On the chaotic battlefield, a great sun was rampaging about, and with the help of the two elite squads, it created a giant passage.

Inside the passage, all of the Black Ink Clans were wiped out.

The two Seventh Order teams following closely behind Yang Kai killed their enemies without mercy.

Although a large number of Black Ink Clans had fallen during the Great Sun’s advance, many of them had managed to escape with their lives. These Black Ink Clans’ instinctive counterattacks were like a violent storm as they attacked the source of the Great Sun, causing Yang Kai’s World Force to fluctuate unceasingly as his skin and flesh split open and golden blood poured out.

If these Black Ink Clans were left alone, they would definitely cause a great deal of trouble for Yang Kai, and it wouldn’t be long before his offensive was suppressed.

Finishing off these Black Ink Clan elites was what these two elite squads needed to do. Only by dealing with them could Yang Kai maintain his momentum.

The two elite squads behind Yang Kai had killed countless enemies, let alone Yang Kai, who was at the front.

The spear shot out for thousands of kilometers as the great sun gradually dimmed.

When the brilliant sun’s light was completely extinguished, the two elite squads following behind Yang Kai suddenly discovered that there was no one around.

They actually passed through the entire battlefield and arrived in the void outside the battlefield, where tens of thousands of Human Race soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Black Ink Clan soldiers were fighting.

Almost all of the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters who were outside the Battleship were injured.

In such a short period of time, they had traversed tens of millions of kilometers of the battlefield and were surrounded by enemies from all directions. It was easy to imagine how many attacks they had suffered. Even if they were all Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters, it would be difficult for them to remain unscathed.

However, all of them were in high spirits.

Even though they were elite squads and had made great contributions to the Black Ink Clan, they had never done anything so crazy.

With just two elite squads and Yang Kai leading the way, the entire battlefield had been pierced.

How shocking was this?

The long-lost hot blood rushed to their head, making them want to roar into the sky and rush into the battlefield to kill to their heart’s content.

Yang Kai didn’t disappoint them.

The moment he rushed out of the battlefield, he changed his direction and faced the huge battlefield, grabbing his spear with one hand and pointing it towards the battlefield as he shouted, “Take the spirit pill! Again!”

After being stunned for a moment, all the Seventh Order understood Yang Kai’s intentions. Without any hesitation, they quickly took out a large number of Spirit Pills, some to restore their strength, some to heal their injuries, some to enhance their strength, and stuffed all of them into their mouths.

Even the Fifth and Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters on the Battleship were doing the same.

Although this was their first time meeting and their first time working together, Yang Kai’s fierceness had been engraved in their hearts. This young man covered in golden blood was like a bright lamp, guiding them towards the path of slaughter. They didn’t need to think too much about it, as long as they followed closely, they would be able to eliminate all the enemy in front of them.

The Golden Crow’s cry rang out once more as the dazzling sun soared into the sky. Just like before, Yang Kai lifted his spear and shouted, “Kill!”

Taking the lead, he charged towards the huge battlefield.

The two elite squads followed closely behind.

This was the second time the great sun had galloped on the battlefield!

After the time it took to boil a cup of tea, the light of the great sun was completely extinguished, and Yang Kai and the two elite squads appeared on the other side of the battlefield.

Everyone looked miserable, all of them covered in blood, even the two Battleships were slightly damaged.

“Again!” Yang Kai changed direction and faced the battlefield again, releasing his Great Sun for the third time.

After another cup of tea time, the fourth time.

Then, for the fifth time…

Every Golden Crow Sun Casting could allow Yang Kai to lead the two elite squads to cut through the battlefield from one side to the other.

By the sixth time, although the two Battleships were still following closely behind Yang Kai, the number of Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators outside the Battleship had decreased by five or six.

Such a high intensity battle and such crazy methods were not something every Seventh Order masters could withstand, because such reckless collisions meant that they would encounter new enemies at any moment.

Several times, the two small teams' five or six Seventh Order cultivators had been seriously injured and had to return to the Battleship to recuperate.

The remaining Seventh Order masters weren’t having a good time either. Although they had consumed many Spirit Pills in advance, each one of them had consumed a great deal of energy. Those with slightly weaker foundations were already pale.

No one knew how many times this kind of battle would last. Perhaps one day, they would run out of strength and die together.

However, compared to their body, the one who consumed the most energy was Yang Kai, because every time he used his Divine Ability Manifestation, it would use up a lot of energy.

Although this thing was powerful, its consumption was not small.

The Snow Wolf Team Leader and Profound Wind Team Leader also possessed their own Divine Ability Manifestation, but even though they were Seventh Order, they could only use them five times in a row at most. The Small Universe’s strength will be drained, so to any High Rank Open Heaven, the Divine Ability Manifestation were equivalent to their trump cards and wouldn’t be easily used.

However, Yang Kai had already used his Divine Ability Manifestation for the sixth time, its power didn’t seem to have changed much compared to before. It was obvious how deep Yang Kai’s foundation was.

