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“If my own joy is extinguished for it, I don’t need it!”

“Little friend, are you really so stubborn?”

“The road is different, we don’t work together!”

“Hmph, refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit! Since that’s the case, don’t blame this old master for being ruthless!”

After a few simple words, the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple’s attacks suddenly became ruthless.

He really did have a love for talent, but Yang Kai’s attitude was so firm that he couldn’t help wanting to subdue him. On top of that, considering that this place wasn’t suitable for him to stay for long, although the Human Race army had already fled far away, there were still several dozen people who had fled just now. If the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven were to learn that he had faked his death and escaped, perhaps an Eighth Order would come to deal with him.

With his current condition, if an Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator really came, it would definitely end in a tragedy.

The long sword trembled and the tens of thousands of sword lights suddenly converged into one, slashing towards Yang Kai.

An incomparably violent force pressed down, causing Yang Kai’s body to tremble violently. Even if he used all his strength, it would still be difficult for him to resist this force. The sharp Sword Qi sliced through his clothes, causing blood to spurt everywhere.

Under this massive force, Yang Kai was sent flying like an arrow.

However, the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple didn’t spare him and followed closely behind him like a maggot. The long sword in his hand was brandished at a steady pace and every time he swung it, a violent sword Qi would be released.

Looking from afar, the Sword Qi seemed to form a long river of Sword Qi where Yang Kai stood.

Profound Sword Paradise’s Star Chasing Moon Sword!

Yang Kai instantly understood where this old man’s roots were.

Having been in the Ink Battlefield for so many years, he had gained many elites from the Cave Heaven Paradise, so he more or less knew some of the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts of the various Cave Heaven Paradise.

The old man in front of him was obviously using the Star Chasing Moon Sword, a sword technique from the Profound Sword Paradise.

However, even though he knew this, he couldn’t change the situation.

Whether it was Yang Kai or the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, both of them had just survived a brutal battle. Although the injuries of the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple were far more severe than Yang Kai’s, his grade was still a grade higher. A grade higher Black Ink Disciple was enough to crush him.

This was Yang Kai. If it were any other Seventh Order, they would have already died under this Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple's hands.

Under this torrential storm of attacks, Yang Kai found it difficult to resist. His Great Unrestrained Spear Technique had been pushed to its limits, but it was still unable to resist the might of his opponent’s sword technique.

The unrestrained Sword Qi contained a great amount of power, causing him to be covered in wounds.

As the old man’s sword light continued to slash out, the distance between the two sides rapidly shortened, and the old man’s Sword Intent became even sharper.

A great sense of crisis enveloped Yang Kai. Although he didn’t know why, he could clearly feel that when the distance between them shortened to a certain extent, the old man would use a world-shaking Divine Ability, and when that happened, it would be the moment of life and death.

How could he allow the other party to do as he pleased?

Seeing the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple continue to approach, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes.

In the next moment, his right eye became as black as an abyss. As his eyes changed, the entire void seemed to be covered by a layer of curtain.

At the same time, a majestic golden vertical eye appeared in his left eye.

Inside the golden vertical eye, the figure of the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple appeared, and under the use of his eye technique, the image of the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple strangely distorted.

The Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple who was still bombarding Yang Kai suddenly felt as if he had been struck by lightning, as if there was some kind of immense force acting on his body, causing him to feel a sharp pain all over his body and involuntarily stiffen.

Meeting Yang Kai’s strange eyes, the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple was greatly surprised, “Demon Eye of Annihilation, Black Purgatory Eye?”

This young man was actually a little demon from the Myriad Demons Heaven?

However, the old man had never felt any Demonic Qi from him.

In other words, either this young man had been concealing his origins, or he was not a disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven and had used his battle merits to exchange for the cultivation methods of these two Secret Techniques in the Ink Battlefield.

If it was the former, then so be it, but if it was the latter, then this young man was quite incredible.

Anyone who could exchange for this kind of Secret Cultivation Technique was a person with outstanding battle achievements, all of them human elites who had been stained with the blood of countless Black Ink Clan masters.

However, although this young man’s attainments in these two Great Pupil Techniques were extraordinary, the effects he could achieve when using them were limited.

In fact, when the old man thought about this, the effects of the two great eye techniques on him disappeared.

Yang Kai had been struggling for this moment.

The Golden Crow’s cry rang out as the great sun soared into the sky, its brilliant might filling the void.

The old man had only just regained his composure when the great sun broke through the sword light and arrived in front of him.

“Divine Ability Manifestation!” The old man’s brow rose as he praised in his heart. Although this Seventh Order youth's cultivation was not as high as his, his grasp of this opportunity was extremely high. He must have noticed something, which was why he had used his two Great Pupil Techniques and followed up with a Divine Ability Manifestation to disrupt his plans.

It had to be said that this was indeed a brilliant move.

If it weren’t for this young man’s continuous attacks, the old man would have already used his trump card to take his life.

A Seventh Order Open Heaven Divine Ability Manifestation was something even an Eighth Order Disciple like the old man wouldn’t dare underestimate. Helpless, he could only raise his sword to resolve it.

With a swipe of his finger, the World Force around his body surged and the long sword that had been dimming suddenly glowed brightly. With a fierce slash, the great sun was split in half and even the Golden Crow that was crying out in the sun let out a mournful cry.

