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Year after year, day after day, Smiles had finally grown into a mature woman. Although her clothes were rough, it was still difficult to conceal her peerless beauty.

Within a radius of a hundred kilometers, countless people had come to ask for marriage.

All of them were sent flying by Smiles.

Initially, the hunter couple were still laughing and watching, thinking that these brutes weren’t worthy of their little girl and deserved to be beaten.

However, as Smiles grew older, the couple couldn’t help feeling worried.

When he had picked up Smiles in the mountains, the hunter couple had been over forty years old. In the first ten years they had picked her up, Smiles had never grown up until she entered Water Moon Palace to cultivate and return home.

Smiles looked like she was in her early twenties, but it had been almost thirty years since the hunter had picked her up.

The hunter couple was also seventy years old.

This kind of age could not be considered young anywhere. Although ordinary people who had never cultivated on the Void World could easily live past a hundred years, they would one day leave the world.

If they left, Smiles would be all alone, without anyone to rely on. Wouldn’t she be lonely?

So although they were extremely reluctant, the husband and wife still hoped that Smiles would be able to start a family soon. They had talked about this matter several times with her, but Smiles only smiled and left it at that, stating that she didn’t have such plans and only wanted to accompany her parents until they died.

The hunter couple felt relieved and no longer mentioned this matter.

Although Smiles had never displayed the methods of a cultivator in front of them, the husband and wife both knew that after returning from Water Moon Palace, Smiles was no longer an ordinary person. Their daughter had become a phoenix.

How could she be coveted by those wild mountain boys? Even if their daughter wanted to find a husband, only a peerless hero who was also a cultivator could match her.

In the Mountain Hall, students came and went, but the teacher remained the same.

Smiles would often come to visit her Teacher and bring him some delicious food. She had never forgotten that when she was young, her Teacher was like a magician performing a magic trick, often giving her delicious food she had never seen or heard of.

Now that she had a powerful cultivation and could fly around freely, it was naturally time for her to return the favor.

However, there was one thing that puzzled Smiles.

After so many years, her Teacher didn’t seem to have changed much, just like when he first came to this village thirty years ago.

Smiles had once suspected that he was also a cultivator, but after secretly investigating him, she was unable to discover anything. This made her extremely puzzled, and she could only guess that her Teacher was a man who grow old slowly.

On the other hand, as her father and mother grew older, their appearances gradually aged.

She also tried to find many medicines to nourish their body, hoping to extend her parents’ lifespans, but she also knew that as a mortal, there would eventually come a day when their lifespan would run out, so she cherished the days she could now live with her father and mother, living each day happily.

Yang Kai saw all of this and couldn’t help sighing.

Smiles, the Old Ancestor’s incarnation, had already embarked on the path of cultivation, but she had never forgotten the husband and wife who had raised her. She had thought of every possible way to leave Water Moon Palace and free herself from her shackles, all so she could return to the husband and wife.

Few cultivators could achieve this.

To a cultivator, stepping onto the road of cultivation and ascending to higher realms was their greatest pursuit. Family, friendship, and love were all secondary.

Smiles was different. From beginning to end, the word ‘family’ had always been placed first in her heart, and she had always followed her own principles.

The concealment cultivation technique she had inadvertently discovered in the Water Moon Palace was naturally Yang Kai’s doing. The effects of this cultivation technique weren’t that strong, but Yang Kai had secretly tampered with it, making it impossible for those from Water Moon Palace to see the changes in Smiles’ cultivation.

He didn’t easily interfere with Smiles’ growth, but since she had shown some intentions, he naturally had to satisfy her.

Reality proved that after returning to the village from Water Moon Palace, Smiles had grown even taller, meaning that the Old Ancestor’s injuries were improving.

The current Smiles was already a big girl. From her appearance alone, she was no different from the Old Ancestor, but her temperament was different.

The Smiles in his Small Universe is even more youthful and innocent, without any trace of the baptism of wind and rain.

This was probably the reason Old Ancestor had sealed her memories.

Such a life would greatly enhance her healing.

The Old Ancestor’s recuperation had been smooth sailing, and the outside world’s invasion of the King City had also been smooth.

More than half a year ago, the East and West armies had attacked the Black Ink Clan’s Royal City for the third time.

After several years of accumulation, the East and West armies had accumulated a lot of supplies, but before these supplies were warmed up by Liu Zhiping, Xiang Shan waved his hand and sent them to the various Array Formation Masters and Artifact Refiners.

This time, the East and West Army had set up more than a dozen Universe Worlds, expending all of their years of accumulation.

Liu Zhiping was at a loss for words. She had finally discovered that Xiang Shan had no concept of how many resources he had. All he cared about was the Black Ink Clan’s King City. No matter how many resources he had, he would be able to squander them all in a short time.

