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Although the children didn’t call her that, this greeting inadvertently revealed the title.

The hunters from the nearby villages all knew that there was a small child here who had never grown up. Although she had not grown up for many years, she was a good hunter. Every time she went up the mountain, she would hunt more prey than many old hunters.

Every time Smiles and her father ran into the hunters from the other villages on the mountain, they would look at her curiously.

However, the only one who would call her a monster in front of her was this annoying fellow.

The one called Uncle Wen Yuan by the hunter was a young man with a fair complexion. He was tall and wore a long cyan robe. The rough-looking hunter standing beside him is like a lark among a swans.

In fact, in terms of age, the hunter clearly look older, but in terms of seniority, it was the young man who has it.

In fact, even if he was older, the young man was slightly older. However, cultivators were often immersed in spiritual energy all year round, so their appearances were naturally not old.

Looking up and down, he smiled and slowly shook his head.

Although the little girl in front of him looked like she was carved from jade, there was no trace of Monster Qi on her body. Obviously, she wasn’t some kind of monster, he was more or less confident in his judgment. After all, he had cultivated for many years and his strength was extraordinary.

Seeing him shake his head, the hunter hurriedly said, “Uncle Wen Yuan, don’t be fooled by her appearance. She looks like she’s only three or four years old, but in reality, she was like this ten years ago. No one knows how old she is, but she might be an old monster. Didn’t they say that once a monster cultivated, it could transform into a human form?”

Smiles couldn’t hold back any longer and bared her teeth at the annoying hunter. When she heard him call her an old monster, she was inexplicably angry and wanted nothing more than to tear his mouth apart. She couldn’t understand why she was so sensitive to the word ‘old’.

“Oh?” Wen Yuan’s brow rose, “Was it like this ten years ago?”

“Absolutely,” The hunter nodded vigorously, “Everyone within a hundred kilometer radius knows. If you don’t believe me, you can ask around.”

Wen Yuan stroked his chin, “This is quite interesting.”

Previously, he had heard from his nephew that there was a monster that had become a human here, and as a cultivator, he had come to take a look. If there really was a monster, he could kill it with a single strike, but after seeing this little girl, he knew that she was not a monster.

Even if it was a Monster Beast that had successfully cultivated, it was impossible for it to conceal its Monster Qi so perfectly, unless its strength far surpassed his own.

He was now an Origin King, after all, so anyone who could hide from his perception was at least a Dao Source Stage.

There weren’t many such monsters in the entire Void World, so how could they appear here?

However, hearing that this little girl was like this ten years ago had aroused his curiosity.

Just as he was about to ask the little girl if she could let him examine her, he suddenly felt a shadow behind him.

Wen Yuan turned his head and saw a burly woman standing behind him with a fierce expression staring at him angrily.

Behind the burly woman, there were more than a dozen hunters and village women, all of them holding bows and arrows as they surrounded him, glaring at him like a tiger eyeing its prey.

The village wasn’t big, the hunter from the outer village had brought a young man with them to block the entrance of the school. It was obvious that nothing good had happened.

There was no need to shout. Seeing this scene, more than a dozen families’ adults all ran over.

When the hunter from the outer village saw this scene, he felt somewhat weak, but remembering his uncle’s abilities, he straightened his back and stared back provocatively.

“Is there something you need, Big Sister?” Wen Yuan looked at the burly woman who was glaring at him and asked suspiciously.

The burly woman patted his shoulder and said fiercely, “I’m fine, I just want to ask, what do you want?”

With a push in her hand, she discovered that the seemingly thin young man in front of her was as steady as a rock, not moving at all, not showing the slightest bit of pain.

This palm of hers could cut a piece of wood!

The burly woman suddenly thought of something and stared at the young man with a serious expression. The young man cooperated and stepped aside.

The burly woman stepped into the hall and turned around, her sturdy body like an iron tower blocking the entrance and blocking the wind and rain.

Behind her, Smiles poked her head out and pointed at the hunter, “Mother, this man called me a monster!”

The burly woman gritted her teeth and glared at the hunter, cursing, “You dog! I think you’re tired of living, what right do you have to say that about my Smiles? I think you’re the monster, your whole family is a monster!”

The hunter named Zhang Gen straightened his neck and said, “In front of an expert from Water Moon Prefecture, how can a shrew like you act so presumptuously? Whether you’re a monster or not, my uncle will know at a glance.”

“Water Moon Palace?” The burly woman turned to look at Wen Yuan again. Just now, she had guessed that this person was a cultivator, but now it seemed that she was right. Her imposing manner didn’t lose out in the slightest as she said in a low voice, “So what if he’s a master from Water Moon Palace? Does he think he can casually slander others?”

To the ordinary people of the entire Void World, cultivation was not a secret. Even if they had never come into contact with it, they had heard about it.

Therefore, even if there was a Water Moon Palace master standing in front of her, the burly woman was not afraid at all.

