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Smiles eventually entered Water Moon Palace.

She was originally unwilling to leave her parents, but the hunter’s words had changed her mind.

When one’s cultivation reached a certain level, not only would they be able to experience the local customs of the continent, but they would also be able to eat many delicious foods!

When the hunter was young, he had traveled around the nearby region, and according to his description, the various delicacies he had never heard of were truly tempting.

To Smiles, this was an irresistible temptation.

In the end, Smiles decided to enter Water Moon Palace. Her thoughts were very simple. After cultivating there for a few years, she would return. This way, she wouldn’t have to separate from her parents, and when her cultivation was successful, she could bring her parents to various places to buy delicious food.

The hunter couple couldn’t bear to part with her, but considering the future of their child, they could only hide their feelings.

Half an incense stick of time later, Wen Yuan arrived from Water Moon Palace and brought Smiles away.

Looking at the small figure who had not separated from her for more than ten years, the burly woman couldn’t help but squat down and cry. The hunter went up to comfort her, but in the end, his eyes also turned red.

In front of the school, Yang Kai looked up into the distance, somewhat speechless.

If Smiles wanted to cultivate, Yang Kai could teach her as he pleased, but considering that the Old Ancestor had come here to experience the bustling world and heal her injuries, it would be better for her to interact more with the mortal world, so Yang Kai had never thought of letting Smiles cultivate.

Unexpectedly, Water Moon Palace had interfered.

It wasn’t good for him to stop them, so he could only wait and see.

But now, it seemed that Smiles’ future performance would greatly surprise Water Moon Palace.

After all, she was an Old Ancestor-level master. Even if she had sealed her own memories, her cultivation aptitude couldn’t be concealed. Wen Yuan and the Elder couldn’t see through her, because their eyesight wasn’t good enough.

The various mysteries of the Old Ancestor had far exceeded the scope of their investigation.

Because it was impossible to determine whether Smiles’ cultivation aptitude was good or bad, although Wen Yuan had brought her to Water Moon Palace, he had only arranged for her to cultivate with the other new disciples and had not given her any special treatment.

Among these new disciples, the younger ones were seven or eight years old, while the older ones were in their teens. On the contrary, Smiles seemed to be the youngest, like a three year old child.

Smiles’ cultivation had suffered a huge setback from the start.

It had nothing to do with her aptitude.

Ever since she could remember, she had never been separated from her father and mother. This sudden separation made her feel extremely uncomfortable. In Water Moon Palace, far away from the mountain village, she would often reminisce about her family, often secretly wiping her tears.

This sorrow had accompanied her for a full month.

Yang Kai could easily resolve this situation, but he could only wait and see.

Because he had discovered something very interesting, Smiles, who had not grown taller in ten years, had quietly grown a little taller on the third day after leaving home and arriving at Water Moon Palace.

This was a trivial matter that not even the hunter couple would be able to detect, but it could not escape Yang Kai’s detection.

This allowed him to finally relax.

According to his previous observations, the reason why the Old Ancestor hadn’t changed for so long was because her injuries were too severe. Her body was quietly healing, and all of her strength was focused on dealing with her injuries, so it won't be long.

Once she began growing, it meant that her injuries were beginning to improve.

Therefore, when Yang Kai found out about this matter, he knew that the Old Ancestor’s side was no longer in danger. All that was left was time. One day, the Old Ancestor’s injuries would completely recover.

This kind of change was definitely not a coincidence, otherwise there was no reason for it to appear so quickly.

Yang Kai originally thought it was because of the small mountain village where the Old Ancestor lived, but after carefully examining it, he found that it was not the case.

This change had nothing to do with the Old Ancestor being in the small mountain village or Water Moon Palace, but rather with the Old Ancestor's mood.

After leaving the mountain village where she had spent ten years, after leaving her father and mother, this sense of separation had finally been released, causing the Old Ancestor to grow taller.

Separation was also a form of worldly experience.

Yang Kai also didn’t expect that the Old Ancestor’s incarnation, Smiles, would have such an effect when she entered Water Moon Palace to cultivate. It seemed that it was right not to interfere in this matter before.

From the looks of it, as long as Smiles experienced a few special things, it should be able to help her heal.

Smiles' sorrow lasted for half a month, and at the same time, her outstanding talent in cultivation was finally revealed.

In just half a month, she had successfully induced Internal Qi and drawn it into her body, officially stepping onto the path of cultivation and becoming a small Tempered Body cultivator.

Wen Yuan, who was silently observing her performance, was overjoyed and quickly reported this matter to the Elder.

The Elder, on the other hand, was much calmer, only allowing Wen Yuan to observe for a while longer to observe Smiles’ performance before making a decision.

Two months later, Smiles successfully broke through the Tempered Body stage and entered the Initial Element stage.

Another two months later, Qi Transformation stage.

In another two months, Seperation and Reunion stage.

In the short span of a year, Smiles had broken through several great realms, and her cultivation had soared from nothing to Immortal Ascension!

Such a bizarre speed of advancement was simply unheard of and never seen before. Not to mention Water Moon Palace, even across the entire Void Continent, no genius had ever cultivated so quickly.

