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Xiang Shan smiled lightly, “I have some ideas that I would like to discuss with Junior Sister.”

Liu Zhiping’s mind was a bit tired. Speaking of which, she was also an intelligent person, but after following Xiang Shan to lead the East and West armies for the past few years, she found that she was unable to keep up with his thinking.

When it came to matters such as marching and fighting, she could take one step, but Xiang Shan had already taken three or four steps.

Although she had long heard of Blue Sky Pass Xiang Shan’s great name, only after coming into contact with him did she realize how terrifying this man’s talent in military warfare was. This kind of innate talent was difficult for others to imitate.

There were a total of two thousand Array Masters and Artifact Refiners working together, and each of these Array Masters and Artifact Refiners was above Fifth Order Open Heaven. No one knew how terrifying the effects of setting up a base were, but now, the soldiers of the East and West armies had a profound understanding.

After the Universe World had been teleported here, these Array Masters and Artifact Refiners had worked together and spent two days exploring the topography and terrain of the entire world. Immediately, more than a dozen people gathered together to discuss a plan.

Three days later, a massive Spirit Array framework had been set up in this vast Universe World.

Three days had passed, but there was still no movement from the Black Ink Clan’s side, so it was basically certain that the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t attack, because if they had any intention of attacking, they wouldn’t have waited for three days. They would have already attacked before the Human Race’s army settled down.

The Array Masters and Artifact Refiners who had been in a hurry also calmed down.

After the large framework was completed, all that was left was to fill it with various Spirit Arrays and adjust the coordination and connection between the Spirit Arrays.

This was the culmination of the wisdom of all the Array Masters in the entire East and West Army. With the help of many Artifact Refiners, no matter what kind of Artifacts the Array Master needed, they would be able to quickly refine it without wasting any time.

With so many resources being consumed, no one would feel any pain.

The so-called war was all about resources and manpower.

Thinking back, in order to attract the attention of the Black Ink Clan, Xiang Shan had not hesitated to have his Artifact Refiners refine tens of thousands of puppets and place them in Great Evolution Pass. Now, in order to set up this base, what did it matter if he used up some resources?

As long as they could seize the Great Evolution War Zone, the Human Race would be able to extract as many resources as they wanted from this vast void. At that time, would they still need to worry about lacking resources? Their current expenditures were only for the future.

In the blink of an eye, another five days passed.

There were now more than tens of thousand Spirit Arrays in the Universe World. Under the support of these Spirit Arrays, the originally sparse and ordinary Universe World, which could be seen everywhere in the void, now seemed to be filled with a cold and dangerous aura.

It had only been a few days, so it was easy to imagine that if the Array Masters were given more time, they would be able to arrange the Spirit Arrays in this Universe World even more perfectly.

The Black Ink Clan remained motionless.

This was something Xiang Shan and the others had expected, so they were not surprised.

In the distant depths of the void, violent energy fluctuations could be felt from time to time. Even from far away, everyone could feel the dangerous aura contained within these fluctuations.

This was the aftermath of the battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord.

The battle between these two Supreme Cultivators had been going on for more than half a month and it had yet to end. No one knew when this battle would end.

Until a certain moment, the shockwave that had been constantly blowing up suddenly calmed down and no longer spread out.

At this moment, whether it was the Human Race or the Black Ink Clan, all of them couldn’t help turning to look in the direction of the fluctuations from before. Almost everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

The battle between the two Supreme Cultivators had ended!

Who won?

Who lives and who dies?

The outcome of this battle might be related to the future fate of the two races’ soldiers.

Countless pairs of eyes watched as a dazzling streak of light flew towards them from the depths of the void. At first glance, this streak of light was still far away, but in the blink of an eye, it had traversed millions of kilometers, and in the blink of an eye, it was much closer.

The Human Race was excited while the Black Ink Clan was terrified.

Without a doubt, such a dazzling streak of light was clearly the light of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. The Black Ink Clan Royal Lord would not have been able to create such a scene.

Sure enough, as the beam of light approached, the aura of the Open Heaven Stage, which was enough to turn the universe upside down, spread out. It was undoubtedly the Human Race’s Old Ancestor!

Many of the Black Ink Clans were on guard.

They didn’t know how the Royal Lord was doing, but the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had returned and the Royal Lord was nowhere to be seen, so it was obviously not a good thing.

At this time, if the Human Race’s Old Ancestor were to attack them, without the presence of the Royal Lord, they would not be able to resist.

For a time, the atmosphere in the King City was filled with panic.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the Human Race’s Old Ancestor didn’t seem to have any intention of attacking them. Instead, she directly approached the Human Race’s army and disappeared into the Universe World.

Seeing this, the eyes of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords lit up!

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor was injured, and her injuries were definitely not light, otherwise she would not have ignored them.

