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When the Universe World Fragment hit the floating continent where the King City was located, all of the Black Ink Clan’s movements froze for a moment.

Defending against the invasion of the Human Race army, Che Kong Territory Lord’s face twitched.

A look of panic appeared on the faces of every Black Ink Clan member.

What they were afraid of was not the destruction of the floating continent where the King City was located, but that piece of Universe World Fragment which had crashed into the floating continent. Although it was not small in size, because of the blockade from the many Black Ink Clan forces, it did not cause much damage to the King City.

What they feared was not the explosion of the Spirit Array on the fragment, or whether it would swallow the lives of thousands of Black Ink Clan masters.

What they feared was the impact of this collision.

Just as all of the Black Ink Clan’s forces were trembling in fear, a dormant will within the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest quickly awakened.

This was the will of the Royal Lord.

The Royal Lord, who was in deep sleep, was finally alarmed.

The majestic will swept across the entire floating continent and all of the Black Ink Clan’s armies, seemingly trying to determine the situation. After understanding the situation, its will suddenly released a torrent of rage.

The millions of Black Ink Clan soldiers shivered like quails in winter.

The anger of the Royal Lord was clearly directed towards them, their incompetence causing the Royal Lord to be alarmed while he was in deep sleep.

All of the Black Ink Clans knew the consequences of being interrupted while they were recuperating in the Black Ink Nest, which meant that their previous healing effects had been greatly reduced, so the Royal Lord was naturally furious.

However, the Royal Lord didn’t say anything and soon fell into a deep sleep again.

He didn’t have the time to say anything. To him, nothing was more important than his own recovery. As long as he could use the power of the Black Ink Nest to recover before the Human Race Old Ancestor’s injuries healed, he would be able to take the initiative.

All of the Black Ink Clans knew that there would be no next time, otherwise when the Royal Lord came out of seclusion, there would definitely be someone who would suffer.

Before they could relax, the Human Race fleet attacking from the left side of the King City had already begun to emit a buzzing sound as countless Secret Technique and Artifacts power rushed towards them.

In an instant, colorful light filled the entire sky as the terrifying attacks rained down upon the King City direction.

Each of these attacks was not inferior to the full power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

The Spirit Arrays and Artifacts set up on the Human Race’s Battleship were designed to allow the Human Race’s soldiers to display strength that exceeded their own. The attacks launched from the Battleship were at least at the Seventh Order level.

There were also many Secret Techniques that the Eighth Order Garrison Chief had used.

On the left side of the King City, the six or seven hundred thousand Black Ink Clan army stepped forward to intercept it.

Although their numbers were more than twenty times greater than the Human Race’s, even if the Black Ink Clan’s army tried their best, they were still unable to stop all the attacks.

The rays of light blasted into the densely packed Black Ink Clan army and the power contained within them erupted, reaping the lives of the Black Ink Clan.

The many Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples who had been stationed on the right side of the King City to intercept the Universe Worlds all rushed over to help.

Now that all of the Universe worlds had been destroyed, the Human Race no longer had any trump cards, so the right side naturally didn’t need to invest too much effort.

Since the Human Race had decided to attack the King City from the left, they had to fight the Human Race from the left.

However, when these Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples rushed to the left side, they were all dumbfounded.

At this moment, the light from the many Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities faded, and the Human Race fleet, which had originally been five million kilometers away from the King City city, was now retreating ten million kilometers away.

Moreover, they showed no signs of turning back and were rapidly flying away.

The Territory Lords were dumbfounded.

Suddenly, Che Kong felt like a volcano was about to erupt in his heart, causing him to vomit blood. Although his heart was filled with unwillingness, he could only watch helplessly as the Human Race fleet flew away, not daring to pursue them.

“Hahahaha!” At the top of the mountain, Cha Pu, who had just witnessed the entire situation, laughed so hard that tears almost flowed out of his eyes, “In truth, what is true is false, what is false is true. An opponent like Brother Xiang is simply terrifying!”

He was speaking from the standpoint of the Black Ink Clan.

Forget about the Black Ink Clan, even Che Kong had thought that the East and West armies would use the shockwaves from the Universe World to launch an attack on the King City. After all, this was a very good opportunity. The sudden change in the situation of the Black Ink Clan’s army had left nearly thirty percent of their forces behind to defend the right side. If the Human Race were to launch an attack, they would definitely be able to achieve a good result.

Moreover, the massive fleet had already taken a stance, and all the soldiers were ready to fight the Black Ink Clan.

However, no one had expected that the East and West Army’s actions were just a bluff. The thunder was loud and the rain poured down for nearly five million kilometers from the King City, beating up the Black Ink Clan before fleeing.

Running away immediately!

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed it.

Looking at this scene, it was like the human race army had run to the entrance of the Black Ink Clan’s home and ruthlessly slapped them. Before the Black Ink Clan could react, they had turned around and fled. The Black Ink Clan couldn’t even retaliate if they wanted to, so anyone who encountered such a situation would likely feel extremely aggrieved.

Facing such a situation, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords would definitely not feel good.

