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The East and West Army’s massive fleet quickly closed the distance between them and the King City.

The Black Ink Clan’s army naturally wouldn’t sit idly by and watch, Che Kong ordered the army to rush to the left of the battlefield.

This was the right move and the only countermeasure.

However, Che Kong did not place all of their strength on the left side, he had to guard against any possible sneak attacks from the Human Race.

The Human Race’s massive fleet was indeed attacking from the left, but that was only a fleet. Who could guarantee that all of the Human Race’s soldiers were on that Battleship? If the Black Ink Clan gathered all of their forces on the left side, they would have no way to defend themselves if the Human Race attack the right side.

The real target of the Human Race fleet was located to the right of the King City, otherwise there was no reason for them to deliberately circle around to attract his attention.

As such, while mobilizing the army to set up defenses on the left side, he also ordered the other Black Ink Clan to guard against any possible movements on the right side of the King City.

As time passed, a murderous atmosphere filled the air.

Half a day later, the distance between the two sides was only ten million kilometers. At this distance, the Eighth Order and Territory Lords from both sides could already fight, but both sides were still restraining themselves, none of them taking the initiative to attack.

At this moment, the scene on the Human Race Battleship was clear.

Unexpectedly, almost all of the Human Race Battleship were almost all fully configured.

This puzzled him quite a bit. He had originally thought that the Human Race would use this massive fleet’s advancement as a cover to attract their attention, and that the real army would quietly gather from the right side of the King City and launch an attack.

But now, the situation was different from what he had imagined.

The Battleship was fully equipped. In other words, all of the Human Race’s forces were concentrated in this massive fleet and there was no other army.

Then why did they make such a big detour?

If this wasn’t a trap, what was the point of them taking such a big detour? Were they trying to avoid something?

Avoid what…

Suddenly, Che Kong's expression changed drastically as he looked towards the depths of the void, suddenly remembering something from more than a year ago.

The three Universe Worlds that came in a a straight line were attacking from that direction.

The human fleet’s detour also allowed them to avoid that direction.

At the same time, in the Small Universe World, Yang Kai, who was teaching in the school, suddenly looked up, his eyes piercing through the seal of the Small Universe World and into the depths of the void.

The position he was in allowed him to discover all kinds of anomalies in the void before the Black Ink Clan could.

It's coming again!

The situation from more than a year ago reappeared. In the depths of the void, the Universe World, which had appeared out of nowhere, was rapidly flying towards the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

The last time he had seen this scene, the Universe World was still glowing because of the Spirit Array.

This time, it wasn’t as imposing as before, but rather silent. It was likely that the Array Masters had made more arrangements to conceal the light of the Spirit Array, allowing the Universe World to move more stealthily.

This was simply catching the Black Ink Clan off guard!

However, the previous attack from the three Universe Worlds had not posed any threat to the Black Ink Clan, so what about this time?

“Mister, what are you looking at?” Smiles asked curiously. Following Yang Kai’s gaze, she saw a spider web on the roof where a prey was struggling.

“It’s nothing,” Yang Kai smiled and continued reading.

As he spoke, the various Spirit Arrays that had been set up in the Universe World flew past the Human Race’s camp and rapidly approached the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Standing on the peak of a mountain and observing the battle, Cha Pu’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he asked in surprise, “Is this what the East and West Army arranged?”

Li Xing replied, “Yes.”

Cha Pu looked at the Universe worlds and then at the East and West Army’s current position and sucked in a breath of cold air, “The army and these Universe world have formed a pincer attack, so the Black Ink Clan must take care of one side and the other.”

No wonder Senior Brother Mi had held Xiang Shan in such high esteem before coming here. Now it seemed that he truly lived up to his reputation.

This Universe World was filled with all kinds of Spirit Arrays. Even though he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, he could still faintly feel the dangerous aura coming from this Universe World. It was obvious that if this thing were to blast into the Black Ink Clan’s army, the Black Ink Clan would suffer heavy casualties.

The best way to deal with these Unvierse Worlds was to destroy them in advance, and this would require the Black Ink Clan’s masters to act.

Once the Black Ink Clan’s masters took action, the East and West armies would be able to take advantage of this opportunity to attack and catch them off guard.

Facing such a situation, how could the Black Ink Clan’s masters not take action? It was impossible.

Moreover, the timing was not bad at all. Right now, the East and West armies were less than ten million kilometers away from the King City and could attack the King City at any time. The Black Ink Clan had no way to ignore the East and West armies.

They had to take care of both sides and was destined to be overwhelmed.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across Cha Pu’s mind. If the East and West armies could use this method to deal with the Black Ink Clan, could the North and South armies follow suit?

However, after thinking about this, he sighed.

