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With Yang Kai’s help, Smiles set up a mourning hall in her home and all the hunters in the village came to pay their respects.

Three days later, a new grave appeared in the mountain.

In front of the grave, Smiles knelt down for a long time, a thick sense of sadness enveloping her. Even though her father and mother had left peacefully, living in the same home, much happier than most ordinary people, they had still left.

The world seemed to be changing.

Yang Kai, who had been standing behind Smiles all this time, looked up. As the ruler of the Small Universe, he was especially sensitive to the changes in this world.

In front of the grave, Smiles kowtowed three times to bid farewell.

As soon as she stood up, the World Essence which filled the Small Universe’s entire body began to converge on her from all directions, swallowing her whole.

In less than a dozen breaths, Smiles’s aura had undergone a massive change.

Yang Kai felt that his Small Universe was trembling slightly, causing his expression to become solemn.

One had to know that his Small Universe was currently in a state of spreading out, not to mention that the Small Universe still had the World Tree Subtree inside him. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for his Small Universe to be shaken, unless there is something in the Small Universe that surpass Yang Kai's strength.

Fortunately, the tremors soon subsided.

Yang Kai bowed and said, “Welcome back, Old Ancestor!”

Smiles’ figure didn’t move as she stared at the new grave in front of her and said, “In my life, ever since I stepped onto the path of cultivation, my life has been smooth sailing. With my Master protecting me and my fellow disciples taking care of me, my cultivation has improved by leaps and bounds. My cultivation has never reached its limit. Emperor Realm, Open Heaven, Old Ancestor. For others, it may be impossible to achieve in their lifetime. I can accomplish it with ease.”

Yang Kai praised the Old Ancestor’s domineeringness in her heart!

The Old Ancestor continued, “However, I have always had a regret in my heart. Before I entered the Sect, I was just a little orphan who had never seen my birth parents. I didn’t know where my parents were, so I naturally didn’t enjoy the joy of living under their care.”

“This life is something I’ve never experienced before, so I must thank you for this.”

Yang Kai didn’t dare say anything.

However, after listening to the Old Ancestor’s explanation, Yang Kai finally understood why the Old Ancestor had sealed her memories and instinctively stopped him from concealing her.

She had obviously noticed something when the hunters approached her.

Experiencing such a regretful life that she had never experienced before was of great help to her recovery.

Although there was a marketplace in Yin Yang Pass where countless Open Heaven assists the Old Ancestor's healing, those Open Heaven Stage masters knew the identity of the Old Ancestor, so all of their actions were deliberate.

The hundred years he had lived in Yang Kai’s Small Universe was different.

The hunter couple had never known that the child they had picked up from the mountains was actually a Ninth Order Supreme Cultivator. The husband and wife had poured all their love and affection into this child, and the Old Ancestor who had sealed her memory was like an ordinary child, happily serving the hunter couple.

This life experience made up for the Old Ancestor’s regret.

The last time she had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, the Old Ancestor had suffered heavy injuries. Because she had planned to fight to mutual injuries, she had not held back at all.

This kind of injury could almost be said to be the most serious injury the Old Ancestor had ever suffered in her life, otherwise she wouldn’t have been unconscious for so long.

Even in Yin Yang Pass’s marketplace, such injuries would take hundreds of years to heal.

The healing effect of Yang Kai’s Small Universe was better than that of Yin Yang Pass’s marketplace, but it was not less than two hundred years.

But now, only a hundred years had passed and the Old Ancestor’s injuries had healed. All of this was naturally the benefit of this life experience.

In other words, allowing the Old Ancestor to experience something she had never experienced before could help her quickly heal.

Yang Kai thought to himself.

“From today onwards, my name is Smiles!” The Old Ancestor said, “In any case, it has been many years since anyone called me by my name, so I have almost forgotten what my name is.”

Yang Kai was stunned and naturally didn’t dare to refute. 'You are the Ancestor, so you have the final say.'

Inheriting the name of this hundred-year life was not only a form of nostalgia, but also a form of gratitude to the hunter couple. It was their lifelong love that made up for Smiles’ regret.

Although they were only mortals while Smiles was a Ninth Order Supreme Cultivator, the two mortals in Yang Kai’s Small Universe played an important role in Smiles Old Ancestor's healing, possibly even affecting the war between the two races.

This was something the hunter couple would never have imagined.

However, with the temperament of the hunter couple, even if they knew, they would only laugh heartily. To them, the more promising their daughter was, the better.

Just as Yang Kai was lost in thought, he suddenly felt a will pass through his Small Universe’s barrier and reach the outside world. It was the will of the Old Ancestor.

In the Universe World's camp, the Human Race army was recuperating.

Speaking of which, ever since they arrived at the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the army had been recuperating. Other than being dragged out by the higher-ups every time, they had never fought the Black Ink Clan head-on.

However, no one in the army complained. Although the higher-ups’ strategy was somewhat obscene, the effect was obvious.