The old man’s hands didn’t stop moving as he once again displayed a profound sword technique, pointing it towards the void.

When the sword was pointed out, Yang Kai’s figure appeared, and in an instant, Yang Kai felt a suppressive force press down on him from all directions.

This situation caused his face to darken.

As expected of an Eighth Order, he was able to predict the enemy’s movements. Just now, after using the Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability, he had rushed straight towards the old man. Now, this situation made him feel like he was walking right into a trap, his actions appearing extremely foolish.

Strictly speaking, this was the first time Yang Kai had fought an Eighth Order.

Although the other party couldn’t be considered a genuine Eighth Order Open Heaven master, he was still an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

He had now personally experienced the terror and difficulty of an Eighth Order, and this was an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple who had been seriously injured. What would happen if he was at his peak?

What about the real Eighth Order Garrison Chief?

In comparison, the heavily injured Chasing Wind Territory Lord was much easier to deal with.

As a fellow human, this Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple was indeed more familiar with the temperament of the Human Race than the Territory Lord.

Fortunately, Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Law. He didn’t know what kind of tricks this old man’s sword technique has. When he used it, it actually had a slight space sealing effect, this effect can be used against normal Seventh Order, but it is not enough to deal with Yang Kai.

Under the manipulation of the Space Law, the sealed space around Yang Kai was instantly broken and Yang Kai quickly retreated. The old man’s long sword had already slashed down, the sharp sword tip constantly flickering.

When Yang Kai regained his balance, a bloody wound spread from his forehead all the way to his abdomen.

If he had retreated a little slower just now, he might have been cut in half by the old man’s sword. At that time, even if he had the Dragon Vein Body, it was uncertain if he would have been able to block that attack.

Having just brushed past death, Yang Kai’s expression remained the same.

The old man rushed forward. This battle had consumed far more time than he had anticipated, and the longer he delayed, the greater the sense of crisis he felt. As such, he had to end this battle as soon as possible.

“Junior, you’re quite difficult to deal with!” The old man’s World Force surged wildly, each of his sword moves containing a terrifying killing intent.

Yang Kai’s various methods were extremely strange and impossible to guard against, so the old man decided to use his strength to suppress him. No matter how many miraculous methods this young man had, the difference in grade was always his weakness. The old man no longer wanted to compete with him in terms of wits and courage, instead relying solely on his sword.

“I’ll return your exact words!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth as he struggled to resist the old man’s attacks.

If a grade higher cultivator wanted to suppress a grade lower cultivator, the latter wouldn’t have any way to resolve the situation and could only endure.

However, there was a limit to human strength, and there would always be a time when one couldn’t hold on. Once one couldn’t hold on any longer, life and death would be determined.

In just a few dozen breaths, more than a dozen deep wounds appeared on Yang Kai’s body, the worst of which was on his neck. Half of his neck had been cut off by the old man, causing golden blood to gush out.

As Yang Kai’s injuries worsened, his resistance became weaker.

This was normal. In the old man’s opinion, after enduring such a long attack, not to mention Yang Kai’s injuries, even his Small Universe would not be able to withstand it.

Being able to persist for so long without dying was already amazing enough.

“Junior, do you still want to remain stubborn?” The old man shouted.

Yang Kai clenched his teeth and didn’t answer, his intention to resist obvious.

“You’re courting death!” The old man coldly snorted, the long sword in his hand shaking as he attacked Yang Kai.

This strike was the final blow, and from the young man’s performance just now, it was obvious he would not be able to withstand this blow.

However, at this moment, the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple suddenly saw Yang Kai raise his hand and throw his spear.

Although it was just a casual throw, with the support of the other party’s powerful strength, it instantly broke through the void and flew towards him.

The old man was naturally not going to be hit by such a clumsy attack, so he simply raised his sword and sent the Azure Dragon Spear flying.

At the same time, he saw the young man in front of him rush towards his sword, raising his fist and swinging it towards him.

Instinctively, this Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator felt that something was wrong, but at such a critical moment, how could he think about it?

The long sword instantly pierced through Yang Kai’s chest, releasing a violent burst of Sword Qi that swept across the wound.

However, his fist did not hit the old man and stopped less than three inches away from him.

The old man looked at Yang Kai indifferently without any emotion.

He had already given the other party a choice. Since the other party wanted to die, he could only send him on his way.

However, when the sword had struck him just now, he had keenly felt the other party twist his body, so this sword strike should not have hit his vital point.

However, it didn’t matter. After taking his sword, even if this young man didn’t die, his condition wouldn’t be any better.

Just as he was thinking this, Yang Kai suddenly grinned and lightly spat out two words, “Beating Ox!”


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Nuugo S
Nuugo S
Aug 05, 2022

200 Years ago, Yang kai easily suppress 7th order opponent.

Before this arc open, author let Old ancestor to say that Yang kai greatly improved from the past.

It's so nonsense that he can't match Eight order disciple who severely injured and weaker than territory lord.

Sin Nombre
Sin Nombre
Feb 26, 2023
Replying to

Have you taken into account that he has been fighting in the war without even resting? now he could recover his energy thanks to the fruit but his injuries have not had any time to heal

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