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Seeing the despicable actions of the Human Race army, many of the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords were enraged.

They couldn’t help wondering if their decision to set up defenses outside the King City and defend it was wrong.

The Black Ink Clan, who only knew how to defend, was like a fierce beast that had lost its claws and teeth. They posed no threat to the Human Race at all. Even if the Human Race were to nail their camp to their doorstep, they could not do anything.

If they could also launch an attack, how could they allow the Human Race to come and go as they pleased?

However, this thought only appeared in the minds of some Territory Lords and none of them dared to vent it out. After all, guarding the King City was an order given to them by the Royal Lord before he fell asleep.

The only thing that made the Territory Lords rejoice was that the Human Race’s attack this time had not interfered with their Royal Lord’s healing.

This time, although the number of Universe Worlds attacking from the right side of the King City was several times higher than the last, under the obstruction of the Black Ink Clan’s army, all of the Universe Worlds were destroyed halfway and stopped.

There was no disturbance to the King City.

The price they had to pay was even higher than the previous one.

This was unavoidable. Compared to disturbing the Royal Lord’s healing, the Territory Lords would rather suffer more casualties.

However, after experiencing this twice, the Black Ink Clan had also seen through the Human Race’s intentions.

With the help of these Universe Worlds, the Human Race could easily bring about losses to the Black Ink Clan without even having to expend a single soldier. After two attack in the past few years, the Black Ink Clan’s army had lost a hundred thousand people.

If this situation continued for a long time, the Black Ink Clan’s million strong army would probably be completely exhausted. At that time, what would the Black Ink Clan use to resist the attacks of the Human Race’s army? Would they rely on the Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples?

Although they were powerful, the Human Race also had an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, and their numbers were not inferior.

The longer this dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for the Black Ink Clan.

Currently, the only one the Black Ink Clan could count on was the Royal Lord who was currently healing his injuries, hoping that his injuries would improve faster than the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s, thus recovering the decline. Of course, if the Black Ink Clan from Great Evolution Pass could provide reinforcements, that would be for the best. At that time, the Black Ink Clan would be able to launch a pincer attack on the Human Race’s army, making it impossible for them to retreat.

Since the second time they had attacked the Black Ink Clan’s King City with the help of the Universe World, the Human Race had done so every few years.

However, in general, the time gap between the attack was getting longer.

The second attack was only five years away from the first, but the third was seven years away, and the fourth was ten years.

Such a change was inevitable.

In the void, although there were countless Universe Worlds, there weren’t many that were suitable for setting up arrays and attacking the King City. After all, this kind of thing required great consideration.

If the volume is too large, the consumption to set up the spirit arrays would be too much, and if their numbers were too small, they wouldn’t pose any threat to the Black Ink Clan.

The appropriate size was the only standard for the Human Race to choose these Universe Worlds.

Searching for these suitable Universe Worlds would take time, and mining resources would also take time. When the nearby Universe Worlds were used up, the Human Race would naturally go to the distant void to search.

This was the reason why the gap between the attack was growing longer.

However, in general, the higher ups of the East and West armies had always carried out this strategy, never wavering. In the twenty years since the East and West armies had pinned the Universe Worlds to the Black Ink Clan’s King City, they had attacked the Black Ink Clan’s King City four times.

The East and West armies did not suffer any losses because they had never fought with the Black Ink Clan directly. Each time, under Xiang Shan’s command, the Battleship fleet would rise up and close in on the King City before retreating.

However, the results were extremely good.

The four times they had attack with the Universe World, the amount of resources they had expended was difficult to calculate, resulting in more than three hundred thousand casualties to the Black Ink Clan, many of which were Feudal Lords and Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples.

The Territory Lord and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, on the other hand, did not die, but each time the Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple who were responsible for defending against the Universe World's attack were also exhausted.

Looking back towards the Black Ink Clan’s King City, although there were still a million Black Ink Clan troops stationed outside the city, their numbers had not decreased.

However, their overall strength was slightly weaker than before.

The Black Ink Clan army that had first gathered outside the King City were all elite masters of the various Territory Lords. The ones who had died in battle were at most lower level Black Ink Clan cultivators with low strength. These Black Ink Clan cultivators had very limited use on the battlefield, but it wasn’t a problem for them to make up for it with their numbers.

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty years had passed in the outside world. In the Small Universe, spring passed and winter arrived. The four seasons alternated, and over a hundred years had passed.

The small mountain village was still the same small mountain village, slightly larger than before, but still limited.

The hunters in the village, like their ancestors, lived by hunting. Before the old hunter died, they passed on their bow and arrow to the next generation and continued to reproduce.

Inside the small courtyard, the family of three was enjoying themselves.

After more than a hundred years, the hunter couple had aged beyond recognition.

Right now, both of them were at least a hundred and fifty years old. Such an age, if placed on an ordinary person who had never cultivated before, would definitely be considered a long life.

