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Inside the house, the strong woman sat on a chair and hugged Smiles in her arms, grinning from ear to ear, a kind of joy of recovering something she had lost.

Smiles thought that her mother was acting a bit strange today, but she was still young and didn’t understand many things, so she naturally didn’t know what was so strange about her.

At this moment, there was a food box in front of her. It was the one the noblewoman on the mountain had given her. The food box wasn’t anything precious, just some cake made by her family.

A country bumpkin had never seen such exquisite pastries, let alone eat them.

Half of the cake had already been eaten and most of it had gone into Smiles’s stomach.

“Mother, eat another piece.” Smiles picked up a piece of the cake and brought it to the burly woman’s mouth.

The burly woman smiled and said, “I'm not eating anymore, it’s too sweet. Smiles, eat it yourself.”

“Oh,” Smiles responded, placing the cake in her mouth and slowly biting down on it.

It was simply too delicious!

Outside the door, the hunter who were sharpening his arrows and preparing for the hunt tomorrow looked up at this warm scene and smiled.

Outside Great Evolution Pass, on a floating continent half a day’s journey from Great Evolution Pass, the North and South Army was temporarily stationed here.

More than a year ago, the North and South Army had engaged in a great battle with the Black Ink Clan forces sent by Great Evolution Pass in the void. That battle had killed many enemies, and their own losses were not small.

The remnants of the Black Ink Clan’s army had fled towards the Great Evolution Pass, and the Great Evolution Army had to stay behind to block the Black Ink Clan reinforccement.

After more than a year, the North and South Army and the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan stood in confrontation, like two fierce beasts staring at each other from afar, baring their fangs, but neither of them could do anything to the other.

The Great Evolution Black Ink Clan had suffered a great loss once, so they didn’t dare rashly send out their troops, fearing that once they did, there would be no way out.

As for the North and South armies, they had no way to deal with the Black Ink Clan who were hiding in the Great Evolution Pass.

From the perspective of the attackers, the Human Race had truly realized just how dangerous this mountain pass was. The entire Great Evolution Pass had provided the Black Ink Clan with an extremely complete defense, so if the North and South armies were to rashly launch an attack, they would definitely suffer heavy losses. Relying on the current strength of the North and South armies, it would be difficult to take down Great Evolution Pass in one fell swoop, and if they were unable to take down Great Evolution Pass in a short time, the advantage the North and South armies had built up would be completely lost.

The Southern Army Regiment Commander, Ouyang Lie, had a short temper, and facing such a stalemate gave him a headache. All day long, he urged Mi Jinglun to think of a way to lure the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan out and give them a good beating.

What could Mi Jinglun do? The Great Evolution Black Ink Clan was hiding like a turtle, so even if he had thousands of ideas, it would be difficult for him to do anything.

“Brother Ouyang, please calm down. The situation on Great Evolution Pass’ side has reached a deadlock. If the Black Ink Clan doesn’t come out, it will be difficult for our Human Race to attack, so we can only have this standoff!” Mi Jinglun comforted Ouyang Lie, who had come over to discuss his plan of attack.

It wasn’t that Ouyang Lie didn’t understand this principle; after all, he was still an Eighth Order Open Heaven. If he acted on impulse, he wouldn’t have achieved what he had today.

However, even if he knew, his temper was still like this and could not be changed.

“How many years will this standoff last?! Are we supposed to just continue like this?” Ouyang Lie said angrily. The Black Ink Clan was also a coward. Even with such a strong army, they only knew how to hide, not daring to send out their troops.

Mi Jinglun replied, “Naturally, it’s impossible to continue this standoff. The key to breaking the Great Evolution Pass is not here, but the East and West armies.”

Ouyang Lie rolled his eyes and suddenly understood, “Brother Mi means…”

Mi Jinglun nodded and said, “If the East and West armies can completely defeat the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord will definitely be anxious. At that time, how can the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan not move? Under the orders of the Royal Lord, they will definitely go to rescue them. At that time, my North and South Army will have a place to fight.”

Ouyang Lie nodded repeatedly as he listened, “That’s right. Then Brother Mi, when will this break point come?”

Mi Jinglun said, “That will depend on when the King City can’t hold on any longer, but I think it won’t be for a short time. The strength of the East and West Army is almost the same as my North and South Army. Although there are Old Ancestor holding down the fort, the Black Ink Clan also has a Royal Lord to contend with her, so it won’t be easy to break through. For now, what we need to do is contact the East and West Army. It’s best if we can communicate with each other in time to facilitate our next plan.”

Ouyang Lie shook his head and said, “This matter is a bit difficult. This place is too far away from the King City, it’s easy to contact them, but the communication will definitely be delayed. I’m afraid it won’t be able to arrive in time.”

Mi Jinglun nodded and said, “If only we could have Martial Nephew Yang set up a few Universe Formation between Great Evolution Pass and the King City, but unfortunately, he is currently assisting the Old Ancestor in healing her injuries and has no time to spare. Otherwise, with Xiang Shan’s great foresight, he would have already done so. No matter what, we still need information, whether it is delayed or not.”

Ouyang Lie said, “Since that’s the case, let’s find someone to go to the East and West armies.”

Mi Jinglun smiled and said, “I’ve already sent people out, they should be arriving at the East and West armies by now.”