Seventh, eighth, ninth…

In less than an hour, the entire battlefield had been penetrated ten times, killing the entire Black Ink Clan.

At this point, only seven people remained behind Yang Kai, three from Snow Wolf Squad, four from Profound Wind Squad, the other Seventh Order master already return to their Battleship to recuperate.

Eleventh, twelfth…

The moment he carved out the battlefield was the moment the great sun ran out. Yang Kai’s face was pale, but his eyes were terrifyingly bright.

The Seventh Order cultivators who had rushed out from behind Yang Kai all wore dispirited expressions. Even the two Battleships were in tatters, and the light of Spirit Arrays constantly flashing on the hulls of the Battleships made it difficult for the Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had some understanding of Spirit Arrays to keep up.

It had to be known that these two Battleships had been modified by the Artifact Refiners of their respective Pass after spending a massive amount of battle merits. With the performance of these two Battleships, it was entirely possible for them to support a protracted war.

But now, in less than an hour, they had been beaten to the point of almost collapsing, a testament to the ferocity of the attacks they had suffered.

The two teams had sixteen Seventh Order masters and thirteen of them were seriously injured. Although only three of them still had the strength to fight, their Small Universe’s strength was nearly exhausted.

They could no longer fight.

Yang Kai was well aware of this and knew that they had reached their limit, so he opened his mouth and said, “Everyone, please return to the Central Army’s Expelling Black Ink Battleship.”

The Snow Wolf Team Leader instantly understood the meaning behind Yang Kai’s words, “What about you?”

Yang Kai grinned at him, “Victory or defeat has yet to be determined, I must continue.”

Profound Wind Team Leader frowned, “Isn’t it too dangerous to be alone?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Since I’ve already accepted the order, even if it’s dangerous, I must continue. Moreover, the situation is no longer the same as before. The Black Ink Clan’s army is clearly on the decline, so even if I’m alone, it may not be too dangerous.”

All of them were veterans who had been through many battles and each of them had their own judgment and persistence, so after hearing Yang Kai’s words, the two Team Leaders no longer intended to persuade him.

The Snow Wolf Team Leader said, “It’s a pity I can’t fight alongside Brother Yang until the end. When Brother Yang returns triumphantly, I’ll treat Brother Yang to some wine!”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “I’ll be waiting.”

Profound Wind Team Leader didn’t say anything and simply bowed towards Yang Kai.

Returning to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship from this position wasn’t difficult because there was no Black Ink Clan to intercept them. After watching the two small teams’ Battleships leave, Yang Kai returned to the battlefield.

After using the Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability Manifestation more than a dozen times, his Small Universe’s strength had almost dried up.

But it didn’t matter, he still had the World Fruit to replenish his strength.

Taking out a Low Rank World Fruit and placing it into his mouth, the medicinal efficacy of the fruit quickly dissolved and a rich and pure World Force quickly filled his Small Universe.

Yang Kai tore off a piece of his tattered clothes that were stained with blood and tied up his messy hair. Picking up his Azure Dragon Spear, he took a deep breath, pointed it forward, and roared, “Kill!”

The light of the Great Sun, which had been extinguished not long ago, once again illuminated the void and crashed into the battlefield.

The two teams who were returning to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship stood by the side of the battleship and stared at it, their hearts pounding.

Just as Yang Kai and the two Team Leaders had said before, the current situation on the battlefield was no longer the same as before. The Human Race’s main force relied on the strength of their Battleships to fight valiantly and unite, while the Black Ink Clan’s forces were fighting on their own, with the dozen or so Territory Lords’ subordinate forces barely cooperating.

Therefore, although the gap in numbers was huge, the Human Race had the advantage.

On top of that, Yang Kai was leading the two elite squads across the battlefield, causing the Black Ink Clan to complain incessantly.

After more than a dozen battles, Yang Kai had successfully divided the entire battlefield, allowing the Human Race army in a certain region to annihilate the nearby Black Ink Clan forces in the most effective way.

One or two times didn’t have much of an effect, but once the number of times increased, the advantages accumulated would become obvious.

When Yang Kai stepped onto the battlefield again, the resistance he encountered was much smaller than before, but because he didn’t have two elite squads behind him this time, he had to bear all the attacks alone. Compared to before, the pressure was much greater.

Even so, Yang Kai didn’t show any fear. Relying on his powerful foundation and the World Fruit’s restorative power, he repeatedly penetrated the battlefield.

At a certain moment, the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master death suddenly appeared from somewhere on the battlefield.

Almost all the humans present felt their hearts pounding.

In the countless battles against the Black Ink Clan, there were rarely any signs of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator dying, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any.

Every time this happened, it meant that an Eighth Order cultivator had unfortunately fallen.

Once an Eighth Order fell on the battlefield, it meant that the situation was extremely bad.

This was why the Human Race’s army was so concerned when this Eighth Order Open Heaven fell.


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