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Thinking about it, the North and South Army was only attacking the Black Ink Clan army that had emerged from Great Evolution Pass. The East and West Army’s advance would definitely not be smooth.

The many high grade Black Ink Disciples could be said to be poisonous tumors left behind by the Great Evolution Pass thirty thousand years ago. These tumors were both the death of the Human Race and a huge obstacle to the future Human Race army.

“Sir, Sir Mi Jinglun has conveyed something to disciple,” Yang Kai said.

Xiang Shan simply said, “Speak!”

“Sir Mi said that the East and West armies can act freely. The Great Evolution Pass’ Black Ink Clan will not pose any threat to the East and West armies.”

Xiang Shan nodded, “Got it.” He then looked up at Yang Kai, “Your injuries haven’t healed yet?”

Yang Kai replied, “It’s fine.”

Xiang Shan said, “Since you’re injured, you should go back and recuperate. It’s been hard on you this time.”

“It's disciple duty!” Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Disciple will take his leave!”

He turned around and left.

After Yang Kai left, Liu Zhiping sighed lightly, “I’m afraid the North and South Army will have to work hard for a while in Great Evolution Pass.”

Xiang Shan said, “It’s the same everywhere, the situation the East and West armies are facing is also not optimistic. If we want to pacify the Black Ink Clan and recover the Great Evolution Pass, it will be a long and difficult task!”

The several Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs also nodded with a look of deep agreement.

The main reason was that the Black Ink Clan’s reaction was too fast. The speed at which news spread through the Black Ink Nest was simply impeccable.

The various plans Xiang Shan had come up with could be said to be perfect. First, he had let one of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord leave Wind and Cloud Pass to alert the enemy, then he had sent a puppet army straight to Great Evolution Pass, drawing the attention of the Black Ink Clan’s Great Evolution Pass' Army and even drawing the attention of the Royal Lord.

In this way, the Black Ink Clan’s rear would be empty, and the East and West army would no longer be constrained by the Royal Lord, allowing them to directly attack. If they could topple the Black Ink Clan’s King City in one fell swoop and destroy the Royal Lord's Black Ink Nest, subduing the Great Evolution War Zone would be much easier.

The Great Evolution Army split up into two groups, sweeping through the Black Ink Clan’s hinterlands and ambushing the Great Evolution Pass’ Black Ink Clan’s army. The arrangements were quite meticulous.

If the news from the Black Ink Clan hadn’t spread so quickly, the East and West Army would have been able to invade the King City and slowly devour the forces of the Black Ink Clan along the way. At the very least, they would have been able to take over a dozen Territory Lords’ territories and kill a dozen Territory Lords and subordinate armies.

If that was the case, the pressure the East and West Army would face in the future would be much smaller.

However, as soon as the East and West armies entered the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland and took down a Territory Lord’s territory, the news of the Human Race’s army appearing had spread throughout the entire Great Evolution War Zone.

All of the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords who had stayed behind led their subordinates to set up a defensive line towards the King City. The Royal Lord also quickly returned to support them. He was a smart man and didn’t directly rush to the King City, instead stopping the old ancestor halfway.

Right now, the North and South Army had already ambushed the first batch of reinforcements from Great Evolution Pass, so the East and West Army had nothing to worry about for the time being. However, the direction of the King City was now heavily guarded, and the East and West Army was facing a difficult battle!

While the North and South armies were suffering, the East and West armies were suffering even more.

When Yang Kai returned to Breaking Dawn, a group of team members heard the news and saw that his face was slightly pale. Feng Ying asked with concern, “Are you injured?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I had a fight with someone, I’m fine. How is the situation here?”

Feng Ying said, “Still marching, it shouldn’t be far from the King City.”

As the army advanced, it was impossible for them to move too quickly, so although the North and South Army had already fought, the East and West Army had yet to arrive at the King City.

On the way back to Breaking Dawn, Yang Kai also discovered that the army was indeed marching.

“Did you encounter any battles?” Yang Kai asked.

Feng Ying replied, “There wasn’t much of a battle. When the army first entered the Black Ink Clan’s hinterland, they destroyed a Territory Lord’s territory. There was a Territory Lord, a few Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, and a few tens of thousands of troops, but the difference in strength was too great, so it didn’t take much effort to kill them all.”

The destroyed Territory Lord’s territory was Zhe Chung's territory.

He had been ordered by the Royal Lord to lead his subordinate army to Great Evolution Pass to set up defenses. After he left, another Territory Lord led his subordinate army to occupy his territory. Because his territory was closer to the periphery, the Royal Lord had ordered all the Territory Lords inside to rush to the periphery and prepare to support Great Evolution Pass at any time.

After all, Great Evolution Pass had nearly a million troops at that time, so there was simply no way they could have arranged for more Black Ink Clan members.

It was said that the Human Race’s East and West Army didn’t attack Great Evolution but instead went straight to the Black Ink Clan’s territory. In the end, the unlucky Territory Lord was wiped out by the East and West Army after just a few days in Zhe Chung's territory.

What an unlucky fellow.

“We didn’t have much to do in the past few days, but in the past three days, the Black Ink Clan has been harassing us from time to time, probably to delay our attack on the King City.”

