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Judging from the number of Black Ink Disciples in front of him, after the Great Evolution Old Ancestor’s death thirty thousand years ago, the soldiers of Great Evolution Pass had not been completely wiped out. Many of them must have been captured by the Black Ink Clan and transformed into Black Ink Disciples.

Otherwise, there was no reason why so many high grade Black Ink Disciples would appear in the Great Evolution War Zone.

In the 3000 Worlds, why would the Cave Heaven Paradise block all matters related to the Black Ink Clan? It was because the Ink Force was too tempting to some people.

Of course, once one was corroded by the Ink Force, one’s entire being would look up to the Black Ink Clan and their temperament would undergo a great change. It could be said that they would become a completely different person, but with the help of the Ink Force, a cultivator would be able to ignore the various shackles of the Open Heaven. As long as they had enough resources and luck, their cultivation would continue to improve until they reached the Ninth Order.

From ancient times until now, how many Ninth Order had there been? Even in all the major Cave Heaven Paradise, there were only a handful.

Those cultivators who had reached the peak of their cultivation and were unable to advance even an inch in their lifetime, if they knew the wonders of Ink Force, would they not be tempted?

The Vice Sect Master of Lang Ya Paradise, Yuan Du, had the cultivation of a Seventh Order Open Heaven master and knew the dangers of Ink Force, but he was still unable to resist the temptation of Ink Force and eventually became a Black Ink Disciple, abandoning his ancestors and endangering the Sect, forcing Sect Master Li Yuan Wang to kill and clean up the Sect.

If even Lang Ya Paradise's Vice Sect Master was in such a situation, once the Ink Force spread throughout the 3000 worlds, one could imagine how many people would covet it.

The human heart was unpredictable.

More than thirty thousand years ago, the Great Evolution Old Ancestor had died, the mountain pass had been broken, and most of the soldiers had died on the battlefield, but there were definitely many Human Race soldiers who had been captured by the Black Ink Clan’s higher-ups and turned into Black Ink Disciples.

Thirty thousand years of peace gave these Black Ink Clans enough time to cultivate and peer into the higher realms to obtain greater strength.

The accumulation of time was enough to allow the Black Ink Disciple, who was originally limited at the Sixth Order level, to reach the Eighth Order Open Heaven.

This kind of growth was extremely dangerous. If one was not careful, they would die during their breakthrough, and even if they succeeded, they would leave behind extremely obvious inhuman characteristics.

That was why Mi Jinglun had seen so many Seventh Order and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples on the battlefield.

Although these Black Ink Disciples still had basic human forms, most of them had some strange characteristics. For example, an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple had a big bump on his shoulder, making him look like he had two heads.

There was also an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple with two short wings on his back, one long and one short, like a twisted chicken claw.

There was also a Seventh Order Black Ink Disciple who had an extra arm on his abdomen. This Black Ink Disciple was quite whimsical, probably because he had figured out a way to use his own two arms to coordinate with his extra arm while wielding three sharp swords, making him look like a tiger on the battlefield.

These Black Ink Disciples with obvious characteristics had all used the Ink Force to break through their original shackles.

Originally, they had not had the opportunity to cultivate to their current realm, but after being transformed, they now had the opportunity to pry into higher realms.

The power they exuded was extremely unstable, giving off a violent feeling.

However, it was precisely because of these Black Ink Disciples that the Human Race was unable to smoothly implement the plan.

Originally, Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie had expected several dozens Eighth Order masters to fight against more than a dozen Territory Lords, the difference in strength between them was simply too great.

As long as they surrounded one of the Territory Lord, they would be able to kill all of them in a short time.

Without the Territory Lords present, the several hundred thousand Black Ink Clan armies were nothing more than a ragtag mob that the Human Race army could easily swallow.

However, the sudden appearance of so many Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples disrupted this plan.

The power these Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples exuded was indeed violent, but it also proved that their control over their strength was unfavorable.

In other words, there was still a gap between these Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples and a genuine Eighth Order Open Heaven master, because their strength was not genuine. Their strength was even weaker than an ordinary Black Ink Clan Territory Lord.

In a one-on-one battle, any Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivator could defeat an Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple.

However, it was not so easy to kill them.

Not to mention, whether it was the Territory Lord or the Eighth Order Black Ink Disciple, neither of them had any scruples about attacking, nor did they care about the casualties of the nearby Black Ink Clan. On the other hand, the Eighth Order Human Race had many concerns.

As a result, although the Human Race had a slight advantage in terms of the two races’ high-level combat strength, their advantage was not obvious and was not as overwhelming as they had anticipated.

As the battle raged on, the casualties of the Black Ink Clan continued to increase.

Human casualties also began appearing one after another, and there was even the sound of a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator dying on the battlefield.

Mi Jinglun frowned slightly. Such a situation was not something he wanted to see. If this situation continued, even if the Human Race won in the end, they would still suffer heavy losses.

For now, he had to quickly resolve this situation.

Pondering for a moment, he activated his Divine Sense and in the next moment, five figures leapt out from the Battleship around the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and towards the battlefield.

The five of them were all Eighth Order Open Heaven.

Originally, they had been stationed on the Guard-level Battleship near the Expelling Black Ink Battleship to protect the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and its many special talents, but now it was time for them to act.

