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Thousands of years ago, the Void Training Hall had appeared in the sky, bringing a great impact to the cultivation path of the entire world.

Before the appearance of the Void Training Hall, on the continent, cultivators considered the Emperor Realm is a long road. If any of the Sects had an Emperor Realm master, they would be considered a great Sect, and if they had two, they would be considered a top Sect.

There weren’t many Emperor Realm, only a dozen or so, and a Third Order Emperor Realm master was even rarer.

Therefore, in that era, all cultivators believed that the end of martial arts was the Emperor Realm. Every cultivator hoped that one day they could reach this supreme realm where they could look down upon the world.

Only the few Third Order Emperor Realm masters faintly felt that above the Emperor Realm, there were even more profound mysteries. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried, they were unable to comprehend the mysteries above the Emperor Realm.

Until one day, the World Energy in the entire Void Continent suddenly underwent a massive change. No one knew where this change came from, but all cultivators benefited from it.

There were more cultivators who were suitable for cultivation, and more talented people. The number of Emperor Realm also increased.

Even the average lifespan of ordinary people without cultivation aptitude seemed to have been extended.

After that, for a long time, the Void Training Hall appeared out of nowhere, and only after that did the cultivators on the Void World learn that the Emperor Realm was not the end of the Martial Dao. When Emperor Realm master cultivated to the extreme, they could condense a Dao Seal in their body, refine the Yin-Yang + Five Elements resources, open a world in their body, and evolve the mysteries of the Universe.

It was the Open Heaven Stage!

The cultivators who had been stuck at the Emperor Realm for many years were extremely excited, all of them eager to reach the Open Heaven Stage.

The Void Training Hall contained the mysteries of opening a world in the cultivator's body. As long as one could step onto the Void Training Hall, they would have a chance to improve their Martial Dao.

However, not everyone was qualified to enter the Void Training Hall. To all cultivators on the continent, this was a Holy Land Training Hall. When selecting talents, the requirements for one’s aptitude were extremely strict and had nothing to do with one’s realm.

Perhaps Initial Element Stage cultivator who had just entered cultivation path would be able to enter the Training Hall to cultivate.

However, an old master who had been stuck at the peak of the Third Order Emperor Realm for countless years, no matter how hard he tried, could not even dream of approaching the Dao Training Hall.

In order to select talents, there was no need to care about the time or place. This Holy Land Training Hall seemed to have its own principles, and as long as a cultivator entered its eyes, it would be able to draw them into the Dao Training Hall.

Therefore, in the early days of the Void Training Hall appearance, cultivators on the continent would often see cultivators being received by the Training Hall.

These cultivators who had been taken away naturally all had their origin sect.

For the Sects that had cultivated them, the Dao Training Hall had given them rewards. These rewards were simply a blessing from the Heavens to the old masters who were stuck at the Emperor Realm and unable to comprehend the mysteries of Open Heaven.

This was because the Dao Training Hall had bestowed upon them the method to condense the Dao Seal, as well as the resources of the Yin-Yang + Five Elements recources, as well as a large number of ordinary cultivation resources that could be used by the Sect’s disciples.

Now that thousands of years had passed, all the major and minor sects on the continent had become accustomed to the existence of the Void Training Hall and acknowledged its dominance over the entire continent.

Being able to cultivate a disciple who was qualified to be accepted by the Training Hall was the goal of every Sects.

Therefore, all the major and minor Sects were extremely enthusiastic about recruiting disciples. If they could recruit a disciple with outstanding aptitude, it would be a good thing for the entire Sect.

This was also the reason why Wen Yuan acted so quickly.

With his eyesight as an Origin King, he really couldn’t tell if Smiles’ aptitude was good or bad, so he had to ask an Elder from the Sect to investigate.

If Water Moon Palace were able to produce a disciple that could be accepted by the Void Training Hall, Water Moon Palace’s status would rise along with it.

Water Moon Palace was not a large Sect, and the strongest Sect Master was only a First Order Emperor Realm while the Elders in the Sect were all at the Dao Source Stage.

Such a lineup would have been impressive a thousand years ago, but now, it was nothing.

The last time a disciple from Water Moon Palace had been accepted by the Void Training Hall was eight hundred years ago. The massive amount of cultivation resources bestowed by the Void Training Hall at that time had greatly benefited Water Moon Palace’s disciples and even now, the higher ups of the Sect were still thinking about it.

Over the years, the higher ups of the Sect had been taking in disciples everywhere, but unfortunately, they had only gained a few.

After Wen Yuan left, Zhang Gen didn’t dare to stay any longer and ran away amidst the shouts of the burly woman. The hunter wanted to make him suffer a bit, so when he tried to escape, he shot out an arrow and brushed past him, causing Zhang Gen to scream in fear and fall to the ground.

Everyone behind him burst into laughter.

It wasn’t until this moment that the Mister who had been lying in his chair with a scroll covering his eyes slowly woke up. When he saw the commotion outside, he asked with a puzzled smile, “What happened? What happened?”

