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Such a position was already extremely close for the two armies. If there was even the slightest movement, a great battle could break out.

After half a day’s journey, Yang Kai could faintly see figures moving about outside the King City.

However, the distance was too far and he couldn’t see clearly.

Therefore, he activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation and observed carefully.

At this moment, it was clear that the Demon Eye of Annihilation was extremely useful. Not only could it break through illusions and create pressure on the enemy, but it could also greatly enhance one’s vision.

The thick black ink color was indeed located in the Black Ink Clan’s King City, and the towering giant was none other than the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

When the Black Ink Nest opened slightly, a rich ink force surged out and spread throughout the entire King City.

The Black Ink Clan living here was no different from living in an extremely luxurious cultivation environment, just like a human cultivator occupying a paradise suitable for them.

However, at this moment, there is obviously some tension on the Black Ink Clan in the King City. Not only did Yang Kai see the Black Ink Clan in the King City, but even outside the King City, there were countless Black Ink Clan armies stationed.

These Black Ink Clan armies were obviously the subordinates of the Territory Lords who had rushed to the King City these past few days. At this moment, they were standing outside the King City, preparing to receive the Human Race’s attack.

Seeing this, Yang Kai sighed slightly.

Although the East and West armies were like thunder, they were still a step too slow, allowing the Black Ink Clan to respond. If the East and West armies could arrive at the Black Ink Clan’s King City first and destroy the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest, the battle to recover the Great Evolution War Pass would be half done.

Once the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest was destroyed, all of the Black Ink Nest in the entire Great Evolution War Zone would be wiped out, and the Black Ink Clan here would become rootless trees and sourceless water without any fresh blood to replenish them. The Great Evolution Army wouldn’t even need to fight them head-on, as long as they were patient enough, they could easily quell this war zone.

But now, with the Black Ink Clan’s army gathered in the King City, it would be impossible for the Great Evolution East and West Army to destroy the Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest.

“Is that the King City?” Feng Ying stood beside Yang Kai and asked softly.

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes.”

“Such rich Ink Force,” Qi Taichu sighed.

Speaking of which, although these people had fought with the Black Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield for hundreds or even thousands of years, this was the first time they had been so close to the Black Ink Clan’s King City. This was the first time they had personally witnessed the might of the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

Blue Sky War Zone was the fastest in dealing with the Black Ink Clan. This was the first Human Race war zone to have their own outpost.

However, there was still a long way to the King City from where the outpost’s main camp was located. The entire Black Ink Clan in the Blue Sky War Zone had only been forced to abandon half of their territory.

However, this time, the Human Race’s soldiers were the closest to the Black Ink Clan’s King City, almost hitting the Black Ink Clan’s doorstep.

The rich Ink Force in the King City shocked all the humans present. The Ink Force they had encountered in the past was completely incomparable to what they were seeing now.

The massive Royal Lord-level Black Ink Nest gave off a great visual impact. Comparing the Territory Lord-level Black Ink Nest they had destroyed to this place was like comparing a grandson to a grandfather.

Although they shocked, thet were also excited.

This was the first time in the history of the Human Race that they had managed to break through to the entrance of the Black Ink Clan’s home. Although the entire journey had been uneventful, this was still a massive breakthrough.

This breakthrough meant that the situation of the Ink Battlefield, which had been in a deadlock for countless years since ancient times, had been changed today.

Now that they had arrived here, a great battle was inevitable, but no one knew how or when this battle would erupt.

From the looks of it, the higher ups didn’t intend to immediately attack the King City.

It was understandable. The East and West armies had come from far away, but the Black Ink Clan army was still on high alert. If they were to fight now, the Human Race would definitely suffer.

In the face of such a situation, how should the higher-ups resolve it?

Yang Kai’s thoughts drifted as he thought about what he would do if he is the Regiment Commander of the East and West Army.

After thinking about it for a while, it seemed that he could only make some adjustments first. If he could lure the Black Ink Clan out of the King City, that would be for the best.

At this moment, the Black Ink Clan and Human Race’s positions seemed to have been reversed. It had always been the Black Ink Clan’s army attacking while the Human Race defending. This time, it was the Human Race who wanted to attack while the Black Ink Clan was forced to defend.

However, the Black Ink Clan’s King City wasn’t necessarily as solid as the Human Race’s various mountain passes. Strictly speaking, the Human Race’s various mountain passes were all giant palace artifacts, safe havens that generations of ancestors had worked hard to create to resist the attacks of the Black Ink Clan countless times.

However, the King City was different. No human had ever attacked the King City before, so the Black Ink Clan had never thought of setting up any defensive measures in the King City.

This was the biggest difference between the King City and the Human Race’s Pass, and it could also be used.

Of course, there were also areas where the Human Race was inferior to the Black Ink Clan. The East and West Army was now known as thirty thousand strong, but other than a few thousand Artifact Refiners, Alchemists, and Array Masters, there were only about twenty thousand or so people who could actually fight and kill their enemies. They couldn’t withstand too much damage, but the Black Ink Clan didn't care about their life when attacking. The higher ups of the Black Ink Clan never took the lives of the lower ranking Black Ink Clan seriously.

