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Dawn Battleship was located on the flank of the massive fleet and was basically close to the periphery.

In this kind of position, once a battle broke out, the situation would be more dangerous for Battleships that were in a deeper position, because they would be attacked by the Black Ink Clan first.

This arrangement was naturally intentional by the higher ups. The Dawn Squad was a special elite team with powerful personnel and the performance of Dawn Battleship was not something an ordinary Battleship could compare with. Naturally, they would be placed in a place where it would be easier to fight against the Black Ink Clan.

When the Old Ancestor appeared, the group of team members on Dawn Battleship were all dumbstruck.

At this moment, the Space Array on Breaking Dawn’s Day began to fluctuate, and Feng Ying turned her head to see a familiar figure walking out from it.

“Team Leader!” Feng Ying called out happily, and the team members also began to greet Yang Kai.

All these years, Yang Kai had been helping the Old Ancestor heal her injuries and had not shown up for a long time. Although Breaking Dawn had Feng Ying leading the way, it felt like something was missing.

Now that Yang Kai had shown himself, the feeling of something missing could be made up for.

No matter where it was, as long as it was a place where people gathered, it would always be the backbone of the group.

To the people of the Dawn Squad, Yang Kai was their pillar of support.

Yang Kai nodded slightly and walked to the front of the deck. Looking up, he couldn’t help but click his tongue.

This time, the Black Ink Clan was going to suffer greatly. For their Old Ancestor to act so arrogantly, it was obvious she was in a bad mood and wanted to vent.

Although her strength had recovered and her memories had been unsealed, her hundred years of life experience still left an indelible impression in the Old Ancestor’s heart.

For Smiles, the father and mother who had raised her have passed away, so her mood naturally wasn’t too good.

“What happened to Old Ancestor? Did any of her relatives pass away?” Feng Ying asked the question many people were wondering.

“It’s a long story,” Yang Kai didn’t know how to explain it. After all, it was related to the Old Ancestor, so he couldn’t simply say it.

“How are Old Ancestor’s injuries?” Qi Taichu quickly asked. This was what the Human Race needed to worry about.

Everyone knew that the Old Ancestor was recuperating, and everyone had speculated how long it would take for her to recover.

Although there was no clear answer, it was a widely accepted conclusion after hundreds of years. There were also soldiers who had been transferred from Yin Yang Pass, so they knew more about the mysteries of the Old Ancestor’s healing than anyone else.

The time it would take to recover is about hundreds of years.

Therefore, almost everyone believed that it would take at least fifty years before the Old Ancestor would act again.

No one had expected that in less than thirty years, the Old Ancestor would come out of seclusion and attack the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

“Her injuries are fine,” Yang Kai replied.

Feng Ying’s eyes lit up, “Does that mean we’re going to fight for real this time?”

Over the past twenty years, the tens of thousands of soldiers of the East and West Army had been mobilized on several large scale to attack the Black Ink Clan’s King City, but each time, they had only been able to shake off a small storm. Although this was an extremely ingenious strategy and had caused the Black Ink Clan to suffer quite a bit, the Human Race’s soldiers were still eager to engage in a great battle with the Black Ink Clan and show them the strength of the Human Race on the battlefield!

They had been waiting for this battle for nearly thirty years.

From the moment the East and West Army stepped into the territory of the Great Evolution War Zone, they had been waiting for this day to arrive.

Yang Kai nodded, “Since Old Ancestor has already taken action, the East and West armies will not return empty-handed!”

Everyone looked at each other in excitement.

This was not only true for the Dawn Squad, but also for all the Human Race’s Battleships.

In fact, the moment the Old Ancestor appeared and attacked the King City, basically everyone knew that this time, the army was no longer feigning an attack, but was instead going to fight the Black Ink Clan openly.

Tens of thousands of soldiers were rubbing their fists in anticipation!

In the void, the giant blade condensed and slashed down in an instant.

Before the attack had even arrived, an unparalleled force had already enveloped the entire King City. The Black Ink Clan army stationed on both sides of the King City were all struck by this force, and many of the weaker Black Ink Clan masters found it difficult to resist. Black blood spurted from their bodies as if they had been cut into a million pieces, and in the blink of an eye, they were covered in wounds and died.

The stronger Black Ink Clan’s performance was slightly better, but it was also quite difficult to make any progress.

Only the Territory Lords and Feudal Lords could resist this terrifying pressure and sharp force.

The giant blade pointed straight towards the giant Black Ink Nest in the middle of the King City.

This was the foundation of the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan. As long as they could destroy the Black Ink Nest, they would be able to cut off all communication between the Black Ink Clan and eradicate the subsequent forces of the Black Ink Clan. If they could destroy the Black Ink Nest, they would be able to win half of this battle, and the rest would be to slowly eat up the existing Black Ink Clan before the Great Evolution War Zone could be wiped out.

At that time, the entire war zone would be under the control of the Human Race. Since the Ink Battlefield had existed until now, no human race mountain pass had been able to accomplish such a feat. If the Great Evolution Army could do so, they would definitely be able to create a new era for the Human Race.

Under the countless gazes of the two clans’ soldiers, the giant blade slashed down.

