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After all, the larger the volume, the more energy it would take to arrange a Spirit Array, so it was better to choose a suitable Universe World, one that consumed less energy. In any case, the Human Race’s army only had thirty thousand people, so no matter how small it was, the Universe would be able to accommodate it.

Although he had some doubts at the time, because it was just a thought that flashed across his mind, he didn’t delve too deeply into it.

When he saw the streak of light flying from the distant void, he finally understood what was happening.

The Universe World where the Human Race’s army was stationed was extremely large and was only half a day’s journey from the King City. The Universe World was not only a nail that had been nailed to the Black Ink Clan’s doorstep, it was also an obstacle.

A barrier that blocked the vision!

At this moment, he was standing on the back of the Universe World, so he could clearly see the scene of the stream of light in the sky, but one the King City side, the Black Ink Clan was blocked by this Universe World, so they probably couldn’t see what was happening here.

This gave the Human Race enough time to arrange something.

From the looks of it, the higher-ups had already made plans when they chose the Universe Universe, otherwise they wouldn’t have deliberately chosen such a huge Universe World.

In front of the Black Ink Clan’s King City, the army was organized.

After taking over the Black Ink Clan’s army under the Royal Lord's command, it had only been a short month, but under Che Kong's reorganization, the Black Ink Clan’s army had been completely transformed.

At this time, the Black Ink Clan’s nearly one million strong army gathered outside the King City. No matter where the Human Race’s army attacked from, the nearby Black Ink Clan army would be able to provide immediate assistance.

There was nothing wrong with taking the initiative to attack the Human Race’s army, but defending was their forte.

As the leader of the million strong Black Ink Clan army, Che Kong was naturally stationed in the army to guard against any possible movements of the Human Race.

Suddenly, a bad feeling rose in his heart.

This caused him to immediately become vigilant, quickly raising his eyes to look towards the Human Race’s camp, only to see numerous Battleship entering and exiting, busy with something.

However, it doesn't seemed like they has the attention to attack the King City.

If the Human Race didn't have such attention, then where did this warning come from?

Was it just an illusion?

Hopefully, it was just an illusion. Before the Royal Lord fell asleep in the Black Ink Nest, he had given him the authority to command the army and ordered him to protect the King City. Naturally, he could not let down the Royal Lord’s expectations.

Just as he was thinking this, a dazzling light suddenly appeared behind the Universe World.

The warning in his heart grew stronger!

In the next moment, the dazzling light suddenly flashed into his eyes, causing him to squint slightly.

At first, he didn’t know what these lights were, but as the distance between them shortened, he was finally able to see the essence of the light.

Suddenly, he stood up and roared, “Enemy attack!”

During the one month he had been in charge of the Black Ink Clan’s million strong army, he had thought countless times about how the Human Race would act if they wanted to invade the King City. He had also considered the position of the Human Race’s upper echelons and deduced the course of this battle.

In the end, he came to the conclusion that no matter what kind of schemes the Human Race had, as long as he didn’t move, the Human Race wouldn’t be able to do anything to the King City.

This result undoubtedly satisfied him greatly.

But at this moment, when the Human Race really displayed their offensive methods, he discovered that the Human Race’s treacherous methods were not something he could fathom.

The Human Race was actually using the Universe World to launch an attack!

The Universe World was filled with all kinds of Spirit Arrays, all of which belonged to the Human Race. Moreover, after circling around the Human Race’s base, the Universe World directly headed towards the King City.

He didn’t know where it had come from, but it was obvious that it had been flying through the void for a long time, and it's speed had reached the limit.

As soon as he issued the warning, the dazzling light was less than ten million kilometers away from the King City.

If he left it alone, it would not take more than a dozen breaths for this Universe World to bust into the King City.

The consequences… were simply unimaginable.

The King City was also located in a Universe World. Although its size was not small, it did not have a strong defensive power, which was incomparable to Great Evolution Pass.

The Great Evolution Pass itself was a massive palace artifact. Even if there were no decorations on it, its durability and defense were not something a Universe World could shake. Moreover, whether it was the Human Race occupying the Great Evolution Pass or the Black Ink Clan occupying the Great Evolution Pass, there were all kinds of arrangements inside the Great Evolution Pass, enhancing its defensive capabilities.

In terms of size, this Universe World covered in Spirit Arrays was only about thirty percent of the King City's volume, but if it were to be hit head-on, the entire King City would be destroyed.

Not to mention the Royal Lord who were currently healing in the Black Ink Nest, even the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest might be destroyed by this massive impact.

At that time, how could the Royal Lord let him off so easily?

If he had been able to discover this Universe World that was crashing towards the King City earlier, with the Black Ink Clan’s current strength, it wouldn’t have been difficult for them to stop it.

However, the despicable Human Race had used the Universe World's blocking to catch him off guard.

