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In the end, Doctor Cai decided to leave behind a prescription. He could reason with the hunter couple, but the rolling pin wouldn’t reason with him.

However, he didn’t dare to prescribe any powerful medicines. The herbs in the recipe were all common herbs that could be found in the mountains and could nourish one’s vitality. Even if one really ate them, it wouldn’t matter.

The hunter personally escorted Doctor Cai back to the village twenty kilometers away before returning in a hurry.

It was already late at night, so the burly woman sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the little child on the bed lovingly. Seeing this scene, the hunter’s heart stirred.

Having been married for more than twenty years, he naturally knew what his wife was like. He had never seen her so gentle.

The rice and water had yet to run out, and after such a long period of exhaustion, the hunter was naturally hungry and tired. He ordered the burly woman, “Make some food. I’ll eat some food and rest for a while. When dawn comes, I’ll go up the mountain to find some medicine.”

The burly woman readily agreed and carried the rolling pin to the kitchen.

The next day before dawn, the hunter set out to hunt while searching for herbs listed on the recipe.

They were all people who lived in the mountains, so whether it was hunting or searching for herbs, it was not a difficult task. All they needed was experience and luck.

The sky was still dark when the hunter returned. This time, he was quite lucky and managed to hunt a roe deer. He also found a lot of herbs and handed them to his wife to clean and boil before feeding the little girl.

The village wasn’t big, only a dozen or so houses.

The news of the hunter picking up a little girl on the mountain soon spread, and from time to time, people would come to see her. However, although the countryside people were crude, they were also simple and honest. No one would say anything about this child of unknown origin, only lamenting that her fate was full of misfortune and suffering.

With so many helpers in the surrounding area, the dozen or so hunters in the village would often bring back some herbs and hand them over to the burly woman.

The hunter also went to the wooden house in the mountain several times, trying to find any relatives that the little girl might have, but to no avail.

Three months passed by in the blink of an eye. Although she had been fed medicine and meat soup every day, the child picked up by the hunter never woke up.

What made the hunter couple feel slightly relieved was that this child’s complexion seemed to be a bit better than before, no longer frighteningly pale and somewhat blood-red.

This gave them even more hope.

On the fourth month after the hunters picked up the little girl, one morning, the burly woman cooked some meat soup and brought it into the house to feed.

The hunter sharpened his arrows in the courtyard.

Suddenly, a woman’s scream rang out from inside the house, “Husband!”

The hunter was startled and hurriedly put down the half sharpened arrow in his hand before rushing into the house and asking anxiously, “What happened?”

The burly woman pointed dumbly at the bed.

The hunter looked up and was stunned.

The little girl, who had been lying on the bed for four months, suddenly sat up and stared at them blankly, her big eyes filled with confusion.

“You’re awake, you’re awake!” The burly woman’s voice trembled slightly as she held the meat soup in one hand and shook the hunter’s arm with the other, afraid she was dreaming.

The hunter felt dizzy from the shaking. “Easy, don’t scare the child.”

As if she had just woken up from a dream, the burly woman forced a harmless smile on her face and sat down next to the bed, gently asking, “Child, you’re awake. When did you wake up? Are you feeling unwell?”

The little girl sitting on the bed didn’t seem to hear her and didn’t answer, simply staring at the big bowl in the big woman’s hand.

The burly woman asked a few more questions, but still didn’t get any respond.

Looking at the child and the meat soup in her hands, the burly woman asked, “Are you hungry?”

Saying so, she leaned forward slightly, wrapped one hand around the little girl’s neck, and brought the big bowl to her mouth.

After gulping for a while, in less than a dozen breaths’ time, the bowl of meat soup was finished.

The hunter next to her smiled happily, “It’s good to eat, quickly go get another bowl.”

After finishing the second bowl of meat soup, the little girl licked her lips and looked at the big woman pitifully, as if she wanted more.

The burly woman shook her head, “You just woke up, you can’t drink too much. When you’re better, I’ll let you drink until you’re full.”

Putting down the bowl in her hand, the burly woman gently asked, “Child, what is your name? Where is your home?”

The little girl wore a blank expression.

The burly woman asked a few more questions but still couldn’t get an answer.

The burly woman turned to her husband and asked worriedly, “Husband, is this child mute?”

The hunter said, “Perhaps she was too young and didn’t understand what you were saying, but at least she woke up. It seems that Doctor Cai’s medicine is still useful.”

“You must thank him properly.”

The hunter nodded, “Of course, since it’s useful, I’ll go pick more herbs this time.”

The hunter went up the mountain again, and the burly woman told the little girl to stay at home and not run about. She took some gifts that weren’t worth much but could still express her gratitude and went to the house of Doctor Cai, which was about twenty kilometers away.

