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Outside the capital, many Territory Lords couldn’t help staring with wide eyes, carefully observing.

At this moment, any action taken by the Human Race was enough to make them extremely vigilant.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the ripples in the air became increasingly thick and dense, and as the ripples spread, a faint phantom appeared.

This illusory figure was incomparably massive and looked like a Universe World, but this illusory figure was constantly changing between illusory and solid, making it difficult for anyone to distinguish it.

Soon, the Territory Lords saw that it was indeed the shadow of a Universe World, and this shadow was constantly condensing, seemingly showing signs of transforming from illusory to solid.

One of the Territory Lords even recognized that this Universe World was about half a day’s journey from the King City.

Speaking of which, it was quite a coincidence. When this Territory Lord Lord came to the King City for business over a decade ago, he had once rested in the Universe World for some reason, intentionally or unintentionally paying attention to the landscape of that Universe World, so he had a deep impression of it. Even if it was just a vague shadow, he could still recognize it at a glance.

This discovery shocked many Territory Lords.

They had thought that it was just a shadow, but now it seemed that the Human Race was using some kind of mysterious method to move this Universe World.

What was the Human Race trying to do?

Just as they were wondering what was happening, under the influence of the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, the Universe World, which was half a day’s journey from the King City, appeared in the void. The vast world floated quietly, but it was deathly silent and lifeless.

In the Ink Battlefield, all the Universe Worlds is like this. All of the World Force it contained had long been devoured by the Black Ink Clan. Without the World Force, the Universe World would naturally wither and die.

After the Universe World stabilized, the Central Army Battleship, under the protection of several Guard-level Battleships, slowly descended towards the Universe World.

Immediately after, a large number of cultivators walked out from the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and the Guard-level Battleship, some in groups of two, some in groups of three or four, some were alone.

This Universe World, which had been teleported here by the Eighth Order Open Heaven masters using the Void Yin-Yang Mirror, now looked like a round ball. Although it was huge, it was nothing to the Open Heaven masters.

Any Fifth Order Open Heaven would be able to run one round in half a cup of tea time.

The cultivators who were dispatched were all Array Masters and Artifact Refiners, a total of two thousand of them. Soon, their figures filled the entire Universe World, surveying the terrain for suitable terrain.

Yang Kai and the others saw this scene clearly, so it was obvious what the higher ups were planning.

This Universe World, which had been teleported here, was indeed going to be used as a base, just like Blue Sky Pass’ outpost.

Blue Sky Pass’ outpost’s main camp had been built over many years under the suppression of the Black Ink Clan, it was now impregnable. Coupled with the fact that Blue Sky Pass’s Outpost was connected to the Universe Formation, even if the Black Ink Clan used all of their strength, it would be difficult for them to pull out the outpost’s main camp.

After all, in the battle that year, the Blue Sky Pass’ Territory Lords had suffered too many losses and it was unknown how long it would take for them to recover.

Before they had enough Territory Lords, Blue Sky Pass’ Black Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to the outpost’s main camp.

Now, the East and West Great Evolution Army was willing to mobilize several Eighth Order to move the Universe World from far away to set up a base. Their methods and intentions were exactly the same as Blue Sky Pass’s outpost camp.

However, in terms of position, the current position of the East and West Army was even more infuriating to the Black Ink Clan, making it easier to provoke them.

Blue Sky Pass’s outpost was still quite far from the Black Ink Clan’s King City, but the camp the East and West armies had brought was practically nailed to the entrance of the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

He didn’t know if the Black Ink Clan could endure this!

Just as the Artifact Refiners and Array Masters were beginning to set up camp, a military order came from the front, ordering all the soldiers to prepare for battle and prepare for any possible attacks.

The higher ups were obviously also on guard against the Black Ink Clan’s movements.

In this current situation, whether the Black Ink Clan attacked or not, it was beneficial to the Human Race. If they didn’t take action, it would only give the Human Race time and opportunity to complete their base. If they rashly attacked, the East and West armies naturally wouldn’t fear them. They had traveled thousands of kilometers to this place, and their battle intent was soaring. This was the perfect time to vent their anger.

The actions of the Human Race made the Black Ink Clan somewhat confused.

When they realized the intentions of the Human Race army, the Territory Lords also began to panic.

At this moment, there were a total of thirty Territory Lords gathered outside the King City, a few more than the original Territory Lords in Great Evolution Pass.

Originally, there were eighty or ninety Black Ink Clan Territory Lords in the entire Great Evolution War Zone. This number was even higher than the average Black Ink Clan on other war zone.

Because the Great Evolution War Zone had been peaceful for thirty thousand years, the Black Ink Clan had enough time to cultivate and grow, so the number of Territory Lords here naturally increased.

Although these Territory Lords would often lead troops to reinforce their clansmen on the Wind and Cloud Pass or Azure Void Pass and were often beaten to a pulp, these Territory Lords were basically able to preserve their lives and only lost their subordinate forces.

As a result, the Black Ink Clan in the Great Evolution War Zone can maintain the number of ten Territory Lord-level masters all year round. Occasionally, there would be a few more, sometimes there would be a few less, the fluctuations are not large.

