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Previously, the Territory Lords had been unable to determine whether they should fight or not, but now that the Royal Lord had returned, they naturally had to ask him for instructions.

The Royal Lord pondered for a moment before saying, “Defend. If the Human Race does not attack the King City, you must not act rashly!”

After saying this, he turned to look at the turtle-like Territory Lord and said, “Che Kong, I order you to lead this battle. While I am healing my injuries, take command on the other Territory Lords to defend the King City.”

The turtle-like Territory Lord bowed slightly, “Subordinate accepts!”

He didn’t say anything about others won't be listening to his orders. Without the Royal Lord’s orders, these Territory Lords were indeed divided, but if the Royal Lord gave an order, they would strictly obey.

Moreover, whether it was in terms of strength or aptitude, this turtle-like Territory Lord was one of the strongest Territory Lords.

He was the Territory Lord who had personally participated in the assassination of the Great Evolution Old Ancestor thirty thousand years ago.

This kind of participation was not simply to participate in the battle to conquer Great Evolution Pass, but to directly fight with the Great Evolution Old Ancestor.

Although he had only exchanged three blows, the price he had paid was an entire eight hundred years of deep sleep. On his turtle-like shell back, there was a gaping wound that had yet to fully heal.

These were the scars left behind by the Great Evolution Old Ancestor.

As a Territory Lord, being able to survive in the hands of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor also give him the ability to look down on his peers.

Therefore, the Royal Lord ordered the other Territory Lords to submit to him.

It was also because of this that the Territory Lords of the war faction were unable to mobilize their forces against the Human Race.

After the Royal Lord gave the order, he immediately returned to the Black Ink Nest in the King City and focused on healing his injuries. In an instant, a massive amount of resources was sent into the Black Ink Nest by the Black Ink Clan and into the Black Ink Pond, transforming into the power of the Black Ink Nest.

The Royal Lord’s idea was very simple.

Now that they had missed the best opportunity to attack, there was no point in continuing to attack the Human Race. From the looks of it, the Human Race would not attack the King City any time soon, so the two sides would definitely enter a peaceful stalemate.

He could use this opportunity to heal himself.

During the battle, he had suffered some losses at the hands of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, but in terms of healing speed, he, who possessed a Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, was far superior.

From the Royal Lord of the Yin Yang War Zone, he had learned a very important piece of information, which was that the cultivation method of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor who had come here this time was extremely special even in the Human Race’s territory. Because it was special, once one was injured, it was very difficult to heal, and she needed to borrow the power of the Bustling World.

In Yin Yang Pass, this Human Race Old Ancestor had many arrangements to help her heal, but in the Great Evolution War Zone, how could she have any?

In other words, as long as he continued to delay, his injuries would definitely recover faster than the Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s. When he recovered, wouldn’t it be better to seek trouble with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor then?

At that time, he would make her pay for this battle.

With a strong will to fight, the Royal Lord fell into a deep sleep, the rich Ink Force enveloping him.

On Dawn Battleship, Yang Kai looked towards the direction of the camp.

He naturally saw the return of the Old Ancestor very clearly. Perhaps it was because he had been in close contact with the Old Ancestor, but although the Old Ancestor’s aura had been overwhelming when she had returned, Yang Kai had still noticed something strange.

The Old Ancestor was seriously injured…

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Everything was as he had expected. The Old Ancestor had specifically asked him to come with the army so that she could use his Small Universe’s strength to heal her injuries, so once the Old Ancestor fought with the Royal Lord, she would definitely go all out to exchange injuries. This way, the battle between them wouldn’t last too long.

Now that the Old Ancestor had returned, it was probably time to use him.

Thinking so, Yang Kai summoned Feng Ying and said, “When I’m not around, if a great battle breaks out, take care of yourself.”

Feng Ying asked strangely, “You have another mission?”

Yang Kai said, “Perhaps…”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a stream of light shot out from the headquarter and rushed over. When it arrived, a figure appeared and cupped his fists, “Senior Brother Yang, the Regiment Commander has summoned you!”

“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll go now.”

Immediately after, he rushed towards the Universe World.

However, they didn’t land on the side close to the Black Ink Clan’s King City, instead circling around this Universe World for a while before arriving on the other side. Only then did the leader of the group release the light.

A moment later, the two of them arrived at the outskirts of a huge mountain valley. The man said, “Senior Brother, you may proceed forward. The Regiment Commander will be waiting up ahead.”

Yang Kai thanked him and left.

Soon, he arrived at the entrance of the mountain valley.

Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping were both here, standing outside the mountain valley entrance and waiting quietly.

Yang Kai stepped forward to greet them before turning his gaze towards the interior of the mountain valley. However, at this moment, the mountain valley was filled with clouds and mist, giving off an extremely dangerous feeling. It was obvious that there was a great array here.

“How are Old Ancestor’s injuries?” Yang Kai asked.

Xiang Shan said, “Go in and see for yourself.”