The North and South Army couldn’t follow this example, because Great Evolution Pass was different from the Black Ink Clan’s King City. Although the Black Ink Clan’s King City was the most important place in the entire war zone, it didn’t have any powerful defensive capabilities, so the Black Ink Clan couldn’t just ignore these attacks.

However, the Great Evolution Pass was different. It was incomparably sturdy, and if the North and South armies were to use the Universe World to attack, the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan would be able to completely ignore them. So what if they were hit by the Universe World? The sturdy Great Evolution Pass wouldn’t suffer any damage.

Li Xing, who was standing to the side, said, “In fact, a year ago, the East and West armies sent three Universe Worlds over.”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Cha Pu raised his brow, “How is the effect?”

Li Xing replied, “It didn’t have much effect. There were many masters from the Black Ink Clan, and before those three Universe Worlds could even approach the King City, they were destroyed.”

Cha Pu understood, “If there’s no effect, I’m afraid that’s the greatest effect?”

Li Xing bowed and said, “Martial Uncle Zha’s eyes are sharp.”

Chuckling, Cha Pu replied, “It was just a casual remark, it seems Senior Brother Xiang’s plans are far-reaching.”

As the two of them spoke, the Black Ink Clan in the King City began to stir.

Although there were traces of light from the Spirit Array, how could the Territory Lords not be able to sense the approaching oppressive aura?

Using their eyesight to observe, they immediately saw the Universe World that was rushing towards the King City.

Unlike last time, this time, the Universe World was not lined up in a straight line. There were already three of them visible to the naked eye, so it was likely that there were more than three.

Che Kong hesitated for a moment before issuing a command.

In the next instant, more than ten Territory Lords and more than twenty Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples soared into the sky and rushed towards the Universe World.

They had encountered a similar situation a year ago, so the Black Ink Clan had some experience in dealing with these Universe Worlds.

As long as they could destroy these Universe Worlds before they reached the King City, it would naturally not affect the King City.

However, last time, the Black Ink Clan had sent out all their masters to easily block the three Universe worlds.

But this time, only thirty percent of the forces they could mobilize had been mobilized.

There was nothing they could do about it. The Human Race’s fleet was still closing in on King City, and if they wanted to launch a great battle, they would have to leave behind sixty to seventy percent of their forces to guard against the Human Race’s invasion. Only by doing so could they ensure that King City was safe.

A violent energy fluctuation burst out as a series of Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities were used. Many Territory Lords and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple attacked, causing the void to distort.

They were also smart enough not to scatter their attack, instead focusing all of their strength in one place to destroy the first Universe World.

According to their previous experience, their joint attack this time was enough to blow up this Universe World and reduce it to dust.

However, when they really took action, they discovered that the Universe World this time was somewhat different from last time.

It became even sturdier.

Obviously, the Spirit Arrays set up by the Human Race Array Masters had been strengthened.

Therefore, after a round of bombardment, although the Universe World was shattered, it did not explode into dust as expected.

Not only that, but just as the Universe World split open, a terrifying light burst out from the shattered floating continent and blasted towards the King City.

This was obviously the effect of the Spirit Arrays they had set up long ago. Once the Universe World was attacked, these Spirit Arrays would automatically activate.

It wasn’t like this last time!

The Territory Lord and the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples were caught off guard, and although they tried to block these attacks, the pieces of the Universe World still flew towards the palace.

After these fragments, there were even more complete worlds.

The Territory Lords roared as they pushed their strength to the limit. The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples didn’t dare to hold back as they displayed their various Divine Abilities and Secret Arts.

Seeing this, the Feudal Lords who had stayed behind all flew up to help.

In less than half a cup of tea’s time, the Universe World that had attacked from the depths of the void had been completely destroyed, but what made all the Black Ink Clan members sweat was that this time, there were actually ten Universe Worlds!

Compared to a year ago, it was three times more!

Although these ten Universe Worlds had been destroyed, the crisis had not been completely resolved. When each Universe World was destroyed, the various Spirit Arrays arranged on it would explode.

In order to block the power of these Spirit Arrays, several Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had been injured, while the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciples and Feudal Lords had suffered heavy casualties.

There was no need to mention the High Rank and Low Rank Black Ink Clans. Under the orders of the higher ups, they desperately tried to block the remnant power of the Spirit Arrays and the fragments of Universe Worlds that were attacking the King City.

There were countless casualties!

Outside the King City, the withering of life aura continued.

Even though the Black Ink Clan had tried their best to stop them, there was still a moment of carelessness when a piece of Universe World's Fragment struck the floating continent where the King City was located. At the point of impact, all of the remaining Spirit Arrays on the floating continent suddenly erupted, transforming into a dazzling light that enveloped the nearby Black Ink Clan.


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