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However, the Human Race soon realized that this Eighth Order who had fallen was not necessarily one of the Garrison Chiefs, because the Eighth Order Open heaven who were currently fighting on the battlefield, there are many Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

Perhaps it was not the Garrison Chiefs of the North and South Army that had fallen, but the Eighth Order of the enemy!

There was no way to verify this. In a chaotic battlefield, information transmission was extremely slow, not to mention in such a situation, no one would deliberately send such information.

What the Human Race’s army could do was to trust their Eighth Order masters and believe that they would be able to gain an advantage in terms of combat strength and lead the entire battlefield.

In the next moment, the sound of an Eighth Order Open Heaven death appeared, followed by the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord’s vitality withering.

The fall of a high-level combatant meant that the battle had reached its climax.

Yang Kai’s Divine Ability Manifestation continued to display its might as he rampaged through the battlefield. With his strength alone, he was able to cut apart the massive Black Ink Clan army, making it easier for the Human Race to kill them.

At almost every moment, countless Secret Techniques rained down on him like a torrential storm. The subtle feeling of being in a life or death situation caused his mind to become unprecedentedly focused, not daring to relax in the slightest.

A long time has passed.

The Black Ink Clan army that had been engaged in a fierce battle with the Human Race suddenly began to stir.

Yang Kai, who was shuttling through the battlefield, keenly felt this change, a sign that the morale of the Black Ink Clan was about to collapse.

Sure enough, not long after, the Black Ink Clan’s army began to gather in a certain direction.

And in that direction was the Great Evolution Pass.

The strength and savagery of the Human Race made it difficult for the many Territory Lords of the Black Ink Clan to resist. Although they had displayed strength far beyond what the Human Race had anticipated in this battle, from the beginning of the battle, the Black Ink Clan had not been able to gain any advantage.

Up until now, the Black Ink Clan army had suffered heavy losses, and the Territory Lord and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples had also suffered heavy losses. Although the Human Race had also suffered some losses, if this battle continued, the situation on the Black Ink Clan’s side would only become worse, with the possibility of complete annihilation.

As such, the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lords were unable to hold on any longer.

In this position, they could only retreat to Great Evolution Pass, which was several days away, and join up with the Black Ink Clan Territory Lords who were guarding Great Evolution Pass. Only with the strength of the Great Evolution Pass would they be able to resist the frenzied attacks of the Human Race.

Retreating to Great Evolution Pasws was now the only choice the Black Ink Clan had. As for the orders of their Royal Lord, they couldn’t care less.

If they lost their life, how could they carry out the Royal Lord's orders? If they keep their life, they would have a chance to serve the Royal Lord in the future.

Inside the Central Army Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Mi Jinglun had been standing by the side of the ship, paying close attention to the changes in the entire battlefield. When the Black Ink Clan’s army made a move to withdraw, the Regiment Commander finally relaxed.

If the Black Ink Clan were to fight to the death without retreating, with the current performance of both sides, although the South and North armies would be able to obtain victory, the price they would have to pay would be unimaginable and they would most likely be crippled.

This was only the first time the North and South Army had fought with the Black Ink Clan’s army. If they were crippled at this time, what kind of achievements would they have in the future?

Recovering Great Evolution Pass was their ultimate goal.

Now that the Black Ink Clan had decided to withdraw their forces, the situation would be greatly beneficial to the South and North army.

The North and South Army could easily pursue and kill them with minimal losses, creating the greatest results.

As such, when the Black Ink Clan’s side decided to withdraw their troops, a series of orders were issued from the command center.

All of the Human Race soldiers who were entangled with the Black Ink Clan began to move, intentionally or unintentionally creating an opportunity for the Black Ink Clan to retreat.

After about an hour, most of the Black Ink Clan’s army had gathered, and under the leadership of many Territory Lords, they flew towards Great Evolution Pass.

However, they did not blindly flee, instead choosing to retreat.

If the Human Race’s army pushed them too far, they would launch a counterattack and after suppressing the Human Race’s offensive, they would head towards Great Evolution Pass.

Although the entire team was large, under the strict orders of many Territory Lords, they were able to maintain this strategy.

Mi Jinglun couldn’t help feeling his teeth ache. This time, he had met his opponent!

He didn’t know who the Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was, but from the reaction of the Black Ink Clan’s army when the two armies first met, he could tell that this Black Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was extremely talented in military combat.

Perhaps… after being defeated so many times, the experiences they gained on the battlefield against the Human Race could be summarized. Every Territory Lord who had lived long enough could be said to have experienced countless defeats against the Human Race.

As a result, although the Human Race’s pursuit was effective, the effects weren’t as great as he had imagined. Mi Jinglun had originally planned to completely wipe out this Black Ink Clan army, but now it seemed that his goal was no longer achievable. He could only try his best to weaken this Black Ink Clan army.

The armies of the two races gradually moved further away. On the original chaotic battlefield, a thick black ink cloud condensed and covered the entire sky.