As Feng Ying spoke, Yang Kai suddenly felt a chaotic energy fluctuation from one side of the army. It was obvious that someone was fighting, but there weren’t many of them.

However, this exchange didn’t last too long. In less than half a cup of tea’s time, all of the commotion had died down and the army was completely unaffected.

The Black Ink Clan was no fool.

An army of thirty thousand the Human Race cultivators, two or three thousand Battleships, with sixty Eighth Order Open Heaven masters among them. Such a terrifying force would require an equal number of Territory Lords or Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples, as well as an army of several hundred thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators.

If Great Evolution Pass didn’t have as many troops as Great Evolution Pass did, the Black Ink Clan would have been able to gather enough forces to stop the East and West armies from rushing to the King City.

However, now that there were nearly a million soldiers stationed at Great Evolution Pass, the number of troops remaining in the Black Ink Clan’s territory was about the same.

If they were to send out hundreds of thousands of people to attack the Human Race, the defensive power of the King City would be greatly reduced, and no one would dare to place the King City in such great danger.

Because if they won, the situation would be much easier to handle. The momentum of the Human Race’s invasion would have to be stopped, but if they lost, the Black Ink Clan could forget about protecting the King City.

It was even more impossible to split up at this time. Only by gathering all the available forces in the King City would they be able to resist the Human Race army.

As such, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who were in charge of the situation on the other side sent the Territory Lords who were still on their way to the King City as fast as they could while sending out small teams to harass the Human Race’s army in an attempt to slow them down.

This method was quite disgusting. Although the East and West armies had many Eighth Order masters, it was impossible for them to constantly guard against attacks from all directions.

These small groups from the Black Ink Clan ranged from two to three thousand to more than ten thousand, each of them like a hidden viper, hiding in the shadows and taking advantage of the East and West armies’ defences to jump out and take a bite.

In the beginning, the Human Race had been caught off guard and suffered a small loss, but after the higher-ups reacted and under Xiang Shan’s orders, all of the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs were dispatched to the outside of the army, so the Black Ink Clan’s invasion had little effect.

Every time the Black Ink Clan attacked, they would suffer heavy casualties.

Currently, the situation on the East and West armies’ side was quite calm, but once they arrived at the King City, no one could say for sure what would happen. This was a matter for the higher-ups to decide.

Feng Ying and the others were also quite curious about the situation with the North and South Army, so they asked casually.

Yang Kai didn’t inform any of the Dawn Squad members when he left that day, after such a long time, Yang Kai still hadn’t shown his face, so Feng Ying and the others naturally found it strange.

After asking around, they learned that Yang Kai had left the army and was heading towards Great Evolution Pass to find the North and South Army.

Now that he had returned, it meant that the mission had been completed.

From Yang Kai, they learned that the North and South Army had engaged in a great battle with the Black Ink Clan’s army and had killed many enemies. However, four Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs had fallen and three thousand below the Eighth Order had died.

Everyone fell silent.

From the moment everyone joined the Great Evolution Army, they understood that this was an extremely dangerous journey, but even so, they had never personally experienced it.

Now that Yang Kai was explaining these numbers, he realized that the dangers were far greater than they had imagined.

Even four Eighth Order masters had fallen, so there was no need to mention them. Perhaps one of these battles would determined their life and death.

However, each of them had cultivated for so many years and hadn't been in the Ink Battlefield for a day or two, so who wouldn’t be prepared to die?

They could only hope that if they were to die somewhere, it wouldn’t be a meaningless death.

The deaths of the Eighth Order caused everyone to lose interest in continuing their conversation, and they all dispersed to meditate, doing their best to increase their strength.

During this time, Yang Kai also felt the disturbance of the Black Ink Clan several times, but just like last time, but it quickly calmed down.

The strange thing was that after several attempts, there were no more attacks.

He faintly felt that the army shouldn’t be far from the King City, or else the Black Ink Clan wouldn’t have stopped after frequently attacking them.

Because they were close to the King City, the Black Ink Clan was somewhat anxious and attacked frequently. Because they were about to arrive at the King City, their attacks were meaningless, so they stopped.

Just as he had expected, a day later, a military order came from the front and the army was ordered to stand guard.

When the order came, Yang Kai was resting and recuperating on the deck. The messenger used his Divine Sense to send out a message to the surrounding soldiers and quickly left.

If the East and West Army’s fleet was like a long dragon, then Breaking Dawn’s current position was in the Dragon Claw.

From this position, his field of vision was quite wide.

So when the order was delivered, Yang Kai immediately opened his eyes and looked towards the front of the army.

From a distance, he could see a thick black aura enveloping the entire void, condensing. Within this black aura, there was also a giant, towering figure.

The last time Yang Kai saw such a scene was outside the Black Ink Clan’s King City in the Yin Yang War Zone.

As such, he immediately understood that the place where the rich black color was located was the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

At this moment, the Great Evolution Army was less than half a day’s journey from the Black Ink Clan’s King City.

He didn’t know if it was because the Regiment Commanders were all so arrogant that they didn’t put the Black Ink Clan in their eyes at all. The North and South Army’s camp was also half a day’s journey from Great Evolution Pass, and now the East and West Army was the same from the Black Ink Clan’s King City.


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