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From the looks of it now, this Human Race Old Ancestor had suppressed her previous injuries, presumably intending to destroy his Black Ink Nest while he was recuperating. It was likely that she hadn’t expected his counterattack to be so quick. If so, it would be impossible to stop halfway.

However, although the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord had the advantage, he was unable to expand it.

These two Supreme Masters’ current battlefield was above the King CIty. The Human Race’s Old Ancestor could freely vent her strength without any scruples, but the Royal Lord could not. He had to protect his Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest. For this, not only did he have to confront his opponent, but he also had to block all of her attacks.

The Black Ink Nest itself didn’t have much defensive power, so if it was really affected by the shockwaves of these two’s battle, it would be destroyed.

With such constraints, it was naturally extremely difficult for the Royal Lord to expand his advantage.

However, he quickly came up with a countermeasure and secretly issued an order. Three Territory Lords and seven Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples retreated from the right side of the King City’s defensive line to protect the Black Ink Nest.

Three Territory Lords and seven Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, a total of ten masters, were enough to stop the aftermath of their battle and ensure the safety of the Black Ink Nest.

The reason for this mobilization was because he had noticed that the right side of the defensive line didn’t need so many Black Ink Clan masters to guard it. After all, this time there were only six Universe Worlds. Sending ten of them to intercept the Universe World wouldn’t have much impact.

At the same time, a number of Feudal Lords flocked into the Black Ink Nest and came to the side of the Black Ink Pond, pouring the large amount of resources stored in their Space Rings into the Black Ink Pond.

Regardless of the quality of these materials, once they entered the Black Ink Pool, they were quickly swallowed and transformed into pure Ink Force.

In this way, as long as the Royal Lord was within the range of the King CIty, he could use the power of the Black Ink Nest to increase his strength, and with the constant flow of power from the Black Ink Nest, the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord became more courageous as the battle progressed, quickly stabilizing his position.

Smiles Old Ancestor wanted to break through his blockade several times and attack the Black Ink Nest, but she was always stopped by him.

Seeing this battle, the Human Race soldiers couldn’t help feeling somewhat anxious.

No one had expected that the Old Ancestor would actually fall into a disadvantageous position in this battle with the Royal Lord, but even so, the direction of the army’s advance did not change as it rushed towards the King CIty.

On Dawn Battleship, Yang Kai, who was watching the battle, frowned slightly.

This was quite different from what he had expected.

What puzzled him the most was that the Old Ancestor’s power would occasionally stagnate slightly. Although there was a great distance between them, because the Old Ancestor’s power was too great, Yang Kai could still sense it.

He could not be more familiar with this stagnation, it was obviously due to her injuries.

However, the Old Ancestor’s injuries had clearly healed, and in this short period of time, she had not suffered any major losses, so how could she have been injured again?

Unless it was the Old Ancestor’s intention to show weakness to the enemy.

Yang Kai had no intention of speculating what the Old Ancestor was thinking, but since she had deliberately shown such weakness, it meant that everything was under her control. Although on the surface she seemed to be at a disadvantage, in reality she had her own plans.

From the moment the Old Ancestor appeared and the giant blade slashed down, the Royal Lord had intercepted her and the two of them had been locked in a fierce battle for only half a cup of tea’s time.

In the sky above the King CIty, the Old Ancestor’s attacks continued, while the Black Ink Nest, which had obtained a large number of materials to supplement its Ink Force, was constantly providing assistance to the Royal Lord, so the more the Royal Lord fought, the more valiant he became.

Smiles Old Ancestor also seemed to realize that she couldn’t continue like this. If she wanted to destroy the Black Ink Nest, she had to bypass the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, but the Royal Lord who had borrowed the power of the Black Ink Nest was not someone she could ignore.

After a moment of entanglement, Smiles Old Ancestor suddenly retreated!

The Black Ink Clan Royal Lord took the initiative to act quickly, following her like a shadow, seemingly determined to stop her.

The Black Ink Clan army on the right side of the King CIty was instantly stunned…

These two Supreme Masters had actually broke into the position where they were guarding.

Just the shockwaves from their previous exchange had caused great pressure to the many weaker Black Ink Clan masters. Now that the battlefield had been shifted to them, how could they possibly endure?

The Royal Lord was furious. He had obviously seen through the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s intentions and was obviously trying to use the Black Ink Clan’s army to make him hesitate.

How could the Royal Lord allow her to do as she wished? When he followed her, his attacks were as fierce as ever, completely disregarding the life and death of his Black Ink Clan army.

To him, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was his greatest enemy. If he could kill her today, it wouldn’t matter even if his entire army died.

The violent collision of energy sent the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers on the right side of the King CIty into a state of chaos, instantly causing countless casualties. The shockwaves from the battle were so strong that even the Feudal Lords would die if they were unlucky, let alone the High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clan.

The Territory Lords were even more furious than the Royal Lords. These dead Black Ink Clans were all subordinate forces under their command, so if they lost their subordinate forces, what use would it be for them?

A portion of the Territory Lords ran off to lead the army out of this place, lest more people die.