This kind of tactic was impossible for the Human Race to follow.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking about this, he suddenly noticed an unusual movement somewhere in the army. Looking around, he saw several streaks of light flying towards the side.

These streaks of light were obviously Eighth Order Open Heaven.

What were they going to do? Yang Kai was puzzled, and so was the Dawn Squad members.

Half a day later, everyone’s doubts were answered.

A few other Eighth Order masters leapt into the air and joined forces to set up a Spirit Array.

Yang Kai’s eyelids twitched.

Ning Qizhi stroked his chin as he stared at the busy figures of the Eighth Order masters and asked suspiciously, “If I’m not mistaken, these people is setting up the Void Yin Yang Mirror?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, the Void Yin Yang Mirror.”

This artifact came from Yang Kai’s hands and had been improved by Troublesome Grandmaster. It had long since been popularized in the various human passes, and with the help of this mysterious artifact that could overturn the void, the various mountain passes were able to easily extract resources and escape their previous poverty.

It could be said that the Void Yin Yang Mirror had contributed greatly to the supply of resources in every mountain pass.

The Human Race had always used this set of artifacts to move the Universe World and extract resources, so the purpose of setting up the Yin-Yang Void Mirror in this place was obvious.

Qi Taichu suddenly understood and said, “The higher ups want to set up a base here, it seems they intend to drag things out with the Black Ink Clan.”

It was unknown whether the Black Ink Clan was doing this on purpose or not, but the space around the King City was incomparably empty. Not to mention a Universe World, even the broken floating continent was nowhere to be seen.

However, thinking about it, it was understandable. The Black Ink Nest required all kinds of resources to nurture the Black Ink Clan, so the nearby Universe World must have been completely mined by the Black Ink Clan.

Not only was this the case in the King City, but it was also the case in every region of the Territory Lord’s territory.

As a result, the area where the East and West armies were located was completely empty and without any concealment. No matter what they were doing, the Black Ink Clan’s side would be able to see them clearly, making it difficult to conceal their army’s movements. On the other hand, the Black Ink Clan’s side was covered in a thick layer of Ink Force, making it difficult to see clearly.

If they wanted to break this situation, they would have to move a Universe World from afar. With this Universe World, as long as they could arrange it properly, it would become a barrier. Although it was not as useful as the mountain pass, it was better than nothing.

And by doing so, they could also create pressure for the Black Ink Clan.

The Human Race’s army was stationed right in front of their home. Should the Black Ink Clan attack or not? If they attacked, it was just what the Human Race wanted. Whether they attacked early or late, they had to attack. Xiang Shan and the others couldn’t wait for the Black Ink Clan to leave the King City. If they didn’t attack, once the Human Race’s arrangements were complete, it would become even harder for them to attack.

The few Eighth Order Martial Artists who had left half a day ago should have been searching for a suitable Universe World.

This simple action immediately put the Black Ink Clan army in a difficult position.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling admiration in his heart. The older, the wiser! However, if it was him leading the army, this was also the best choice.

The arrangement of the Void Yin Yang Mirror wasn’t difficult at all. This artifact was divided into two sets, one Yin Mirror and the other Yang Mirror. Each set had eight Array Artifacts, each of which was divided into eight different directions and locked onto the void. When this artifact was activated, the Yin Mirror and Yang Mirror would be like two sides of a mirror, one side facing the other, forming the effect of overturning the void.

So in just a short time, the few Eighth Order Open Heaven Realm masters had finished arranging the eight Array Artifacts, and the only thing left to do was wait.

The few Eighth Order masters who had left before would naturally search for a suitable Universe World and use the artifact to teleport it here.

The momentum of the Human Race’s army rushing towards them like a bolt of lightning made all the Black Ink Clan masters angry and frightened, but when they saw the Human Race’s army stop half a day away from the King City, they let out a sigh of relief.

The actions of the Human Race’s army did not escape the eyes of the watching Black Ink Clan Territory Lords, but they were completely confused by the Human Race’s current actions, not knowing what they were up to.

Before confirming the intentions of the Human Race, they naturally didn’t dare to act rashly, nor were they willing to act rashly. All of the Territory Lords still had a faint hope that the Royal Lord could defeat or even kill the Human Race’s Old Ancestor. Once the Human Race’s Supreme Expert lost her combat strength, the Human Race would definitely lose.

However, this possibility wasn’t high, and the Human Race’s Old Ancestor wasn’t easy to deal with.

Originally, they had hoped that the Great Evolution Pass' Black Ink Clan would come and attack them from the front and back, but the news from the Great Evolution Pass made them extremely angry.

The cunning Human Race had left behind a large army outside Great Evolution Pass to attack. The two sides had fought and the Black Ink Clan army that had emerged from Great Evolution Pass had suffered heavy casualties. Now, they had no choice but to confront this Human Race army.

Just as all the Territory Lords turned their eyes towards the source of the light, a few rays of light suddenly flashed across the sky, each one of them extremely dazzling.

The rays of light connected with each other and sealed the surroundings.

Ripples appeared in the void filled with lights.


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