Due to the urgency of the situation, his reaction was quite fast. When his attack failed, his blurry figure immediately began to fade away, as if his existence had been completely erased, making it difficult for even the Divine Sense to detect him.

Yang Kai grinned, “Do you think you can use the same move twice?”

By the time he finished speaking, the attacker had already disappeared.

Yang Kai suddenly turned his head towards a certain direction and reached out to grab it.

Under the surge of the Space Laws, all four directions were sealed.

By the time Yang Kai withdrew his hand, a figure had already appeared in his hand. His hand was wrapped around the other party’s neck, and under the stimulation of the violent World Force, it collided with the other party’s Small Universe, causing him to feel dizzy and unable to exert any strength.

“You attacked me twice in a row, it seems you’re a stubborn person,” Yang Kai stared at him and said lightly.

This ambusher was obviously well versed in the Dao of Assassination and had immediately escaped after failing to land a single blow, so when Yang Kai was first ambushed, he had not been able to find any trace of him.

However, since this Black Ink Disciple had such a miraculous concealment method, he would definitely not let this matter rest and would definitely attack again.

Yang Kai didn’t know who he would attack, or even if he would attack again.

However, if this person wanted to attack again, the moment Yang Kai led the two teams out of the encirclement would be the best and last opportunity.

As such, Yang Kai had always been on guard against any movements around him or the other two teams.

Sure enough, the ambusher appeared again and chose him as his target. Yang Kai, who was already prepared, would not fall twice in the same place.

The two times he had attacked Yang Kai, it was clear that this ambusher was stubborn and extremely arrogant. Because he had failed to do anything to Yang Kai the first time, he had attacked again without hesitation.

Unfortunately, he had chosen the wrong target. The first time, Yang Kai had been caught off guard and his methods had been extremely brilliant, allowing him to successfully launch a sneak attack.

This time was different. On the battlefield, such stubbornness was destined to pay a price.

Sensing the terrifying and pure World Force from Yang Kai’s hand pouring into his Small Universe, causing him to tremble, the Black Ink Disciple, who was being held by Yang Kai, was shocked.

He could sense that Yang Kai was only a Seventh Order, the same grade as him, but now Yang Kai was holding him like a little chick. How could the difference in strength be so great?

What made it even more difficult for him to understand was how Yang Kai had been able to spy on his whereabouts. It had to be known that his concealment technique was extremely profound, and even an Eighth Order cultivator might not have been able to discover him so quickly.

However, when he had failed to launch a sneak attack just now, Yang Kai had only needed to stretch out his hand to capture him.

In the midst of his struggle, the Black Ink Disciple suddenly met Yang Kai’s eyes, and the golden vertical eye on his left eye shocked him greatly, “Demon Eye of Annihilation! Are you from Myriad Demons Heaven?”

When he saw the majestic golden vertical eye, the Black Ink Disciple finally understood.

This guy was actually from the Myriad Demons Heaven and had cultivated the Demon Eye of Annihilation to an extremely profound level.

No wonder the other party was able to accurately locate him…

After recovering from his shock, the Black Ink Disciple’s heart was filled with bitterness as he felt that his luck was extremely bad. Any random person he encountered on the battlefield would be Myriad Demons Heaven, but this person was someone who had cultivated the Demon Eye of Annihilation to an extremely profound realm.

The Myriad Demons Heaven’s Secret Art was said to be able to see through all illusions, and when cultivated to the extreme, it could even see the people's past and future. It was simply the greatest nemesis of his concealment technique.

In front of this eye technique, the concealment technique he relied on was simply a joke.

Facing this Black Ink Disciple’s question, Yang Kai had no intention of answering.

If it were two hundred years ago, Yang Kai might not have been able to capture this Black Ink Disciple so easily. Although he had obtained his Demon Eye of Annihilation at the last moment, because he had never cultivated it before, its power had never been apparent.

Later, when he set out from the Black Territory to the Ink Battlefield, he received a cultivation method from the Myriad Demons Heaven's Eighth Order Divine Monarch.

Over the years he had spent in the Ink Battlefield, Yang Kai had gradually cultivated the two Great Eye Techniques of Myriad Demons Heaven, but his progress had been minimal.

It wasn’t until more than two hundred years ago that he had spent a massive amount of battle merits to head to the Myriad Demons Pass and ask Myriad Demons Heaven Old Ancestor to personally guide him on the mysteries of these two Great Eye Techniques.

Since then, he had only made rapid progress in his cultivation of these two Great Eye Techniques.

This was the only good thing about the Ink Battlefield. As long as one had enough battle merits, they could cultivate any Cave Heaven Paradise’s Secret Techniques and even ask an Old Ancestor-level character to guide them.

This kind of thing was unimaginable in the 3000 Worlds. The secrets of every Cave Heaven Paradise were the foundation of a Sect, so how could they simply allow others to cultivate it?

However, in the Ink Battlefield, no Cave Heaven Paradise had any thoughts of keeping their treasures for themselves, and all of the concepts they had were broken. From the Old Ancestors to the ordinary soldiers, all of them only had one thought, and that was to completely destroy the Black Ink Clan.