Ouyang Lie couldn’t help but roll his eyes when he heard this. This guy was telling him everything about what he had done in advance, making him look so ignorant. Being together with these people who played tricks and schemes was really tiring.

Mi Jinglun stared into the depths of the void. He had previously sent people to the East and West armies to communicate with each other, and he also wanted to know how the East and West armies would attack the King City.

Facing the Black Ink Clan’s army and the King City, it was not easy to take it down with the East and West armies current strength. If he was the Regiment Commander of the East and West armies, Mi Jinglun had considered many things and had come up with some ideas, but none of them had any effect.

So he wanted to know what Xiang Shan wanted to do.

During this time, the East and West armies gathered together, and the Battleships that were originally anchored in the Universe World quickly rose into the sky.

On top of a tall mountain, the Eighth Order Garrison Chief, Cha Pu, looked at this scene with surprise and asked a nearby person, “Is the East and West Army planning to attack the King City?”

Cha Pu was the Garrison Chief of Gen Ding Garrison, the North and South Army, and he was also the person Mi Jinglun had sent to contact the East and West Army. As Mi Jinglun had expected, he had arrived here three days ago and had coincidentally come across a big plan being carried out on the East and West Army, so he had stayed behind to observe the situation and bring back detailed information to Mi Jinglun.

The reason why an Eighth Order was dispatched was mainly because the distance was too far and the road was not necessarily safe. If a Seventh Order was dispatched, they might encounter some kind of danger, so they could only send out an Eighth Order Garrison Chief.

Now that the North and South armies were temporarily calm, it wouldn’t matter if an Eighth Order was sent away.

As for this Cha Pu, he was the one who had come to rescue Yang Kai after killing the Eight Order Black Ink Disciple.

Standing beside Cha Pu was Xiang Shan’s deputy, Li Xing.

Under Xiang Shan’s orders, Li Xing accompanied Cha Pu the entire time to answer some of his questions.

At this moment, the East and West armies were mobilizing, seemingly wanting to attack the Black Ink Clan’s King City. Anyone who wasn’t blind could see this.

This made Cha Pu somewhat worried. He had also seen the situation at the Black Ink Clan’s King City. With the current strength of the East and West armies, it would be unwise to attack forcefully. Once the two armies clashed, the East and West armies would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Although he knew that Xiang Shan would never do such a stupid thing, he couldn’t help feeling a little worried.

On the side, Li Xing heard this and said, “Martial Uncle, please calm down. Senior Xiang has said that Martial Uncle should just wait and see.”

Cha Pu turned his head to look at him and smiled slightly, “Oh? Senior Brother Xiang said so? It seems that the movement of the East and West Army is just a cover?”

Li Xing lowered his eyes, “Disciple doesn’t dare reveal anything about the military situation.”

Although he had been by Xiang Shan’s side all day long and knew everything about the military affair, without Xiang Shan’s orders, he didn’t dare to say anything.

Cha Pu didn’t make things difficult for him and simply nodded, “Since you say so, I’m looking forward to it even more. Let me see if Senior Brother Xiang has any tricks to deal with the Black Ink Clan.”

The two of them suddenly went quiet for a while.

The East and West Army was mobilized extremely quickly, and under the command of the military order, the soldiers of the various garrisons who had been recuperating for more than a year boarded the Battleship. Soon, a massive fleet of Battleships appeared in the sky, each of them containing more than two thousand large and small Battleships, each of them exuding a ferocious aura.

Naturally, this abnormal movement couldn’t be hidden from the Black Ink Clan’s investigation, so as soon as the Human Race’s army showed any abnormalities, the Black Ink Clan in the King City noticed.

Standing on the deck of his ship, Che Kong looked around with a solemn expression.

He didn’t know why the Human Race’s army had suddenly set up such a formation, but no matter what, the next battle was inevitable.

Before the Royal Lord went into hibernation, he had ordered them to take defensive stance. If the Human Race didn’t attack the King City, they didn’t need to pay any attention to them. If they dared to act rashly, they would naturally stop them at all costs.

As such, after sensing the Human Race’s movement, he sent out one order after another, and the nearly one million Black Ink Clan soldiers also prepared to fight.

However, he soon discovered a strange phenomenon.

The Human Race’s army didn’t head straight towards the King City, instead taking a roundabout route from the left side.

This made Che Kong very confused.

What did the Human Race want to do?

Taking such a big detour right under his nose, were they trying to launch an attack from behind the King City? What a joke, did they really think he was blind?

If the Human Race really dared to do so, they would definitely not let it go.

Similarly confused were Cha Pu who is observing the movement. His thoughts were the same as Che Kong's. In a situation where there was no concealment, other than wasting time, there was no other effect.

However, he didn’t ask any more questions. Since the higher ups of the East and West Army had made such a decision, they must have their own reasons. He just needed to wait and see.

Mi Jinglun wanted to know how the East and West Army was going to resolve the situation in the King City. Perhaps this battle was the key.

The East and West Army’s base was only half a day’s journey from the King City. After a long detour, the East and West Army’s vast fleet had already reached the left side of the King City.

At this point, the East and West armies no longer took a detour. Under the lead of a Guard-level Battleship, the massive fleet rapidly approached the King City!

It's momentum was unstoppable.


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