the bow of the battleship, her eyes filled with a brilliant light. Obviously, she had already activated her Eye Technique to identify her targets in the chaotic battlefield.

Not far from Dawn Battleship was Old Turtle’s Battleship.

Old Turtle team had always been proficient in defense, so this situation was the best time for them to display their full strength. The entire Battleship blossomed with light, transforming into a thick turtle shell-like shield that blocked the wind and rain for the soldiers behind it.

When the Dawn Battleship had first arrived, Old Turtle team had already been at the forefront, and now they were continuing to resist. Moreover, judging from Old Turtle’s defensive strength, they should be able to resist for quite some time.

It had to be said that although Old Turtle team’s speed was a bit slow, they were quite proficient in the field of defense. With such characteristics, although they couldn’t snatch battle merits, using them as guards was the best.

The ordinary Battleships that had come earlier had already been replaced by a new batch, and even Dawn Battleship was beginning to show signs of collapse.

Although Dawn Battleship’s overall performance was not inferior to any other Battleship, it was still relatively balanced, unlike Old Turtle Battleship, which had outstanding defensive capabilities. Being able to hold on until now was already its limit.

Fortunately, the two of them were close enough that Breaking Dawn didn’t need to withdraw.

It was like two torrents colliding, causing the world to tremble and the void to become unstable.

In the blink of an eye, the Human Race fleet, under the leadership of the Guard-level Battleship, ruthlessly tore a hole in the Black Ink Clan army’s defensive line.

Behind them, the Battleships swarmed in and attacked the two sides of the Black Ink Clan, sending them flying.

The massive fleet transformed into a sharp blade and, after tearing apart the Black Ink Clan’s defensive line, continued for hundreds of thousands of kilometers until the Black Ink Clan’s army was cut off.

At this position, the leading Guard-level Battleship suddenly changed direction and charged towards the flank.

The fleet followed closely behind.

The leading Guard-level Battleship was personally guarded by Xiang Shan. For today’s plan, this Battleship had undergone some special modifications, and its personnel had been carefully arranged. Whether it was in terms of attack or defense, it was not something an ordinary team could compare with.

Such a Guard-level Battleship was perfect for making a sharp blade.

On the flank of the massive fleet, there were also a number of Eighth Order Open Heaven master personally guarding the other Guard-level Battleship. This way, under the protection of these Eighth Order Open Heaven, the entire fleet would be able to maintain a constant state of strength.

For this, the price the East and West armies paid was that the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters had lost their freedom to move.

If the Black Ink Clan wanted to break through, it was very simple. All they needed to do was gather enough strength to launch an attack on a certain point in the fleet.

As such, implementing such a strategy required the Human Race to take some risks, but it was equivalent to ensuring the integrity of their fleet.

Because only by doing so could they ensure that the losses suffered by the East and West armies were minimized.

The Black Ink Clan could disregard casualties, but the Human Race could not afford to expend too much casualties.

A few decades ago, Yang Kai had participated in the battle between the North and South Army and the Black Ink Clan’s army. During that battle, he had led two special elite squads from the North and South Army and used the Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability to open a path, slaughtering his way through the battlefield and cutting down the Black Ink Clan’s army.

The East and West armies' action today were exactly the same as his.

However, the scale of this battle was incomparable.

He was only leading two elite squads by himself while the East and West armies were operating together in a massive fleet, so the results were naturally extraordinary.

The Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord were somewhat stunned.

They had originally thought that the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven masters would seek them out and open up a new battlefield to fight, but now it seemed that the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven masters had no such intentions. All of the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven masters were guarding the periphery of the fleet.

If the Human Race’s fleet was compared to a giant dragon, then the Eighth Order masters were the scales of this giant dragon, and the entire Human Race army had condensed into a terrifying force.

Under the influence of Smiles Old Ancestor, their formation had been scattered, and although they had reorganized it while charging forward, the effect was not obvious.

Now that the Human Race’s fleet had taken action, their formation became even more chaotic.

Wherever the Human Race fleet passed, the Black Ink Clan would find it difficult to resist.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s masters attacked repeatedly, they were all blocked by the Eighth Order Open Heaven and numerous Battleships, causing them to sigh helplessly.

In just a short time, the long dragon of the Human Race fleet had cut through the battlefield and wrapped around the Black Ink Clan’s two hundred thousand strong army.

An overwhelming barrage of attacks poured out from the Battleships towards the Black Ink Clan army that had been cut apart.

The aura of life continued to fall.

At a certain moment, a terrifying blade light suddenly slashed out from the head of the fleet. As the blade flashed, the aura of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord rapidly dissipated.

The blade light came from Xiang Shan, who lead the leading Guard-level Battleship.

The instant the blade light flashed, both the Human Race and the Black Ink Clan felt their skin go cold.

On Dawn Battleship, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head to look at the blade light and exclaimed.

Although he had long heard that Xiang Shan’s strength was not something an ordinary Eighth Order cultivator could compare with, when he was the Regiment Commander of Blue Sky Pass, the Territory Lords on the Blue Sky War Zone had all been shocked.

It was said that at least a dozen or twenty Black Ink Clan Territory Lords had died at his hands.

However, all of this was just hearsay. Yang Kai had never seen Xiang Shan go all out.

Today, he had finally witnessed it.

With a single slash, a Territory Lord had fallen. In Yang Kai’s understanding, no Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator could accomplish such a feat.

Of course, it was not easy for Xiang Shan to unleash such a strike. The Black Ink Clan Territory Lord was panicking while being surrounded by the Battleships, but this was enough to show his strength.

After a single slash, the leading Guard-level Battleship immediately changed directions and led the Human Race’s fleet towards their base.

They had no choice but to leave. The arrangement of the Human Race’s great army this time was only suitable for a short period of thunderous battle. Once this delay was prolonged and the Black Ink Clan realized what was happening, the Human Race’s fleet would definitely fall into a swamp and be unable to escape.

Putting everything else aside, the Black Ink Clan masters only needed to gather their strength to attack a single point of the fleet, and they would be able to break through their numbers.

They couldn’t think of anything at the moment, mainly because everything had happened too quickly and the battlefield had become chaotic, making it difficult for them to unify, but as time passed, the Territory Lords would definitely be able to react.

In fact, the Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan had already reacted and were mobilizing their forces to attack the Human Race’s fleet.

Additionally, the Black Ink Clan army on the right side of the King City was already beginning to intercept the approaching Universe World, so it wouldn’t be long before they could take action.

At that time, the army of the Black Ink Clan on the right side would gather and the number of enemies the Human Race would have to face would increase exponentially.

As such, Xiang Shan decisively took advantage of the situation and led the Human Race fleet away.

Perhaps it was because of the blade strike just now, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were somewhat wary, this time, their escape was much smoother than they had imagined.

However, the Black Ink Clan obviously didn’t plan on allowing the Human Race to escape so easily. As the fleet was retreating, the Black Ink Clan’s army began attacking madly.

The Human Race knew that pursuing them at full speed was the easiest way to achieve victory, so how could the Black Ink Clan not know that after suffering such a great loss in the previous battle, this was the best time to take revenge.

For a time, the Black Ink Clan army chased after them, attacking the Human Race fleet from all directions.

Facing the Black Ink Clan’s attacks, the Human Race’s Guard-level Battleships rushed out from the periphery and moved to the rear of the fleet, joining forces to defend and retreat.

It wasn’t until they were ten million kilometers away from the King City that the Black Ink Clan’s pursuit stopped.


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