With the help of the army, the Black Ink Clan was able to divert their attention and each time they attacked, the results would be quite good.

Many soldiers were looking forward to how many times they would have to act to kill the Black Ink Clan’s million strong army.

However, considering that the Black Ink Clan would also replenish their forces, this kind of thing probably wouldn’t happen.

After twenty to thirty years of standoff and recuperation, the Human Race’s soldiers had either taken turns mining resources or cultivated on their own, each of them growing stronger.

However, the growth of Open Heaven Stage cultivator required time to stabilize, so this growth had nothing to do with the overall situation.

At this time, not only were the ordinary soldiers cultivating, but the higher-ups of the army were also doing the same.

The Central Army Expelling Black Ink Battleship was currently hovering above the Universe World's camp, facing the direction of the Black Ink Clan’s King City and monitoring any movements in the King City.

Although it was unlikely that the Black Ink Clan would take the initiative to attack, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Inside the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Xiang Shan, Liu Zhiping, and the other Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs were all meditating in their respective rooms.

At this moment, a will swept across the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, startling all of the higher-ups who were meditating.

In the next instant, everyone’s faces lit up with joy. It was obvious that this will belonged to the Old Ancestor.

After the great battle with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, the Old Ancestor had entered Yang Kai’s Small Universe to treat her injuries, but there had been no news of her since then. Xiang Shan had also asked Yang Kai about the progress of the Old Ancestor’s recovery, and Yang Kai could only say that it had gone smoothly.

He had originally thought that the Old Ancestor would take at least forty or fifty years this time, but he hadn’t expected her to appear in just twenty years.

Was the Old Ancestor’s injuries healed? Wasn’t this speed a bit too fast?

Following this will was an order.

All of a sudden, the quiet Expelling Black Ink Battleship became lively as one higher-up after another walked out from their respective rooms and quickly gathered in the meeting hall.

After a while, everyone gathered.

Xiang Shan turned to look at an Eighth Order Cultivator and asked, “Junior Brother Zhou, how many Universe World have we prepared?”

This Eighth Order surnamed Zhou was in charge of dispatching people to move the Universe World from the void so that the Array Masters could set up an array.

Since the Eighth Order surnamed Zhou was in charge of this matter, he was naturally very serious and immediately replied, “Ten days ago, there was news that there were five Universe Worlds available, and the sixth one is currently being arranged.”

Xiang Shan nodded. It had only been four years since the last attack on the Black Ink Clan’s King City, so being able to find five suitable Universe World and arrange them properly was already quite efficient.

According to the plan of Xiang Shan and the others, they should have gathered at least ten or even fifteen Universe Worlds to launch an attack.

But now, this plan needed to be changed.

“Old Ancestor intends to attack the King City, so we need to use the six Universe Worlds.”

The Eighth Order surnamed Zhou said, “Six is a small number, so it may not have any effect. Should we discuss with Old Ancestor to delay the attack?”

Xiang Shan shook his head and said, “Compared to the casualties caused to the Black Ink Clan’s army, it’s more important to not let the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord heal in peace. Now that the Old Ancestor’s injuries have recovered, she can take action, but the Royal Lord may not. If we delay, the Black Ink Clan will take advantage of it.”

Zhou Xian nodded and said, “Senior Brother Xiang is right, I didn’t consider it carefully.”

Liu Zhiping continued, “Moreover, this time, the Old Ancestor will act to compensate for the shortcomings of the Universe Worlds.”

An Old Ancestor was far more threatening to the Black Ink Clan than a few Universe Worlds, so there was no need to worry about the number of Universe Worlds.

“Since that’s the case, send a message over and begin,” Xiang Shan concluded.

Soon, the Eighth Order surnamed Zhou stepped out of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and activated the Universe Escape Law, using the Universe Formation to travel to the other Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

The place where the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was located was less than ten days away from here, the place where the Human Race’s army had set up the Universe World.

With the help of the ten day journey, with the help of the spirit arrays, all of the Universe Worlds could reach a terrifying speed as they flew towards the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

In order to facilitate communication, the second Expelling Black Ink Battleship of the East and West armies was placed there.

While the East and West armies were making various arrangements, the army was quickly mobilized and all the soldiers who were cultivating began to get busy.

Inside the Small Universe, Smiles Old Ancestor stood in front of the grave, quietly watching and chatting with Yang Kai.

Although her injuries had healed, her memories had been unsealed, and the Old Ancestor is back, but these hundred years of life had never been erased.

The two people in the tomb would forever be Smiles’ family.

Basically, it was just Smiles Old Ancestor talking while Yang Kai is just listened.

She was talking about her daily life with the hunter couple. It was hard to imagine that a Ninth Order Supreme Cultivator would reveal a sincere smile when talking about this.

However, this was the case for Smiles Old Ancestor. Yang Kai thought that this was perhaps the difference between Smiles Old Ancestor and the other Old Ancestors. Smiles Old Ancestor was more lively and not so aloof and remote.


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