Wen Yuan smiled bitterly, “Big Sister, please calm down, I didn’t say this child was a monster.”

The burly woman glared at him, “Then why did you come here?”

Wen Yuan was rendered speechless by this question. The only reason he had come here was to be cautious, but now it was quite difficult to explain.

Pondering for a moment, Wen Yuan said, “Big Sister, your daughter must have suffered a lot of criticism because of the monster’s title, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made such a big fuss today. This one is a Water Moon Palace’s Deacon. Although my cultivation and status aren’t very high in the Palace, I’m confident that my eyesight is quite good. If Big Sister agrees, you can allow me to carefully examine this child’s body. I believe that this child isn’t a monster. If I say it out loud, it will have some use, what do you think?”

The burly woman had been glaring at Wen Yuan, but after hearing his words, her expression softened.

In any case, this cultivator didn’t take advantage of his position to bully others, but instead tried to persuade them so earnestly. It could be said that he was an extremely reasonable person.

If others were to be rude, the burly woman would naturally not compromise. Since he is speaking in such a manner, the burly woman have to give him face.

However, she simply shook her head and said, “Smiles isn’t a monster. I’ve raised her for ten years, so I’m very clear about this. There’s no need for others to inspect her.”

So what if she was a monster? She is still her precious treasure, and no one can bully her.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she finished speaking, Smiles tugged at her clothes, raising her head and saying, “Mother, I want to check.”

The burly woman lowered her head to look at her, squatted down, and said kindly, “Why do you need to check? Smiles is the best. Why do you need to check?”

Smiles turned to look at Wen Yuan and asked, “If I wasn’t a monster, what if someone called me that again after you examined me?”

Wen Yuan said seriously, “A single word is enough to determine the public opinion.”

As an Origin King cultivator, he was quite confident.

Smiles nodded, “Go ahead.”

Wen Yuan smiled and said, “Stretch out your hand!”

Smiles obediently stretched out her hand while Wen Yuan stretched out two fingers and placed them on her wrist, activating his strength to investigate.

After a while, his expression changed.

The burly woman watching from the side was on edge, afraid that this young man would say something bad, so she secretly decided that if this guy really dared to say anything bad, she would smash his front teeth.

After a quick examination, Wen Yuan’s expression became extremely strange.

Smiles raised her head and asked, “Am I a monster?”

Wen Yuan shook his head, “No.”

Smiles immediately turned to the hunter named Zhang Gen, “Did you hear that? If you dare call me that again, I’ll shoot you with an arrow!”

Zhang Gen hurriedly said, “Uncle, look carefully, there must be something wrong with this little girl.”

Wen Yuan, who was deep in thought, heard this and turned to look at him, “Since I said she isn’t a monster, she naturally isn’t a monster. In the future, don’t criticize others so casually.”

Zhang Gen didn’t expect that the helper he had invited would be so biased towards others, so he didn’t say anything for a moment, feeling extremely embarrassed. However, Wen Yuan was both his elder and a cultivator, so he didn’t dare disobey.

The burly woman and the hunter outside the door let out a sigh of relief.

“Little girl, what’s your name?” Wen Yuan smiled amiably.

Smiles said, “Mother named me Smiles.”

“Smiles…” Wen Yuan nodded slightly.

At this moment, the burly woman suddenly asked, “Sir, since you’re a cultivator, can you see anything wrong with Smiles’ body? Why haven’t she grown taller all these years?”

She had also asked this question to Doctor Cai, who only said that it was the root of Smiles’ illness when she was young, and that there was no medicine to cure it. Since Wen Yuan was a cultivator, perhaps he would have a solution.

Wen Yuan pondered for a moment before replying, “There’s nothing wrong with her body. As for whether she’s growing taller or not, I’m not too sure, but Smiles might be a good material for cultivation.”

“Ah?” The burly woman was stunned.

The hunter outside the door was even more excited.

When he was young, he had dreamed of cultivating. He had also participated in Water Moon Palace’s Disciple Recruitment Conference, but unfortunately, he had failed and was eliminated.

Only after severing his cultivation path did he become a hunter.

Now that he heard Wen Yuan’s words and learned that Smiles was actually suitable for cultivation, how could he not be excited?

As for the reason why Wen Yuan insisted on examining Smiles after confirming that she was not a monster, it was because he could tell that her aptitude was extraordinary.

However, this kind of matter wasn’t easy to say, so he had to carefully examine it to confirm it.

Although he had checked it now, he was still unable to confirm it, which was why he said it was possible, because in his examination, Smiles’ qualifications were very strange, seemingly excellent but also extremely poor. He had never seen such a strange situation before.

“Smiles is suitable for cultivation?” The burly woman was confused.

Wen Yuan cautiously said, “I can’t be certain right now, perhaps my eyesight isn’t good enough. How about this, I’ll go back to my mansion and ask the Sect's Elder to personally investigate this matter to make a decision.”

Saying so, he turned around and left the hall, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

It was as if he was rushing about.


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