Saying so, Xiang Shan threw out a token, “This token is the command token to control the valley’s Great Array. Keep it safe and don’t lose it.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied before urging his power to refine it.

A moment later, he raised his hand and waved it towards the valley’s Great Array, sending out a profound light. As the clouds and mist churned, a door that could connect to the outside world appeared.

Yang Kai stepped forward as the door behind him slowly closed.

From the outside, one could see that the mountain valley was filled with clouds and mist, but after entering this mountain valley, one would discover that there was no such thing as clouds and mist. On the contrary, everything seemed normal, like a real mountain valley.

However, because the entire Universe World is dead, the valley was filled with desolation.

Looking back, he could even clearly see Xiang Shan and Liu Zhiping standing outside the valley, but Yang Kai estimated that they couldn’t see him.

The Old Ancestor’s aura was at the center of the mountain valley, and it was no longer as majestic as when she had returned. At this moment, it was clearly extremely weak.

Yang Kai followed the aura and soon saw a small figure curled up on a pile of rubble.

The Old Ancestor had already transformed into a child and was even younger than when Yang Kai had first met her.

When Yang Kai first met this Old Ancestor in the Yin Yang Pass' Marketplace, she was a seven or eight-year-old child.

The current Old Ancestor seemed to be only three or four years old…

The corners of Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help twitching. An Old Ancestor like this was truly rare.

Her delicate face was devoid of blood, but her clothes were stained with blood, and there was a jade bracelet on her wrist that was now covered in cracks.

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of artifact this jade bracelet was, but for it to be worn by someone like the Old Ancestor, it was obviously not an ordinary artifact. Now that it was covered in cracks and had lost a great deal of its spirituality, it was obvious how dangerous the previous battle had been.

The Old Ancestor really went all out…

Yang Kai let out a sigh and didn’t disturb her. With a single thought, the World Force surged and a Small Universe’s figure appeared in the center of him.

If someone were to focus their eyes and observe, they would be able to see that the landscape of this Small Universe’s phantom was quite complex. There were many living creatures and cities all over the place, with countless merchants walking about.

This was a miniature world!

The entire Small Universe suddenly expanded and spread out.

The desolate mountain valley instantly transformed into a bustling world.

Considering that the Old Ancestor was still in a deep sleep, Yang Kai had arranged for her to rest on a Spirit Peak when placing her in his Small Universe.

The Spirit Peak was not tall, but it was filled with spiritual energy and was suitable for cultivation.

With another thought from Yang Kai, a wooden house appeared in the place where the Old Ancestor had fallen asleep. It didn’t have any special strength, just enough to block the wind and rain.

After doing all this, Yang Kai found a good spot on the Spirit Peak and sat down quietly.

He didn’t know how long it would take for the Old Ancestor to recuperate, but it definitely wouldn’t be short, so he could take this opportunity to cultivate.

In the Small Universe world, time passed by slowly, but the sleeping Old Ancestor did not show any signs of waking up. However, as the Small Universe’s Master, Yang Kai could clearly feel a mysterious power pouring into the Old Ancestor body from all directions.

This was the power of the bustling mortal world.

Originally, he had been a bit worried about whether she would be able to absorb the Bustling World's essence to heal her injuries if he left the Old Ancestor in this desolate mountain range, but now it seemed that as long as she was in this Small Universe, it didn’t matter where she was.

Thinking about it, the so-called power of the bustling mortal world was nothing more than a miraculous power born from the reproduction of living creatures, so naturally it would fill the entire Small Universe.

Therefore, even if this place was remote, it still contained the power of the bustling mortal world.

Of course, if one could live in the flourishing mortal world, the power of the mortal world would be even richer.

Yang Kai had thought that his days would continue like this until the day the Old Ancestor woke up.

However, one day a month later, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and looked down the mountain.

There was a village at the foot of this Spirit Peak, and there were more than a dozen families living there. All of them lived by chopping wood and hunting. During this time, many hunters had come to the Spirit Peak to hunt, but Yang Kai didn’t pay them any attention.

To him, he would not easily interfere with anything in the Small Universe World, even if he was the sole ruler of this world and the world had its own principles. If he were to interfere rashly, there might be some unexpected consequences.

In the past, many hunters would only hunt halfway up the mountain. There were many prey on the Spirit Peak, enough for the hunters to live on.

However, this time, the hunters who came to hunt seemed to have bad luck. Since they hadn’t found any prey, they had gone up the mountain more often than usual.

Observing the route he was taking, if Yang Kai ignored it, he would soon arrive in front of the wooden house he had arranged for the Old Ancestor.

At that time, this hunter would have to step forward and investigate.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb the Old Ancestor’s healing. Just as he was about to cast a spell to conceal the traces of the wooden house, the sleeping Old Ancestor suddenly sent him a message.

This message was extremely vague, so much so that Yang Kai couldn’t even guess what it meant. Obviously, when the message was sent, the Old Ancestor wasn’t fully awake and was only reacting instinctively.

Yang Kai frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment before deciding to wait and see.


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