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After half a day of fruitless hunting, the hunter was both tired and hungry. After drinking a handful of the mountain spring water to quench his thirst, he suddenly froze.

In his vision, he saw a simple wooden house.

He didn’t remember seeing any wooden houses on this mountain. Although this place was far from the usual hunting area, he had come here before and had never seen this wooden house before.

Out of curiosity, he walked towards the wooden house. When he got close, he called out, “Is anyone there?”

He called out several times but didn’t het any answer. Helpless, he could only open the door and enter.

The wooden house had been hastily built by Yang Kai in order to shelter the Old Ancestor from the wind and rain while she was healing her injuries, so the interior was simply furnished with a simple bed.

The Old Ancestor’s small body curled up on the bed.

As soon as the hunter entered, he naturally saw the figure on the bed, causing him to be somewhat surprised and vigilant.

Although he was an ordinary person and had never cultivated before, on this Void World, cultivation was not a secret. The few youths in the nearby village had always wanted to join a cultivation sect.

When the hunter was young, he also had such a dream. About a thousand kilometers away from the village, there was a cultivation sect called Water Moon Palace that would recruit disciples every few years.

The young hunter had once traversed mountains and rivers, dreaming of going to Water Moon Palace to participate in the Disciple Recruitment Conference. He dreamed of joining Water Moon Palace and one day becoming an expert who flew here freely. Unfortunately, his cultivation aptitude was too poor, so he was unable to enter the eyes of those cultivators and was eliminated in the Disciple Recruitment Conference.

With his dreams destroyed, the hunter had wandered outside for several years, but in the end, he had returned to the village where he had been born and raised, where he had established his family.

Compared to the other hunters in the village, he was someone who had seen many things. Not only did he know that there were cultivators in this world, but he also knew that there was a special kind of existence in this world.

Monster Race!

It was said that some Monster Beast could transform into human form after cultivating for a long time. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell. Among these Monster Beast, fox spirits were the most common. According to ancient legends, fox spirits loved to transform into beautiful women to seduce young and vigorous men.

So when he saw a strange wooden house in this place and a child inside, the hunter’s first reaction was to wonder if he had run into a Monster Race.

This made his scalp go numb. The legendary Monster Race were both good and bad, but he wasn’t sure what kind of Monster Race were good or bad.

However, upon closer inspection, the figure on the bed was pitifully small. Even if it was a Monster Race, it was probably a small Monster Race!

He was such a big guy, was he afraid of her?

As this thought flashed through his mind, the panic in the hunter’s heart dissipated significantly.

Originally, he had planned to quietly retreat, since he couldn’t be certain if this little girl was a Monster Race, but just as he was about to leave the wooden house, he suddenly stopped.

He could tell that there was something wrong with the breathing of the little girl on the bed.

His years of hunting had allowed him to gain a deep understanding of the prey on this mountain. Many of his prey had suffered heavy injuries, and when they were about to die, their breathing would become intermittent and weak.

The hunter hesitated…

After a long time, he gritted his teeth and walked over to the bed.

What if this wasn’t some kind of monster and was just an ordinary child? If no one paid attention to her in this deep mountain range, perhaps some fierce beast would come and eat her.

Looking down, he saw a three or four year old girl lying on the bed. Although she was sleeping soundly, her face was obviously filled with pain, as if she had fallen into a nightmare and her complexion was abnormally pale.

He stretched out his hand and felt that the little girl’s forehead was frighteningly hot.

She is sick!

Without any hesitation, the hunter picked up the little girl and hugged her before dashing down the mountain.

Regardless of the origins of this little girl or why she was left alone in the wooden house on the mountain, if she was not treated quickly, she would soon die.

The hunter’s thoughts were very simple. He quickly brought her down the mountain to find a doctor. As for how to solve this problem if the child’s family came looking for her, he had no idea. At most, he would just return the child and explain everything.

After the hunter left in a hurry, Yang Kai, who had been quietly observing from the side, suddenly appeared. Looking at the departing figure, he stroked his chin and muttered to himself.

The Old Ancestor had been snatched away…

What should he do?

Originally, he could have used a spell to conceal the existence of the wooden house, so an ordinary hunter who had never cultivated before would not have been able to discover the Old Ancestor’s presence, but at the critical moment, the Old Ancestor had sent him a message.

This made him somewhat confused as to what the Old Ancestor’s intentions were, and the meaning of this message was unclear, making it impossible to determine what it was. It didn’t seem like the Old Ancestor was deliberately doing this, but more like an instinct of the Old Ancestor.

Although he couldn’t guess the meaning of the Old Ancestor’s message, since she had instinctively sent a message to him at that time, it was obvious she wanted to stop him.

That was why Yang Kai had let nature take its course.

As a result, such a scene occurred, but the Old Ancestor didn’t send any further messages. It seemed his choice was correct.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t just ignore it, so he could only conceal himself and follow behind the hunter.

The journey up the mountain took more than half a day, but it only took more than an hour to reach the bottom. The exhausted and hungry hunter even fell down the road, his face covered in dust, but he managed to protect the little girl in his arms.