If it weren’t for the fact that she had left behind a batch of supplies in advance, after that battle, the East and West Army soldiers probably wouldn’t even be able to maintain their daily cultivation.

Even if they had some resources, the resources they had mined over the past few years were enough for the East and West Army to set up a dozen Universe Worlds.

The situation was exactly the same as the second time they had attacked the Black Ink Clan’s King City, there was not much change!

The East and West armies, which had remained calm for many years, suddenly gathered together and flew into the sky, forming a large circle around the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Although the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords had experienced such a thing once before, when they encountered it again, they were still shocked and angry.

What was shocking was that the Human Race had launched another attack so quickly. They also knew that the Human Race had been mining for resources recently, so it was likely that they didn’t have enough resources. Originally, they had thought that the Human Race’s mining would take quite some time, perhaps even ten or twenty years, so the King City would be safe for a while.

However, it had only been five years since the last attack on the King City.

They were angry because the Human Race was too arrogant, not even bothering to change the way they attacked, just like last time.

The Human Race was clearly telling them that the great army would take a roundabout route from the left while the Universe World would attack from the right. They wanted to see how they would defend themselves!

What could the Black Ink Clan do? They could only split up and defend like last time.

Thirty percent of their forces were stationed on the right side, responsible for sniping the approaching Universe World, and seventy percent of their forces were stationed on the left side to guard against the Human Race’s invasion.

Time seemed to flow back and the scenes from five years ago reappeared.

Because they had anticipated this, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who had set up defenses on the right side of the King City had discovered the incoming Universe World earlier than last time.

At this time, the East and West armies were within ten million kilometers of the King City! The Human Race’s calculations were accurate, forcing the Black Ink Clan to divert their attention.

The power of the Black Ink Clan on the right side began to pour out, smashing towards the Universe World, which had experienced a long journey through the void.

The rich Ink Force dyed the entire sky black as the light of the Secret Techniques and artifacts from the Black Ink Disciples blossomed.

One Universe World after another was destroyed, but every Universe World was filled with Spirit Arrays. The shattered Universe World Fragments flew about chaotically as the power of the Spirit Arrays was activated. In an instant, the space to the right of the King City was filled with a dazzling light.

Under this dazzling scene was the annihilation of the Black Ink Clan who had intercepted the Universe World.

Even though there was a full thirty percent of their forces on the right, including more than a dozen Territory Lords, twice as many Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, and even more Feudal Lords, when the Universe Worlds attacked, no matter what these masters did, they were unable to resist.

This time, the number of Universe Worlds attacking them was several times greater than last time. When all kinds of strange Spirit Arrays erupted, the Black Ink Clan masters were often caught off guard.

The top masters were unable to stop the invasion of the Universe World and could only rely on the Black Ink Clan’s lives to resist.

The last time a piece of Universe Fragment had struck the King City, it had caused the Royal Lord to wake up. Under his furious will, the Black Ink Clan was terrified.

No one wanted to feel the anger of the Royal Lord anymore, and for this reason, they were willing to sacrifice their lives!

Under the onslaught of countless Black Ink Clan, the scattered Universe World Fragments were all blocked, the Territory Lords roared, and the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples did their best.

Compared to the Black Ink Clan on the right, the Black Ink Clan army on the left was much more stable.

All of the Black Ink Clan stared at the approaching Human Race fleet as the screams and roars of their clansmen echoed in their ears, each of them filled with anger.

Che Kong was the strongest among the Territory Lords.

Last time, he had suffered a loss to the Human Race, so he had thought that the Human Race army would take advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack, but who would have thought that they would simply retreat at a suitable distance? In the end, the Black Ink Clan hadn’t even touched the enemy’s skin.

On the battlefield, this was the most frustrating thing. He had suffered a loss, yet he was unable to fight back.

As such, he decided to attack the Human Race first!

Once the Human Race’s fleet arrived at a position where they could attack, they would launch a fierce attack and make them pay for their previous actions!

Ten million kilometers was already a good distance for a Territory Lord and an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. However, this was still not enough. After all, whether it was a Territory Lord or an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, they were both pillars of strength for both sides. Although they were powerful, there weren’t many of them.

As such, they had to wait until the Human Race’s army was within five million kilometers of them so that the Feudal Lords could act and take revenge on the previous humiliation.

Closer, closer!

Che Kong's orders are stuck in his throat. If they were to step forward a hundred thousand kilometers, they would be taught a lesson.

However, at this moment, the Human Race’s fleet suddenly came to a halt and began to retreat in an orderly fashion, retreating a million kilometers in the blink of an eye.

Che Kong's eyes bulged as he glared at them, unable to vent his anger.

He felt like he was lifting a sledgehammer, ready to strike, but in the end, he suddenly lost his target.

“Bastard, I will never forgive you!”

Che Kong's roar echoed through the void.


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