However, this time, the Human Race had brazenly sent troops from Wind and Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass. Not only did they attack the Azure Void War Zone and the Wind and Cloud War Zone’s Black Ink Clan, but even the reinforcements from the Great Evolution War Zone had suffered heavy losses.

Without mentioning anything else, the East and West Army had set up an ambush outside Wind and Cloud Pass, annihilating the Black Ink Clan’s three hundred thousand strong army and killing nine Territory Lords. These were all Territory Lords of the Great Evolution War Zone.

The situation at Azure Void Pass was similar. The reinforcements from the Great Evolution Pass' side were almost completely wiped out.

In just a short time, the number of Black Ink Clan members in the Great Evolution War Zone had been reduced by nearly twenty.

As a result, the number of Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords in the Great Evolution War Zone now numbered around sixty or seventy, and they were now divided into two groups, one in the Great Evolution Pass and one in the King City.

The Human Race’s intentions were obvious, so how could the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords not see it?

For a time, the thirty or so Territory Lords argued and divided into two factions.

The first group was naturally clamoring to take advantage of the Human Race’s army’s weakness and fight them. At the very least, they couldn’t tolerate them setting up camp outside the King City and recklessly causing trouble. This was the war faction with the majority of the people.

It couldn’t be helped. The Great Evolution War Zone had been under the control of the Black Ink Clan for more than thirty thousand years. After such a long time, the Black Ink Clan had long regarded this entire War Zone as their own territory, so it was naturally intolerable for a human race army to suddenly show off in front of them.

Compared to the war faction, the other faction was more conservative.

The result of the battle at the Great Evolution Pass had already been transmitted to them by the Black Nest. In this battle, six Territory Lords had fallen, more than twenty Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had died, and the army had lost three hundred thousand troops. Such a result was truly shocking.

Over the past thirty thousand years, the Great Evolution War Zone had never suffered such great losses.

How many Human Race soldiers were there?

According to the information they had received, the Human Race only had a total of thirty thousand people. Although the number of Eighth Order Open Heaven was not small and the Battleships were sharp, the Human Race’s strength was obvious.

If the Human Race’s thirty thousand soldiers on the other side had such strength, the Human Race’s thirty thousand soldiers here wouldn’t be much weaker.

If they really fought, the Human Race might not have a good time, and the Black Ink Clan would definitely not have a good time either. At that time, the Territory Lords and Eighth Order would definitely die.

It was fine if others died, but what if they died?

The Territory Lords of the conservative faction also knew that giving the Human Race time to rest was equivalent to giving them a chance to sharpen their blades. Once the Human Race’s blades were sharpened and placed on their necks, the Black Ink Clan’s situation would become even more difficult.

But they also had their own considerations.

The battle between the Royal Lord and the Human Race Old Ancestor had yet to end.

At that time, if the Royal Lord won, everything would be fine, but if the Royal Lord lost and their side lost, the King City would be in danger.

Leaving behind able body could also serve as a deterrent to the Human Race.

Moreover, these two Supreme Expert had fought for so many years, so the battle should be coming to an end soon. Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before the Royal Lord returned to the King City. At that time, whether they attacked or defended, the Royal Lord would make his own decision, so there was no need for them to worry about anything and it wouldn’t take too long.

The dissent caused many Territory Lords to argue, none of them able to convince the other.

As a result, there was no way to send troops to attack the Human Race, so they could only watch helplessly as the Human Race set up all sorts of arrangements in the Universe World.

The Black Ink Clan Territory Lords of the war faction were naturally resentful and felt that they had missed a great opportunity, but without the cooperation of the conservative faction Territory Lords, they were unable to rashly attack the Human Race’s army.

On a barren mountain in the Universe World, Xiang Shan stood with his hands behind his back, staring up into the sky, his deep eyes seemingly able to ignore the distance between them as he observed the movements of the Black Ink Clan in the King City.

“What a pity!” Xiang Shan suddenly said lightly.

Liu Zhiping turned her head and asked, “Does Senior Brother Xiang think that the Black Ink Clan won’t attack?”

Xiang Shan said, “It’s been such a long time, if the Black Ink Clan wanted to attack, they would have done so a long time ago. Since they haven’t moved, they won’t come. It seems those Territory Lords don’t have enough prestige to make decisions.”

Liu Zhiping smiled lightly and said, “The Black Ink Clan is ruled by the Royal Lord, and all the Territory Lords under the Royal Lord are given their own territories, each of them acting on their own. No one dares to disobey the Royal Lord’s orders, but the Territory Lords are of the same rank, so naturally they are not restricted like our Human Race army.”

Xiang Shan nodded slightly.

Liu Zhiping continued, “However, this is a good opportunity for my East and West armies to restore themselves, we can also carefully arrange this base. Once we gain a firm foothold here and conserve our strength, it won’t be too late to find a way to lure the enemy into battle.”

“What Junior Sister says makes sense, I think so too.”

Liu Zhiping suddenly turned to look at him, her beautiful eyes flashing, “Does Senior Brother have a way?”

“Why do you say so?” Xiang Shan asked instead of answering.

Liu Zhiping shook her head and said, “It seems Senior Brother has already made up his mind about the current situation, otherwise he wouldn’t have ordered people to search for a suitable Universe World right after arriving here. Senior Brother seems to have already anticipated this situation, so there must be a way to break through.”


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