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This long-term plan of the East and West Army was destined to require a great deal of resources.

Not to mention the daily cultivation needs of the thirty thousand strong army, even the many Spirit Arrays set up in the Universe World, which one of them was not made of materials?

Without enough resources to set up a Spirit Array, these Spirit Arrays would not be able to display much effect.

As the Regiment Commander, there is nothing to say about marching and fighting for Xiang Shan. This was proven when he took over command of the East and West armies.

However, Liu Zhiping discovered that this guy was a spendthrift who didn’t even know how expensive it was.

Originally, when the East and West Army was first established, the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs from the various mountain passes had brought with them logistical resources from the various mountain passes.

It could be said that when the East and West Army was founded at Wind and Cloud Pass, the amount of resources it carried was enormous. The higher-ups had also calculated that such a massive amount of resources was enough for the East and West Army’s thirty thousand people to cultivate for three hundred years, or even more.

Three hundred years was more than enough time for the Great Evolution Army to recover Great Evolution Pass. As long as they could recover Great Evolution, they wouldn’t need to worry about running out of resources in the future.

However, in fact, this massive amount of resources, which was enough for thirty thousand people to cultivate for three hundred years, had all been used up by Xiang Shan in just two or three years!

When Liu Zhiping learned of this matter, she nearly fainted from anger, but after thinking about it for a moment, she understood where these resources were used.

Earlier, he had asked the Artifact Refiners in the army to refine tens of thousands of puppets and had sent them to Great Evolution Pass to attract the attention of the Black Ink Clan, but they had all been wiped out.

Now, he had to set up Spirit Arrays on these Universe Worlds, each of which had tens of thousands of Spirit Arrays.

Which of them didn’t require massive resources?

Such extravagance was something that no amount of resources could afford.

Xiang Shan’s actions perfectly illustrated what it meant to be a real man. Either he killed people like flies or he squandered money like dirt.

This man who had remained dormant for three thousand years and returned to the Eighth Order had taken both of these.

In terms of military talent, Liu Zhiping was inferior to Xiang Shan, so from the moment the East and West armies set out from Wind and Cloud Pass until now, Xiang Shan had basically been the one making the decisions. At most, Liu Zhiping had only been helping him analyze the pros and cons of his various plans.

However, this Western Army Regiment Commander was a woman after all, a natural born master in the family. This could be seen from the way she had cooked the meat buns back in the marketplace.

As such, Liu Zhiping was now in charge of the East and West Army’s finances.

But now, the thirty thousand East and West Army soldiers were facing an awkward situation.

The supplies in the army were only enough for ten years.

No one had expected that the first difficulty the East and West Army faced during the recovery of the Great Evolution Pass was related to supplies. After all, the supplies provided by the various mountain passes were enough for the army to use for three hundred years. In everyone’s expectations, the East and West Army would encounter all kinds of difficulties, but it was impossible for them to lack supplies.

Without supplies, the soldiers’ cultivation would inevitably be affected, and if the Battleship was damaged, it would be impossible to repair it, let alone carry out the plan to use the Universe World to attack the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Therefore, the first thing Liu Zhiping did after managing the finances was to order her soldiers to mine the Uiverse World and collect supplies.

In any case, the Black Ink Clan on the other side of the King City seemed to be on guard and would not take the initiative to attack, so the East and West armies had enough time and energy to do this.

Exploiting resources was not difficult for the Human Race.

First, they had to find a suitable Universe World in the void, and then use the Void Yin-Yang Mirror to teleport the selected Universe Worlds near their base, allowing them to mine it easily.

The Great Evolution Army consisted of thirty thousand people, and even if they were to take turns mining, they would still be able to mobilize tens of thousands of people at once. Their efficiency was extremely high, and if they were to teleport a Universe World, it wouldn’t even take ten days or half a month before they would be reduced to a pile of rubble.

As for the soldiers who were searching for a suitable Universe World, they could also keep some suitable Universe World and use them as tools to attack the King City next time.

As such, when Yang Kai looked out through his own Small Universe, he could see the fragmented Universe Worlds in the void, as well as the figures bustling about.

It had been ten years since he had set foot in this mountain foot village.

Ten years was the time flow in the Small Universe, if it was in the outside world, it would only be two years.

Ten years was a short time for a cultivator, but for ordinary people who had never cultivated before, it was not a short time.

Of course, the spiritual energy in Yang Kai’s Small Universe was extremely rich and the living environment was excellent, ordinary people could live for a hundred years, and some of them could even live to a hundred and fifty years.

But for the hunter couple, their lives had reached the middle stage.

With Smiles’ arrival, the two of them, who had no children, enjoyed a happy family life. The husband and wife practically poured all of their love into this daughter.