Smiles glared at the Mister angrily, “You should just go back to sleep.”

Mister scratched his head in confusion.

Water Moon Palace’s efficiency was extremely high, mainly because they placed too much importance on accepting disciples. When Wen Yuan returned to Water Moon Palace to report to the Elder closest to him, the Elder immediately rushed to the village.

In less than an hour.

As soon as Smiles finished her breakfast and was about to follow her father up the mountain to hunt, two figures appeared in front of the door.

One of them was Wen Yuan who had just left, while the other was a ruddy old man with a kind expression.

“Is it this child?” The old man landed and smiled.

Wen Yuan nodded, “It’s her.”

The Elder asked with great interest, “To be able to make Wen Yuan unable to see through her, this little girl’s aptitude might really be special, so let this old master take a look.”

Wen Yuan then turned to the hunter and the burly woman on the side and introduced, “This is my Water Moon Palace’s Elder. This time, I specially invited him to investigate Smiles’ aptitude. He will definitely not cause any harm to her, please rest assured.”

The hunter nodded lightly, “Thank you for your trouble.”

After obtaining permission from the hunter, the Elder smiled and said, “Little girl, extend your hand.”

Wen Yuan had also investigated her before, so at this moment, Smiles stretched out her hand.

The old man stretched out his two fingers and placed them on Smiles’ wrist while stroking his beard with his other hand. Closing his eyes, he began to carefully investigate.

After a while, the old man suddenly opened his eyes and smiled, “Little girl, are you willing to enter my Water Moon Palace to cultivate?”

Smiles shook her head firmly, “No!”

The old man’s expression froze for a moment. He had thought that since his words of recruitment had come out, the little girl in front of him would definitely flock to him. After all, for an ordinary person, being able to cultivate was a great blessing.

Never would he have thought that this little girl would refuse so decisively.

This was something he had never encountered before.

However, she was still a child and should not understand the benefits of cultivation, so after a moment of silence, he asked, “Why not?”

Smiles turned to look at the hunter couple, “I want to be with Father and Mother, I don’t want to be separated from them.”

When the hunter couple heard this, their hearts warmed.

The Elder nodded slightly, “So that’s how it is, but child, you will grow up eventually, it’s impossible for you to never be separated from your parents.”

Smiles tilted her head, “Then I won’t grow up, so I won’t be separated from my parents.”

The hunter couple’s hearts were about to melt, they only felt that having such a daughter in this life, they would die without regrets.

The Elder couldn’t help laughing. The words of a child were truly innocent.

He continued, “If you don’t grow up, how will you support your parents when they grow old?”

“I know how to hunt!” Smiles raised the small bow in her hand. This was something the hunter had specially prepared for her.

The old man slowly shook his head, “If you often walk by the river, how can you not wet your shoes? The prey on the mountain isn’t endless, and hunting is also dangerous. However, if you can cultivate, you won’t need to use a bow and arrow to hunt in the future. With just a simple Secret Technique, you can easily hunt, and when you can fly high enough, you will be able to travel across the continent and experience the sights of the various lands. Wouldn’t that be more promising than staying in a small mountain village?”

After listening to this explanation, Smiles simply shook her head.

The Elder wasn’t in a hurry. Although he was speaking to Smiles, he knew that the one in charge of this matter was the child’s parents. Although the little girl in front of him didn’t seem to be interested in cultivation at all, the child’s parents were obviously interested.

As parents, who wouldn’t want their children to have a bright future? To the people of the Void World, being able to cultivate was the best gift.

So although he had said those words to Smiles just now, he had actually said them to the hunter couple. He believed that they would make the right choice.

No longer trying to persuade her, he simply handed over an object to Smiles, “Take this. One day when you want to enter the Sect and cultivate, light this object and someone will come to receive you.”

Saying so, he turned around and left.

Wen Yuan cupped his fists towards the hunter couple and followed closely behind.

After leaving the small mountain village, Wen Yuan asked, “Elder, is that child’s aptitude really extraordinary?”

The Elder shook his head, “I’m ashamed to say this, but even this old master couldn’t see through it.”

Wen Yuan was startled, “Even the Elder can’t see through her?” He asked in confusion, “If you can’t see through her, why did you take her in?”

The Elder chuckled, “It’s precisely because I can’t see through her that I want to take her in. Since I can’t see through her, I’ll let her prove herself. If her aptitude is truly outstanding, my Water Moon Palace will have another good seedling. If her aptitude is poor, she won’t waste any resources.”

Wen Yuan suddenly understood, “Elder is wise.”

While he was still debating whether her aptitude was good or bad, the Elder had already thought of a way to solve this problem. Whether her aptitude was good or bad, he would take her in first and then decide later.

As long as she entered Water Moon Palace, whether her aptitude is good or not is not a problem.

After the Elder and Wen Yuan left, Smiles looked down at the incense stick in her hands. It looked no different from an ordinary incense stick, but it was much shorter. It was about the length of a finger and seemed to be half burnt.

Only half remained.

That old man was too stingy, giving her something that was actually left over from someone else.


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