Rushing straight back to the small village, he kicked open the door to his house and shouted, “Woman, something bad has happened!”

Listening to the sound, a burly woman with an apron around her waist and a large rolling pin in her hand walked out of the kitchen, seemingly cooking.

It was almost dinner time.

The burly woman had a strong physique, a stark contrast to the lean physique of the hunter. If the two of them stood together, the burly woman would probably be twice the size of the hunter.

A country bumpkin was vulgar, so when she heard the hunter’s shout, the big woman roared, “What? Did that two dogs steal your prey again?”

'If that's the case, let's see if the old lady doesn't blow his brains out!'

“No, no!” The hunter quickly shook his head, “I picked up a little thing.”

Saying so, he rushed into the house.

The moment he brushed past her, the woman caught a glimpse of what this so-called little thing was and momentarily stunned.

After the hunter entered the house, the burly woman let out a startled cry before turning around and rushing in.

A short while later, inside the house, on a simple bed, the Old Ancestor was quietly lying down, a few pieces of animal skin covering her body. Beside the bed, the hunter and the burly woman stared at this little one for a moment, the fierce look on the burly woman’s face completely disappearing.

“Where did you pick it up?” The burly woman poked her husband with her elbow and accidentally used too much strength, nearly causing the hunter to fall.

“On the mountain!” The hunter briefly explained his encounter during the day.

The middle-aged woman’s expression changed slightly, “How could such a small thing exist in such a place? Is it a monster?”

Living together with the hunter all year round, the strong woman had also heard the hunter talk about the Monster Race during the night.

“It can't be,” the hunter said, lifting the pieces of hide. “Look, she doesn’t have a tail.”

He then rubbed the little girl’s head and said, “There are no strange ears, it shouldn’t be a monster.”

The burly woman deeply agreed. Without a strange tail and strange ears, it shouldn’t be a monster.

The hunter said, “Looking at this little girl’s clothes, she seems to be from a rich family and has been in a coma ever since I discovered her. I’m guessing she has some kind of incurable disease and was thrown up the mountain by her family.”

The burly woman immediately burst into tears, “Such a pitiful sight… Such a beautiful little thing, how could they bear to lose it?”

“Woman, hurry up and ask Doctor Cai to come over and see what kind of illness this child has. At the very least, she’s still alive. Since we’ve picked her up, we can’t just sit back and watch her die.”

“I’ll listen to you!” The burly woman wiped her tears, put down the rolling pin in her hand, took off her apron, and left the house.

There was no doctor in the village, only in another village twenty kilometers away was there a doctor surnamed Cai. Although his medical skills were mediocre, he was still one of the few masters in the surrounding hundreds of kilometers.

When the middle-aged woman left, the sky was already dark and the road was far away. Naturally, that Doctor Cai didn’t want to go out at this time.

However, the burly woman ignored him and carried the thin and weak Doctor Cai back and forth for forty kilometers before returning in an hour.

When they reached home, the hunter couple took a long time to apologize before finally putting out Doctor Cai’s anger and asking him to treat her.

The hunter couple watched anxiously from the side.

After waiting for Doctor Cai to take a look at her pulse, the burly woman impatiently asked, “Doctor Cai, what illness does this little girl have?”

Although Doctor Cai’s medical skills weren’t very good, he had been a doctor for many years and had some experience and insight, so when he heard this, he said suspiciously, “It doesn’t seem like she’s ill.”

The burly woman rolled her eyes, “Doctor, what are you talking about? Look at this little girl’s complexion, how could she not be ill?”

Doctor Cai waved his hand and said, “From her pulse, it doesn’t seem like she’s ill. She’s perfectly normal, and her pulse is even more stable than an ordinary child’s, but this child is indeed a bit abnormal. This old master can’t understand why.”

Sighing, he said, “Perhaps this old master’s medical skills aren’t good enough. Please forgive this old master’s inability to cure this child’s illness.”

Saying so, he stood up and prepared to leave.

The burly woman blocked his path and smiled apologetically, “Doctor Cai, you’re the only doctor within a hundred kilometers. If you don’t take care of this child, she’s dead.”

Doctor Cai also appeared somewhat helpless, “However, this old master can’t even find out the cause of this child’s illness, so how can I treat her?”

The burly woman said, “No matter what, we should try our best. If you give us a prescription, it should be somewhat useful.”

The hunter nodded vigorously.

Doctor Cai shook his head and said, “Medicine has its own toxicity, how can the prescription be randomly prescribed? If you take medicine randomly, even if you aren’t sick, you’ll still be sick.”

The burly woman begged several more times, but Doctor Cai refused to relent.

The burly woman lost her patience and picked up the rolling pin she had placed beside her, “Doctor Cai, a country bumpkin doesn’t know how to speak. I’ve offended you before, but this child is still alive, so I hope Doctor Cai can be kind and help.”

Looking at the rolling pin that was thicker than his thigh, the corners of Doctor Cai’s eyes twitched.


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