Inside the black ink cloud were broken limbs and pieces of flesh left behind by the Black Ink Clan and Human Race soldiers, as well as the remains of the Human Race’s Battleship.

In this battle, the Black Ink Clan suffered great losses, while the Human Race also suffered losses.

Outside the black ink cloud, a few broken Battleships were docked, and a few members of the small team were gathered on them, all of them seriously injured and pale.

These teams were all teams that had suffered great losses in the previous battle.

A normal full team consisted of ten to fifteen people, but each of these teams now had less than half the number of normal teams.

Their Battleships had been destroyed during the battle, and without the protection provided by their Battleships, the battlefield was filled with danger.

Although they had survived, they had suffered heavy injuries in the battle just now had no strength to fight.

When Mi Jinglun issued the order to pursue the enemy, he also issued another order, ordering the soldiers who had lost their ability to fight to stay behind and regroup with the army.

This was also something that could not be helped. The Human Race’s army was in a hurry to pursue the Black Ink Clan, so it was impossible for them to waste too much time here. If the heavily wounded soldiers were able to board the Battleships of the other forces in time, it would be fine if they could keep up with the pace of the main army, but if they missed this opportunity, they would have no choice but to stay behind and rest.

After regaining a certain amount of strength, they would be able to activate the Universe Escape Law and easily return to the Central Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Yang Kai was also ordered to stay behind.

Yang Kai’s previous stunning performance had been witnessed by Mi Jinglun from the top of the Central Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship. It could be said that in this battle, Yang Kai’s actions had played a huge role in defeating the Black Ink Clan’s army and forcing them to flee towards Great Evolution Pass.

In terms of high-level combat strength, the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters had obtained an advantage, causing the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples to retreat.

On the big Battlefield, Yang Kai led the two elite squads to continuously cut through the battlefield and cut down the Black Ink Clan’s army, allowing the Human Race to avoid many losses while also increasing the Human Race’s battle results to a certain extent, suppressing the morale of the Black Ink Clan.

The morale of the higher ups and the lower subordinate was low, causing the situation of the Black Ink Clan army to become unfavorable, so they naturally had to retreat.

The light of the great sun that rose over repeteadly on the battlefield was the most dazzling light Mi Jinglun had ever seen in his life.

Others might not know how many times Yang Kai had used his Divine Ability Manifestation, but Mi Jinglun knew.

A total of nineteen times!

This was no ordinary Divine Ability Secret Technique. It was a Divine Ability Manifestation that the High Rank Open Heaven had used as a trump card. Every time it was used, it consumed a great deal of energy.

A Seventh Order Open Heaven had activated nineteen Divine Ability Manifestation in a single battle to dispel the evil forces surrounding the Human Race army. If this was in the past, Mi Jinglun would never have believed that the Human Race had such a vast foundation.

But today, he had seen it with his own eyes.

Although he didn’t know what Yang Kai had consumed to replenish his own consumption, the 19 times he had used his Divine Ability Manifestation was a huge burden on his Small Universe.

Therefore, Mi Jinglun ordered Yang Kai to stay.

Firstly, they wanted him to take this opportunity to recover, and secondly, they wanted him to take care of the other soldiers who had failed to keep up with the pace of the army for various reasons.

Yang Kai readily accepted.

In fact, he really needed to restore himself. Although he had consumed a World Fruit to replenish his energy, the Golden Crow Sun Casting he had used in succession had once again dried up his Small Universe.

If it weren’t for the Black Ink Clan army’s retreat, he would likely have consumed another World Fruit to replenish his strength.

Using the World Fruit to replenish his Small Universe’s strength, there were no hidden dangers, but this thing was used for emergencies, so it would be best if he could restore it normally.

Moreover, after this great battle, his body was covered in wounds and his spirit was extremely exhausted.

Now that the Human Race army had chased after the Black Ink Clan army, victory had been decided. What was important now was how much flesh and blood the Human Race could eat while pursuing the Black Ink Clan army.

So when Mi Jinglun gave the order, he readily agreed.

At this moment, he was sitting cross-legged not far from the dilapidated Battleships, quietly adjusting his breathing.

The surviving members of the Battleships were also adjusting their breathing. There was not much grief on their faces, only determination.

From the moment they joined the Great Evolution North and South Army, all the soldiers knew that this trip would be extremely dangerous, because unlike before, they wouldn’t have to rely on themselves and their allies.

Recovering Great Evolution Pass meant countless casualties. If it wasn’t them, it would be their comrades. All of them were prepared to die in battle.

So although some of their team members had died in battle, no one would feel sad because this was the best end on the Ink Battlefield. Those who survived didn’t need to remember, they only needed to kill more of the Black Ink Clan’s members and take back Great Evolution from them. This was the best way to offer memorial to those who had died in battle.

The situation of these small teams wasn’t the worst. Although their Battleships were severely damaged and nearly half of their members had died, there were still some small teams that had been wiped out in the battle just now.

War is always cruel.


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