After the hunter couple left, the little girl lay quietly on the bed, her big eyes staring at the roof, seemingly lost in thought.

Yang Kai suddenly appeared beside the bed and looked down.

After a while, the little girl on the bed seemed to realize something was wrong and turned to look at Yang Kai.

She wasn’t too surprised, just a bit curious, as if she didn’t understand why a stranger had suddenly appeared beside her bed.

“Old Ancestor, what are you doing?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

For the past few days, he had been hiding in the shadows and observing. Over the past four months, he had discovered something he didn’t understand.

Although the Old Ancestor had fought a great battle with the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord and suffered heavy injuries and had been unconscious for four months, under his observation, there seemed to be something wrong with the Old Ancestor.

However, he couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong.

Facing Yang Kai’s question, the Old Ancestor didn’t say anything, only staring at him with her big clear eyes, her curiosity growing.

After staring at each other for a moment, Yang Kai sighed, “Old Ancestor, stop fooling around.”

The Old Ancestor still did not answer, not even showing any intention of speaking.

Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning.

The Old Ancestor didn’t seem to be playing around with him, and her eyes were filled with curiosity and unfamiliarity, as if she didn’t recognize him.

Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that the Old Ancestor’s injuries were more serious than he had imagined and she had lost her memories?

However, Yang Kai quickly denied this conjecture. A supreme Ninth Order Open Heaven master, even if she was seriously injured, how could she have lost her memories?

In this situation, either the Old Ancestor was really joking with him or she had used some kind of method to seal her memories.

Under normal circumstances, even if the Old Ancestor was seriously injured and transformed into a child, her memories wouldn’t have any problems. It was just that her personality had changed and she had become more childlike.

But if she sealed her own memories, she would naturally not remember herself.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment and decided that for the time being, he couldn’t make any rash judgements. Since the Old Ancestor had been recuperating for quite some time, he could still observe her.

Facing the Old Ancestor in such a state, Yang Kai didn’t know how to communicate and could only simply examine her injuries.

Even with his Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivation, Yang Kai still couldn’t see where the Old Ancestor’s injuries were. In fact, from what he could tell, the Old Ancestor’s body wasn’t injured, only weaker than an ordinary child’s.

Seeing that the owner of this house was about to return, Yang Kai could only hurriedly bid farewell, “I will come to talk with you again later, rest well.”

Saying so, he disappeared.

When the burly woman returned from Doctor Cai’s place, she saw that the little girl was looking around for something at home. The burly woman was shocked and quickly carried her to the bed, telling her not to run around when there was no one around.

When Yang Kai withdrew his attention from the Old Ancestor, the changes in the outside world caught his attention.

Sitting on the roof of the hunter’s house, Yang Kai looked up into the sky, his eyes piercing through the barrier of his Small Universe World to see what was happening.

In the depths of the void, a stream of light was rapidly approaching.

There weren’t many of these streaks of light, only three of them, but they were all arranged in a straight line as they flew over.

This puzzled Yang Kai. This stream of light didn’t seem like the light of a human race's Open Heaven cultivator, but rather the light of some Spirit Arrays.

But what kind of Spirit Array could move so quickly?

Confused, he activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation to investigate.

In the next moment, what he saw shocked Yang Kai greatly.

These three streaks of light were indeed the light emitted when the Spirit Array was activated, and these Spirit Arrays had now been placed on three round Universe World.

These three Universe Worlds should have been carefully selected, and their size was neither too big nor too small. Compared to this Universe World where the East and West armies were stationed, it was only about ten percent of its volume.

At this moment, these three Universe World were filled with various Spirit Arrays. Under the influence of these Spirit Arrays, they flew out from the depths of the void, their speed becoming faster and faster.

Yang Kai didn’t know where they had flown from, but it was clear that they had experienced an extremely long journey.

When they appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision, their speed was already as fast as lightning, and every Universe World was filled with an extremely dangerous aura. Obviously, the Spirit Arrays arranged on them not only had the effect of pushing them forward, but also had other more dangerous uses.

Yang Kai couldn’t help wondering what these Spirit Arrays were for.

Yang Kai’s face couldn’t help twitching a little. Needless to say, this was another plan Xiang Shan had come up with against the Black Ink Clan, but this plan was a bit ruthless.

He didn’t know if the Black Ink Clan could handle this.

On top of that, Yang Kai also found something that made him concern.

That was the difference in the size of the Universe World.

The Black Ink Clan’s King City was located in a Universe World. Currently, the Human Race’s main base was also a Universe World, but it was a place that the Human Race had teleported from afar.

Comparing the two Universe World, the Universe World where the human race resides is undoubtly danger, almost three times larger than the King City.

Before this, Yang Kai was a bit puzzled. If it was just to build a base for the Human Race’s army, why would they choose such a vast world? It was truly a waste.


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