The other group of Territory Lords led their Eighth Order Black Black Ink Disciples to attack Smiles Old Ancestor.

The battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord was extremely grand and ordinary people naturally couldn’t interfere, but the Territory Lord and an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple still had this ability.

If the Human Race’s Old Ancestor wanted to use the Black Ink Clan’s army to force the Royal Lord to act cautiously, wouldn’t that be a huge risk? Being alone in the midst of the enemy forces meant that she would be surrounded on all sides.

However, Smiles Old Ancestor had clearly anticipated this. Without waiting for the Black Ink Clan’s army to withdraw from this area, she suddenly raised her hand and tossed out a small bell. The small bell expanded and instantly transformed into a transparent barrier that enveloped her.

The Royal Lord’s terrifying attack and the Secret Techniques of the many Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple simultaneously struck the small bell, causing the protective barrier to ripple and instantly dim.

The small bell that the Old Ancestor had summoned was obviously of a high grade, but even so, it had been beaten down in an extremely short time.

However, taking advantage of this brief moment of protection, the Old Ancestor’s hands began to form a series of hand seals as she muttered under her breath, “Yin-Yang Transformation, Chaos Arise!”

Under the pressure of the World Force, a giant Yin-Yang Fish pattern spread out and enveloped the three hundred thousand Black Ink Clan soldiers.

In the blink of an eye, Yin and Yang evolved and chaos filled the air.

From the Yin-Yang Fish that shrouded the void, a number of strange threads stretched out. These threads seemed to have no strength, but when they cut through some of the Black Ink Clan’s bodies, they suddenly became incomparably sharp and easily cut them into countless pieces.

The aura of death enveloped the entire void.

In less than three breaths of time, the protective barrier covering the Old Ancestor’s body had been shattered, and the moment it shattered, the Old Ancestor suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand forward.

An Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple who was eager to perform a meritorious deed suddenly felt his body tense up as if he had been caught by a great force and his face paled.

When he looked down, he saw that countless threads had unknowingly stretched out from beneath his feet, tightly binding him and rapidly cutting into his body.

The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple was horrified and hurriedly circulated his Small Universe’s power to resist.

However, something even more terrifying happened. As soon as he activated his Small Universe’s power, he felt the Small Universe tremble violently.

Quickly using his Divine Sense, he saw that the threads binding him had broken through his Small Universe’s barrier, transforming into an incomparably sharp attack that cut the Small Universe apart.

The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple instantly understood that this was a Secret Technique specifically targeted at the Small Universe.

In terms of understanding of a cultivator's Small Universe, there was no one in this world who was better than the Old Ancestors. Moreover, the Old Ancestor’s grade was enough to crush him, and now that she had used a Secret Technique to deal with the Small Universe, how could he possibly resist?

It was laughable that when he saw that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor were at disadvantage against the Royal Lord, he wanted to take advantage of the situation.

However, now that he had failed to take advantage of this situation, his life was likely going to be lost here.

As this thought flashed through his mind, his Small Universe collapsed, and his life aura quickly dissipated.

Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples indeed had the qualifications to interfere in the struggle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord, but there were also great risks involved.

It wasn’t just this Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, many other Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples also had similar encounters. Within the Yin-Yang Fish pattern, the threads that stretched out from the Yin-Yang Fish instantly broke through their Small Universe’s barrier, transforming into a devastating attack that swept through their Small Universe’s body.

Under such circumstances, many of the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had no choice but to settle down and focus on resisting this Secret Technique.

The Territory Lords did not have Small Universe, so they would not be targeted by this Secret Technique. However, how could the Old Ancestor’s Secret Technique only be effective against the Small Universe?

The countless threads that stretched out were not to be underestimated.

The Territory Lords were all covered in cuts and bruises, their black blood spurting out, but they still charged towards the Old Ancestor without fear of death, intending to use their numbers to their advantage.

The Royal Lord’s attacks never stopped, and under the pressure of this violent energy, the Old Ancestor didn’t dare to be careless.

However, inside this Yin-Yang Territory pattern, the Old Ancestor’s figure was obviously much more nimble, her movements so swift that even the Royal Lord found it difficult to grasp.

A dozen breaths after the Yin-Yang Fish pattern appeared, the Black Ink Clan’s army suffered heavy casualties, the Territory Lords were all injured, and the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples was unable to protect themselves.

However, with the advantage of numbers, the many masters of the Black Ink Clan finally cooperated with the Royal Lord and surrounded the Human Race’s Old Ancestor.

At this moment, the Old Ancestor, who was wearing a mourning robe, smiled lightly and her figure sank into the Yin-Yang Chaos and disappeared.

The Royal Lord’s Secret Technique hit nothing but air.

But soon, he turned his head towards a certain direction and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

In that direction was the location where seventy percent of the Black Ink Clan’s army was stationed, the left side of the King City!

The scene of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor attacking the Black Ink Nest and the Black Ink Clan powerhouses on the right side was witnessed by the Territory Lords on the left.

Although they wanted to step forward and assist, because the human army was advancing towards the King CIty, they could only watch helplessly.

With a single glance, they were able to tell what had happened.


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