Just as it was about to reach the Black Ink Nest, a furious roar resounded through the air, “How dare you act so presumptuously!”

Accompanied by a roar, a pitch-black hand suddenly stretched out from the Black Ink Nest and grabbed towards the giant blade.

The giant hand was completely condensed from a rich Ink Force, but the various patterns on it were extremely clear, making it look like a giant hand had been enlarged countless times.

When the pitch-black hand appeared, the aura of a Royal Lord filled the air.

Smiles Old Ancestor wanted to destroy the Black Ink Nest, so how could the Royal Lord, who was currently sleeping and healing inside the Black Ink Nest, not notice? He was instantly awakened and immediately reacted.

In the end, the giant blade didn’t hit the Black Ink Nest and was caught halfway by the pitch-black hand. A dazzling light burst out as the Royal Lord and Old Ancestor’s power collided.

Looking around, one could only see that above the King City, bright light and darkness were confronting each other. In an instant, the dazzling giant blade pressed down fiercely, and the giant pitch-black hand seemed to be unable to resist and slowly retreated towards the Black Ink Nest.

Almost all of the Black Ink Clan’s masters felt their hearts jump to their throats. This scene was obviously because the Royal Lord was at a disadvantage.

The Black Ink Clan was terrified. If even the Royal Lord couldn’t resist, how could they protect the Black Ink Nest? Once the Black Ink Nest was destroyed, no matter how many of them there were, they would be nothing but a rootless tree, a sourceless water that would eventually dry up.

Just as the Black Ink Clan’s hearts were filled with anxiety, the Black Ink Nest suddenly surged with an even stronger Ink Force and poured it into the giant hand.

With this assistance, the giant pitch-black hand, which seemed to have fallen into a disadvantageous position, slowly regained its momentum and began to descend, showing signs of retaliation.

The Black Ink Clan members cheered.

In such a situation, it was obvious that the Royal Lord had been ambushed just now, causing him to fall into a temporary disadvantage. When the Royal Lord reacted, how could the Human Race’s Old Ancestor be his opponent?

After all, the Royal Lord in charge of the Black Ink Nest was able to use the power of the Black Ink Nest to display strength that surpassed his own.

The confrontation between the giant blade and the giant pitch-black hand quickly came to an end, and with a fierce clench of the giant hand, the giant blade disintegrated into specks of light and disappeared.

Just as the giant blade disappeared, the Old Ancestor’s figure also transformed into a streak of light and shot towards the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

The furious Royal Lord rushed towards her, and two figures, one big and one small, collided in the sky above the King City, instantly causing the world to collapse.

Unlike the last time they had fought, this time the Royal Lord had used his full strength.

This was his King City and his Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, so no matter what, he had to stop the Human Race’s Old Ancestor from harming the Black Ink Nest.

In the midst of this fierce battle, the Royal Lord was filled with anger.

He had never imagined that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would come knocking on his doorstep so soon.

Although he had only fought with the other party once and suffered some losses in that battle, it was not a big deal. With the help of the information he had obtained from the Royal Lord of the Yin Yang War Zone, he learned a lot about this Human Race Old Ancestor, but the Human Race Old Ancestor knew nothing about him.

Therefore, after the last battle, he concluded that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would need at least a hundred years of rest before she could attack again.

A hundred years was enough time for him to use the Black Ink Nest to heal his injuries. At that time, he would definitely be able to catch the Human Race’s Old Ancestor off guard.

Who would have thought that after just twenty or thirty years, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor would come knocking on his doorstep?

Had she fully recovered from her injuries? Wouldn’t attacking so frequently damage her foundation?

According to the information he had obtained, this Human Race Old Ancestor from Yin Yang Pass cultivated a very special technique that make it extremely difficult for her to heal her injuries. It was impossible for her to completely recover in such a short time.

However, the exchange just now had shocked him greatly.

If it weren’t for him borrowing the power of the Black Ink Nest, with his current condition, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s attack would have been impossible to block. Because of this, the energy stored in the Black Ink Nest that was enough for him to heal for ten years, had been completely consumed in just a dozen breaths of time.

Currently, the Black Ink Nest was basically an empty nest without any reserves.

However, he soon discovered that his judgment was wrong. The Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s injuries should not have fully healed, because when they fought, he could clearly feel that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s movements were sluggish.

This is the most obvious characteristic of her injuries. Although the Human Race’s Old Ancestor tried her best to conceal them, they could not escape his senses.

This made him greatly relieved.

If the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s healing speed was so fast, it would be a disaster for the Black Ink Clan. Now that the other party had only used a Secret Technique to suppress her injuries, she was digging her own grave.

The injuries she had suppressed would eventually erupt several times over.

Everyone was injured and had yet to recover, so no one could take advantage of the other.

If the Royal Lord had only speculated at the beginning, after exchanging blows with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, he had confirmed this point.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s injuries were definitely not fully healed. Although she was still as unreasonable as before and her attacks were fierce, it was difficult to conceal the true nature of her strength.

At the beginning, the Royal Lord had been at a slight disadvantage, but after a while, the two sides were evenly matched, and after a while, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was at a disadvantage.

The Royal Lord did not show mercy when he gained the upper hand. Today was a good opportunity to severely wound or even kill his opponent, so how could he miss it?


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