Smiles was undoubtedly extremely intelligent. No matter what it is, she would always be able to understand it. Even if she were to study in the school, she would always receive praise from her teacher.

She was also very sensible, learning to help her mother with housework at such a young age and following her father up the mountain to hunt.

Having such a daughter in their life, the hunter couple no longer had any regrets.

However, what worried the couple was that perhaps it was because of her illness, but Smiles had never grown taller.

When he picked her up at the wooden house in the mountain, she looked about three or four years old.

Now that ten years had passed, she didn’t seem to have changed at all, not at all like a teenager.

This made the hunter couple, while thanking the Heavens for their kindness, also beg for the Heavens’ mercy. Even if the Heavens were to punish them instead, they could only hope for Smiles to grow up safely.

However, their pleas were destined to be ineffective.

Or rather, the time had not yet come.

While others didn’t know what was wrong with Smiles’ body, Yang Kai more or less understood.

The Old Ancestor’s recovery this time was somewhat strange. Not only had she sealed her own memories, but she had also instinctively prevented him from concealing her traces.

Now, it seemed like she was intentionally trying to integrate herself into the world of mortals.

The child of the hunter couple was her current identity.

The reason why there hadn’t been any changes in the last ten years was because of the injuries the Old Ancestor had suffered. Before her injuries improved, she would never change.

In other words, if one day the Old Ancestor began to grow, it would be the most obvious sign that her injuries were beginning to improve.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai had also secretly examined the Old Ancestor’s body and found no signs of injury, as if all of her injuries had been suppressed by the Old Ancestor’s special technique.

This kind of matter couldn’t be rushed. The Old Ancestor had fought the Royal Lord with all her might, so her injuries weren’t light and she would need time to recover.

The small mountain village wasn’t very big and only had a dozen or so families. All of them were hunters with simple and honest natures, and their neighbors also helped each other.

However, in the mortal world, there was naturally no lack of filth.

The abnormality of Smiles eventually attracted trouble.

Yang Kai had noticed this a long time ago, but he didn’t pay it any mind. Since the Old Ancestor wanted to wash herself in the mortal world and heal her injuries, it would be beneficial for her if she encountered more ordinary things.

Inside the small school, there were still a dozen or so children. The children from the early years had all grown up and had long since stopped studying here. Most of them had returned to their homes to help out, but now these dozen or so were new arrivals.

Smiles was still one of them. Looking at her appearance, she was no different from other children, but after living in the mortal world for more than ten years, she had the temperament and mindset of a teenager.

As such, she was now the teacher's assistant. When the teacher was slacking off, she was responsible for teaching the children how to read and write.

Every morning, she would come to help for an hour before going up the mountain to hunt with her father.

Holding the book in her hands and teaching the children to read, she turned her head to look at the man who was lying on a chair, covering his face with the book and sleeping soundly, Smiles couldn't help but sigh.

Mister was too lazy. When she was young, she had always admired him, mainly because he would occasionally give her some delicious food.

As time passed, she had finally discovered the true face of her teacher.

The bright light outside the door suddenly dimmed and the children’s voices suddenly stopped. Smiles turned around and saw two people standing at the door.

One of them made her frown slightly as a look of disgust appeared on her face.

This was a hunter from another village thirty kilometers away. She and her father had met this man many times on the mountain. The last time they had met was a few days ago when they were chasing the same prey, but in the end, Smiles was faster, shooting the prey with one arrow. Unfortunately, this man had said that he was the one who had found the prey first, so in the end, her father had no choice but to give him half of it before letting it go.

Similar situations had occurred more than once, and all the other hunters in the village had encountered them.

If it was an ordinary person, with the temperament of the hunters, they would naturally not compromise.

However, Smiles had heard from her father that this hunter had a relative who had gone to the nearby Water Moon Palace to cultivate. He had some status there, so ordinary people couldn’t afford to provoke him.

When the hunters encountered such a situation, they could only swallow their anger and let this man act arrogantly.

However, she didn’t know why this person had come to the school, and the person beside him seemed a bit different. There was no trace of the rough temperament of the hunters, instead… he was somewhat similar to her teacher, giving off a strange feeling.

Smiles couldn’t explain what this feeling was, but ever since she first saw her teacher, she had felt that he was different from the others.

“It’s her!” The hunter pointed and smiled, “Uncle Wen Yuan, look, this girl is definitely a monster!”

The word 'monster' made Smiles angry.

A few years ago, the children in the village had also called her a monster in private because she didn’t grow any taller, but she was still very strong. Although she looked like she was only three or four years old, she was able to follow the adults up the mountain to hunt, sometimes even catching more prey than the adults.

However, after being taught a lesson by the village elders, the children no longer dared to call her that.


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