These secret arts could be of great help to the Black Ink Clan's destruction.

The current Yang Kai’s understanding of these two Great Pupil Techniques could not be compared to two hundred years ago. According to Myriad Demons Heaven's understanding of these two Great Pupil Techniques, Yang Kai had already cultivated the Demon Eye of Annihilation to the middle and upper level.

After all, the Old Ancestor’s personal guidance was no small matter.

This Black Ink Disciple trying to conceal himself in front of him was truly laughable.

At this moment, Yang Kai picked up this Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple and stared at the bulge on his forehead, sighing lightly.

This kind of Black Ink Disciple and a normal Black Ink Disciple were also different.

If he was simply being corroded by the Ink Force, he could still be saved. All he needed to do was use the Purification Light to disperse the Ink Force in his body.

However, if he used the Ink Force to break through his original shackles, there was no way to save him.

Because once the Ink Force in their bodies was dispelled, their Small Universe would no longer have anything to rely on and would be unable to support their current cultivation. In the end, their Small Universe would collapse and die.

The Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple in front of him had a black ink lump on his forehead, like a thick bump, a clear sign that he had broken through his original shackles.

In other words, this Black Ink Disciple could not be saved, which was why Yang Kai sighed.

The originally fierce and violent World Force became even more violent as it rushed into the Black Ink Disciple’s Small Universe. In just a short moment, the Black Ink Disciple’s Small Universe began to tremble violently as cracks began to appear on its surface like a spider web.

A trace of panic appeared on the Black Ink Disciple’s face.

However, soon after, his Small Universe shattered like a broken mirror and a massive amount of World Force poured out along with the Black Ink Disciple’s vitality.

By the time Yang Kai threw him away, this Black Ink Disciple had already lost his life.

From the moment this Black Ink Disciple suddenly appeared and launched another sneak attack until his death, only three breaths had passed and the surrounding Black Ink Clan had yet to react.

Suddenly, a Golden Crow’s cry resounded in the depths of Yang Kai’s soul as a dazzling round sun soared into the sky. The Golden Crow’s cries filled the air as a brilliant light illuminated the surroundings. Yang Kai lifted his spear and shot forward like lightning, shouting, “Go!”

The members of the Profound Wind and Snow Wolf squad had yet to recover from the shock of the Black Ink Disciple’s death when they suddenly saw the sun leap into the sky and felt the brilliant power contained within it, causing them to become even more shocked.

Along with Yang Kai’s shout, the sun began to rush across the battlefield like a giant ball. Wherever it passed, the Black Ink Clan would be unable to resist, and if they were hit, they would die.

Behind the sun were the figures of the two elite squads. The Snow Wolf Team Leader and Profound Wind Team Leader glanced at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

With their eyesight, they could naturally tell that the Great Sun was a Divine Ability Manifestation. High Rank Open Heaven had the qualifications to cultivate their own Divine Ability Manifestation, and the Team Leaders of these two elite squads were all elites amongst the Seventh Order, so they naturally had their own Divine Ability Manifestation.

However, they discovered that the power of their own Divine Ability Manifestation was somewhat weaker than this Junior Brother Yang’s.

The Divine Ability Manifestation created by this Junior Brother Yang was incredibly powerful. Although it had not reached the level of an Eighth Order Open Heaven power, it was not far from it.

This could be seen from the efficiency with which this Great Sun killed the Black Ink Clan. The Black Ink Clan below the Feudal Lord-level didn’t even have time to wait for this Great Sun to approach before dying to the blazing power contained within this Great Sun.

However, considering Yang Kai’s previous heroic actions, it wasn’t difficult to understand why this Divine Ability Manifestation possessed such powerful strength.

On the battlefield, the Great Sun’s leap was extremely eye-catching. The Great Sun was like a hot knife cutting through butter, not stopping for even a moment, directly piercing through the entire battlefield.

The two squads behind Yang Kai transformed into a pair of wings and, together with Yang Kai’s display of might, reaped the lives of the Black Ink Clan like a giant birds.

This was the advantage of having someone to cooperate with him. When Yang Kai was fighting alone, he had no worries, but without anyone to help him, he would not have such terrifying killing efficiency.

Right now, Yang Kai didn’t need to think about anything else. All he needed to do was charge forward, kill those he could, leaving the two elite squads to kill those he couldn’t. With the two elite squads behind him to deal with it, he didn’t have any worries.

The Regiment Commander had ordered the two elite squads to cooperate with him. Although there was no clear order, Yang Kai knew that the appearance of a large number of high grade Black Ink Disciples should have disrupted the North and South Army’s previous arrangements.

The battle had come to a standstill and was about to break out.

He was helpless in the battle between an Eighth Order Open Heaven and a Territory Lord, he could only handle the situation on the big battlefield.

Since the Regiment Commander wanted him to break this situation, he could only do his best, so Yang Kai directly summoned his Divine Ability Manifestation.

The Regiment Commander didn’t say how to break out of this situation, and under such circumstances, no one could give him any guidance.

As such, his thoughts were very simple. He wanted to borrow the strength of the two elite squads to rampage through the battlefield!

As long as the morale of the Black Ink Clan is beaten down, the situation would be resolved.


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