This was simply illogical.

The higher ups of Water Moon Palace were shocked. The Sect Master and many Elders all had high hopes for her, thinking that one day she would be accepted by the Void Training Hall and become a light that shine the Water Moon Palace.

However, Smiles’ cultivation potential seemed to have been completely used up in a year.

Three years later since then, Smiles’ cultivation had not improved at all.

This greatly disappointed the higher ups of Water Moon Palace who had placed high hopes on her. Although they were trying to find a way to resolve this matter, there was nothing they could do.

Four years after Smiles joined Water Moon Palace, she was finally allowed to leave the Sect to visit her relatives.

During this time, Smiles was unable to leave Water Moon Palace.

Initially, her performance was simply too stunning. The higher ups of Water Moon Palace had always kept her hidden, afraid that some great Sects would target her and snatch her away. This kind of thing had happened before, even if a small Sect found a talent, it would still be difficult to protect them.

The cultivation aptitude Smiles had displayed at the beginning was simply too heaven defying, so how could the higher ups of Water Moon Palace not be concerned?

Only today, after confirming that Smiles’ potential had been exhausted, did they release her.

After leaving the mountain gate where she had stayed for four years, Smiles headed straight for the small mountain village.

Returning to the familiar village, she pushed open the familiar door and Smiles saw the burly woman who were handling the prey.

Tears welled up in Smiles’ eyes.

Seemingly having noticed something, the burly woman raised her head and looked over, her eyes filled with surprise as she turned around and called out, “Husband, Smiles has returned.”

Smiles leapt into the burly woman’s arms and hugged her tightly.

When the hunter heard this, he walked out and saw this warm scene.

At night, the family of three was in a happy mood. The prey they had just caught was cooked into a pot of meat soup, and the three of them shared it. The hunter drank the wine Smiles had brought back from the Water Moon Palace.

Smiles was still a Water Moon Palace Disciple, and since she had joined the Sect, her status was undeniable.

However, the current her was no longer valued by the higher ups, and her cultivation was also at the Immortal Ascension stage, so the Water Moon Palace didn’t have much restrictions on her. In fact, due to her unique appearance, the Water Moon Palace hadn’t even sent her any Sect missions.

It couldn’t be helped. Although she had grown taller since entering Water Moon Palace, only four years had passed.

The current Smiles looked like a seven or eight year old child.

Water Moon Palace couldn’t expect such a child to complete an important task.

Therefore, although Smiles was still a Water Moon Palace disciple in name, as long as she was willing, she could live in the small mountain village and no one would say anything about it.

This was also what she dreamed of.

The only reason she had agreed to join Water Moon Palace was because she wanted to follow her father and mother’s wishes and accompany them.

That night, after settling down her drunk parents, Smiles didn’t sleep.

Instead, she got up and went to the wooden house where the hunter had found her.

Although more than a decade had passed, this wooden house had not disappeared and had instead remained here. Many hunters who had ventured deep into the mountains liked to rest here.

Smiles set up some Spirit Arrays around the wooden house before entering and meditating.

She had always kept a secret that not even the higher ups of Water Moon Palace knew about.

Her cultivation was not at the Immortal Ascension stage, but the Origin King Realm!

Her cultivation potential had not been exhausted.

The reason why she was able to disguise herself as an Immortal Ascension stage cultivator in front of the higher ups of Water Moon Palace was because she had inadvertently obtained a Concealing Technique from Water Moon Palace’s Cultivation Technique Pavilion.

When she first entered Water Moon Palace to cultivate for a year, her performance was astonishing.

It was also at that time that she suddenly realized that the more astonishing her performance was, the less chance she would have to leave the Sect. Before she was received by the Void Training Hall, Water Moon Palace would not allow her to leave the Sect so easily, and once she entered the legendary Void Training Hall, she would have no chance to return to the village.

Therefore, she thought that if there was a kind of cultivation technique that could conceal her cultivation, it would be great.

When she went to Water Moon Palace’s Cultivation Technique Pavilion, she really found such Cultivation Technique.

Taking it back and secretly cultivating it, which was surprisingly effective.

After circulating that Cultivation Technique, even the Sect Master and Elders of Water Moon Palace were unable to see through her cultivation. Everyone thought that her cultivation had always been stuck at the Immortal Ascension stage, but in reality, her cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds, never stopping.

Smiles had never imagined that the cultivation technique she had discovered would be so amazing.

Later, she went to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, but she couldn’t find the Cultivation Technique again. It was as if the Cultivation Technique had appeared to satisfy her wishes.

After concealing herself for so many years, she had finally succeeded and returned home from the Sect.

Smiles decided to never leave her father and mother again.

Since her return, the hunter couple had not asked about her cultivation. Four years of longing for her had not only not made their love for her dull, it had instead become stronger.

However, the hunter couple could also feel that Smiles was no longer the same as before.

The most obvious result was that Smiles would often disappear for a few hours before returning with a lot of delicious food, and when hunting in the mountains, Smiles would always be able to find some prey in advance.

Days passed peacefully.


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