In other words, the situation wasn’t as bad as they had imagined. The Human Race’s Old Ancestor was already injured to the point where she couldn’t fight anymore, so what about their Royal Lord?

Just as they were thinking this, from the direction the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had come from, a black mass had silently approached.

Compared to the astonishing aura of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor, the appearance of the Black Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was somewhat suspicious.

The quick witted Territory Lord had already guessed that the Royal Lord was probably just like the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and had suffered heavy injuries, otherwise he wouldn’t have acted so cautiously.

When the Royal Lord got close enough, the Territory Lords noticed that his aura was unstable and he looked like he had been severely injured.

The Territory Lords quickly stepped forward to protect him!

At the same time, they wanted to report the movements of the Human Race’s army to the Royal Lord and ask him to decide how to resolve this situation, whether to fight or defend.

During the report, the two factions' Territory Lords each expressed their own opinions, causing a ruckus.

The Royal Lord already had a belly full of anger, but seeing his subordinate Territory Lords making a ruckus, he felt like a volcano had erupted in his chest. The moment the Royal Lord’s prestige was released, the Territory Lords all fell silent.

Sweeping a cold glance across the faces of these Territory Lords, the Royal Lord wished he could kill them one by one to calm his anger.

In this battle, he had suffered quite a bit under the hands of the Human Race’s Old Ancestor.

Since he had become a Royal Lord, he had only fought with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor once, so although he had some strength, it was difficult for him to display his full strength when fighting with a Human Race master of the same level.

Coupled with the fact that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was completely unreasonable when she fought, he had been constantly suppressed during these past few days.

Several times, he had narrowly escaped death. Forget about everything else, just the two black wings on his back were now drooping weakly.

The wings had almost been torn off by the Human Race’s Old Ancestor…

Thinking back to that scene, the Royal Lord couldn’t help shuddering.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor was simply a lunatic!

Although he had only fought against a Ninth Order Human Race master once, and it had happened thirty thousand years ago, he knew that a fight between a Royal Lord and an Old Ancestor would only end when the outcome was determined.

After all, if an expert of this level were to use their full strength, no one would be able to control it. No one could guarantee that they would be the one to survive.

However, the female Old Ancestor of the Human Race was different. She wanted to fight him to the death, and from the moment they met, she had done so.

Fortunately, he was not completely unprepared.

As soon as he had guessed that the Human Race’s army was planning to take back Great Evolution Pass and that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor who was accompanying them was the one who had originally been guarding the Yin Yang Pass, he had contacted the Royal Lord of the Yin Yang War Zone through his Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

It was true that he had never fought with the Old Ancestor who had come with the Human Race’s army this time, but Yin Yang Pass’ Royal Lord was her old rival.

After a brief exchange, Yang Kai gained a lot of valuable experience from the Royal Lord of the Yin Yang War Zone and learned about the various methods of this Human Race Old Ancestor.

It was by relying on this information that he was able to respond to the violent attacks of the Human Race Old Ancestor and preserve his life.

He was still in a sorry state…

However, that lunatic woman’s condition wasn’t any better. In this great battle, both sides had suffered heavy losses, so it wasn’t a big deal.

He was already filled with anger, but now that he had returned to the King City and heard the Territory Lords making such a ruckus, he was naturally even more enraged.

The Human Race’s army had already arrived at their doorstep, so shouldn’t they take advantage of the instability of their position to launch a thunderous attack? They had actually given the Human Race so much time to rest and reorganize, allowing them to set up a base.

A bunch of idiots!

However, although the Royal Lord was angry, he also knew what these Territory Lords under his command were thinking. Cursing them now was meaningless.

Since they had missed this opportunity, it would be unwise to attack the Human Race at this time.

He forcefully suppressed his injuries and asked, “What about the reinforcements from the Great Evolution Pass?”

When he left the Great Evolution Pass, he had personally ordered the Great Evolution Pass to send troops to reinforce the King City. Counting the time, they should have arrived by now.

The Territory Lords looked at each other for a moment before finally returning to a certain Territory Lord with a hard turtle-like shell on his back, who replied, “Royal Lord, reinforcements from the Great Evolution Pass were intercepted by another Human Race army halfway through and suffered heavy casualties, forcing them to retreat to Great Evolution Pass.”

Hearing this, the Royal Lord’s eyes twitched.

Everything went wrong.

When he was still in the Great Evolution Pass, he had heard from Hong Di that there was a Human Race army hiding near Great Evolution Pass, but unfortunately, he was unable to find their whereabouts.

Now, it seemed that this hidden Human Race army was a bad thing. With them holding down Great Evolution Pass, it would be difficult to count on the Black Ink Clan there.

In other words, the current King City was isolated and helpless.

Fortunately, the Human Race also had to split up, so the situation wasn’t too bad.

The Territory Lord with a turtle shell on his back carefully said, “Royal Lord, the current situation is whether we fight or defend against the enemy. Please decide.”


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