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A single horse was equivalent to a thousand men, its momentum soaring.

Wherever he went, he would destroy everything in his path. On the chaotic battlefield, Yang Kai had forcefully opened up a path.

Profound Wind's team followed closely behind, and the eight Seventh Order Open Heaven’s faces were filled with respect, especially the young Team Leader.

Being able to become the Team Leader of an elite team, they were naturally the cream of the crop among the Seventh Order.

Under his leadership, the Profound Wind Squad had performed many meritorious deeds in their original war zone. Originally, he had been a bit confused about the orders given by the Regiment Commander, but after seeing Yang Kai’s unparalleled strength on the battlefield, he vaguely understood.

Only such a sharp blade could lead these two elite squads to achieve the greatest results on the battlefield in the shortest time possible.

As they rushed forward, the Profound Wind Squad quickly followed Yang Kai to a certain place on the battlefield.

This area was surrounded by a large number of Black Ink Clan masters, many of whom were Feudal Lords. Many Black Ink Clan masters had gathered here, and in the center of this encirclement was an elite squad of Battleship.

This was the Snow Wolf squad. The Snow Wolf squad’s configuration was similar to the Profound Wind squad’s, with a total of fifty people and eight Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

The number of people here far exceeded that of an ordinary team, and in addition to the many modifications they had made to their Battleships over the years, the strength of the Snow Wolf squad was unquestionable.

Although there were only fifty of them, when combined with the might of the Battleship, even if they encountered one or two thousand Black Ink Clan cultivators, as long as they didn’t have a Territory Lord guarding them, they could still come and go as they pleased.

However, at this moment, the Snow Wolf squad had been surrounded by the Black Ink Clan and had no way to escape. Although they were temporarily safe with their Battleship’s might, their situation was still not good.

Among the eight Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, one of them had been seriously injured and had returned to the Battleship, sitting cross-legged on the deck to heal his injuries while the remaining Seventh Order Open Heaven masters, under the leadership of the Snow Wolf Squad’s Team Leader, continued to search for a way out, but each time they were forced back by the frenzied attacks of the surrounding Black Ink Clan.

As the space they could move was constantly being compressed, the Snow Wolf Squad’s situation became extremely dire.

Even so, the Snow Wolf Squad Team Leader’s expression remained calm as he continued to use his Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques to seek opportunities.

As an elite team, they had their own trump cards. If the most powerful Spirit Array set up on the Battleship was activated, the power it could display would be comparable to an attack from an Eighth Order Open Heaven Array. It wouldn’t be difficult for them to escape, but that Spirit Array would consume too much energy. Once activated, the entire Battleship would lose most of its combat strength.

The battle had only just begun, so the Snow Wolf Squad naturally didn’t want to pay too much of a price here, not to mention that the Snow Wolf Squad hadn’t been forced into a desperate situation.

Just as the Snow Wolf Team Leader was thinking of a good plan, a commotion suddenly broke out somewhere in the encirclement, followed by a flurry of spear images. The airtight encirclement was instantly torn apart like a rag.

A figure charged forward.

The Snow Wolf Squad Leader’s eyes lit up when he saw this and he hurriedly led his team over while sending a voice transmission, “Junior Brother, be careful, someone is laying an ambush.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Yang Kai, who had just charged in, suddenly felt his skin tighten, followed by a sharp pain in his waist.

He had really been ambushed!

When the ambusher attacked, there was no warning at all, and his concealment was so ingenious that even he was unable to detect it.

He instinctively raised his spear and swept it across the air, only to miss.

From the corner of his eye, Yang Kai saw a figure flash past him, but when he looked again, he couldn’t find it.

He didn’t stay where he was and instead rushed forward, following closely behind was the Profound Wind Battleship, breaking through the gap he had opened.

The leaders of the two elite squads obviously knew each other, and after exchanging a glance, they nodded slightly, but now was not the time to chat. The Team Leader of the Profound Wind Squad sent a message to the Regiment Commander, and the Snow Wolf Squad’s Team Leader smiled wryly before turning to Yang Kai and asking, “Junior Brother, are you alright?”

The Regiment Commander had ordered their two elite squads to cooperate with this Junior Brother Yang, but this Junior Brother Yang had been ambushed the moment he appeared.

One of their team’s Seventh Order cultivators had been ambushed, and it was the one who was currently sitting on the deck of the Battleship, healing his injuries. As such, he was well aware of the insidious methods of this ambusher.

If it weren’t for the fact that the ambusher was hiding nearby and the Snow Wolf Squad was unable to track him down, they wouldn’t have been forced into such a passive position and been surrounded by the Black Ink Clan.

The Snow Wolf Team Leader asked if Yang Kai was alright, but in reality, he didn’t think he could rely on this Junior Brother.

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s fine.”

The Snow Wolf Team Leader was stunned for a moment before earnestly advising, “Junior Brother, don’t force yourself on the battlefield. If you need to heal, don’t delay.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “It’s fine. This Senior Brother doesn’t know, this Junior Brother doesn’t have any other abilities, but his skin is a bit thick!”

It had to be said that the power of this sneak attack was indeed extraordinary. If it was an ordinary Seventh Order cultivator, even if they didn’t die, they would be seriously injured.