Comparatively speaking, the old woman was more powerful. Perhaps it was because she had worried too much when she was young, but now she was no longer as strong as before. Although she was still tall, she looks thin and bony, her skin was dull, and her eyes were cloudy.

The hunter was still somewhat spirited, but his hair was already white.

The two elderly sat side by side in their chairs, basking in the warm afternoon sun.

Smiles squatted down in front of them, holding the hand of the old man as she listened to the hunter’s chatter about many small matters, with a faint smile on her face.

The things the hunter talked about were very scattered. Some of them were stories of his younger days when he was traveling around the world, some of them were stories of him returning to the mountain village to hunt, but most of them were stories of him picking up Smiles. He recalled how Smiles had woken up from her coma, how she had called him ‘Father’ for the first time, how she had brought Smiles up the mountain to hunt.

It was as if he was trying to recall his entire life, a heavy sense of satisfaction filling his heart.

Smiles is just listening, the smile on her face never changes.

The burly woman’s eyes were originally cloudy, but suddenly she shivered and slapped the hunter’s thigh, calling out, “It’s getting late, go call Smiles back to eat.”

The hunter grimaced in pain. Although his wife’s body wasn’t as strong as it was when she was young, her slap was still as heavy as ever. In this life, the hunter had learned a lot.

Smiles turned around and said, “Mother, I’m here.”

Hearing this, the burly woman lowered her head and stared blankly for a moment before smiling, “Smiles, how did you suddenly grow so big?”

Smiles said, “Mother, I ate a lot so I grew up.”

Hearing this, the burly woman nodded, “Yes, yes, it’s good to grow up. You can’t stay small forever, it’s good to grow up.”

Since more than ten years ago, the burly woman’s consciousness had become somewhat unclear. This was a problem many older people had.

However, even though her mind was muddled, she was still worried about Smiles’ not growing bigger, even though it had been more than a hundred years ago.

Perhaps in her memory, this was the thing that worried her the most, so she had never forgotten it.

After muttering to herself for a while, the turbid look in the burly woman’s eyes suddenly brightened and the gloominess in her eyes quickly dissipated. Lowering her head, she softly called out, “Smiles?”

Just like when Smiles was still a child, she had called her that.

“Mother.” Smiles placed her cheek against the strong woman’s hand, the rough texture of her skin brushing against her tender face, but the pain is in her heart.

“Smiles has grown up, she’s a big girl now,” The strong woman said softly.

Smiles nodded.

“You must take good care of yourself in the future,” The burly woman reminded.

“Mother, don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself,” Smiles nodded repeatedly.

“If you meet someone you like, don’t hesitate. In a woman’s life, if she doesn’t have a family, it will always be incomplete.”

“I’ll remember.”

“Smiles is the most obedient,” The burly woman said with a gratified look on her face, “Mother is a bit tired, Mother will sleep for a while.”

Smiles raised her head and smiled, “Mother, I will sing for you.”

“Sure,” The burly woman smiled and nodded.

Smiles laughed lightly, just like when she was young, her Mother had often hummed a nursery rhyme to her at night.

After singing the nursery rhyme, the burly woman closed her eyes and leaned her head on the hunter’s shoulder, falling into a deep sleep with a smile on her face.

The hunter let out a soft sigh and whispered, “Your mother has already told you that you’re a big girl, so I have nothing to say to you. There’s only one thing I want to say, this village is too small. Go out and take a look. Us old couple has delayed you for so many years, it’s time for you to spread your wings.”

Smiles shook her head vigorously, “Being able to be my father and mother’s daughter is my greatest joy.”

The hunter smiled happily, “I’m relieved to hear you say so.”

Pausing for a moment, he whispered, “Don’t be fooled by your mother’s tall stature, she’s afraid of loneliness. I’ll sleep with her for a while, you can go play by yourself.”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand and hugged his wife, who had accompanied him for more than a hundred years, into a comfortable position before closing his eyes.

Smiles stared fixedly at this scene, feeling as if a knife was being twisted in her heart, yet she was helpless.

She is now an Emperor Realm, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell. But with her eyesight as an Emperor Realm, how could she not see that her parents’ vitality was rapidly dissipating?

Although she had given the hunter and his wife many nourishing items over the years, mortals were still mortals after all. No one could change their fate.

The hunter couple being able to live for a hundred and fifty years was already the result of her hard work. If Smiles hadn’t given them some nourishing supplements, the hunter couple would probably have died at a hundred years old age.

A moment later, the sound of light footsteps came from behind.

Smiles turned around, tears silently streaming down her face as she choked out, “Mister, Father and Mother... they’ve left!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly and walked over to her side, “The two of them left peacefully, they no longer have any worries about their life.”

Smiles turned around and threw herself into Yang Kai’s arms, wailing, “Smiles no longer has parents.”

Yang Kai gently patted her back and comforted her, “It’s enough that you once had them.”


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