When he noticed this strange attack, he only had ten breaths to react.

Without any time to mobilize his army, he leapt towards the Universe World.

Along with him were more than thirty other Territory Lords.

All the Territory Lords knew that at this time, they had to use all their strength to block this attack. If even the slightest shockwave hit the King City, it would disturb the Royal Lord’s healing.

The Black Ink Clan’s healing was similar to a deep sleep. Whether it was the Royal Lord or the ordinary Black Ink Clan, this was the case. Once disturbed, the healing effect would be weakened.

The Royal Lord was the last thing the Black Ink Clan could rely on, so how could they dare let the Royal Lord be disturbed?

All the Territory Lords soared into the sky, each of them emitting a powerful aura, creating a spectacular scene.

Following closely behind the Territory Lords were the Feudal Lords that are difficult to calculate.

On the Universe World where the Human Race’s army was stationed, Xiang Shan, Liu Zhiping, and several Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs all raised their heads to look, only to see the Black Ink Clan masters from the King City rush forward like moths to a flame.

Before they even arrived, fierce attacks were launched towards the Universe World.

“Can it be blocked?” An Eighth Order Garrison Chief asked.

To be honest, even if an Eighth Order didn't take action, even if it is a Sixth Order, or even a Fifth Order, as long as they had enough time, they could destroy the entire Universe World.

After all, at the Open Heaven Stage, they had already broken free from the world’s shackles. They had their own Small Universe, and the power they could exert was equivalent to the power of the world. Destroying Universe World was not difficult for them.

The Open Heaven Stage was like this, but the Black Ink Clan was also not bad.

However, what the Black Ink Clan was currently facing was not an ordinary Universe World, but a place where many Human Race's Array Masters had spent nearly a month setting up various Spirit Arrays.

This kind of existence was no longer just a simple Universe World, it was the most powerful siege weapon!

“Just take a look and you’ll know,” Xiang Shan replied lightly.

This time’s siege was just a test, a test to see how effective this method was. As such, the East and West armies had no intention of deploying their forces at all, so the two Regiment Commanders and the Garrison Chief had the time to observe and chat.

From what he could see, the masters of the Black Ink Clan had all used their most powerful techniques, sending out waves of pitch-black energy that caused the Universe World to flash and collapse.

With dozens of Territory Lords attacking together, their power was no small matter.

Even though the human race's Array Masters had set up all kinds of protective Spirit Arrays in the Universe World, they were unable to withstand the bombardment of so many Territory Lords.

Without waiting for the Feudal Lords to act, the light of the entire Universe World dimmed and shattered, turning into pieces of rubble that scattered in all directions.

The Territory Lords couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, but at the same time, they also felt a bit embarrassed.

They had been too cautious. After all, this was just a Universe World. Even if the Human Race had set up all kinds of Spirit Arrays, how big of a threat could it be?

As a result, these Territory Lord had all rushed out to stop them. If the Human Race were to launch an attack on the King City at this time, they would definitely lose face.

Just as they were thinking this, behind the collapsed Universe World, a brilliant light was still flashing.

“There’s more!” Che Kong roared angrily.

The Territory Lords were shocked but didn’t panic. After all, they had experienced this before and knew how to deal with it.

This time, with the addition of the Feudal Lords, it was even easier.

A few breaths later, the second Universe World was destroyed, turning into countless broken stones.

The third Universe World appeared.

The Territory Lords cursed the Human Race’s upper echelons in their hearts, for repeatedly using such despicable methods.

As the violent attacks flew towards them, along with dozens of Territory Lords and many Feudal Lords, the third Universe World was finally destroyed less than ten million kilometers away from the King City.

However, the Territory Lords did not relax at all as they stared into the depths of the void, afraid that a fourth Universe World would attack.

What made them feel slightly relieved was that there wasn’t a fourth one. The Human Race had only arranged three Universe Worlds.

After confirming that all the incoming Universe Worlds had been blocked and that they had not caused any disturbances to the King City, the Territory Lords and Feudal Lords return to the King City.

They didn’t feel much joy, but instead, a hint of worry appeared on their face.

This time, the Human Race had set up three Universe Worlds, but they had easily stopped them. What if there were four, five, or even more next time?

In the end, there would be a time when they couldn’t stop it. Once they couldn’t, not to mention how many casualties the Black Ink Clan would suffer, the healing of the Royal Lord would definitely be affected.

The Human Race’s attack this time should only be a probe, and the next attack would be the most important. They believed that after this probe, the Human Race’s upper echelons would definitely develop this method!

Damn it! In the face of such shameless tactics, the Black Ink Clan’s side had no choice but to face them head-on.

In fact, they couldn’t even imitate it, because the Black Ink Clan didn’t have so many outstanding Array Masters to set up the Spirit Arrays.


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