However, Yang Kai possessed the Dragon Vein, so his physique was much stronger than an ordinary person’s, so even if it was a serious injury to others, it wasn’t too serious for him.

In the face of his powerful regenerative ability, Yang Kai didn’t even need to deliberately deal with such injuries. It wouldn’t be long before he fully recovered.

What was worth paying attention to was the power of the sneak attack.

Yang Kai could clearly feel the rich Ink Force lingering around his wound, corroding his flesh and spreading into his Small Universe.

This was the most troublesome matter for the others who had been ambushed.

Even if he could survive such a sneak attack, he would have to face the corrosion of the Ink Force.

However, Yang Kai had never placed the Ink Force in his eyes, letting it to corrode him. So what if it could enter his Small Universe? It wasn’t like his Small Universe didn’t have the Ink Force sealed inside.

“Was that Black Ink Disciple just now?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

The Snow Wolf Team Leader nodded, “Yes!”

Yang Kai understood. At that time, he had felt that the one who had attacked him wasn’t from the Black Ink Clan, but rather a Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple.

This guy’s concealment technique was truly profound. Even though Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was like a tidal wave right now, it was still difficult for him to detect any clues. After that attack, the Black Ink Disciple seemed to have completely disappeared.

Of course, Yang Kai knew that it was impossible for him to disappear. At this moment, he was definitely hiding somewhere like a poisonous snake, staring at the figures of the two elite squads and Yang Kai.

Such a person had to be dealt with, otherwise, if the other Seventh Order Open Heaven was not careful, they would suffer greatly.

After the two teams met up, they didn’t stop moving. As they conversed, the two Battleships were led by Yang Kai to kill the enemy.

Originally, the Black Ink Clan had gathered here with the help of the Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple, allowing them to trap the Snow Wolf Squad here and prevent them from escaping. However, now that there was an additional Profound Wind Squad, the Black Ink Clan found it difficult to deal with it.

In just a short time, another gap appeared in the encirclement.

There were originally two Black Ink Clan Feudal Lords guarding the gap, but they had been killed by Yang Kai one by one, as if he was cutting vegetables. The remaining High Rank Black Ink Clan and Low Rank Black Ink Clan masters were even worse off. Wherever the Azure Dragon Spear passed, they fell to the ground.

This was the first time the Snow Wolf Team Leader had seen a Seventh Order Open Heaven Killing a Feudal Lord so casually, causing his eyes to pop out.

In terms of grade, a Feudal Lord was the same as a Seventh Order, but because their growth methods were different, a Feudal Lord was generally weaker than a Seventh Order.

However, even if it was inferior, it was still a Feudal Lord, not a common Black Ink Clan soldier.

The Snow Wolf Team Leader had killed many of the Black Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords, but he had never thought that there would be a Seventh Order killing a Feudal Lord in this world like a ragtag army.

Was he even human?

The Snow Wolf Team Leader couldn’t help carefully sensing Yang Kai’s current realm, wondering if he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven master.

His actions didn’t escape the eyes of Profound Wind's Team Leader, who couldn’t help smiling.

Just now, his reaction was the same as the Snow Wolf Team Leader’s. Before personally seeing Yang Kai kill his enemies, it was hard to imagine that a Seventh Order could display such terrifying combat strength.

However, what made the two Team Leaders slightly relieved was that Yang Kai really didn’t seem to be affected by the sneak attack just now. The two of them could clearly see a trace of golden blood on Yang Kai’s waist, but this injury didn’t seem to affect him much.

However, the golden blood stains also surprised the two of them. The blood of a normal human would not be this color.

Without any time to think, the two teams followed closely behind Yang Kai and rushed towards the opening.

However, before they could pass through the gap, they suddenly saw a subtle ripple behind Yang Kai. Immediately after, a blurry figure appeared, holding a dagger-like artifact and thrusting it towards the back of Yang Kai’s head.

This blurry figure had appeared so suddenly that no one had noticed it before it appeared.

This was obviously the Black Ink Disciple, who was proficient in stealth and sneak attacks. He had been hiding nearby all this time, waiting for an opportunity to attack. Seeing Yang Kai leading the two elite squads out of the encirclement, he couldn’t help jumping out again.

“Junior Brother, be careful!” The two Team Leaders shouted in unison.

Yang Kai, who was at the forefront of the group, turned a deaf ear to this, as if he hadn’t noticed.

The dagger-like artifact stabbed into the back of Yang Kai’s head, causing the eyes of the two team leaders and many other members to widen.

However, the scene of blood spurting out and Yang Kai dying did not appear. The moment the dagger stabbed into the back of Yang Kai’s head, Yang Kai’s entire body became chaotic.

An extremely obvious fluctuation of Space Laws appeared.

The attacker couldn’t stop in time and directly passed through Yang Kai’s body.

Nihility Secret Technique!

A long time ago, Yang Kai had comprehended this Space Law's Secret Technique, and when he used it, he was able to exile himself into the void to avoid some attacks.

In the moment of his self-exile, Yang Kai was no longer in this world. Of course, if one was strong enough, they could still attack him through the void layer, but this Black Ink Disciple who had launched a sneak attack obviously hadn’t expected Yang Kai to have such a strange method.


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