However, it had to be said that this unexpected decision was extremely wise.

Of course, if the Human Race’s fleet had really launched an attack on the King City just now, they definitely wouldn’t have suffered a big loss and could have easily obtained a good result in a short time before retreating.

However, in this way, the Human Race would definitely suffer some casualties, and the situation would change rapidly. Once this battle dragged on for too long, the advantage brought about by the Universe Worlds bombardment would become smaller. At that time, it would be impossible to retreat.

The Black Ink Clan had an army of nearly a million, with thirty or forty Territory Lords and two or three times the number of Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples. Whether it was in terms of high-end combat strength or low-level combat strength, they were superior to the Human Race.

After a round of fighting, they would withdraw, allowing them to perfectly avoid any losses if they gained anything.

This time, the Human Race army’s attack was fake, but the Universe World’s attack was real, what about next time?

As long as they had enough time and resources, such tactics could be used by the Human Race, and as long as the Black Ink Clan didn’t leave the King City, they could only passively defend.

Cha Pu was certain that the next time the Black Ink Clan sent too many forces to intercept the Universe Worlds, the East and West Army wouldn’t mind launching an attack and catching the Black Ink Clan off guard.

He believed that the other Black Ink Clan members also knew this, so as long as the East and West armies made a move, they would have to guard most of their forces.

Using only thirty percent of their strength to intercept those Universe Worlds might not be enough to completely stop them. Everything he had just done proved this point.

This time, the Human Race had mobilized ten Universe Worlds. Who would dare say that the Human Race could only mobilize ten?

The next time they attack the Black Ink Clan's side, it was likely to be fifteen or twenty!

On the East and West armies’ side, the overall situation had been decided. As long as today’s plan continued, conquering the King City would not be a problem, all they lacked was time.

Thinking so, Cha Pu said, “Nephew, now that this matter is settled, I will return to report.”

Li Xing was somewhat surprised, “Martial Uncle isn’t waiting for Sir Xiang to return?”

Cha Pu shook his head and said, “There’s no need. Tell Senior Brother Xiang that the North and South armies will not allow the efforts of the East and West armies to go to waste, nor will they allow the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan to step out of the Great Evolution Pass.”

Li Xing nodded solemnly, “Disciple will remember.”

With a flash, Cha Pu transformed into a streak of light and shot into the sky.

Half a day later, the East and West armies returned.

In today’s battle, from the beginning to the end, the East and West armies had only launched a single wave of attacks. There is no casualties, they had used the ten Universe World they had set up to bring some casualties to the Black Ink Clan.

There was no way to calculate this carefully, but the higher-ups felt that if they were to include the results of the last round of joint attacks, the number of casualties the Black Ink Clan suffered should be around fifty to sixty thousand.

Compared to the Black Ink Clan’s million strong army, this number wasn’t much.

Moreover, most of the people who had died were from the Black Ink Clan lower level, among the Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, none of them had died. There were a few Feudal Lords and Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples who had died, but there weren’t many of them, only a few dozen at most. To the Black Ink Clan, this kind of loss wasn’t a big deal, it was just a superficial wound.

However, compared to the casualties of the Black Ink Clan army, the main objective of this battle had been achieved.

That was to disturb the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord’s healing.

At the last moment of the Universe World bombardment, a fragment smashed into the floating continent of the King City, clearly startling the Royal Lord. Even from ten million kilometers away, the Human Race could still feel the majestic will from the King City.

As for alerting the Royal Lord, that was the main objective of the East and West armies this time. Killing the Black Ink Clan was secondary.

Currently, the Royal Lord and the Old Ancestor were both healing their injuries. The Royal Lord was borrowing the power of the Black Ink Nest while the Old Ancestor was borrowing Yang Kai’s Small Universe to heal, both of which could be said to be of great help.

Whoever recovered faster would have the advantage in the following situation.

Since the East and West Army was unable to help the Old Ancestor recover faster, they could only target the Royal Lord. Unfortunately, the Royal Lord was hiding in the Black Ink Nest, healing himself, so he probably didn’t expect the Human Race to come after him.

However, even if they didn’t kill many Black Ink Clans, the results of this battle were still quite impressive.

The main reason why the East and West Army was unable to attack the King City so easily was because of the huge disparity in strength. With such a method of attack, it could easily wipe out the difference in strength between the two races. When the time came for the Human Race to launch an attack, the Black Ink Clan would definitely be unable to resist.

This was a long process, not something that could be accomplished overnight.

Facing the Human Race’s provocation, even if the Black Ink Clan was strong, they wouldn’t dare take the initiative to attack.

They still need to protect the King City, and once they made a move, the East and West armies would have a chance to destroy the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

Therefore, even if the Black Ink Clan was able to see through the plans of the Human Race, they would not be able to resolve it.

The Black Ink Clan’s King City was like a rope, trapping the million strong Black Ink Clan army in place, making it difficult for them to move. Facing the various methods of the Human Race, they were unable to take the initiative to attack and could only passively defend. The situation was them constantly being led by the nose by the East and West armies.


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