Five Eighth Order joining the battlefield was enough to bring about some changes to the situation of the high-level combatants. As long as they could find an opportunity to kill a few Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples or Territory Lords, it would cause a chain reaction that would greatly increase the strength of the Human Race.

However, this required time.

Mi Jinglun turned his attention to another spot on the battlefield.

This was a battlefield under Eighth Order Open Heaven and Territory Lord.

In that position, a figure was slaughtering everything in his path. This person was acting alone, not cooperating with any Battleship, only wielding a long spear. However, wherever he went, the Black Ink Clan would fall into chaos. Even a Feudal Lord Black Ink Clan master would find it difficult to resist his spear.

This person was naturally Yang Kai.

In fact, ever since the great battle broke out, Mi Jinglun had investigated his situation several times.

What surprised the Eighth Order Garrison Chiefs was that even though they had overestimated Yang Kai’s ability, they had still underestimated him.

Although he was only a Seventh Order, he was able to display a strength that surpassed that of a Seventh Order. This was the reason why he was able to take a leisurely stroll on the battlefield.

He didn’t know much about Yang Kai, but at least he had heard a lot about him. He knew that Yang Kai had made many great contributions to the various battlefields, and he also knew that Yang Kai had planted a World Tree Subtree in his Small Universe.

It was said that the World Tree Subtree had the miraculous effect of refining the World Force.

From the looks of it now, this effect was better than he had imagined. Because Yang Kai’s World Force was pure enough, he could easily kill the enemy.

There were already five Eighth Order masters who had joined forces to break the situation.

In a battlefield below the Eighth Order, there had to be someone who could break through. Only with such a dual strategy could they defeat the Black Ink Clan in the shortest time possible!

Yang Kai was a good choice!

With a single thought, Mi Jinglun’s Divine Sense surged.

On the battlefield, Yang Kai’s killing intent surged and his battle intent soared.

It had been a long time since he had experienced such an unrestrained feeling.

Since the founding of the Dawn Squad, he had basically led the Dawn Squad in every war. As the leader, he naturally had to consider many things.

However, this time, he didn’t need to worry about anything at all. All he needed to do was kill the enemy and charge wherever there were more enemies. He didn’t need to worry that there would be people who wouldn’t be able to keep up with his pace, and he didn’t need to worry that he would lead his team members into danger and be unable to escape.

Activating his Space Laws, Yang Kai’s figure flickered. As long as the Territory Lords didn’t act, no one from the Black Ink Clan could pose a threat to him.

Of course, without any concerns, it also meant that no one could provide him with any assistance.

Up until now, the Black Ink Clan that had died under his spear had been difficult to calculate, and he had also suffered some injuries. In this chaotic battlefield, no matter how strong he was, it was difficult for him to block all the attacks.

It wasn’t a big deal, and the pain from his injuries only served to increase his killing intent.

While he was engaged in a fierce battle, a Battleship suddenly flew over. This Battleship was obviously not a standard Team-level Battleship, and was much larger than an ordinary Battleship. Moreover, there were many traces of modification on it.

This was the Battleship of an elite team!

Like the Breaking Dawn of Dawn Squad.

Surrounding the Battleship were eight Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivators, each of them exuding a shocking aura and covered in black blood. It was unknown just how many Black Ink Clans they had killed.

The leader of this group was a young man with an imposing appearance. From afar, he sent a voice transmission to Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, the Regiment Commander has ordered my Profound Wind and Snow Wolf Squad to cooperate with Brother Yang to kill the enemy!”

Yang Kai thrust out his spear, and the sky was filled with spear images that enveloped the dozen or so Black Ink Clans in front of him. Retracting his spear, he asked, “Where is the Snow Wolf Squad?”

The young man was most likely the Team Leader of the Profound Wind Squad, and upon hearing this, he pointed, “Over there, unable to escape for the time being!”

“Follow me!” After Yang Kai said this, he walked with his spear and rushed off in that direction.

After fighting on the battlefield for so long, how could Yang Kai not notice the strangeness of the battle?

The Black Ink Clan was not as weak as they had imagined, and the root of all this was that the Black Ink Clan had many Seventh and Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples!

This was truly unexpected.

He had seen many Black Ink Disciples before and knew the various benefits and drawbacks of using the Ink Force to cultivate. He had thought that it would be very difficult for Black Ink Disciples to cultivate to the Eighth Order, and although there were no shackles binding them, the risk of breaking through was many times greater than normal. Often, during a breakthrough, Black Ink Disciples would be unable to control their strength and die, although even if there were Black Ink Disciples who broke through to the Eighth Order, the number of Black Ink Disciples would not be too great.

But here, he actually saw so many Eighth Order Black Ink Disciples.

The higher-ups weren’t able to win the battle in a short time, so with such a huge disparity in numbers, it was naturally difficult to determine the outcome of the battle. If they didn’t break through, it would be extremely disadvantageous for the Human Race.

He was only a Seventh Order, and although he had killed a Territory Lord before, it was still difficult for him to intervene in a battle between high-level cultivators.

The Regiment Commander had ordered him to lead two elite squads to kill the enemy, obviously taking this into consideration and hoping to use his strength to open up a gap in the battlefield between the high-level forces.

As such, when the Profound Wind Squad sent out this order, Yang Kai didn’t need to ask any questions to understand the Regiment Commander’s intentions.


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